The 2015 Secret U.S. Classic Senior Live Blog

We’re here live at the Secret U.S. Classic senior session where warm-ups are currently getting underway. We’ll be updating you live with everything going on. Refresh the page every few minutes to see what’s new! The most recent items will be on top.

8:25 pm. Final Standings!

1. Simone Biles, World Champions, 62.4
2. Gabby Douglas, Buckeye, 60.5
3. Maggie Nichols, Twin City Twisters, 60.0
4. Bailie Key, Texas Dreams, 59.45
5. Aly Raisman, Brestyan’s, 59.05
6. Alyssa Baumann, WOGA, 56.95
7. Mykayla Skinner, Desert Lights, 55.5
8. Lexy Ramler, KidSport, 52.5
9. Alaina Kwan, All Olympia, 51.8
10. Taylor Lawson, Parkettes, 51.75
11. Kylie Dickson, All Olympia, 51.55
12. Nia Dennis, Legacy Elite, 43.7
13. Madison Kocian, WOGA, 29.45
14. Kyla Ross, Gym Max, 26.8
15. Lauren Navarro, Gliders, 26.6
16. Polina Shchennikova, TIGAR, 26.25
17. Brenna Dowell, GAGE, 26.15
18. Sabrina Vega, GAGE, 25.7

8:23 pm. Key UB- Jaeger, Ricna to pak with straddled legs, Chow to bail to toe full to Ray, full-in. Solid work there, just a few little issues with staying straight on top of the bar…she always looked like she was bent over to the side slightly.

8:21 pm. Locklear UB- Toe on to toe full to Chow to pak to Maloney to bail to Ray, toe half to Jaeger, full-in with some support from her coach because she’s just doing an exhibition.

8:18 pm. Nichols FX- Double double is EXCELLENT. Open tucks too! Basically stuck it. Piked full-in with a hop back and then a tucked full-in. Double tuck with a hop! 14.8!

Dennis UB- Toe full to sky high Tkatchev, though her legs were a little wild, pak salto, Maloney to bail to toe shoot, double layout dismount. Great job! 14.5

8:17 pm. Baumann UB- Chow to pak, toe full to Maloney to bail to Ray, toe half to Jaeger, full-in with a hop 14.5

8:15 pm. Ramler FX- Double pike, triple full, 1.5 to front full, and a nice 2.5 to finish. 13.4

8:14 pm. Skinner UB- Van Leeuwen, a little messy, toe full, nice flight on her Tkatchev, toe on, stuck full-in. It’s so funny watching her on bars because some elements make me screech and others I’m like wow how did you make that happen!? 14.1

8:13 pm. Douglas VT- Great DTY. Just thrilled with how well she made today happen. Someone said yesterday that she was showing “shades of 2011 Gabby” meaning her nationals beam where she fell three times. U SERIOUS? Cool story bro because she just finished in the all-around with a 60.5 after that 15.2 vault!

8:10 pm. Raisman FX- Here come the EMOTIONS. 1.5 through to double arabian to punch front layout, small hop forward. CROWD IS CLAPPING AND I START CRYING. DEAR LAAAAAWD. UGH no, double arabian piked to punch front tuck, she just didn’t get the punch she needed and squatted the tuck super low. Butt may have touched? I couldn’t tell from here if it was a sit or not. Double layout with a slight hop. Great landing on the double pike. 14.35 so that was definitely a sit.

8:09 pm. Biles UB- Weiler half to Maloney, toe full to big Tkatchev, piked Tkatchev to pak, very solid. Toe shoot, toe on, full-in stuck. Wowsers! 15.1

8:08 pm. Dickson VT- DTY, came in super high on the table and didn’t have the best block or landing. Shame…she’s usually pretty good here! 14.15

Lawson FX- Saw the double tuck which was nice, and the double pike with a step back. 12.65

8:07 pm. Kwan VT- FTY, VERY nice. 13.9

Kocian UB- pak to Chow half is nice, Jaeger, stalder full right on the bar, full-in with a small hop. 15.6!

8:00 pm. The final rotation will see Kwan, Dickson, and Douglas on vault, Kocian, Biles, Skinner, Baumann, Dennis, Locklear, and Key on bars, and Lawson, Raisman, Ramler, and Nichols on floor.

