Kovacs Upsets Steingruber in Senior Debut


With a consistent performance from start to finish, 15-year-old Zsofia Kovacs of Hungary managed to defeat reigning European all-around champion Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland by a narrow two-tenth margin at the Austrian Team Open in Linz this weekend.

Kovacs put up a score of 56.25 to Steingruber’s 56.0, bolstered by a huge 15.4 for her beautiful stuck DTY on vault. While she did have minor errors on her other events, including going out-of-bounds on floor, she managed to mostly hit her difficult routines very well, adding a 13.9 on bars, a 13.55 on beam, and a 13.4 on floor to her successful finish.

According to the Hungarian federation, 2015 worlds all-around finalist Noemi Makra is all but a lock for one of their two test event spots, with the second spot between Kovacs and two-time Olympian Dorina Böczögö. Though Böczögö has the experience, she doesn’t come close to matching Kovacs in the all-around, so the country could see its first shake-up in quite some time if Kovacs continues to perform well in the coming weeks.

The competition was the first back for Steingruber, who was injured during the vault final at worlds last year. She competed nearly all of her full difficulty, though was a bit watered down in places, holding back a little as she works her way up to the test event next month. Her 14.15 on floor was the best on that event, and she had the second-best scores of 13.8 on bars and 13.95 on beam as well. Even though she wasn’t at a hundred percent, Steingruber managed to continue looking strong and should be an easy option for her country’s Olympic choice again this year.

In third was Barbora Mokosova of Slovakia, who came in with what was probably her best all-around performance of all time, counting four hit routines for a 54.5. Normally, Mokosova will look strong on one event but fall on the next, and when she makes challenge cup event finals with great qualifications routines, her mistakes always seem to come when it counts. But this weekend, everything fell into place and she had the highest overall execution of the entire meet to snag the bronze medal. Also with the test event in sight, Mokosova should walk away from this with a renewed sense of confidence to hopefully make it to her first Olympic Games this summer.

Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska of Poland was fourth with a 53.9 after a fall on bars, though her beam score of 14.25 was the best on that event for the day. Austria’s own Elisa Hämmerle was fifth with a 53.8 in what was a very good day for her, Gabriela Janik of Poland was sixth with a 53.05 after a fall on floor (though her 14.7 for her excellent vault was the second-best there), the Hungarian junior Dorka Szujo was seventh with a 51.85 also with a fall on floor, and Ilaria Käslin of Switzlerand finished eighth with a 51.1 with falls on bars and floor.

Caterina Barloggio of Switzerland competed only on three events, but her score of 13.95 on beam was the second-best of the day there, while Austria’s Jasmin Mader had the third-best score on vault with a 14.3. Lisa Ecker, the two-time national champion who hopes to contend at the test event this April, competed only on beam here, earning a 12.65.

In the team competition, Switzerland had a big win with a 161.75 over second-place Hungary with a 160.05 and third-place Poland with a 157.25. The Austrians were split into several teams based on each region, with the Vorarlberg team featuring Hämmerle, Tamara Stadelmann, Erja Metzler, Fabienne Kostelac, and Olivia Jochum having the best finish for fifth place with a 148.2.

The Austrian Team Open was held at the Tips Arena in Linz on March 5. Full results are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

6 thoughts on “Kovacs Upsets Steingruber in Senior Debut

  1. I’m surprised they named noemi as a lock. I felt that based off of Zsofias performance that the three main Hungarian gymnasts are pretty even.


    • Yeah, Noemi made all-around finals at worlds though, and Dorina didn’t…and Dorina hasn’t broken 54 AA in years. Both Noemi and Zsofia are capable of 55+ realistically, with Noemi getting 55.732 in quals at worlds last year and Dorina getting only 52.132. From what I hear from the federation, Noemi is the #1 choice and has been since her worlds performance, and now that Zsofia has stepped it up as a senior, she’ll probably go instead of Dorina.


      • Yeah I see what you mean. I was just thinking about how Dorina has really good scoring potential on floor and beam and I believe has broken a 14 multiple times on floor which is big for Hungary. Then again there’s Noemi who can score a mid 14 on bars and if Zsofia can replicate a 15+ score that’ll be huge. Oh well. I really like the Hungarian gymnasts so I’m happy with whoever goes to test events and Rio.


        • Yeah, those three in particular are great…I think from a finals-making perspective, it’s more likely Noemi or Zsofia would make AA finals than Dorina would make AA or any EF, so my guess is that’s their goal. Nice that they have options, though!


      • Yeah, I agree that it’s really refreshing to see options between who they can pick. Do they have an individual spot to Rio, or do they have to earn one at the test event? And if they do have to earn one can they send 2 gymnasts or does that depend on how the gymnasts perform at the test event?


  2. This probably won’t happen, but I think it would be cool if Zsofia did the Kovacs release (Tkatchev with a backflip, tucked) and got it named after her so the skill had the same name for both MAG and WAG.


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