The 2016 Glasgow World Cup Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the 2016 Glasgow World Cup! Refresh your browser for updates every few minutes. The most recent updates will appear on the top.

12:07 pm. Final standings…

  1. MyKayla Skinner, USA, 56.999
  2. Elisabeth Seitz, Germany, 55.732
  3. Claudia Fragapane, Great Britain, 55.398
  4. Asuka Teramoto, Japan, 54.765
  5. Enus Mariani, Italy, 54.432
  6. Madison Copiak, Canada, 53.233
  7. Vera van Pol, Netherlands, 51.465

12:03 pm. 13.633 for Skinner means she will win the gold with a 56.999! Remember when her bars were her second-best event today?! LOVE IT. But floor scoring was BRUUUUTAL for everyone.

12:00 pm. Floor scoring has been MONSTROUSLY tight today. It’ll be interesting to see how they take in Skinner’s work. AWWWW SEITZ is SO happy when she sees her score!!!!

Skinner, USA, FX- Double double layout is back, but it’s VERY loose and she’s OOB. Tucked double double is AWESOME though, nearly stuck. Leaps look better for sure. Wolf turn is actually super controlled. Tucked full-in right into the corner, small hop. Triple full is under-rotated about a quarter turn. Had its good moments but also its bad.

11:56 am. 13.233 for Seitz means she’ll finish at 55.732 ahead of Fragapane. Skinner will need a 12.367 to come up for gold.

11:54 am. Seitz, Germany, FX- 2.5 with a step forward, good start, looked clean in the air. 1.5 through to double tuck, a bit low in the chest but great landing with her feet. Good amplitude on her leaps. Sassy choreo before her double full. Probably just wants to hit well and isn’t going overboard with difficulty. Double pike, knees bent on landing but she hits well and is SO happy. Good for her!

11:51 am. 13.033 for Teramoto, meaning Fragapane will jump ahead and medal! 54.065 for Teramoto. Now Seitz needs a 12.9 to come in for silver.

11:49 am. Teramoto, Japan, FX- Triple full is lovely to start her off. Great landing and pretty much perfect rotation. Falls out of Memmel turn into the full pirouette though. 2.5 to front tuck with a skid forward, looked like her foot grazed the line. Triple spin is short. Front double full with a slight hop. SUPPLE ALERT. Her leaps are supple. Eeeeesh. Double pike with a hop back.

11:42 am. Warmups for the second flight!

11:39 am. 14.366 on floor brings Fragapane to a 55.398 all-around! AGAIN, SHAME about the bars fall. Teramoto will need a 13.666 to tie her.

11:34 am. Fragapane, Great Britain, FX- Full-twisting double layout is landed very well. Form might be a tiny bit loose. Good double arabian to stag. Triple full a little shy in terms of rotation. Double layout a tiny bit short, hops forward, but overall, she’s gotta be VERY happy with that. Shame about the bars fall.

11:32 am. Christine is acting like Mariani hasn’t been back for nearly a year and a half at this point, lol. She definitely came back at the Mexican Open in 2014…13.433 for her on floor, for a 54.432!

11:29 am. Mariani, Italy, FX- They need to stop pronouncing her name “ANUS.” Tucked full-in, good height, some loose form, step back. Double tuck. Tour jete full. I know her music from the opening dance hall scene from Schindler’s List. “Por una Cabeza.” Double pike with a small hop. Good work.

11:27 am. 12.833 for Copiak, who finishes her day with a 53.233.

11:23 am. Copiak, Canada, FX- Tucked full-in, good landing, just slightly down with her chest. Switch to tour jete half, good control. 2.5 with a great landing and solid form throughout. Good double pike with a slight hop. Great day for her, really.

11:22 am. 12.566 for van Pol’s floor. She finishes her day with a 51.465 all-around.

11:19 am. Van Pol, Netherlands, FX- Double arabian to start, big step forward. 2.5 with a slight stumble. Memmel turn is a little short. Good double pike. Nice to see her hit…that was the least “Dutch” floor routine I think I’ve seen this quad! Still some great aspects to her choreography though.

 11:13 am. Floor lineup is van Pol, Copiak, Mariani, Fragapane, Teramoto, Seitz, then Skinner.

11:12 am. Going into the final rotation…

  1. MyKayla Skinner 43.366
  2. Elisabeth Seitz 42.499
  3. Asuka Teramoto 41.732
  4. Claudia Fragapane 41.032
  5. Enus Mariani 40.999
  6. Madison Copiak 40.4
  7. Vera Van Pol 38.899

11:07 am. 13.5 for Skinner’s beam, narrows the gap between her and Seitz but she still has a huge lead going onto her second best apparatus. 43.366 going into the final rotation.

11:03 am. Skinner, USA, BB- Needs a 12.633 to reach Seitz. Bhs tuck full, big wobble but holds it. OY tuck fulls are going to be THE DEATH OF ME. Side aerial to sissone. Switch to switch half to back tuck, probably her best amplitude EVER on the switch half though she sacrificed some back leg form for it. Full L turn to full pirouette, nice. Standing back pike. Split jump to wolf jump. Double tuck, tiny bounce.

