Two Titles for Schäfer in Event Finals

Day two of the German Championships meant event finals, and Pauline Schäfer, who missed out on the all-around win by just one tenth yesterday, came back strong to win herself two national titles on vault and beam. The bars title went to Elisabeth Seitz, while floor was shared by Marlene Bindig and Leah Griesser.

Schäfer was the only one of the top German gymnasts that competed two vaults yesterday. The clear favorite in this final didn’t show any nerves and performed two beautifully executed vaults: a handspring front layout half and a FTY. Second came first-year senior Pauline Tratz (that’s her in the ridiculously amazing rainbow leo above), while third place went to Nicole Fritz.

The most anticipated final was bars. With Seitz and Sophie Scheder, Germany has two world class bar workers, backed by Lisa-Katharina Hill who’s only recently back from a knee injury. In a superb final Hill showed a good routine including a Bhardwaj, which got her a 14.60 and the third place. Scheder lost the all-around title yesterday due to a fall early in her routine on this event, but today she busted out her 6.6 routine to finish with a 15.433. Everyone thought this would be her title, but all were proved wrong by Seitz, who edged out Scheder with a 15.466 for an incredible routine of her own.

Beam has been Germany’s nemesis for years, but now they have Schäfer taking care of business. Very calmly, she attacked her 6.2 beam routine and without any wobble Schäfer won the title with a 15.466. Second came Seitz with a 14.233, and third place went to Scheder, who took a fall on her flight series.

On floor, Scheder and Hill decided to pull out, which meant that Schäfer, who had a fall there yesterday, and Bindig could take their places. Schäfer seemed to be the favorite for the win, but once again, her double front gave her problems. With Seitz also having some faults, this let the door open to the runners-up.

Tratz got herself another medal for a solid routine that earned the bronze, and first place was shared with Griesser and second reserve Bindig, who stepped up at the last second. Bindig only competed a 4.9 difficulty but enchanted the audience and the judges with her beautifully danced and executed routine.

Article by Lisa Schwartz

2 thoughts on “Two Titles for Schäfer in Event Finals

  1. Bar final at worlds this year will be so stacked. And it’s nice to see someone from outside the big 4 here. That’s a huge beam set from Schafer which could also get her into the beam final.


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