Wang Cenyu Wins Chinese Individual Meet


This year’s Chinese Individual Championships, held in Liupanshui, featured some of China’s younger, less experienced competitors, most of whom don’t have any experience at the international level.

Wang Cenyu of Hunan province won the all-around at this meet with a 51.55 after hitting all four routines, including a 13.65 on vault, 12.75 on bars, 12.5 on beam, and 12.65 on floor, a big improvement from her qualifications performance that earned a 50.9.

The second place gymnast was Zhou Lu of Henan province, finishing just a tenth behind with 51.45 after a fall on bars but a very impressive showing on beam, where she put up a 13.5, the best non-vault score of the day.

In third was Luo Youjuan of the Hunan province, who qualified in first place with a 52.35 but fell on floor in the final and posted a 50.85, just slightly managing to squeak out the final podium spot over fourth-place Li Yanye of Tianjin with a 50.8.

Rounding out the top eight were Yuan Xiaoyang in fifth with a 50.55, Zhou Linlin in sixth with a 50.0, Gong Kangyi in seventh with a 49.9, and Wei Ruitong in eighth with a 49.1.

The vault final saw the incredibly powerful Li Linxi top the podium with an average of 14.25, and that was after a fall on her second vault, the Rudi. In prelims, her average was a 14.9, and she’s probably the second-best vaulter in the country behind senior worlds team member Wang Yan.

Two gymnasts, Li Yiwei and Yao Shunyu, shared the silver medal on vault, both averaging 13.634 for their own clean sets.

On bars, Zhou Linlin took the title with a 13.5, followed by Zhou Lu with a 12.867 and then Fu Yuyao with a 12.8. Fu is already working with a 6.0 routine there, but unfortunately counted a fall and was unable to challenge for more than bronze.

Luo Youjuan once again showed off her incredible talent on beam in the event final, winning gold with a huge 14.267, including a d-score of 6.1. She was followed by Zhou Lu with a 13.834 for silver and Xiao Jiale with a 13.167 for bronze.

Finally, Luo once again stood out on floor, winning that title with a 13.534. Gong was second with a 12.967, including a penalty for going out-of-bounds, and Zhou Lu was third with a 12.867 for her clean, albeit easy, routine.

Full results from the individual championships are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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