The Annual Gym Festival Trnava Concludes


One of the most fun smaller scale international competitions of the year is Gym Festival Trnava, hosted by the Slovak Gymnastics Federation in memory of Jan and Helena Novak as well as Vojtech Schön in the historic city of Trnava.

At this year’s competition, gymnasts from the central European region dominated the field, which also saw competitors from Puerto Rico and Great Britain.

British gymnast Lisa Mason won the vault gold medal, averaging a 13.1 after falling on her Yurchenko 1.5 but hitting her handspring front pike. She was followed by a tie for silver from Viktoria Vydurekova of Slovakia competing two clean but low-difficulty vaults, and Aneta Holasova of the Czech Republic showing some form issues but still managing to average a 13.025.

On bars, the title belonged to Lea Wolff of Germany with a 12.2. There was another tie for silver here, as both Adela Merkova of the Czech Republic and Barbora Mokosova of Slovakia reached scores of 12.1, though Merkova hit her routine and Mokosova got on the podium with a fall.

Holasova showed a great set on beam for a 13.2, bringing the greatest combination of difficulty and execution to her performance for a much-deserved win. Maddie Hart of Great Britain was the silver medalist with a 12.75 while Wolff won bronze with a 12.55; both had hit and mostly clean routines, and shared an execution score of 7.95.

Finally, on floor the title went to Mokosova, the only gymnast to breach an 8.0 execution on non-vault events for her excellent set, which earned a 12.75 overall. Lucie Jirikova of the Czech Republic won silver with a 12.7 while Wolff picked up her third medal of the day with a 12.5 for bronze.

The 2015 Gym Festival Trnava was held from June 6-7 in Trnava, Slovakia. Full results are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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