The International Gymnix Video Roundup

The team who put together the coverage at International Gymnix this year has been working tirelessly to get tons of videos online, so we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss a single one.

Gymnix is one of our favorite competitions each year because it’s a great way to get a look at some of the best talent in the world before they go on to become big names in the sport. In 2016, just months before the Olympic Games, Gymnix will be celebrating their 25th anniversary and you can expect it to be bigger and better than ever before. For some of the best in gymnastics, keep March 3-6 in mind for next year!

Now, onto the videos. Here are our favorites, and if you want to watch them all, check out the playlists on the International Gymnix YouTube!

Sara Berardinelli of Italy won bronze on beam for this hit routine just one rotation after two serious crashes on bars.

Sydney Soloski‘s gold medal-winning floor

Shallon Olsen during vault finals…we love that she does a Khorkina II vault as her second option! Who thinks she’s working her way up to a Cheng?

Russia’s Natalia Kapitonova is gorgeous on bars.

So is her teammate, Anastasia Iliankova!

12-year-old Ana Padurariu unleashed a huge inbar piked Tkatchev, which is a brand new element…and she’s incredible at it!

Megan Roberts nailed her DTY and FTY in vault finals to earn silver.

Jade Chrobok on bars, where she earned the bronze behind the two Russians.

This ‘routine’ of Sara Berardinelli‘s two scary Tkatchev falls went viral, earning 500,000 views for her coach’s quick saves. Thankfully she stopped her routine and went on to win beam bronze!

Victoria-Kayen Woo won the Challenge all-around title. Here are all four of her routines!

Here’s Gabriella Douglas‘ all-around competition…I love that she attempts a triple turn on beam.

Want more? Again, don’t forget, they’re still uploading but keep an eye on these YouTube playlists to get a complete look at everything that happened. For more information about the competition, including results and a recap, check out our event page!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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