The Jesolo Event Finals Live Blog


Good morning, gym fans! We’re up bright and early to bring the event finals of the 2015 City of Jesolo Trophy to those of you who are smart enough to stay in bed! The event should begin at 4:30 am EDT, likely with a bit of ceremony first.

Refresh for updates every few minutes or so to follow along. Most recent updates will appear at the top.

7:40 am. It’s been fun, ladies and gents! Hope you enjoyed the competition this weekend as much as we did!

7:34 am. For the juniors on bars, it’s Hernandez in first with a 14.5, Flatley in second with a 14.25, and Woo (whose routine they didn’t show, I don’t believe…they’re very bad at showing Canadian bronze bars medalists!) in third with a 14.05. For seniors on floor, it’s Biles in first with a massive 16.05, Fasana in second with a 14.9, and Raisman in third with a 14.75 after incurring a 0.4 deduction for that OOB pass.

7:29 am. Aly Raisman does her 1.5 through to double arabian to front layout and you can tell when she comes out of the 1.5 that she’s too far forward…punch layout goes OOB. But then she sticks the dos Santos! Sticks double layout too! Double pike with a small hop. Aside from that one little blunder, it’s fantastic.

7:28 am. Norah Flatley with a million el-grip pieces…front giant, Endo, front giant full to Jaeger, all nice. Inbar to bail, toe shot, super straight double layout with a small hop.

7:25 am. Ellie Black’s up now! 2.5 through to double tuck, STUCK! Double full to stag. Front full through to double pike, stumbles back. OOB. Ugh ugh ugh.

7:24 am. Ooh, I forgot Laurie Hernandez made the bar final! Big Downie, Ricna to pak salto (leg separation), Endo half to stalder to Ray, nice! Stalder full (leg separation) and finsihes with a full-in with a hop.

 7:23 am. I missed Isabela Onyshko’s opening pass…does a 1.5 through to double tuck with a hop, double pike.

7:21 am. Emily Whitehead on bars has a nice toe full, Maloney to pak, either a toe shoot or a Ray, I couldn’t see, bail, van Leeuwen, Jaeger, and double front with a hop.

7:20 am. Camille Bahl on floor, and I missed the beginning…just saw the 2.5 where she was a bit out of control and stepped out.

7:14 am. Ooh, big 14.9 for Fasana! Gonna be really close between her and Aly for silver!

7:11 am. Erika Fasana on floor…I missed the first pass but Joe Rinaldi says it was a double double! Double layout was great. So was double pike. Excellent routine. I missed a junior on bars.

7:07 am. Martina Rizzelli opens with a big double layout with a hop. Full-in with her chest down. Double tuck. Double pike. Very nice. I bet she’s going to get that last Euros spot for sure!

7:05 am. Nice toe on to stalder from Francesca Linari on bars, giant full, Tkatchev is VERY low, front giant half, double layout a bit piked but not bad!

7:03 am. Excited for Simone Biles on floor! Double layout full with a hop, Biles to stag, no problem. Double double with a little bounce over. Full-in. Excellent as usual! Big applause. 16.05!

7:02 am. Talia Folino on her fourth final of the day…I believe she fell and we didn’t see it, because I saw her climbing back up on the low bar. Has a toe shoot and a double pike dismount.

7:01 am. Anne Kuhm on floor to start the seniors off. I missed the beginning of her routine but saw in the replay her 1.5 through to double full with a hop, and she finished with a 2.5 with a step forward and I believe out of bounds.

6:51 am. Carlotta Ferlito goes up to big applause in front of her home crowd. Front aerial to sheep jump is a little slow but not bad. Bhs bhs layout and she has a big balance check but fights to stay on. Switch to back tuck. Sissone to side aerial in no way connected. 2.5 with a hop.

6:46 am. Simone Biles is fidgeting a lot before beam. Chill, bro! 2.5 wolf turn is great. Front aerial to wolf jump. Bhs loso loso, excellent. Side aerial with a check. Switch to switch half to back pike. Everything else is good, and she finishes with a full-in, maybe a little lower than she’d like and takes a step forward but not bad!

