Villa Defeats Seniors in First Serie A Contest

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The team from Brixia Brescia won the Italian Serie A’s first meet held in Rimini with a score of 142.15, earning 25 points toward the overall Serie A ranking. GAL Lissone came in second place with a 139.45 to earn 22 points, while Ginnica Giglio was third with a 134.95 for 20 points.

Although the veterans of Brixia Brescia were not able to compete due to lingering injuries, the team was led successfully by its younger members. Giorgia Villa, only 12 years old, surprisingly won the all-around competition, earning a 55.95.

Villa performed a solid FTY, earning a 14.3, piking down significantly on the landing. Her bars routine featured a Tkachev to pak (with slight leg separation), a Maloney to bail to Ray, a giant full, and a full-in dismount landed with a hop for a 14.15. On beam, she scored a 13.5, while on floor, she posted a 14.1.

First-year senior Sofia Busato had the best vault performance of the day, thanks to her DTY, which earned a huge 15.2. She unfortunately suffered many form issues on bars, earning a 13.0 there for her stalder full, Maloney to pak, Chow to bail to Ray, Tkachev, and a double pike, taking a step back on the landing.

Martina Rizzelli had a good comeback from the foot injury that caused her to skip worlds, earning a 14.5 on bars. She showed a Ricna to pak, a Maloney to bail to stalder full to Ray, and a stuck full-in. This was her only event of the day, however, which likely means that she’s still getting back all of her skills.

Leading GAL Lissone was Carlotta Ferlito, who had a solid performance, earning a 56.1 in the all-around (note that Ferlito had the highest actual score at this meet, though because the Serie A uses bonuses, this put Villa ahead). She had a rough landing on her Yurchenko 1.5, taking several steps forward for a 13.85. On bars, she performed a Chow to bail to stalder full to Ray, a stalder half, a straddle Jaeger, and a double arabian dismount. Overall, it was a good routine, but she missed a handstand at one point and had to repeat it, taking away from her e-score to give her a 13.8, not bad given the mistake.

Her best event, beam, earned a 14.25, which was the highest on this apparatus even with a watered-down dismount. The routine included a front aerial to sheep jump, bhs bhs layout, switch leap to back tuck, full turn (with a small balance check), ring leap (with a low rear leg), Sissone to side aerial (tiny wobble), switch ring, split jump to wolf jump, and a double full dismount with a hop. On floor, she brought in a 14.2, delivering a stuck full-in, a double tuck with a hop, a Mustafina turn, and a double pike with another hop.

Elisa Meneghini earned an all-around score of 55.0. She had a good Yurchenko 1.5, landed with a step forward for a 14.3. Then on bars, her performance was solid, earning a 13.85. Her beam routine had some ups and downs, though she showed promising upgrades – like a double turn – though she fell on both her brand new layout full as well as the side aerial, getting only a 12.5. She finished off her day with a 14.35 on floor.

The captain of Ginnica Giglio, Lara Mori, led her team onto the podium with an all-around score of 55.1. She earned a 13.7 for her FTY, and then on bars, she got a 13.65 for a stalder full to Ricna, Ray, bail to Ray, stalder half to Endo (though she struggled on the handstand here, breaking the flow of the routine), and a stuck double layout. On beam, Mori earned a 13.55 while on floor she obtained a 13.75.

One of the biggest surprises of the meet was the outcome of Desirée Carofiglio, who helped Forza e Virtù 1892 reach fourth place. This first-year senior was a bit under the radar during her junior years due to many injuries that held back her potential. Finally, a long period of physical health allowed her to get several upgrades, many of which are pretty original in the Italian program, such as her double front tuck and her Dowell on floor.

Carofiglio brought in a 55.9 all-around, beginning with a huge 14.4 for her Yurchenko 1.5. On bars, she had a solid 14.0 for a routine with a 5.9 d-score, a good level of difficulty given the Italians’ usual weakness on this event. On beam, she scored a 13.55, while on floor she earned a 13.95.

Neither Tea Ugrin nor Giorgia Campana, the two stars of the Artistica ’81 team, had their best day in Rimini. While the former was still recovering from the flu and had to water down her routines, the latter is still trying to build up higher d-scores on her pet events, bars and beam, in order to have a shot for Rio. Her routines are still currently a little weak in terms of difficulty, however, and she’ll need to upgrade significantly if she wants a chance.

Last but not least, Enus Mariani showed a consistent bars routine, delivering a Maloney to bail to Ray, a stalder half to straddle Jaeger, Ricna, and a double layout dismount landed with a hop for a 14.4. Unfortunately, she had a rough time on beam, where she fell three times, on the loso, the Y turn, and the side aerial in addition to touching the beam after the front aerial, earning a disappointing 11.35. She performed an FTY on vault, scoring a 13.8, while on floor she obtained a 13.85.

Next up in the Serie A contest is the meet in Ancona next weekend. Ferlito will be absent due to her participation in the American Cup, but the rest of the usual suspects should be present.

Article by Valeria Violi

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