Moore and Methuen Sweep Welsh Championships


Only three Welsh seniors competed at national championships over the weekend, but that didn’t stop Rebecca Moore from putting up a super solid performance to win the all-around title with a 53.966, over five points ahead of first-year senior Hana Davies.

Moore was solid on all four of her events, coming in with good difficulty across the board and hitting beam especially well for a 13.5 there. In the Welsh-only competition, she swept the medals no problem, and even when factoring in the guest competitors from England, she still had the best on vault and floor, second-best on beam, and third-best on bars.

The silver medalist Davies put up a clean vault for a 13.333 and a good, albeit low-difficulty, floor routine for a 12.4, though she did struggle a bit on bars and beam, finishing with a 48.432 total, the second-best all-around score of the day both for the Welsh-only competition as well as in the open. The only other Welsh gymnast competing was Commonwealth Games gymnast Raer Theaker, though she’s still recovering from injury and could only do bars, where she was extremely watered down and struggled in addition to that, for an 11.666.

Several English gymnasts competed in the open field, including Gabby Jupp, coming back from a second knee injury in as many years. Jupp performed only on bars and beam, posting the highest senior scores there of 13.433 and 13.533. She still has quite a ways to go if she wants to be competitive for Rio, but it was a good start and hopefully she can progress from there.

New seniors Phoebe Turner and Abigail Solari, both of whom were added to the senior squad in December, performed a handful of events each, but it wasn’t a great day for either. Turner’s best result was a 12.833 on floor while Solari put up a 13.233 on bars, decent enough scores but like Jupp, not very competitive in a deep senior field.

We also saw performances from Chelsea Court (48.065 all-around), Bree Warren (43.332 all-around), and April Maslen (her best was a 13.533 on vault).

Unfortunately, juniors Latalia Bevan and Jolie Ruckley had to withdraw from the competition due to back and hamstring injuries, respectively. They were both expected to perform very well here, and were also supposed to go on and compete at International Gymnix this weekend as well, but both should hopefully be back in time for the British Championships in April.

While Maisie Methuen came into the meet as the favorite for the junior title, both Bevan and Ruckley were hoping to challenge. Without them, Methuen easily swept the titles, finishing with a 54.198 even with some mistakes made on beam. Her difficulty is now at a 5.0 or better on all four events, and she’s putting up very clean work, especially on vault, where she had a 13.966 for her FTY, and bars, where she posted a 13.933 for her especially tidy routine. She did have those beam errors and isn’t as strong on floor, though still managed scores of 13.266 and 13.033 there, respectively, and her all-around score was the best of the day for both junior and senior competitors.

Following behind her were Zoe Simmons in second with a 49.633, Olivia Rabiotti in third with a 48.598, and Carlissa Alleyne in fourth with 46.166. Simmons had a bit of a rough day, though still managed a good enough beam routine to get silver there with a 12.733. Rabiotti’s difficulty on all four events was quite low, but she executed her bars well for an 11.666 there, and though Alleyne had big mistakes on bars and beam, she’s a very powerful kid and looked especially strong on floor, earning a 12.533 with a 5.0 start value, showing great potential.

The open competitors visiting from England included Megan Splain (49.098 all-around), Megan Bridge (46.998 all-around and she also had an impressive vault), Ellie Clements (her best was a 12.133 on beam), and Amelia Knight (she only performed on bars, where she earned a 10.733).

Full results from Welsh Championships are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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    • Thank you! So funny because as I was typing it I was like odds are 90% it’s an FTY but watch it be one of the more rare 5.0 vaults hahaha. I KNEW IT. It always happens when I try to guess by D score!

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