6:43 am. Isabela Onyshko hits hier bhs bhs layout with no problems. Front aerial front aerial to half illusion is gorgeous even despite the check and the fact that the connection between aerials was a bit slow. Side aerial, full Y turn to full turn. Double tuck with a step.

6:41 am. Marine Brevet starts beam with a switch to switch half, then front aerial to sissone to split leap, full Y turn, bhs loso with slightly bent knees, switch ring, side aerial, side somi, double pike a bit underrotated with a hop forward.

6:37 am. Yasmin Collier does an FTY a bit underrotated. I believe I saw her crash it in warmups though so this is definitely a step up. Yurchenko layout with a hop.

6:35 am. Jazzy Foberg starts with a DTY, not bad, but she loses form at the end. FTY for the second vault, and like Ragan, it’s big and clean, small bounce back. She looks happy.

6:32 am. Elisa Meneghini does a front aerial to split jump to wolf jump, all good. Side aerial with a check. Switch ring, check. Bhs bhs loso, slight check. Side somi. Switch leap, check. Full turn, check. Damn, so nervous it seems. Front tuck is super underrotated, chest down and hops forward.

6:31 am. Smith starts with a decent DTY. Not terribly powerful, there’s leg separation as she leaves the table, and her landing is a bit low, but she gets the twists around well. Second vault is an FTY, big and clean.

6:29 am. Baumann only gets 14.55. Ellie Black on beam now! PLEASE hit your tuck full. *fingers crossed* Double turn to full turn. Punch front pike. Bhs layout no problem! UGH, and off on the tuck full. I think she hits that maybe 25% of the time and it pains me every single time. Switch to switch half. Front tuck to wolf jump. 2.5 with a hop.

6:28 am. Talia Folino does an FTY and a Yurchenko layout, both nice but with hops.

6:25 am. Alyssa Baumann has a nice standing arabian and bhs loso to start. Switch to switch side is actually really nice, full turn, front aerial to sissone, Onodi, side aerial, double pike and her chest is a big low, she doesn’t look thrilled but it wasn’t a bad routine overall.

6:24 am. Shallon Olsen has a very nice DTY as her first vault. Just a hop back. Her Khorkina II – a Yurchenko half-on tuck 1.5 off – is a bit messy and stumbled forward on the landing.

6:22 am. Hit series for Emma Nedov to start beam! Bhs loso, nice. Switch ring with a wobble. Front aerial, misses connection to sheep. Punch front tuck. Double pike with a hop.

6:20 am. Beginning on vault with Francesca Linari who has a nice FTY with a hop back. Second vault is a Yurchenko layout. Just so you know, in the junior division, the FIG doesn’t require vaults from two families, so juniors tend to stick to the Yurchenko style vaults, doing DTYs, FTYs, and layouts.

6:14 am. Third rotation is beginning with touch warmups! We will see Emma Nedov, Alyssa Baumann, Ellie Black, Elisa Meneghini, Marine Brevet, Isabela Onyshko, Simone Biles, and Carlotta Ferlito on beam.

6:07 am. It’s award ceremonies for the first events right now, by the way…when this finishes up, it’ll be seniors on beam and juniors on vault.

5:56 am. So Kyla wins bars with a 15.25 followed by Bailie in second with a 15.15 and Sabrina Gill in third with a 14.3. On floor, Laurie is the winner with a 14.65 followed by Ragan with 14.25 and Jade Chrobok with 13.9.

5:50 am. Kyla Ross on bars with a toe on to toe full to Maloney to pak salto to van Leeuwen (with leg separation), and she it it! Toe half to straddle Jaeger, nice. Sticks the double front. BLESS!

Ooh, Bailie got a 15.15 on bars!

