Mexico’s Gala of Gymnastics Stars Performers Announced


The field is set for the third annual Gala de Estrellas de Gimnasia (Gala of Gymnastics Stars), to be held this Saturday October 25 in Toluca, Mexico.

The event is more of a celebration of the sport than a traditional gymnastics meet, with special performances from each athlete instead of full routines. It’s a bit like the post-Olympic tours in the U.S. with the athletes focusing on fun instead of reaching a high score or earning a medal, and it’s a great experience for the audience. Who can forget Ksenia Afanasyeva wearing pigtails and Uggs in the most bizarrely hilarious floor routine of all time?

This year’s performers include superstar Olympic champion and perennial fan favorite Lilia Podkopayeva, Maria Kharenkova of Russia, Arthur Zanetti of Brazil, Danell Leyva of the United States, Manrique Larduet and Yesenia Ferrera of Cuba, the Korean men’s aerobic gymnastics team, and Mexico’s Daniel Corral, Nicolle Castro, Stephanie Hernandez, Ivan Fast, and rhythmic gymnast Cynthia Valdez.

Bound to be a ton of fun, and after such an intense competition season, what could be a better way to unwind?

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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