Leading after three is Biles with 47.3, Douglas with 45.3, Nichols with 45.2, Raisman with 44.7, Key with 44.15, Baumann with 42.45, Skinner with 41.4, Ramler and Lawson with 39.1, Kwan with 37.9, and Dickson with 37.4.

7:58 pm. Nichols BB- Hits barani, switch ring, bhs loso, punch front with a step to control the landing, switch to back pike with a check, double pike with a hop. 14.45

7:56 pm. Douglas FX- Nails double arabian to stag. Tucked full-in excellent, just brings feet together. Lovely Memmel turn. I’m watching Chellsie Memmel watch this routine right now and wonder if she’s like THAT’S MINE. Hits third pass…double pike maybe? I saw it but I don’t remember it. Double tuck to split jump, great. GREAT. GABBY IS GREAT. 15.0

7:53 pm. Baumann VT- DTY, not great. Block was weak and the form was a little lacking. 14.55

Dennis VT- DTY, a little short and then bounced back. 15.0? I guess….

Ross BB- Caught it from front aerial to sheep, switch ring, sobble I think on the side somi? I couldn’t see, bars are blocking. Just saw a wobble. Switch to back tuck, Side aerial, not connected to sissone. Double tuck, nice landing. 14.55

7:50 pm. Vega FX- Stuck tucked full-in. Double full. Taking it easy like on beam. Whip to stuck double tuck. Aww, short on double pike at the end and puts her hands down. 13.2

Ramler BB- Solid bhs loso loso, Onodi basically landed butt level on the beam and she falls. 12.75

7:49 pm. Skinner VT- Cheng, stuck, though piked down somewhat heavily at the end. Block was definitely way short. 15.1. DTY for vault numero dos, and it’s very nice, just a hop back. 14.95 but the scoreboard isn’t saying if that’s the average or the DTY.

7:47 pm. Raisman BB- Punch front pike to wolf jump. Bhs layout to split jump, YAS. Slight stumble on the tour jete half. Wobble on side aerial. Nice switch to switch half to back pike. Punch front tuck to sissone. Full L turn to full pirouette. Basically just stuck the Patterson cold. Shame about the two little bobbles in there…she did one before the meet that was FLAWLESS. 6.6 d-score, 15.1

Dickson FX- Tucked full-in. 2.5 to front tuck. Missed the final pass…13.65.

7:45 pm. Biles VT- Amanar, excellent. Slight hop forward on the landing. 16.0. Second vault, Yurchenko half-on layout half-off, HER BEST EVERRRRR. Excellent. Landed perfectly. Move it on up, Simone! #UpgradeCity 15.575 average I believe?

7:43 pm. Lawson BB- Switch to switch half and double tuck with a step back…that’s all I saw but she stayed on! 13.0

Kwan FX- Double pike, nice landing. Lovely 2.5. Double tuck with a slight stumble. 14.0

Dowell scratched floor. Probably for the best today.

7:42 pm. Key VT- DTY, one of her better ones in the air today, just a step back! 14.9

7:38 pm. For rotation three we’ll have Key, Biles, Skinner, Baumann, and Dennis on vault, Lawson, Raisman, Ramler, Ross, and Nichols on beam, and Dowell, Kwan, Dickson, Vega, and Douglas on floor.

Leading the way is Biles with a 31.3 followed by Nichols with 30.75, Douglas with 30.3, Raisman with 29.6, Key with 29.25, Baumann with 27.9, Navarro with 26.6, Ramler with 26.35, Skinner with 26.3, Shchennikova with 26.25, Dowell with 26.15, Lawson with 26.1, Kwan with 23.9, and Dickson with 23.75. Though Navarro, Shchennikova, and Dowell won’t be part of the all-around.

7:34 pm. Nia Dennis maybe scratched floor? I didn’t see her go. Unless I fell asleep for like 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Vega BB- Punch front mount, YAS baby girl. Front aerial, solid bhs loso loso THIS IS ALL I’VE WANTED FOR THREE YEARS. Switch to back pike, beautiful. Double wolf turn which she loses about halfway through but controls it and keeps it on the beam. Side aerial with a slight check, switch ring, side somi with a check, lots of single skills and no real connection work but I assume she’s going to ease her way back. Bell goes off…chest is a slightly down on the double tuck, but it’s a hit! 12.5

7:32 pm. Dickson BB- Bhs loso with a step back, front aerial, switch half with a fall, 2.5 with a step. 12.0

