Mexican Team for Worlds Confirmed


The news agency Mural confirmed the team Mexico will be sending to world championships in an article published this week.

The women’s team consists of the same gymnasts named to the nominative roster, with 2012 Olympian Elsa Garcia leading a squad that also consists of Ana Lago, Alexa Moreno, Karla Retiz, Ahtziri Sandoval, and Amaranta Torres, the same team used at last year’s worlds.

According to Mural, the gymnasts participated in an eight-hour selection camp last week before the announcement was made. The team is very strong, with everyone on it incredibly experienced internationally.

“We’re trying to get into the top 16 so we can qualify for the Olympic Test Event,” Garcia told the press. This same team placed 14th a year ago in Nanning, and have made improvements across the board since then. With hit routines, they are absolutely in a place to make this happen, meaning they’d get a chance to contend for a full team slot for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.

Garcia could be looking at a couple of individual finals in Glasgow if she has strong performances in the all-around and on bars in qualifications. Lago is another with a chance at the all-around, while Moreno has improved her form immensely on vault, and with her two high-difficulty sets, she is likely to make the final there.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

5 thoughts on “Mexican Team for Worlds Confirmed

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  2. Does Mexico have any up and coming gymnasts? I love seeing the girls coming out of Mexico and I’m just curious who will be coming up to replace the ones who’ve been around for a while.


    • Hi Christina, Yes. México is working so hard to have new names in the competitive gym. Jalisco and Baja California have many talented girls. Amaranta Torres, Karla Retiz have been representing México since 2013 so they are part of the new generation, same as Ahtziri Sandoval who has just one year in the team. In our opinion, Nicolle Castro will be the star of the México team in the upcoming years, she is about to become a senior next year, and she has been National Champion since 2009 at every level she has competed in.


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