5:47 am. Ragan Smith up on floor and if we have to watch this interview instead I’m going to fly to Italy and slap people in the mouth. Sounds like they’re having music problems? Oh, here we go. Yay. No slapping needed. I love this routine. Double arabian to stag, nice, but could get a little more height. 1.5 through to triple full, very nice rotation! Double tuck is a little short but she doesn’t put her hands down. Double pike with a hop back.

5:46 am. What leo is this on Bailie Key?! I honestly can’t remember ever seeing it. Love it though, and it looks great with Bailie’s blonde hair. Hop to front giant to Jaeger, Ricna to pak salto, nice. Chow to bail to stalder full to Ray, full-in stuck. Excellent! Minus a few short handstands in the first half of the routine.

5:44 am. Looks like Canada is playing Karolyi’s games! Megan Roberts is in instead of Rose. She won the junior title at Elite Canada this year. Double tuck. Very nice double arabian. Double pike with a hop back. Double tuck with a slight stumble back.

5:43 am. Loan His does a bail to pak, van Leeuwen, nice Jaeger, bail to Ray, stuck full in! Her best routine of the week.

5:40 am. Clara Colombo on floor opens with a double tuck, very nice! Front handspring front full, double full. Lovely ending choreography.

5:38 am. Up on bars now is Isabela Onyshko with a van Leeuwen, toe half, and a double front dismount. Did we really have to see slo-mo of a routine with falls we had just watched five seconds earlier instead of seeing the beginning of a senior routine?

5:36 am. Talia Folino on floor starts with a 1.5 through to double tuck, and she falls forward with her hands down. Shame…she hit this really well in the first day of qualifications. I missed her second pass but saw that she hit. Double full for the third, and she finishes with a double tuck, also bounced forward to her hands.

5:33 am. Martina Rizzelli does a Tkatchev to pak, I missed a little bit in the middle, and saw again from the Ray to high…on her stalder stalder half, her legs come apart, stalder, stalder full, better than the half but there’s still some form stuff going on, finishes with a full-in with a hop. I was told Martina might be added to the Italian Euros team in place of Enus Mariani based on how well she did this week.

5:32 am. Jade Chrobok on floor for Canada. Whip whip to double back, very nice! 2.5 to front tuck to stag is also hit. Double full. Double tuck. Great routine! This is Jade’s first year as an elite!

5:31 am. I believe it was Sabrina Gill’s bars we missed. Too bad, she has an excellent routine and hit one of her best attempts based on the score…14.3.

5:29 am. Erika Fasana up on bars! Maloney to giant full, front giant half, Tkatchev, bail to toe shoot, toe on, double layout looked stuck. Very nice, Erika!

5:28 am. Yasmin Collier on floor now. 1.5 through to double full, double pike, both good. Awww, sits 2.5. Ooh, her double wolf turn is nice…I love that she stands up out of it and keeps moving. Double tuck, sits it. Too bad!

5:26 am. Well, someone just hit bars based on the cheers, but we have no idea what’s happening because apparently the middle of a routine is the perfect time for interviews!

5:24 am. Laurie Hernandez time! Love this music so much. Double araban to wolf jump with a hop. Front layout to front double full to punch front tuck, excellent. Double tuck with a hop. Double pike. Very nice routine!

5:23 am. Valentine Pikul has a lot of work between the bars, but I missed most of the beginning…think it was shaposh to pak, and then maybe a bail in there as well? Toe on, giant full, nice Jaeger, finishes with a double layout. Not bad!

5:21 am. Redemagni gets things started on floor for the juniors. Double tuck with a hop back, Memmel turn, very nice! Quick. Front double full with a step forward. Finishes with a Rudi.

5:17 am. Martha also swapped Norah Flatley out on floor for Ragan Smith. Makes sense. I love the “no rules” feel of Jesolo.

5:16 am. Looks like Martha took Simone Biles out of the bar final to give Bailie Key a spot! I really wanted Simone to take home six gold medals for the sweep, but it’ll be nice to see Bailie in a final. And in very pretty purple!

