Qualification Subdivision 2 Live Blog


The Gymternet is excited to bring all of the action of World Championships to you live, thanks to our reporter on scene, Kensley Behel! Refresh the page every five minutes or so for the most up-to-date action. Most recent updates will appear on the top. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy!

Japan finishes with a 223.863

1:09 pm. Miyakawa FX- Full twisting double layout! BEAUTIFUL! Straddle 1/1, front layout to front double tuck, Double Double 3rd pass!!!! THIS IS AMAZING! Ends with a double layout!!!! THIS IS A WORLD CLASS ROUTINE! THE CROWD IS GOING WILD! 14.9

1:07 pm. Murakami FX- HUGE double layout. 2.5 to an incredibly floaty punch layout. 1.5 to front full. Double pike! Great! 14.1

1:02 pm. Teramoto FX- 2.5 to punch layout (stuck!), straddle full, triple (almost maybe stuck?), front double full to stag, fell out of her spin a little bit (I think she was going for a triple), double pike, big hop back.

12:58 pm. Sasada FX- Full in! Double tuck, switch ½, triple, front aerial, switch ring to another leap pass. Full spin with leg extended towards the ground, low double pike to finish!

12:55 pm. Yumoto FX- triple (small hop), 2.5 to punch front tuck, back 1.5 to front full, really short on double tuck and bounces back to her hands.

Japan has a 168.064 after 3.

12:48 pm. Sasada FX- Has to go after a ten minute wait. Straddle mount, switch back tuck, roundoff layout (good height), punch front small hop, really low aerial, sheep jump (big wobble), switch ring (OMG almost off, like there was an invisible hand that put her back on the beam), full spin..I’m still in shock about how she saved that and missed the dismount.

12:37 pm. Sugihara BB- Straddle mount, bhs loso (almost off and some knee form issues). Front aerial to sheep (wobble), full turn (wobble), side aerial to sissone to split jump (good), switch ring. Switch to back tuck. Legs glued together on the 2.5 dismount.

No score yet. Fans are starting to slow clap while the judges are checking on Sugihara’s d-score!

Literally 10 minutes later and we are still waiting on this score!!! Why?

12:33 pm. Yumoto BB- straddle mount, she looks super confident, switch ring, wolf to sissone (pause), front aerial, sheep (that was all supposed to be connected), roundoff to HUGE layout (definitely a layout!), side somi, switch leap to back tuck, full turn, almost stuck double pike. Smallest of hops but chest was super low! 13.833

12:29 pm. Teramoto BB- straddle mount, BEAUTIFUL and controlled double spin, Onodi to bhs loso (slow connection), front aerial sissone side somi (perfect!), switch side ¼, switch to side aerial, split leap to split jump, triple full to finish (crossed legs). Really beautiful routine though! 14.1

12:26 pm. Murakami BB- bhs bhs layout (low almost like a whipped pike), pause…wolf  to split (I think it was all supposed to be connected), switch back tuck, side aerial (super confident), double spin, front aerial, sheep jump (not sure the feet touched), beautiful double pike to finish and a HUGE smile!

Japan with a 113.232 after two rotations.

12:16 pm. Feldon FX- Double pike, step back, This music so bad…according to Jess it’s “Disneyfied Fiddler on the Roof’…double full, really short double tuck – she bounces back to up to her hands, double Memmel turn.

12:14 pm. Sasada UB- Inside jump to high bar, stalder, giant ½, Jaeger, toe on, giant full to Tkachev, realllyyyy short and arched on a handstand, bail and back up, STUCK full-in but it was SUPER close to the bar! 13.5

12:10 pm. Yumoto UB- Inside jump to high bar, toe on, giant 1/2, Jaeger, giant full, pak, up to high bar, full-in a little under. Big hop forwards. 12.7

12:09 pm. Sugihara UB- toe full up to high bar, stalder, stalder half to Jaeger, stadler full to bail. Short on a few handstands. Stuck full in! 13.966

12:04 pm. Dzidziguri VT- Just a simple front handspring pike. Right down the middle. 12.766

12:03 pm. Murakami UB- toe on, Maloney to immediate Gienger, free hip ½, Tkachev, bail and immediately back up, doesn’t quite hit handstand. Giant full, full-in. 13.7

11:52 am. Pino BB- switch ring big wobble, full turn, bhs loso big wobble, switch, switch 1/2, off on side aerial that she tried to pass as a side somi, front aerial wobble, tour jete ½, front full off.

11:49 am. Mader UB- toe full to Maloney (huge form issues on back swing), bail to handstand (legs split), up to high bar, toe on 1/2 to sloppy Jaeger, toe on to toe on back double tuck dismount!!! Super cool!

11:46 am. Miyakawa VT- Rudi slightly to the left. Some form issues and a small step to the side. 14.9…seems a little high to me.

11:45 am. Teramoto VT- Rudi to her hands and knees. 13.633

11:44 am. Murakami VT- DTY right down the middle. Some form issues in the air but got a nice pop off the top of the table. 14.9

11:43 am. Sasada VT- Yurchenko full, BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely no leg separation on the top of the vault with legs glued together the whole way through! 14.133

11:40 am. Yumoto VT- Yurchenko full right down the middle. A little piked in the air. 14.1

Article by Kensley Behel

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