Steingruber to Return at Austrian Team Open


The Austrian federation has released the list of participants set to compete at the Austrian Team Open, to be held February 28 in Linz.

The event will feature both senior and junior MAG and WAG athletes from all over the country in addition to participants from Belgium, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States.

2014 Austrian champion Lisa Ecker will lead the team from Upper Austria. All of her 2014 World Championships teammates will also compete, with the exception of Simone Penker, currently a standout on the University of Alaska’s NCAA team. Elisa Hämmerle and Olivia Jochum will represent Vorarlberg, while Jasmin Mader, Hanna Grosch, and Jessica Stabinger will represent Tirol.

Four members from the Austrian men’s team will also compete, including Fabian Leimlehner and Severin and Lukas Kranzlmüller for Upper Austria, as well as Michael Fussenegger for Vorarlberg.

The most notable international guest is Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland. The Austrian Team Open marks her return to competition after injuring her ankle on vault at the Swiss Cup last November, which forced her to withdraw from several galas and World Cup events at the end of 2014.

Steingruber will be joined by Worlds teammates Ilaria Käslin, Nicole Hitz, and Jessica Diacci in addition to new senior Gaia Nesurini, who competed at the Youth Olympic Games last August. We’ll also see MAG Worlds team members Christian Baumann and Pascal Bucher compete.

Germany has also sent their YOG athlete Antonia Alicke, who will represent the Schwäbischer Turnerbund along with fellow new senior Kim Janas in addition to top junior talent Tabea Alt, Carina Kröll, and Julia Plattenhardt.

Finally, China will send four junior women who will become seniors in 2016, including Gong Kangyi, Fu Yuyao, Zhang Jin, and Zhou Linlin.

The full list of competitors is below. We’ll post more information about the competition as it becomes available!

WAG Competitors

Lower Austria
Linda Hamersak
Felicia Kain
Selina Kickinger
Jasmin Lejsek
Marlies Männersdorfer
Klara Reisel
Hannah Schmidt
Alina Schmoll
Isabel Wöckl
Mara Glabonjat
Hanna Grosch
Jasmin Mader
Christina Meixner
Ronja Reuss
Jessica Stabinger
Upper Austria
Lisa Ecker
Michaela Eidenberger
Tamara Graf
Katharina Kern
Katharina Puffer
Lisa Born
Sascha Huppmann
Kathrin Pappenscheller
Xenia Samstag
Beatrice Stritzl
Olivia Wasik
Celine Brunner
Elisa Hämmerle
Olivia Jochum
Lara König
Fabienne Kostelac
Erja Metzler
Johanna Schwärzler
Ceyda Sirbu
Tamara Stadelmann
Selina Tomasini
CHINA Gong Kangyi
Fu Yuyao
Zhang Jin
Zhou Linlin
Swabian Gymnastics
Antonia Alicke
Tabea Alt
Kim Janas
Carina Kröll
Julia Plattenhardt
Sonja Fischer
Jana Hager
Leonie Reichenbach
Alessa Wirth
HUNGARY Nora Feher
Kitti Honti
Barbara Katona
Monika Szabo
Dorka Szujo
MALTA Claire Rose Azzopardi
Suzanne Buttigieg
Kirsty Caruana
Peppijna Dalli
Sana Grillo
SWITZERLAND Jessica Diacci
Nicole Hitz
Ilaria Käslin
Gaia Nesurini
Giulia Steingruber
Silvia’s Gymnastics
Paige Apperson
Jessica Hutchinson
Stephanie Tripodi

MAG Competitors

Lower Austria
Valentin Legerer
Yannik Lehner
Patrick Praska
Florian Vecera
Alexander Benda
Maximilian Chanterie
Vinzenz Höck
Claus Reithofer
Markus Schreiber
Nikolaus Vertacnik
Manuel Arnold
Matthias Decker
Daniel Kopeinik
Johannes Mairoser
Askhab Matiev
Daniel Zander
Upper Austria
Tim Kirchmayr
Lukas Kranzlmüller
Severin Kranzlmüller
Fabian Leimlehner
Ricardo Rudy
Tamerlan Tschutschaew
Richard Palicka
Marco Baldauf
Alexander Burtscher
Michael Fussenegger
David Kathan
Dirk Kathan
Lukas Konzett
Johannes Schwab
BELGIUM Aaron Blomme
Ward Claeys
Wouter De Langhe
Jonas Delvael
Thiemen Valcke
Luka Van den Keybus
Ondrej Janeczko
David Jessen
Daniel Radovesnicky
Jakub Samsa
Svjatoslav Soloviev
HUNGARY Adam Babos
Zoltan Kallai
David Schweigert (reserve)
Bence Talas
Ákos Vadaszfi
Levente Vagner
David Vecsernyes
ITALY Edoardo De Rosa
Lay Giannini
Niccolo Mozzato
Stefano Patron
Axel John Piva
SLOVAKIA Slavomir Michnak
Jakub Vasko
Primoz Mauric
SWEDEN Karl Idesjö
Pontus Kallanvaara
Christopher Soòs
Michael Trane
SWITZERLAND Christian Baumann
Pablo Braegger
Pascal Bucher
Michael Meier
Marco Rizzo
Marco Walter

Article by Lauren Hopkins

5 thoughts on “Steingruber to Return at Austrian Team Open

  1. what does it entail for a gym to send athletes abroad, as is the case here with Silvia’s Gymnastics? Do the girls need FIG licenses or approval from USAG?


    • Because it’s not an FIG competition, gyms can send their athletes without the permission from USAG or without getting FIG licenses…you’ll see that a lot with the smaller international meets like this one, Gymnix in Canada, Top Gym in Belgium…and even the WOGA Classic, actually. I know WOGA sometimes sends girls to international meets (Samantha Ogden went to Gymnix last year I believe) and there’s a U.S. gymnast trying to qualify elite now who is competing at Gymnix this year.


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