7:29 pm. Kwan BB- Falls on front aerial. Sissone to side aerial is GORGEOUS though. I want that on my tombstone. Switch half, side somi, switch to wolf jump, double tuck with a step. 12.4

7:27 pm. Ross UB- Chow to Bhardwaj which she catches with her armpits. 😦 KEEP AT IT BABY GIRL. Big applause after she rechalks. Ugh, toe full and she bends her knees halfway through and has to hop off. Beautiful toe full this time, pak is lovely, van Leeuwen, toe half, Jaeger, maybe hits her foot on the low bar on her front giant before the double front dismount. Looks disappointed. Naturally. ALY IS COMFORTING HER THOUGH DON’T WORRY. 12.25

7:25 pm. Baumann FX- Aww, she missed the Mustafina turn. Stuck double layout! Piked full-in, chest a bit low. Her new music is fun. Triple turn instead of the Gomez. Double tuck into a controlled lunge. Double pike landed with bent knees but overall a nice routine. 14.15

7:23 pm. Navarro BB- Bhs loso loso, nice. Punch front, I’m missing a lot due to HOWIE chalking the bars. Double pike with her feet hopped together. 14.1

7:22 pm. Ramler UB- Bhardwaj with super straddled legs, and she gets applause and OOOHs for her Comaneci salto. Hits full-in nicely. 12.8

7:20 pm. Skinner FX- Double double layout and it’s her best stretched which is probably why her landing is shorter than usual. Good effort trying to fix that though! Double double, chest low. Her music…is…music. It opens with what sounds like a thunderstorm if that’s any indication as to what it ends up being. It’s too fast for the crowd to clap along to and yet they’re clapping. 1.5 to double full, skids forward on full-in tuck and puts her hands down. Potential. She always has her Classics fall. GET IT OUT OF THE WAY. 13.5

7:19 pm. Shchennikova BB- Front aerial, pause before wolf jump. Onodi with her leg coming up, and then she breaks at the hips after her sheep jump. Side aerial. Switch ring with a bobble. I just realized this is like, her legit senior debut. Full-twisting back handspring with a bobble. Lovely extension on her sissone. Switch half at about 120 degrees. Bell rang twice so that’s a tenth off. Double full off I think. 12.25

7:17 pm. Raisman UB- Toe full to Maloney to Tkatchev, Jaeger, toe on to bail to Ray, nice. Toe half to double front with a hop back. GOOD GIRL. I can breathe. The pirouette work needs some leg separation attention but for what it’s worth, this was a good set. 14.2 which is literally THE Aly bars score.

7:15 pm. Biles FX- Double layout full, excellent landing. Biles to split jump, fierce. Really selling the choreo, and people laughed when there was a little growl in the music HA. Double double with a bounce back. Stuck full-in. Excellent. 6.9 d-score! 16.05

7:13 pm. Dowell BB- Applause for her mount! Solid bhs loso, front aerial, full-twisting back handspring, switch half, side aerial with a slight check, missed her foot on her double tuck dismount and had the scariest ever fall onto her head. DAMN. She was originally supposed to scratch beam, so this seemed like a last minute decision? Good effort until then. 11.8

7:10 pm. Key FX- EXCELLENT double layout to start. Stuck it right in the corner. Double arabian to stag, great. Memmel turn, 1.5 through to triple full, a little messy and short on the rotation of the latter but landed well. Double pike. 14.8

Word about Ashton’s score…or lack thereof. She’s not technically “competing” here. She’s showing her bars and beam routines so she can show progress, and so she can get experience in an arena setting. But she’s not being judged for her routines.

Lawson UB- Toe full to Maloney to bail to toe on to toe shoot, toe half to straddle Jaeger, toe half, arabian dismount. NICE considering the issues she had in training. 12.7

7:08 pm. Douglas BB- Punch front pike, solid bhs loso. Kyla’s in front of me quietly saying GOOD JOB GAB. Maggie’s also cheering, a little more vocally. Standing full! Beautiful. Switch ring, punch front to wolf jump, full turn, switch to switch half, solid jumps, double pike landed with bent knees. DAMN. GURL. 14.9

7:05 pm. Nichols UB- Toe full with leg separation to Maloney to pak to van Leeuwen, great! Toe on to toe half to Jaeger, big double layout nearly stuck. Excellent work! 14.95

7:03 pm. Here’s a weird thing! They didn’t give Ashton Locklear a score on beam. Maybe she was just doing it as like an exhibition or something? Since she didn’t have a dismount maybe she didn’t want a score?

