2015 World Championships Team Final Live Blog – USA and Russia


Welcome to the live blog for the United States and Russia at the 2015 World Championships women’s team final! Lauren Hopkins will update with everything we see on the live stream while Kensley Behel will take care of everything in the arena.. Refresh every 3-5 minutes or so, and most recent updates will appear on the top.

8:53 pm. Thank you for tuning in! I’ll be back later tonight with all of my #feels about this epic day.

8:48 pm. The U.S. women are world champs once again, with a huge 181.338, topping last year by two points and defeating an incredible China by about five points!

8:44 pm. Biles FX- Double layout full, tiny bounce. Double layout half to stag, great. Slays the double double. Tucked full-in with a hop. Brilliant, as always. 15.733

8:43 pm. GREAT BRITAIN HAS KNOCKED RUSSIA OFF THE PODIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE’S A NEW BIG FOUR, LADIES AND GENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:41 pm. E Downie VT- Brilliant and huge DTY. Excellent, excellent, and time for sister hugging.

8:39 pm. Raisman FX- 1.5 through to double Arabian to layout, excellent. Tiniest little shuffle at the end. Double arabian pike to stag. She’s on it tonight. Whole personality is different. GET CRUNK, ALY. Double layout, doesn’t even bother going into the split jump because she STICKS IT cold. I’m not listening with sound but I can imagine the crowd is losing their shiz. Double pike, little bounce back, and done. You’re BACK, Aly girl. Huge applause from teammates. 15.075

8:38 pm. Oh my god, Tinkler tearing up a bit!!! You’re amazing, lil British champ.

8:37 pm. Tinkler VT- DTY, fantastic. You go, Brits. 15.083

8:36 pm. Nichols FX- Double double to start, good. Full-in tuck is SUPER messy. Her full-in pike in the third pass is much cleaner. I don’t understand her tucked full-in form AT ALL. Otherwise killing it though. All the personality and smiles. Double tuck, nailed, just brings feet together. Great job. 2015 world all-around silver medalist in our hearts. 15.0!!!

8:35 pm. Fragapane VT- Say what you will about this girl’s podium training but she BROUGHT it this week. One of her better DTYs, just some form issues but it’s all good. 14.833

8:34 pm. Russia coming in clutch with some chest bumps to peace signs at the end. And giggles and smiles. Keeping it REAL.

8:29 pm. Afanasyeva FX- Afan’s like I don’t have time for this routine. I have lots going on today. Big double layout whipped right into a stick. No funny business. L turn, looked like a 2.5 though it got a tiny bit shady at the end. Whip whip through to triple, little low and a little over-rotated as she tries to make sure she gets it all the way around. 2.5 to punch front into a little beat jump. Her comes the ridic choreo LOLOLOL I can’t even watch. The arm wave. WHY. Who did this to you. She always looks like, angry before the last pass? Double pike, tries to pull it around super hard so she’s not low and leans back on the landing. Not bad. 14.5

8:27 pm. Teramoto UB- Toe full to Gienger, Inbar to stalder half to Jaeger, great. Stalder full with form break to bail to Ray. Basically a stuck full-in and she and her coach are THRILLEEEEED. 14.225

8:24 pm. Tutkhalyan FX- Big double layout, excellent. SHE IS RAGE COMPETING! Do it up, Seda. 2.5 to front tuck, a little low but great landing. Tiny bounce. 1.5 to layout half into a jump, stag? Couldn’t see the angle. Double pike, small bounce. Basically the best she’s done it and Vika is SUPER DUPER PROUD and Seda looks pissed. 13.925

8:22 pm. Tan VT- Big and lovely DTY. Great job to this young lady tonight. I WANNA CRY. She was like the redheaded stepchild last year. 15.2

8:21 pm. Mao VT- DTY, a little short, step forward. 14.833

8:20 pm. Paseka FX- Come on Bee Farm. 2.5 Y turn to start, not bad. Nice landing on the 2.5 front full though the form is a little iffy. 1.5 to Rudi. Double tuck super cowboyed and she takes a step back out-of-bounds. I want her to be magical on this event! That’s her goal for the next year. Get as good here as she did on vault and bars this year. Sad little smile as she finishes. 13.766

8:19 pm. Wang VT- Tsuk double, small hop. The camera man just started HEAVILY drinking and falling down basically. Ouch. On the replay her chest is a bit down. 15.2

8:15 pm. How is it already the final rotation? The U.S. are 4.5 points above China and 6 points above Russia. In 4th is Japan, about 2.5 points behind the Russians. Russians going on their weakest event, though anything will be better than that beam rotation.

