Steingruber On Top at Austrian Team Open


Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland got off to a great start this season, winning the all-around by a landslide at the Austrian Team Open in Linz.

Her performances were sharp everywhere, despite downgrading slightly to ease her way into competition after an injury sustained after worlds last year. She had the top scores on three events, with a 14.1 on vault, a 14.75 on beam, and a 13.9 on floor, to finish with a 56.25 overall. On bars, her score of 13.5 was good enough for third place.

Three young Chinese juniors filled out the next three spots, with Fu Yuyao placing second with a 53.95, Zhou Linlin placing third with a 53.55, and Gong Kangyi placing fourth with a 52.2. The three gymnasts were excellent given their ages, and defeated many seniors on multiple events. Fu added second-place finishes on bars (14.2) and floor (13.25) for her work, while Zhou was the best on bars with a 14.3 and Gong was second-best on beam with a 14.5.

Ilaria Käslin of Switzerland was fifth with a 57.15 after falls on bars and beam, though her score of 13.25 was second-best on floor. Rounding out the top eight include new senior Antonia Alicke of Germany in sixth with a 51.7, her teammate Carina Kröll in seventh with a 51.65, and a U.S. gymnast Jessica Hutchinson, a level 10 from Silvia’s Gymnastics in Pennsylvania who traveled to the meet with her club gym, in eighth with a 51.3, not bad considering she’d never attempted elite; her score of 14.0 for her FTY was the second-best on vault, as well.

The top Austrian finisher was Lisa Ecker, the 2014 national champion, in ninth place with a 50.35. Ecker seemed to struggle on bars especially, though showed solid work on beam for a 13.5. Her teammate Jasmin Mader also had a very rough day on bars and only reached a 47.65 for 16th place in the all-around, though clean work on her vault got her the bronze with a 13.9 there.

Other performances of note include Kim Janas and the junior Tabea Alt, both of Germany, on beam. Alt posted the third-highest score of the day on the event for a 14.15, while Janas was right behind her with a 14.1. Both struggled elsewhere, however, with Alt making mistakes on floor and Janas falling on bars.

The Chinese ladies won the team competition with a 161.95, followed by Switzerland close behind in second place with a 161.25, and the young German team in third with a 157.0. The top Austrian team at the meet was the group from Tirol, featuring Mader along with teammates Hanna Grosch, Jessica Stabinger, Christina Meixner, and Mara Glabonjat; the group earned a 147.05 to place fourth.

Following the top four teams were the U.S. ladies from Silvia’s Gymnastics in fifth with a 146.55, Hungary in sixth with a 146.2, Vorarlberg in seventh with a 144.9, Oberoesterreich in eighth with a 141.0, Vienna in ninth with a 133.3, Malta in tenth with a 131.4, Niederoesterreich in 11th with a 130.45, Tittmoning in 12th with a 127.35, Vorarlberg 2 in 13th with a 125.9, and Niederoesterreich 2 in 14th with a 113.75.

Full results from the competition are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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