6:59 pm. Okay, now that I’ve gotten over several heart attacks, let’s move on to rotation two. Bars will be Nichols, Lawson, Raisman, Ramler, and Ross. Beam is Douglas, Dowell (scratch), Shchennikova, Navarro, Kwan, Dickson, and Vega. Floor is Locklear (scratch), Key, Kocian (scratch), Biles, Skinner, Baumann, and Dennis.

6:57 pm. Dickson UB- Hop to Endo half, Maloney to pak and she has to do a clear hip around the low bar before she continues. Chow, bail with piked hips, toe shoot, Tkatchev, giant full, full-in with a step. 11.75

Baumann BB- Standing arabian is great. switch ring and she falls forward, puts her hands down, and drops to the ground. Bhs loso, switch to switch half, I can’t see this middle section because of the bars, but I get the Onodi (pretty!), side aerial, and double pike, landed with her chest low but hit. 13.75

6:55 pm. Skinner BB- Here we go. Double wolf turn looks like it might be wild but she controls it well. Not as clean as Simone’s but hit. Bhs tuck full, and she falls. Why do I have two Ellie Blacks in my life?! Side aerial, misses connection to switch to switch half (90 degree angle) to back pike. Imagine when she connects all of that?! I’ll die. Split to sissone, double tuck with a step. Fall aside, it was a relatively solid beam set for her!  12.8

6:52 pm. Kwan UB- Floaty toe shoot, stalder half to huge Jaeger, short on handstands, stalder full to Tkatchev to pak and she catches the low bar with her armpits. Gets back on, toe shoot, and a double pike dismount with a step. 11.5

6:50 pm. Biles BB- Wolf 2.5 to start gets big applause, jumps are good, hits barani, nails flight series, punch front to sissone is solid, switch to switch side to back pike, nice. The leap connection was a tad bit slow but overall it was sweet. Big wobble on a front aerial, typical of Simone at Classics. Nearly sticks the full-in dismount. 6.7 difficulty! 15.25

6:49 pm. Navarro UB- hop to Endo half to Chow to stalder to Tkatchev to pak, LOVE the connections. Stalder to Chow half and her hands don’t get close to the bar. Fall. Finishes strong with a full-in with a hop. Shame about the fall! 12.5

Ramler VT- Clean stuck FTY! 13.55, a huge hit with that 3 tenth deduction for doing an FTY.

6:47 pm. Kocian BB- Standing arabian with a wobble but she holds on, switch ring, front aerial to sissone to what I think was a straddle jump, bhs loso, someone in the crowd keeps yelling “GO LEXIE!!!” lol?! SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE. Side aerial. Oh, she means Lexy Ramler who’s not up yet. Leaps for Madison are good. Stuck double tuck! Just slightly jumps feet together at the end. 13.85

6:45 pm. Shchennikova UB- Maloney to stalder full to piked Tkatchev to pak to toe on to van Leeuwen, she is GOING FOR IT. Was all of that really connected?!?!?! Toe half to blind half, full-out and DAMN, she’s just a little off and she sits it back. 14.0

6:43 pm. Key BB- Full wolf turn, switch ring, bhs bhs layout but the layout is super low and piked. Side aerial is clean, switch half with a little stumble, lovely punch front to sissone (quick connection!), front aerial, misses connection to wolf to split jump, switch to back pike is great, double pike looks low from where I’m sitting and I totally thought she would fall but she held it up well, even though it was definitely crunched. 14.45

Raisman VT- Amanar, very good, just a step over to the side. My heart is in my THROAT. I CAN’T HANDLE COMEBACKS. 15.4

6:41 pm. Dowell UB- Tweddle to Ezhova EXCELLENT. Toe full to Maloney and she peels off. NOOOOOOOO. My heart just exploded. Lovely Church to pak, van Leeuwen caught well, stuck full-twisting double layout. Aside from that FLUKE it was incredible. She can get it by nationals. I KNOW IT. 14.35

6:39 pm. Dennis BB- 2.5 wolf turn is beautiful. Nice control after all of those crazy junior wolf turns. Solid bhs loso, jumps and leaps look good, front aerial and then she misses the connection to the side somi though both are hit well individually. Just clear that she made the mistake of not connecting them. Dismounts with a double pike landed short and stumbled forward slightly but overall it wasn’t bad! 14.2

Lawson VT- FTY, clean with a step back. She crashed a couple of DTYs in warmups so this was a smart move. 13.3

6:38 pm. Douglas UB- Wild applause. Perfect handstand, inbar full to huge piked Tkatchev to pak, inbar to inbar half to Endo half to Chow excellent EXCELLENT. Double layout with just a step and here come the tears. 15.4!