8:12 pm. Shang FX- BEAUTIFUL 3.5 to punch front PIKE. GURL. That’ll be a layout soon enough. 1.5 through to triple to punch front. Again. NICE. Quad turn landed like a double. 2.5 to front half, too piked to be a layout maybe but she might get it. Either way I think it’s the same CV? Double pike, just takes a couple steps back and one out of bounds but hot DAMN if that wasn’t a great routine from her. 14.366

8:11 pm. Seda got a 13.3 on beam, by the way, so did they really and truly fall on literally every last routine? I can’t.

8:09 pm. Komova BB- Okay, come on Vika. I really love you this year and need you to make this work for me. Wobble on her full L turn but she fights. Front aerial, pause before sheep. Big check on bhs loso but again, fights. Fall on standing arabian, and I’m mentally DONEEEEE. I missed most of the rest of this, but she did hit the double tuck dismount. But still. I’m imploding. 13.3

8:08 pm. Miyakawa VT- Excellent handspring Rudi. Some form issues as she gets close to the landing and her chest is way down but otherwise great. Also her face on the block was ridiculously funny. 15.166

8:06 pm. Kharenkova BB- Nails punch front. Bhs bhs layout, slight wobble. Front aerial to sheep, flexed feet. Side aerial. Switch to back tuck. Switch ring. So far so good! Switch half amplitude not quite there. Oh MAN, full L turn basically almost turns into an illusion, she grabs the beam, and then slips off. Yep, this is the Russia we know. SO SAD. She was so close. Double pike, step. 13.533

8:03 pm. Wang FX- Double double, step back, almost out but not quite. 1.5 through to triple to punch front, loses the landing a tiny bit but gets back under control. Triple spin. 2.5 to front layout half. Double pike. Great job. Smile at the end is adorable!

7:59 pm. Fragapane FX- GREAT job on the double layout full. Right in the corner, doesn’t move. Steps out on double arabian, casual sheep jump to jump to the floor. Triple full, form looks much better than other recent routines. Double layout a bit low but hits right into the stag and then finishes with a big smile after her back spin. In which she reminds me of a turtle. You go, Frags! Huge 14.733 and her teammates clap. And she eats a snack.

7:57 pm. Biles BB- NAILS the wolf 2.5 today. Great jumps. Barani is AWESOME. So solid now. Bhs loso loso, steady as they come. Punch front to sissone. Switch switch half back pike, gets it. Front aerial to wolf jump. Full-in dismount with a tiny hop. YAS SIMONE. 15.2 and she doesn’t look thrilled.

7:55 pm. Most importantly, Aly looks HAPPY after that routine.

7:53 pm. Raisman BB- We didn’t get to see Maggie, who got like a 13.933 I think. Raisman going now. Punch front pike to wolf jump, great. Wobble on bhs layout. My heart is pounding. Split to straddle. Side aerial. EXCELLENT timing on the switch to switch half though I didn’t see her 180-ness from this back angle. She’s like TAKE THAT CV AWAY FROM ME, I DARE YOU. Full L turn to full turn, tiny check. Patterson with a hop. Could’ve been better, could’ve been a LOT worse. Great job. 14.266

7:51 pm. Onyshko UB- Maloney, and the feed froze. Starting from the bail, van Leeuwen, toe half to front giant to cowboyed double front with a step back. 13.933

7:50 pm. Douglas UB- TBT to this routine. Inbar full to piked Tkachev to pak, yas! inbar to inbar half to Endo half to Chow, YAS AGAIN. Sticks double layout. GIIIIIIIIIRL. 15.333

7:49 pm. Tinkler FX- Double double, looks like it’s so big it might go out but she pulls it in and keeps it inside! Big double layout, small bounce. Excellent 1.5 through to 2.5. Great finish, awesome routine. 14.433

7:48 pm. Ferlito VT- Yurchenko 1.5, good job, just some slight bend in her body line. See, I’ll take Ellie Black’s bend in her handspring lay full over body bend in a Y 1.5. 14.466

7:47 pm. USA has a 2.5 point lead going into the third. Russia then about 1.5 points ahead of China, who are 2 points ahead of Canada!

