Chinese Championships Begin Monday in Fuzhou


Podium training is now complete, and on Monday June 1, the Chinese women will begin contending for this year’s national titles in Fuzhou.

The women will begin with three qualification subdivisions on Monday, and then continue with the all-around final on Tuesday and two days of event finals on Wednesday and Thursday.

Qualifications also act as a team final, with the gymnasts competing under their provinces. Subdivisions are based on last year’s team final results, with the weakest teams in the early subdivision and the strongest going at the end of the day.

With Yao Jinnan still recovering from the shoulder surgery she underwent in the United States earlier this year, she is unable to defend her all-around title, leaving it wide open for anyone to grab.

The following gymnasts are set to compete.

Jing Yang
Lin Yuyao
Niu Sizhou
Wang Yan
Yuan Jiahe
Cai Mengjie
Chen Siyi
Cheng Wenlong
Tao Siyan
Yang Yinbao
Yu Yanfang
Zheng Lin
Chen Li
Hong Ke
Liu Tingting
Xu Chujun
Yi Ruoyang
Zhu Xiaofang
Bai Yawen
Huang Ruodan
Liang Wenqi
Lu Qiuying
Wei Ruitong
Li Yiwei
Liu Jinru
Lu Yufei
Xiao Jiale
Zhou Lu
Chen Zhaohui
Gong Kangyi
Wu Jing
Zhang Jin
Chen Xiaoqing
Deng Shihui
Luo Youjuan
Shang Chunsong
Tan Jiaxin
Wang Cenyu
Xie Yufen
Li Ziqi
Lin Yitong
Qin Chang
Zhou Jie
Zhou Linlin
Deng Yalan
Kui Simin
Lin Jinyu
Fan Yilin
Mao Yi
Xu Li
Yang Tianyi
Zhang Jin
Zhang Ziwen
Hu Mengyao
Huang Huidan
Lou Nina
Luo Huan
Lv Jiaqi
Yuan Xiaoyang
Mixed Group I
Guizhou (1)
Hebei (1)
Hong Kong (1)
Shaanxi (2)
Mixed Group II
Anhui (1)
Sichuan (1)
Tianjin (2)
Yunnan (1)

At the moment, there is no information available related to live video, though we will update if we find streaming info or uploaded videos.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

3 thoughts on “Chinese Championships Begin Monday in Fuzhou

  1. It sucks that there’s never much of any video from Chinese competitions. This is compounded also by the fact we don’t see them outside of china too many times during the year. At least US shows video of classics and nationals even if they don’t compete much abroad. How is anyone hoping to keep up with the latest on them…..

    Anyway, Shang Chunsong was their 2nd best AA last year. With Yao out, you know anyone that could grab this title? Bai had a great beam set at worlds last year so I hope to see her again.

    I really want to see their EF to see how they are doing regarding vt and fx….


    • Yeah, hopefully videos will pop up on Youku. A bunch appeared for Individual championships last October so I’d imagine there will be someone willing to put them up for a larger meet like this!


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