11:02 am. 13.766 for Seitz on beam, one of her better scores there.

10:59 am. Seitz, Germany, BB- Split jump mount. Punch front tuck, wobble. Bhs layout, a little piked but solid. Side somi, front aerial, double turn with a check, but of the double spins so far it’s the most controlled. Side aerial, switch to split amplitude is off on both, stuck gainer layout off the end. For her that was great and must be such a relief!!!

10:57 am. 13.566 for Teramoto.

10:54 am. Teramoto, Japan, BB- Double turn, check. Onodi, a check then a bobble, side somi. Wish she connected the two! Bhs bhs loso is solid and clean. Switch half. Switch to side aerial, step back after a check. Front aerial to sissone, wobble. Split leap to split jump. 2.5 with a little hop. Wish she didn’t have all of the balance issues!

10:44 am. 13.4 for Mariani.

10:40 am. Mariani, Italy, BB- Split jump to wolf jump. DRINK, Christine called her supple! Ring jump, but back leg isn’t bent much at all, switch to front aerial to scale. Bhs loso has great extension. Full Y turn. Switch, no amplitude. Sissone to side aerial, check. Side somi, piked, lovely extension. As much as I dislike tucked side somis, that’s how much I love them piked. Christine called her supple again! Double pike with a step back. Best beam so far.

10:39 am. 12.9 for Copiak’s beam. 4.9 D.

10:36 am. Copiak, Canada, BB- Switch to back tuck, nice. Double spin, very clean, just a check at the end. Side aerial, leg up. Split jump to wolf jump. Switch half, leg up. Great side somi. Solid bhs loso. She’s gonna be SO good for Washington next year, I’m already so excited for them. Gainer pike off the end. Again, easy, but mostly clean work aside from the wobbles. Good job, Madison!

10:34 am. 14.066 for Fragapane! Imagine if she could clean that up? 6.5 D.

10:30 am. Fragapane, Great Britain, BB- Standing arabian with a big bobble but she fights. Switch to sheep, flexed feet and open knees. Bhs layout full is super piked and she wobbles but Christine thinks it’s “REALLY good!” Full turn, slight check. Standing full, leg up. Well, granted, she’s staying on for some HUGE skills. Hits jump series. Side aerial, slight adjustment. Double pike with a hop. Form and wobbles aside that was great for her.

10:29 am. 12.366 for van Pol on beam.

10:26 am. Van Pol, Netherlands, BB- Solid bhs loso loso! Just slight form errors with her knees. Quick switch to switch side, but again with loose knees. Full-twisting back handspring but is a little off-center and falls, sadly. Standing back tuck. Ooh, a switch 3/4! Messy again though. 2.5 with a step. Promising but I don’t think she EVER hits when she needs to.

10:22 am. Lineup for beam is van Pol, Fragapane, Copiak, Mariani, Teramoto, Seitz, and Skinner.

10:16 am. 14.3 for Skinner’s bars! HA. Second best. YAS QUEEN.

10:14 am. Skinner, USA, UB- Hop change to Weiler half to Maloney to pak (leg sep, flexed feet), actually a really solid connection series though so that’s good for her, van Leeuwen (messy), toe full (late and messy) to Tkachev, Ray, full-in nearly stuck. Definitely gonna be deduction-heavy, she’s certainly looked cleaner, but hit!

10:13 am. 12.5 for Fragapane.

10:10 am. Fragapane, Great Britain, UB- Oof, here we go. Toe-on to Maloney, toe-half (ankle sep, short) to piked Jaeger, grasps the bar but pings off onto her feet. Church to pak, knees are FULLY bent on the pike lol, it’s literally fully tucked, toe shoot, toe full to double layout, with a hop. Cool dismount sequence with a pirouette straight into a DLO! It’s a big deal to see a pirouette into a tucked full, so this is awesome.

10:09 am. 13.933 for Teramoto. 5.9 d-score. They must’ve hammered the form on her pirouettes.

10:06 am. Teramoto, Japan, UB- I love the gold glitter on this leo. Inbar full (ankle sep) to Gienger, nice. Inbar to stalder half to Jaeger, stalder full (messy legs) to bail to toe shoot, and she finishes with a full-out, STUCK COLD!!!!! YAS Asuka.

10:05 am. Warmups for the second flight!

10:01 am. 13.3 for Copiak.

10:00 am. Copiak, Canada, UB- Hop change to pike Jaeger, great! Clear hip to toe full to pak, form is actually looking great today. Toe-on to Maloney to bail to toe shoot, all superb. Short handstand before giants, full-in comes off a little early, step forward and chest down. Easy routine comparatively but she keeps getting better and better at it.

9:59 am. 13.666 for Mariani.

9:58 am. “This is the first major competition Mariani has competed in after all of her injuries following her 2012 junior Euros win” – Christine who apparently doesn’t consider world championships last year “major” enough.