7:46 pm. Fasana FX- I missed her first pass, probably a double double? Double layout looked great. I didn’t see much of the rest but it was a 14.5

7:45 pm. So we didn’t get to see Gabby’s routine but she got a massive 15.333 so WHO DO I SUE.

7:43 pm. B Downie BB- punch front, side aerial to loso with a check, full Y turn, great so far. Front aerial, misses connection to side somi, but does each separately and steadily. Switch ring. Great double pike, step back. 13.8 and she looks pretty pissed!

7:42 pm. Kocian UB- Inbar full, Komova II to pak to Chow half, Inbar half to big Jaeger, stalder to stalder full to full-in nearly stuck. Good job. Just wish she could go a bit deeper on those inbars. Like, watch Komova’s routines 500 times. 15.3

7:41 pm. Black VT- Fantastic handspring layout full. YAS to this Canadian vault rotation. Her body line isn’t fully stretched and she has a hop but whatever, she’s great. 15.1

7:39 pm. E Downie BB- Will I ever be able to tell the Downies apart if they’re not standing side by side? Seriously?! Punch front. Big pause before standing arabian, just takes a tiny hop. Good girl. Switch to switch half a little tentative, little step on the landing. Big prep for double pirouette, just a small check. Solid bhs loso. Great side aerial. 2.5, waves to the crowd. YAY ELLIE!

7:38 pm. Rogers VT- Big DTY, looked a tiny bit low but stuck! Fights for it, too. HUGE smile. 15.0

7:36 pm. Nichols UB- Toe full to Maloney to pak to van Leeuwen, late twist in the van Leeuwen but she catches no problem. Toe half to Jaeger, big stuck double layout. Hindsight is 20/20 but if that routine was in quals, she would’ve been the second all-arounder. NBD. 14.8

7:34 pm. Townsend VT- Biiiiiig slooooow deeeeep breath before vaulting. GORGEOUS Yurchenko 1.5! Barely a step! Looks thrilled!!!! 14.433

7:31 pm. Miyakawa FX- GET READY FOR THIS! Kill it, Sae. Full-twisting double layout so well done you can barely see the twist. Spunky choreo. Layout to double front, excellent. Double double third pass, ohhh, steps out-of-bounds. That’s okay. Double layout, the tiniest bit short, to finish. Not bad. 14.633

7:29 pm. Komova UB- Komova II to pak to van Leeuwen, good. Beautiful inbar half to layout Jaeger, not fully a layout but okay. Aaaand she’s off on her full. VIKAAAAAA. She looks like “WTF is wrong with me.” Big Tkachev, lands the full-in way too low in the knees and hops forward. Booooooo, that’s me crying. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MY ROCK TODAY. 14.0

7:26 pm. Wang BB- Ooooooh Grigoras is GREAT. Switch ring, tiny step, misses connection to sheep jump. Big stumble on roundoff layout but she holds on. Strongest toes ever. Not this time, though…punch front, and she’s off. Front aerial, pause, full turn, switch to wolf jump. Triple full, chest a bit low, step forward. 13.3

7:25 pm. Can the beam judges figure out how to take less than 2 hours per score?!

7:24 pm. Top VT- Ugh, front handspring tuck full, lands a bit short and doesn’t sit but puts her hand back behind her and steps back out-of-bounds. 13.433

7:22 pm. Spiridonova UB- Inbar to inbar full to Komova II to pak, lovely. Van Leeuwen is clean, awesome inbar half to piked Jaeger. Toe full to full-in to finish with a step. Aww, did we not see Paseka’s routine? 15.141

7:20 pm. Fan BB- Miss adorable saluting smile here to save the day! Slash hopefully ont fall because I’ll die. Beautiful roundoff layout. YAS China YAS. Switch ring. Full turn. Front aerial, misses connection to sheep, but her work is very exact. Split jump to side somi. Switch leap. Side aerial. 2.5 with a step back. Lovely work. 14.4

7:18 pm. Volleman VT- FTY, lovely, just a bounce in place 14.1

7:17 pm. The U.S. has about a point over Russia, who has a tenth over China. Great Britain already about three points back. Then Canada and the Netherlands are about a point behind the Brits, Japan a point behind them, and Italy a point behind them.

