Thorsdottir Snags Sidijk Tournament Title


Eythora Thorsdottir of SV Pax claimed the all-around title with a score of 54.500 at this year’s Sidijk Tournament, held February 21 through February 22 in Heerenveen, Netherlands.

After missing most of her first year as a senior due to injury, the Iceland-born Thorsdottir now looks as though she’ll be one of the leaders of the Dutch team as they fight for a team spot in next year’s Olympic Games.

Though Thorsdottir could use a little more difficulty on each apparatus, you’d be hard-pressed to find beam and floor routines more visually stunning. It’s what she’s known for, and she’s looking as gorgeous as ever, both in her dance elements themselves as well as in how fluid and naturally she moves.

Her beam is the kind of routine that needs to make apparatus finals at Worlds. While her acro skills aren’t super impressive (her flight series is just a bhs + loso, for example) her entire routine is fluid and lovely, with some insanely gorgeous connections. She has a quick sissone to side aerial, an incredible switch leap to Y-turn, a ring leap to sheep jump, and then best of all, an Onodi to illusion turn, which is breathtaking. She missed the connection entirely on the ring to sheep in competition on Sunday, and the Onodi to illusion was a bit slow, but overall, just a gorgeous routine. Sadly, she sat her 2.5 dismount at the end, though it was still the second highest-scoring beam routine among the seniors, earning a 13.500.

I also absolutely loved her floor routine, from the music and choreo to her mostly clean tumbling, and then of course, how she performs. The tumbling does need some work…she has only three passes, including a double pike, a triple full (which she under-rotated and then had to jump OOB), and a 2.5. It’s clean, but not very dynamic, which is honestly the only thing holding her back. Otherwise, it’s lovely, and includes a Mustafina turn performed better than the queen did it herself.

On vault, Thorsdottir had a nice FTY with a step back, and she hit her bars routine for a 14.033, performing a Jaeger, clear hip to bail to toe full, Ray, and full-in dismount with a step.

Reina Beltman of Hazenkamp was a huge surprise for second place, beating last year’s champion Lisa Top of Topsport Noord by about half a point with a score of 53.667. It’s about five points higher than she was managing on average a year ago, thanks to a clean FTY and looking more consistent elsewhere. She also had the highest floor score of 13.700, so keep an eye on her as someone who could potentially shake things up if she can continue to show improvement throughout the year.

Top, who won the senior title last year both at Sidijk and at Dutch Championships before earning a spot on the Worlds team, also looked strong here, earning a 53.000 even with an incomplete floor routine.

Her floor is building to be a huge weapon in the Netherlands’ arsenal, as she’s added a double front to her routine that already included an excellent piked arabian double front. It looks like she doesn’t have all of the pieces together just yet; after the two big opening passes, she looked a little tired going into her 1.5 to front full (skidding it back but managing not to sit it), and then she did just a layout as her last pass, which I’m assuming will eventually be a double tuck or double pike. Still, an excellent routine, and she has several months before everything has to come together.

Otherwise, Top had a solid Yurchenko half-on front tuck for her vault, very nice work on bars, earning a 13.967 after hitting her toe on to toe full to Gienger, piked Jaeger, bail to Ray, and double pike dismount, and though her beam was a bit shaky (there was a big check on her bhs + loso) and not very difficult (her only other skills were a switch side, side somi, switch leap, and switch half, with nothing connected), she hit a nice double tuck dismount and was able to bring in a 13.200.

New senior Dyonnailys Supriana of SV Pax placed 4th with a 51.367 after clean work on bars, Lieke Wevers of Almelo competed just on beam, earning the highest score of 13.867, and Chantysha Netteb of BATO Haarlem competed on bars in her first routine back since her ACL injury at the 2013 World Championships.

Among the juniors, a Topsport Noord trio landed on the podium as Sering Perdok won gold with a 51.167, Mirte de Reiger won silver with a 46.267, and Bente Stoffels won bronze with a 46.067.

Esmee Parinussa of DOS Alphen struggled throughout her night, though showed a solid vault for a 13.533, and Morgan Spruijtenburg of Topsport Noord had the highest bars score of 13.200; Perdok was best on beam (13.400) and floor (11.700).

Full results are available on The Gymternet.

Article by Lauren Hopkins
Photo thanks to Eythora Thorsdottir // Instagram

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