A Near-Sweep for Boczogo at Hungarian Championships


Hungary held their apparatus championships from March 28-29, and the veteran two-time Olympian Dorina Böczögö walked away with three gold medals to become the most decorated of the meet.

Competing on every apparatus but vault, Böczögö managed a 12.9 on bars, a 13.1 on beam, and a 13.2 on floor to earn every title. On bars she hit every element with only minor form issues, finishing with a double pike with a small hop. On beam, she missed her unique flight series connection, pausing between the front aerial and front toss to back tuck, and then again before the sheep jump, but her signature mount looked lovely as usual and the remainder of her elements showed very nice control.

“Beam was good, as I didn’t fall off and felt confident,” Böczögö said of her performance. “There are new elements and connections, though I didn’t hit them all yet. Unfortunately, before beam I still get a bit nervous, but it is a big deal that I was able to hit everything.”

She shared the floor title with Tünde Csillag, and her form looked cleanest here. There were some landing deductions (she just comes in with so much power!) but she hit a big piked full-in and double front in her first two passes, and finished with a double tuck and double pike. “I went out of bounds, but overall it was well done,” she noted following her performance.

After finishing without medals on her other two events, Csillag came out with a high note on floor, hitting a relatively easy but well-performed routine that included a double pike, double tuck, and double full. “I was very surprised that I tied for gold,” Csillag remarked after having some issues in practice. “I had a long break due to injuries and only started preparing in February, so I am particularly pleased with my performance.”

Though she hit her routines on vault and bars, her difficulty is just too low to make her competitive on either.

Boglarka Devai finished with two medals, including vault gold. The first-year senior whose name translates to Goldilocks competed a solid FTY as well as a tucked tsuk full to average a 13.45, and her clean performance on floor earned a 13.0 for bronze. She also competed on bars and beam, but had falls on both and finished off the podium.

“I am very happy because at my first domestic meet as a senior, I got a gold medal,” Devai said of her vault gold. “I was also a finalist [on vault] at the Cottbus World Cup last weekend, and I had no major mistakes at either meet.” She will hope to challenge for a spot in the final at Euros, though her lack of difficulty on the second vault might hold her back.

Fellow first-year senior Kitti Honti also earned two medals – silver on vault and bars with scores of 13.1 and 12.5, respectively – while Dalia Al-Salty brought home two bronze medals, on vault and beam. Her beam earned a 12.2 and included some very nice individual skills in addition to a solid bhs loso, front aerial to split jump, and a punch layout full dismount.

Noemi Makra competed only on bars, earning the bronze medal with a 12.3 after her execution was hammered, given only a 6.5 – though I honestly don’t see that many deductions in her work. Minus some form issues – especially in terms of leg separation and handstands – I thought it was a solid effort.

She competes a Maloney to clear hip to Church as her opening combination, and then performs a Ray, a hop to front giant to Jaeger, a bail, stalder full (where her most obvious deductions are found), toe shoot, and double layout dismount, which she landed with a step forward.

Again, I thought it was a relatively solid routine but watch it above and make up your own mind! Can you find 3.5 points of deductions?

Finally, Eniko Horvath also earned a medal, taking home the silver on beam with a score of 12.4. Other competitors over the weekend included Dorottya Toth, Luca Diveky, and Eszter Romhanyi.

The women’s team for European Championships was named in the days following the competition and includes Makra, Honti, Devai, and Horvath. I was surprised to see Csillag left off, though her statement about her injury and not being fully back to her competitive level makes sense in that respect. Böczögö, meanwhile, is taking the time to focus on preparation for the European Games in Azerbaijan as well as the Universiade in South Korea, both happening this summer.

Full results are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

2 thoughts on “A Near-Sweep for Boczogo at Hungarian Championships

  1. Poor Noemi. She’s always underscored. I really don’t understand it because she is a beautiful gymnast; sure, she has form issues here and there, but that UB execution score is ridiculously low.


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