5:15 am. Flatley wins beam with a 14.950, followed by Nguyen with a 14.45 and Woo with a 13.75. Oh, in case you didn’t know or had any confusion, Simone Biles won vault with a 15.525, over a point above Arianna Rocca in second. SHOCKING.

5:12 am.Long wait for Michela Redemagni. Switch, misses connection to back tuck. Bhs loso. Front aerial, misses connection to wolf to sissone. Split leap to side aerial. Split ring with a wobble but a fight to stay on. Double full with a hop.

5:06 am. Norah Flatley up on beam now! Excellent bhs bhs layout. Switch ring. Beautiful flexibility. Front aerial to sheep jump. Switch to back pike. Perfection so far. Side aerial. Full L turn to full turn. Wolf to punch front to sissone to split jump, just amazing. 2.5 with a step back, literally the only thing she did wrong. Just incredible. Big smile.

5:03 am. Yay, Ana Padurariu time! She is the absolute cutest. Only 12! She’s the one doing the excellent Galante on bars. Ugh, bhs loso bhs with a fall on the second bhs, way off-line. Nice sheep jump. Switch side and another fall. Front aerial to wolf to sissone. Nice near-stuck 2.5 to finish.

Just realized I missed Helody Cyrenne on vault! I saw her doing a handspring front pike with lovely form, just a little tuck in her knees before the landing. Assumed it was touch warmup!

5:00 am. Talia Folino of Australia on beam now. Bhs bhs layout, is a little offline and falls. Switch leap. Back tuck. Front aerial. She was very good in qualifications…a big surprise to many! Full turn. Ugh, double tuck, and she rolls back a bit too much and crashes it to her back.

4:56 am. Break between the first four and last four so the second half can get in a touch warmup and not have to wait 80 hours to compete.

4:54 am. Francesca Linari on beam now with a split jump to wolf jump, steady bhs bhs loso, nice! Front aerial, full turn a little overrotated but no problem, and then too bad, she does her side aerial a little too far over and lands it but on the mat. Switch side, switch half, double pike with her chest down.

4:52 am. Come on, Ellie Black! I want a silver for her here after that fall on her tsuk double yesterday. Tsuk 1.5 instead of the double, and she stumbles it back. UGH. But she doesn’t sit it! Fights like hell to keep it up. Vault two is a handspring front layout half, piked down a tiny bit at the end but nice landing.

4:50 am. Yasmin Collier starts with a switch to switch side, front aerial, jumps, all good. Her back leg is bent on the loso in her bhs loso flight series, and she has a little bobble there. Punch front tuck landed a little low. Double full with a hop to the side.

4:49 am. Arianna Rocca starts with a DTY on vault, a little off to the side but decent, just a hop. Second vault is a handspring front pike half-out, which gets a big “molto bene” from the commentators. And it is! Very nice form and just a hop back.

4:47 am. Victoria Nguyen on beam does a bhs loso, front aerial to sissone, side aerial, jumps. Not bad. Full Y turn to full turn. Switch to Onodi to sheep is excellent. Very nice switch ring. Punch front tuck. 2.5 dismount with a step back to control. I believe she usually does a triple flight series, with two losos instead of one, but you can’t even tell she made a mistake there. Just won’t get the series bonus.

4:46 am. Camille Bahl on vault does a DTY…some form issues in the air and she’s a bit low on the landing, stepping out to the side to control. Vault two is a tsuk layout. Nice straight body, but pretty easy.

4:44 am. Rose-Kaying Woo begins beam with a punch front and a slight wobble. Switch ring, and the back leg is a little wonky, full turn. Flight series is a bhs layout and it’s solid. Switch leap to split jump, excellent switch half, oh no, and her double pike doesn’t get half the punch it needs. She lands basically on her knees…the first real mistake from her I’ve seen between Elite Canada, Gymnix, and both days at Jesolo so far. She’s usually SO consistent.

4:43 am.Biles does the Lopez as vault numero dos, and it’s one of her better attempts. Very straight body line and looks nearly stuck! Maybe the tiniest movement of one foot to join the other.

