2nd Italian Serie A Decides Jesolo Team

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The team from Brixia Brescia won the second Italian Serie A meet of the year with a score of 138.65, picking up 30 points towards the overall Serie A ranking. Artistica ’81 Trieste came in second place with a 138.6 to earn 27 points while GAL Lissone was third with a 135.2 for 25 points.

Martina Rizzelli and Erika Fasana are still limited to bars as they recover from their respective injuries. Rizzelli earned a 14.1 with a d-score of 6.0, delivering a Ricna to pak, Maloney to bail to stalder full (where she overarched the stalder, thus breaking her flow) to Ray, and finished with a full-in with a hop. Fasana meanwhile performed a toe full to Maloney to giant full, Ray, bail to toe shoot, and a stuck double layout for a 14.2, which was the best bars score of the day.

The first-year senior Sofia Busato performed only on vault, showing a good DTY for a 15.3, showing great form in the air and sticking the landing. Her Brixia teammate Giorgia Villa had a surprising victory at the first Serie A meet, but didn’t have a stellar day in Ancona. She hit her FTY for a 14.1, but had issues on her other events, scoring only a 12.35 on bars, a 12.6 on beam, and a 12.8 on floor for a total all-around score of 51.9.

Finally, though she has been under the radar since her performance at worlds in 2014 due to injuries, Lavinia Marongiu is back with a solid beam routine, which was worth a 13.95 with a 5.8 d-score at this meet.

While her performance in the first Serie A meet was affected by the flu, Tea Ugrin of Artistica ’81 Trieste delivered a consistent all-around performance for a total of 55.7. She showed an FTY on vault for a 13.95, and added a 13.55 on floor. On bars, she showed a Maloney to bail with small form issues on the latter, an inbar full to Gienger, and a full-in dismount with a step back on the landing for a 14.0. Her beam was mostly clean, featuring a front aerial to split jump to wolf jump, full turn, bhs loso (with a wobble), switch ring, switch half, side aerial to sissone, straddle 1/4, leap to side somi (balance check), and a double full dismount, for a score of 14.2, the best beam score of the meet.

Giorgia Campana also had a good meet, delivering an FTY for a 13.7 and earning a 13.85 on bars. Her beam routine was a bit shaky, showing a Kochetkova, bhs bhs loso, switch leap, side aerial, front aerial (with a wobble causing a missed connection to the sissone), a good switch ring, a ring leap with a low rear leg, full turn, side somi (with a significant wobble), and a double pike with a step back for a 13.85. Though she temporarily took out her arabian, the routine is still packed with difficulty, and if she can make a few more connections, she could have a great routine to offer the team.

Elisa Meneghini, the leader of GAL Lissone, won the all-around with a score of 56.05. She stuck her Yurchenko 1.5 vault, earning a 14.55, though she tucked her leg during the last half of the rotation. On bars, she earned a 13.6 while on floor she gained a 14.3. On beam, she hit her difficult layout full, which she debuted last month with a fall, but the routine overall was wobbly, with several balance checks and a fall on the front aerial, earning a 13.6.

Enus Mariani also didn’t have a perfect day, suffering from a fall on bars on her new inbar full. This is an upgrade that she tried to include in her routine last year, but it wasn’t consistent and she decided to take it out in order to not affect her performance at worlds. However, she knows she’ll need a really competitive bars routine to earn a ticket to Rio, so this year she’ll need to hit this upgrade consistently if she wants a spot.

She did deliver an extremely clean beam routine, showing a wolf jump to split jump, ring jump (with a low rear leg), leap to front aerial, bhs loso, Y turn, switch leap, sissone to side aerial, side somi, and a double pike with a step back for a 14.0.

Lara Mori had a consistent performance overall. She earned a 13.7 for her FTY and picked up a 13.5 on beam. On bars, she showed a stalder full to Ricna, a Ray, bail to Ray, stalder half to Endo, and then finished with a stuck double layout for a 13.55 before going on to score a 13.7 on floor.

After her amazing outcome at the first Serie A meet, Desiree Carofiglio had some ups and downs throughout the competition. She earned a 14.1 on vault for her Yurchenko 1.5, but then fell several times on bars to earn only a 10.55. On beam, she hit her set for a 13.25, and then went on to hit her Dowell and front double tuck on floor, but fell on the front tuck out of the Rudi, earning just a 12.8.

After both this meet and a subsequent national team camp, the Italian national team director Enrico Casella named the senior team for Jesolo, which will consist of Campana, Carofiglio, Carlotta Ferlito (who missed the second Serie A due to her participation at the American Cup), Alessia Leolini, Mariani, and Ugrin.

Meneghini won’t be at Jesolo due to her participation at the Stuttgart World Cup, Mori will miss the meet due to back pain, and Marongiu is dealing with a minor toe injury so she’ll also be out. The absence of Fasana, Busato, and Rizzelli is due to their current limitations, as they’re currently performing only one event apiece and wouldn’t be able to contribute much to the team score.

The Italian juniors who will take part at Jesolo include Giorgia Balottari, Martina Basile, Giulia Bencini, Sara Berardinelli, Maria Vittoria Cocciolo, Asia D’Amato, Elisa Iorio, Francesca Linari, Martina Maggio, Sydney Saturnino, and Villa.

Full scores from the 2nd Italian Serie A are available here. For more information about the City of Jesolo Trophy, check out our coverage guide.

Article by Valeria Violi

5 thoughts on “2nd Italian Serie A Decides Jesolo Team

  1. Do you know if Jesolo is going to be super private about making videos of the competition public? I remember last year it took forever for videos to be on youtube or be public at all, and for a time it was reported/taken off within a day or 2. Most previous years, videos were made public rather quickly.


    • Now Flogymnastics is dominating the training videos and streams. I REALLY wanted to see a couple routines, like Ragans new floor, Alys new beam routine, etc. But I don’t have Flopro so no videos for any gym fans without money.


    • I think that they will livestream the senior team competition and the EF, but it will be geoblocked for Italian fans only. The other countries have to rely on flogymnastics, so you can try to avoid geoblock!


    • They weren’t made public because flogymnastics took over the coverage. So the only we can can actually watch the routines (assuming you haven’t subscribed to them because there’s no point in paying monthly fees to watch two competitions) is to hope that audience members upload videos.


      • I might be wrong, but I think that even for audience member is forbidden to publish videos of the trophy on Youtube (if you publish them, you’ll be forced to remove them)…for an example, a couple of days ago the Instagram official account of the City of Jesolo Trophy published videos with bits of training..like, there were parts of Aly’s beam, there was a SJS’s tubling pass…well, these videos have already been removed, now you can find only pics on their IG. Unfortunately the rules on video are very strict!


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