6:35 pm. Ooh, Kylie Dickson’s Tkatchev between the bars is super high in warmups.

Locklear BB- Solid bhs loso, punch front to split jump to wolf jump, full L turn, side somi very solid! Clean side aerial. She is not showing even the slightest sign of nerves up there. Leaps are good. Just does a layout timer dismount though.

Nichols VT- Amanar, hit very well, just a step back! 15.8!

6:32 pm. The meet is just about to start! Warmups are beginning. Starting on vault are Kyla Ross (scratch), Maggie Nichols, Taylor Lawson, Aly Raisman, and Lexy Ramler. On bars will be Sabrina Vega (scratch), Gabby Douglas, Brenna Dowell, Polina Shchennikova, Lauren Navarro, Alaina Kwan, and Kylie Dickson. On beam are Ashton Locklear, Nia Dennis, Bailie Key, Madison Kocian, Simone Biles, Mykayla Skinner, and Alyssa Baumann.

6:16 pm. All right, warmups are just about ending!! In about 15 minutes we’ll be back with rotation one! I’M SCREAMING.

6:05 pm. Maggie’s Amanar just now was KILLER. Excellent. Just a tiny step to the side. Brenna caught her Tweddle to Ezhova! Beautiful Church to pak and ALY JUST LANDED AN AMANAR.

6:00 pm. Brenna just casually whipped out a double layout bars dismount before doing anything else! Gabby’s working a beautiful Endo. WOW, also hits a perfect double layout, stuck! YES.

I will never get over Polina’s weird elbow bend on bars….they look hyperextended I guess? Maggie just warmed up a DTY, Brenna’s working her Church on bars and then plays around with Rays adding the half twist after. Aly’s DTY looks powerful. Gabby hit her inbar full to huge piked Tkatchev to pak, FLYING SQUIRREL IN THE HOUSE. Inbar half to End o half to Chow, YAS. Another double layout, this one near-stuck.

5:52 pm. Pretty much every senior looks like a senior, and then there’s wee little Lauren Navarro. Alyssa just kinda crashed her bars dismount, good times. Ashton’s doing some inbar work, inbar to toe full it looks like.

Oh, I thought Polina was Alyssa before when I saw the red. They look exactly the same from behind!

5:42 pm. I have so much pasta up here at the media table and I’m basically just enjoying it in front of everyone sorry not sorry. Aly’s working her double arabian on floor without the punch just to get started. Maggie’s double double on floor is fierce. Gabby’s DTY is hot.

Nia just caught a big Jaeger, hit her toe full to insanely big Tkatchev to pak, a little wild in terms of form but she’s catching! Getting a ton of bounce out of those bars. Aly’s piked arabian to punch front tuck is YAS YAS YAS. All kinds of YAS. Looks like Polina is scratching everything but bars maybe? I haven’t seen her do anything yet but she’s warming up by bars.

5:38 pm. Pretty sure Mykayla just went for the Amanar but had a rough landing…oh, WOGA is in gorgeous black and white. I thought I saw Alyssa in red earlier…no idea who that actually was! A figment of my imagination. I didn’t see any WOGA vaults I don’t think…maybe they did timers that I missed?

5:35 pm. Don’t worry, Simone just busted out a fantastic Amanar. DTY for Skinner right now…don’t know if that’s the plan or she’s still warming up to the 2.5. Bailie Key’s DTY is solid. Another DTY for Nia!


5:28 pm. Onto the second warmup rotation, Gabby just nailed her double tuck to split jump and then her full-in with a step. Ooh excellent barani from Maggie just now…and Brenna did a 1.5 to front lay, so she’s probably just sticking with some of her college tumbling?

5:23 pm. After a ten minute delay, Aly is up on bars now…looking very clean, too. Hit her double front just hopping her feeet together. Kyla just did a pak, van Leeuwen that looked very nice and got applause, a Jaeger, and then she sat her double front but think she maybe did it on purpose to save her ankles or something, as she looked like she rolled back as the plan. This time she hits it, with Martha screaming some coaching words at her. Martha has been hands on with Kyla a lot this weekend…I think she really wants her to be like the champion of life.

