Costa Wins Houston National Invite

The international session at the annual Houston National Invitational was a big hit this year, with several big name gymnasts using the meet as a way to kick off the season on a high note.

Leticia Costa of Brazil pulled out a solid day of competition, winning the all-around with a 53.4 in addition to posting the highest score of 13.7 on floor, where she nailed a sky-high double pike.

In second place was Oksana Chusovitina of Uzbekistan. The legend, who turns 40 this year, put up a 52.3 total score afters showing her usual strength on vault, earning a 14.0 there in addition to a 13.1 on bars, the second-best score there.. On beam, she opened with an awesome punch front mount, and showed great power in her work overall, though there were a few execution errors that were apparent. She also showed strong work on floor, hitting all four passes for a 12.7.

Brazil’s Milena Theodoro, a brand new senior, was third with a 52.1, showing her strongest work on beam with a 13.4 and floor with a 13.1. Her silver-medal beam unfortunately had a fall, though included very nice work on her leaps and jumps, and she also hit a great bhs layout, an awesome front aerial to side aerial, and a big double tuck dismount.

Two young World Champions Center gymnasts, Hannah Joyner and Madison Rau, were fourth and fifth with scores of 50.8 and 49.4, respectively. Joyner showed a powerful FTY while Rau stood out on floor, posting a 13.2 there.

Jessica Lopez of Venezuela competed only on bars and beam, but posted the top scores of 13.7 on both. Her bar routine featured a piked Tkachev to pak, Maloney to clear hip half to giant half to Jaeger, giant full to Tkachev to Gienger, and a big double front dismount that caused Svetlana Boginskaya to jump and scream, the best moment of the meet. Her beam also showed some excellent work, though she fell on her bhs bhs layout series.

Finally, Lorrane Oliveira competed on beam and floor, and though floor had a fall, she nailed the majority of her beam until the dismount, when she put her hands down on her double tuck, which didn’t get much punch off the end. Her final score there was a 13.1.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

One thought on “Costa Wins Houston National Invite

  1. Are there any videos that you know of that might have Chuso’s floor from this year? I’m just trying to picture and imagine what kind of floor routine you give a 40yo, and my mind isn’t coming up with anything particularly desirable. ….I’d just love to see it for myself.


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