9:56 am. Seitz gets a 14.8, 6.6 start value.

Mariani, Italy, UB- Wonder if she’ll try the inbar half into the Jaeger today? Maloney to bail to stalder full to Ray, good. Stalder half to Jaeger, good, no inbar risk. Ricna, a bit low. Stalder half a little short in handstand, and a double layout with a step forward. She’ll take it!

9:53 am. 12.7 for van Pol. Ugh, a 13.7+ would’ve been AWESOME for her.

Seitz, Germany, UB- Maloney to Ricna, yas! Muscles hop change to straddle Jaeger, a Downie to pak I think?? I think it was a Downie, but it froze a bit, either way it was def a Tkachev release of some sort, van Leeuwen, toe full to full-in with a slight step. A little watered down I think? But still great!

9:51 am. Van Pol, Netherlands, UB- Great handstand to start, toe-on to Tkachev to pak (legs apart and feet fully flexed), Maloney to bail to toe shoot, some form issues. Blind change to straddle Jaeger, she’s a very frantic bars worker. Hop full to messy form double arabian dismount, and she sits it. UGH. Too bad. Wasn’t the cleanest routine but she was hitting from start to finish.

9:50 am. This feed gradually keeps getting more and more terrible which wasn’t so bad for vault because it was quick but I feel like it’s going to be obnoxious during bars and the rest.

9:46 am. Lineup for bars is Van Pol, Seitz, Mariani, Copiak, Teramoto, Fragapane, and Skinner.

9:41 am. Big 15.566 for Skinner, so a 9.266 e-score, best of the day! And it puts her over a point ahead of the rest of the competition going into the second rotation.

9:40 am. Skinner, USA, VT- Eeeee here we go! Actually an EXCELLENT Amanar in the air, form is tight until the final bit of the twist when her knees start to get a little loose, lands straight down the middle, step forward.

9:38 am. 13.933 for Seitz.

9:36 am. Seitz, Germany, VT- Excited to see her today. Hope she can actually hit all four. Huge FTY, great height and distance. Clean leg form, slightly piked hips, hop back.

9:34 am. 13.833 for van Pol…that bounce back did her in a bit in her e-score.

9:33 am. Van Pol, Netherlands, VT- Huge and beautiful FTY! A little too much power so she rebounds back again but YAS, best vault so far in terms of form I think.

9:29 am. Warmups for the second flight now. Back in a few!

9:28 am. 14.233 for Teramoto.

9:26 am. Teramoto, Japan, VT- I didn’t see her warmup vault so I don’t know if she’ll do the Rudi or not…I hope! Oh, nope, just the handspring front layout half but it’s GORGEOUS, much better than her Rudi has ever EVER looked. Pikes down a bit at the end but for the most part it’s lovely. Slight hop back.

9:25 am. Oh, Fragapane’s vault was 14.466. That makes much more sense.

9:24 am. 13.933 for Mariani.

9:23 am. Mariani, Italy, VT- FTY, again a little piked in the hips, but her leg form is better, a little angled down on the landing and she hops forward.

9:22 am. I think Fragapane had a 14.666 and Copiak had a 14.2.

9:19 am. Copiak, Canada, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, landed right down the middle but basically with locked legs almost, takes a small step back. Her hips are a bit piked, and she loses leg form.

9:15 am. Fragapane, Great Britain, VT- Looked similar to her warm-up. Very open tucked DTY, landed maybe half of a quarter short in rotation rather than a full quarter. Hops back to center.

9:12 am. Claudia’s warmup DTY is super tucked and about a quarter twist short. Copiak did an FTY and then hopped around a half so maybe she’ll go for a 1.5 in the competition?

9:11 am. The order for vault will be Fragapane, Copiak, Maraini, Teramoto, van Pol, Seitz, and Skinner.

9:09 am. About to begin live blogging in a few moments when the women begin! No offense to the men but I am terrible at doing quick hits for MAG so trust me, you don’t want to see that.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


12 thoughts on “The 2016 Glasgow World Cup Live Blog

  1. Thanks so much for the live blog! But you might want to re-read your lead sentence–aren’t’ we in Glasgow this time around, lol?


  2. You’re right on Claudia – that was a super messy FTLO and I was like REALLY Christine?! Buuuut then again I want Claudia to win ALL THE THINGS right behind Simone, so there’s that. Also I usually like Christine Still but could she maybe stop calling Enus Mariani “Anus Mariana”?!?!?! I mean really!


    • LOL yeah the ANUS pronunciation needs to stop. I think Claudia could have an AMAZING beam if she could clean it up!! A 7.566 e-score for a hit routine is sad!


      • I have such a soft spot for Claudia and I want her to pwn in Rio but her e at this meet is just so uninspiring. I hope her peak wasn’t 2014.


        • Yeah, I think she did look fab on vault and floor at worlds last year, but I think as an all-around gymnast so far her best was clearly in 2014. When she did AA early last season she was definitely nowhere near her old self. Her first meet out of the year is usually rough though. Maybe she’ll get it under control during the next couple of meets?


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