5:22 pm. “No worries. Things happen. It’s very sad but we keep going on.” – Martha Karolyi spouting life lessons to the girls remaining on the podium as Marissa is finally carried off.

5:19 pm. Medics are still working with Marissa which is delaying things on bars a bit…she’s laying underneath the low bar and has been for about five minutes. Looks like they’re preparing a brace for her…about six people tending to her right now while everyone else on the bars podium just kind of faces the other way.

5:15 pm. Marissa Oakley is doing pretty stalder work, a piked Jaeger, beautiful Ricna to pak, oh no. She just landed her double double dismount really badly. And completely busted her ankle. And screamed. 😦

5:11 pm. Simone’s busting out the big skills on floor already! Kyla just threw her double front off bars. Gabby Douglas hit her switch ring and punch front on beam, and she just nailed a double tuck. Aly Raisman is looking clean working a toe full on the low bar. Brenna Dowell killing it on beam at the moment, my first time seeing her here in how long?! American Cup last year? Full-twisting back handspring is back!

5:08 pm. Training for rotation one is starting! Just the basics for now but of course I’ll keep you in the loop!

4:57 pm. Brenna and Sabrina are in this leo.

Simone is in the same blue and white leo as her younger teammates wore earlier…and same goes for Maggie with the red and white. Kyla’s leo is like a teal with shimmery white sleeves. Maggie Nichols just told Lexy Ramler she likes her leo. Aly’s bright red leo is killer.

“Is that mesh or lining? They have magenta mesh?” Aly Raisman, fashion designer, always at work.

4:55 pm. The new AOGC elites are in this famous leo of McKayla Maroney’s!

4:45 pm. While we’re waiting for things to get a little more lively, I’ll tell you a little about speaking with the juniors. All were very happy with how they did, including Jordan Chiles, who said she was thrilled that she competed the Amanar and was happy with how the majority of her day went…she thought bars was fantastic, she stuck her brand new beam dismount, and she said everything else was just a fluke, something she can work on before nationals. Oh, and she’s totally fine – she just got a cramp when she landed, which is why she looked to be in pain as she walked away.

Morgan is beyond thrilled with her day. She’s raised her difficulty 3 points since last year and it shows…even with mistakes in her day, her all-around score was still several points higher than scores she earned last year and early in 2015. She hit all of her big new upgrades on bars, and said she was happy with beam despite being a little shaky. On floor, she gave it a little extra oomph after not always hitting it in practice, which is what caused her to stumble forward. But all this aside, she’s thrilled.

Jazzy knows she made mistakes and has some spots to clean up before nationals, but is happy with her double double (a new upgrade for her) and overall is pleased with her day. Laurie said she loves competing and is just so happy to be back. And Ragan is also super happy. Why wouldn’t she be?

4:40 pm. General stretch is happening now, so nothing too exciting just yet. I’ll be sure to let you know of any exciting nonsense! Right now everyone is still in warmups and rolling around on the floor. That’s the technical term.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


29 thoughts on “The 2015 Secret U.S. Classic Senior Live Blog

  1. Oh noooo. Poor Marissa.

    Watching an athlete get truly injured and really really shake some other competitors up. As a former gymnast myself I remember always going about my business constantly saying things that reminded me how confident and able to do these skills I was. Then… someone gets hurt and you’re pulled out of your little “I got this” bubble and are suddenly flooded with the reality that…. “Oh my god, the things we’re doing are dangerous. They could KILL us. They could break our bones and our heads and these are NOT normal things most humans do!?!? Why am I do this??! This is insane?! A slight waver and I could be paralyzed…or never run again.”

    It’s a weird weird mental thing. Which is why when I happens big like that in a meet so many gymnasts are at least mildly rattled. I guess for *everyone else’s* sake it’s better that it was warmups and not the meet. But that’s like saying there’s somehow a “better” time for someone to get hurt. Which, there obviously isn’t.

    Goodness I hope she’s moderately okay.


  2. I watched podium training earlier… anyone else notice the choreo in Gabby’s new FX has bits of Aly and Jordyn’s from 2012? Hmm..


    • Hmm…I mentioned that yesterday on a different blog, but I was referring to beam. I don’t think there’s any choreo overlap on floor.