7:14 pm. Tan UB- Beautiful first handstand, Hindorff to pak, Maloney to Gienger, Ono to Healy half to Tkachev, beautiful stuck double layout. YAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!!! Again, WHY didn’t you do that on Saturday?!?!?! 15.133

7:12 pm. Thorsdottir FX- THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THIS TO US MERE PEASANTS. Clean double pike, step. Just gorgeous presentation. So much expression. Love the double attitude to illusion. 2.5 with a step. Effortless leaps. Triple pirouette right down into her ending pose. 13.4

7:09 pm. Fan UB- Inbar full to Komova, I missed a bit in the middle, Gienger, bends her legs weirdly, and I missed a good amount of that but it was a hit routine. 15.266

7:08 pm. Afanasyeva VT- DTY, mostly clean, step 15.066

7:06 pm. Paseka VT- Amanar with a bounce forward. Looked mostly good in the air, just crazy straddled legs on the pre-flight and she crosses her ankles at one point in the twist. 15.6

7:05 pm. Shang UB- Shang to pak, lovely. Shaposh to Gienger. Mostly awesome handstands. Ono to Healy to Jaeger, excellent. Full-in with a hop to the side. THAT’S what she should’ve done in quals!!!! UGH. 15.233

7:03 pm. Komova VT- DTY, legs didn’t look as crossed as in quals, just a bit at her ankles. Takes a big bounce backwards. But looks down the center. 15.1

7:00 pm. B Downie UB- front toe on half to Chow to Hindorff, toe full to Downie, beautiful pak, didn’t connect the two. Maloney back up. Full-in with a little bounce. I think she took something out of this routine…I remember one more release in training? A Shang, right? Either way, good job, they needed a consistent hit. 14.833.

6:58 pm. Black FX- Nice clean Popa to start. 2.5 through to double tuck, step back. Front double full (legs bent) to punch front tuck, nice landing. Front layout full through to double pike, excellent. 14.233

6:57 pm. Mariani BB- She was the alternate and is taking over for Vanessa Ferrari. Hits jumps, switch to side aerial. bhs layout and she hangs on with her toes. Couldn’t see how bad the wobble was because this camera person was like “do I zoom in literally on their feet and nothing else?” Hit side somi, off on Y turn. SHAME. Switch leap. Double pike near stuck. 12.566

6:56 pm. Big sister Becky there to talk Ellie down even though she has her own routine coming up! Beautiful moment.

6:55 pm. E Downie UB – front toe on to Maloney and then misses Tkachev. Ellie nooooooo! Toe full to piked Tkachev to pak, van Leeuwen wayyy offline but she gets her swing back under control. Double layout, tiny hop back. 13.033

6:53 pm. Biles VT- Beautiful Amanar, just a big bounce forward 15.966

6:52 pm. Nichols VT- Amanar, knee issues in the air as usual, but a solid landing, almost stuck, just steps over at the last second 15.466

6:51 pm. Harrold UB – Slightly messy legs on Bhardwaj, hits the rest including double front with a step. 14.433

6:48 pm. Okay, here we go! My heart’s exploding. Gabby gives a little thumbs up before vault to say she’s ready! Cute.

Douglas VT- DTY, damn near perfect. Excellent work. 15.233

6:43 pm. Look at all of these teams bringing their alternates out! *Shifty eyes* OKAY GOOD the U.S. brought out Brenna and MyKayla so I’m not AS mad.

6:40 pm. Teams are marching out now! I love that they walk out from under the floor onto that stage?! I missed that during qualifications. I saw them on the stage but didn’t see them appear as if by magic. Kind of want USA Gymnastics to do this exact same setup next year. Say hello to Canada and the Netherlands! OMG I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING AS FANTASTICALLY CHOREOGRAPHED AS THE DUTCH EXIT. DAMN.

6:39 pm. Hi all! The feed is just going live, and the event will begin in less than a minute! SO excited to be sharing everything I possibly can about the women’s team final!

Article by Lauren Hopkins


8 thoughts on “2015 World Championships Team Final Live Blog – USA and Russia

  1. Congrats to the medallists & all teams who performed well (though not medalled ) .A finals is an achievement & good luck for the next 12 months . Please do not put too much pressure on these girls – it is only a sport & after all earning the right to be an Olympian is 1 % er.

    A particular note to Russia . I believe Komova ought to have been sent home & perhaps dismissed from the team permanently .

    Otherwise than that I can’t comment on extremely poor performance . It has happened , life goes on , but maybe 3 of these girls (Vika Seda & Maria) might be better off not in gym. They don’t seem to have a competitive mentality or be able to handle complex moves in a performance context . . The latter is rather dangerous .It isn’t the code , because how often do you see dancers fall?


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