4:42 am. Biles begins on vault with a big Amanar, just hopped back a tiny bit. Love how she finishes her last half twist SO quickly, and then flares out her arm as though she’s doing an FTY. Great job.

4:39 am. You should be able to have easy access to live scores on LiveGym, in case I’m not able to update scores after each routine.

4:35 am. The lineup before vault is just happening now. It’s a mix of seniors and juniors. Seniors will start on vault and go in Olympic rotation while juniors will begin on beam.

4:30 am. The finals stream has just switched on. If you’re up and following along with our live blog, you can watch here!


19 thoughts on “The Jesolo Event Finals Live Blog

  1. lol Marta swapping out Simone to have Baillie on bars :)…. its hard to remember when was the last time a sub was made by any team for someone who, gasp, scored just a little lower…… but I m sure Simone was probably not at all raising any objection with that :)…


    • uhhmm, posted my above comment about bars sub too soon…. of course Marta telepathically knew all along:)…. wow 15.15.. BAILIE!!


  2. Thanks so much for live blogging!! Enjoyed this over coffee this morning.
    Jesolo did not disappoint! Cool to see Bailie rocking bars and living up to expectations. The return of Laurie, Aly, and Gabby with a vengeance. The unstoppable force that is Simone. Kyla’s awesome new floor. I could go on… But I need to detox from the gymternet now.


  3. Lauren honestly thank you so much for this. I was working during EF’s but reading this completely caught me up, made me feel like I didn’t miss a thing! Thanks for your awesome coverage of Jesolo!


  4. Thank you Lauren!
    Since that TRASH…Gymnastike…has monopolized Jesolo videos for their own selfish gains, I’m not able to watch the videos. Your quick hits were fantastic.
    Keep up the great work and know that EVERYONE supports you over the other site.


      • Sucks as still getting video not avaible when clicking on those links. Cross fingers for it to be avail tomorrow? I heard that they might not be able to archive it due to “certain rights arrangement”? anyway still crossing fingers that it might be avail tomorrow..


      • I don’t know what to say since I can watch it!!I was surprised yesterday that many people said that they could’n watch it, but here in Italy is available…maybe the problem is only outside Italy? Did you try with hola, geolock and so on?


    • Yes, I can! In Italy they’re fully available…for an example, if you look at the previous videos of the Italian gymnastics federation youtube, there are the videos of Jesolo 2014, still available too, at least for Italian viewers!


      • I can access the 2014 vids but still no go for 2015 replay. I can see the links for 2015 as well as the vids total time on youtube but clicking on it keeps giving no vid avail. Guess some lame company was able to pay out some black money to keep US viewers from accessing them. i will try some sort of vpn if i can get around to it. This really sucks 😦


      • Yes, it’s awful…but I suppose that the rights of the exclusive videos after the meet belonged to gymnastike too last year, and since the 2014 videos are now available, it’s possible that in the next days the 2015 become available too! I hope so, but anyway if you do some research on youtube you can find single videos of the meet, it’s better than nothing 🙂


    • I can’t believe how much fk’up that lame company and FGI has become. Pretty much just about all the vids on youtube are all gone. 😦 Lauren, is this how things are supposed to be to promote the sports? I don’t know how much that lame company bribed FGI, but any chance we can organize some sort of counter bid with collective efforts if something like this happens again? I would rather pay to keep this a public domain any day (although we shouldn’t have to pay for this to keep this a public domain). I cant believe that FGI thinks this Is a good way to promote their event…


    • The rules are different for seniors and juniors. While juniors are allowed to perform two vaults from the same family (like a DTY and a FTY), seniors must perform vaults from two different families, both at domestic and international meets. Sometimes it can happen that at a domestic meet or a friendly meet (like at the Italian Golden league last year) there’s an additional “one vault final”, in which the gymnasts perform only one vault, so the aim is to test the single vaults for a future team competition, but when the senior have to perform two vaults in a normal vault final, these vaults are necessarily from different families.


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