  3. Can we get a The Gymternet drinking game for P&G Championships? Take a sip every time Gabby or Aly are mentioned when neither is actually shown on an event.


  4. Wow was Maggie screwed I was most impressed by her her floor was underscored her bb was underscored she def was low bulled should have not been more than a point behind Simone and it seemed the judges favorites got the bonus bailie also great day but def was underscored on bb and floor I found that to be one of her best bb oh well the judges have their favorites out side of floor I thought Maggie was better than Simone on the other 3 events


  5. Just some random thoughts:
    – Gabby getting E scores only very marginally behind Simone’s E scores is like a giant WTF in my mind, although Gabby was great.
    – Whoever chose Mykayla’s, Bailie’s and Gabby’s floor music is on the crack.
    – A healthy Aly will be a Rio Aly. No doubt, if she’s this good now, she’ll be phenomenal next year.
    – Brenna’s bars will be mental once she gets it going but somehow I predict her being the Anna Li of next year.
    – Glad Kyla had her mistakes at Classics. She hits when it counts and hopefully she’ll work through any mental blocks before P&Gs.


  6. Does anyone know — what were Kyla Ross’s and Polina Schennikova’s 0.1 neutral deductions on beam for? I watched and they didn’t seem to be going out of bounds on landing from my angle, and I don’t know what other things you get an ND for.


    • Right!?!
      She looks like a much higher caliber gymnast in every way! So improved from last year, especially considering she had that injury last fall.


  7. Secret Classic was a very interesting competition to watch. Simone was of course off the charts fantastic as usual. Her combined difficulty and execution in the AA are going to be tough to beat if she is performing well. And for someone who is supposedly “weak” on bars, Simone delivers far more often than she doesn’t. Having watched some other international competitions this year, watching Secret Classic felt like I was watching all the best in the world compete (OK, except for bars). The US team is truly head and shoulders above every other country. So different for someone like me who grew up watching the Soviets (yes, Soviets, not even Russians) and Romanians dominate.

    I was super impressed with Gabby’s and Aly’s comebacks. If these two keep on track, the Rio team competition could be even more of a complete blowout US victory than last year’s Worlds was. Maggie Nichols was a very nice surprise. The commentators kept saying she had a different, more confident bearing and it definitely showed. I hope she keeps this up.

    The top girls all showed a lot of power in their skills. I know Bailie Key gets a lot of attention, but on each apparatus except bars my impression was that she seemed lack the same spring in her skills or jump as high or as powerfully as the others. Of course my impression needs to be put in context because Bailie still placed fourth overall, although mainly due to Aly’s fall on floor.

    It will be interesting to see where Bailie fits in. On beam, she tied with Maggie Nichols for the fifth highest score. On floor, she tied with Maggie Nichols for the third highest score, but Aly has more scoring potential than either of them. On vault, she had the seventh highest score, but Kyla Ross didn’t vault and probably has more scoring potential for the same vault. On bars, she had the third highest score. I’m not sure if a clean, upgraded routine from Kyla would reach Balie’s score on bars, but my guess is it would. I’ll reassess after the upcoming P&G Championships in August, but for now I don’t know where Bailie fits in. But what a great “problem” for the US to have. Most other countries–nay, ALL other countries–would KILL to have Bailie Key on their team, whereas in the US she may not fit in to the picture.


    • My thoughts exactly!

      I think back to 2012, where the ’08 Olympians attempting comebacks had a tough job of it, given the young talent. Well, our veterans this year are so on top of their game, and it’s the new seniors who have to run to catch them.
      Look at floor, for example, which is theoretically an event where Ballie fits in to the US team picture – she proudly announced her DLO upgrade, in her *opening* pass. Whereas Aly comes in with her crazy packed first pass from the Olympics, upgrades her second pass (I have no doubt she will be hitting it, even if she has to take out the punch front), and then upgrades her THIRD pass to a high, powerful, well controlled DLO. That’s impressive endurance, and way out shining 16 yo Ballie who I would expect more endurance from.

      I do hope Kim has a wise plan for this kid. Because if she wants to shine in Rio, she should really have her debut at this years worlds. And she might have to really bring it at nationals to get that chance!


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  9. I love aly’s new upgrade. totally unexpected place to put a punch front. though, I also think if she could manage it out of her DLO ala mohini bhardwaj, that’d be sooooo sick…..

    actually, i’d love to see any of the zillion DLOs we have now add a punch front after. haha.


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