Ellie Black Reflects on Canadian Championships


Following this weekend’s¬†Canadian Championships, The Gymternet’s Alexandra Leask spoke¬†with champion Ellie Black, who won her third national all-around title in a row with a 57.950.

Check out what Ellie had to say below. Thanks again for the chat, and congratulations on your win!

How do you think the competition went?

I wasn’t really focused on the outcome or the results, but more just on the individual routines and some of the new skills that I ended up competing here. Like on bars, I added in the shaposhnikova half. So I was really happy that it went really well in my routine both days. Today [I was] just focusing on my beam routine because the first day, it was a little up in the air, but I was really happy to come in and be able to hit that routine today.


Beam just seemed difficult for everyone in qualifications.

I think we just had to kiss it a bit and hope that it would be nice to us today. But I think everyone had a bit of a tough day the first day so it’s good to see all of the girls coming in and bringing their strongest routines [in finals], and that’s looking very good for team Canada.

There are some videos on Instagram and YouTube of you working on different skills in the gym. Any plans for upgrades or new vaults?

Vault, you’re always working on upgrading them so I’m working on that, but right now, on most of the events, it’s more about just working on the consistency and execution of the routines. Being able to hit them when we need to hit them.


What do you see for Canada going forward?

Hopefully the Pan Am Games. I think we’ll have a nice, strong team going there. The girls are looking great here so it’s very exciting looking forward to Pan Ams and the World Championships in the fall where hopefully we qualify a team for the Olympics. Everyone was looking really really good here. The top girls are hopefully going to do very well at Pan Ams.

Victoria Moors just announced her retirement. Any comments on that?

Everyone has their own goals. It’s hard to comment on hers. For me, I know what I’m gonna do. We had Brittany Rogers competing back here which was awesome to have her back. I haven’t competed with her in awhile so it was great to see her. We have some old teammates come back and compete, but I mean, there’s always young ones coming up too.

Based on today’s results, it looks like Canada will have a strong team for 2016.

For sure. We have some fantastic juniors. Rose-Kaying Woo is doing awesome so I’m looking forward to next year where she’s able to actually come compete in the senior [international] meets with us because that’s going to bring something really huge to the team.

Interview & photos by Alexandra Leask
In collaboration with Arabian Punch Front

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