2016 Stuttgart World Cup Women’s Live Blog


The Gymternet is excited to bring all of the action of Stuttgart World Cup to you live, thanks to our reporter on scene, Kensley Behel! Refresh the page every five minutes or so for the most up-to-date action. Most recent updates will appear on the top. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy!

  1. Sophie Scheder (GER)
  2. Isabela Onyshko (CAN)
  3. Amelia Hundley  (USA)

2:21 pm. Scheder (GER) Beautiful double Memmel to open to jump split 1/1, Double tuck, Short on her triple turn, back 5/2 with a small cross step, Back double full, split leap to switch ½. She is BEAMING.13.5

2:17 pm. Onyshko (CAN) Jump 1/1 ring, whip whip to double tuck with a small step back, Tucked full-in with a big bounce back, Double pike with a small step back to finish. Long Long wait for the score. 13.966 She moves into the lead.

2:13 pm. Tutkhalian (RUS) Full-in piked with a small bounce out. Whip whip to double pike and went running out of bounds, double Memmel turn, back 3/2 to front full. Beautiful high double tuck to finish with a small hop back. 13.266 She goes into 2nd.

2:08 pm. Hundley  (USA) Double lay into split jump! Good that she has that jump because she was short, Back with a stuck pike full-in. Whip to short double tuck. Side aerial, switch to switch ½, A little short on her double pike to finish but she should take over the lead. 14.0 She takes over the lead and finishes the day with a 56.499

2:05 pm. Schaefer (GER) Low double layout but makes it all the way around, fhs front 2/1, quad spin (beautiful! Although mayyybee not all the way around on the last rotation) Almost stuck double tuck! She cowboyed the first tuck and then brought it in to proper form, Double pike to finish with a few small hops back and eventually out of bounds. 13.433 She takes the lead.

2:01 pm. Van Gerner (NED) Stuck full-in to open, If you havent’ seen this routine, find a video Now! It’s one of a kind! Stuck her 2nd pass, Finishes with a beautiful double tuck to finish and takes the smallest step out of bounds! Really engaging routine! 13.8

1:58 pm. Tunney (GBR), whip to double Arabian (sits,) double tuck, Crowd is really into her routine! 3/2 into double full. STUCK double pike to finish! 12.566

1:55 pm. Meneghini (ITA)Double layout right into the corner. The music is so fun! Comes back with a low full-in and a step out of bounds, free aerial, full spin, whip whip to double tuck with a small bounce out. Tourjete ½, switch ring to switch side ½, Finishes with a nice double tuck! 13.733

1:51 pm. After 3 Scheder holds the lead followed by Onyshko and Tutkhalian. Hundley is in 4th.

1:45 pm. Scheder (GER) Stoop through mount, BEAUTIFUL bhs losco, free aerial pause to sissone to solid wolf jump, side somi, Memmel turn with leg held high  the entire time. Side aerial (solid,) switch to switch ½. This routine is fantastic! Almost stuck Gainer layout to finish. 14.433

1:40 pm. Tunney (GBR) Stoop through mount, punch front (big  wobble,) Almost off on side somi, punch front pike, fell badly on switch leap (her foot slipped, ) bhs to high back tuck, jump series, full spin, switch ½, she’s over time into her double pike with a small hop back. 11.2

1:36 pm. Onyshko (CAN) bhs bhs layout to two feet, sissone to side aerial, long pause, bhs to tuck full (almost off) split jump (good!) to wolf, free aerial to switch 12, Memmel turn, switch ring, bhs bhs two feet to SKY high double tuck with a big step back. 14.433

1:32 pm. Hundley (USA) free aerial into sissone, bhs losco losco (solid) switch to split ( 180 on both,) wolf to punch front (super solid,) side somi, Memmel spin with leg held high, switch side ¼, STUCK double pike to finish. She came back with a vengeance after bars! 14.3 (seems a little low to me..)

1:28 pm. Tutkhalian (RUS) Stoop through mount, RO to beautiful layout, switch to switch ½ (hit 180on both,) RO to layout full (small step back and maybe pikes the hips a bit,) free aerial into sissone into wolf, switch ring, full spin, Double pike to finish. The ground surprised her I think because she rebounded pretty high after the landing. Beautiful routine! 14.8

1:25 pm. Schaefer (GER) back straddle mount, switch ring (solid) bhs losco, free aerial slowly into side somi, almost off on double spin, front aerial to two feet ¾ (what? SO COOL!) full spin, side aerial, sissone, to wolf (hands on the beam,) sheep, Gainer layout and probably out of time. I think the bell went before her feet hit the ground. 13.566

1:21 pm. Van Gerner (NED) Side cartwheel mount onto the end of the beam, split leap into aerial into sissone into switch ½, tourjete 1/2, RO to layout (off,) switch to switch side ¼, free aerial, RO to double tuck (a little short.) 13.366

1:17 pm. Meneghini (ITA) Straddle mount, RO to full twisting layout (off,) off on double spin, switch side ¼, aerial, She has beautiful moments, perfect side somi, switch to back tuck (solid!) free aerial to slow split to wolf jump, RO to GREAT double pike to finish! Just a small hop! Shame about the beginning because the rest was beautiful! 12.266

1:12 pm. After 2

  1. Scheder 28.099
  2. Tunney 28.266
  3. Onyshko 28.266

1:10 pm. Hundley (USA) Jump to low, kch, Weiler ½, transition to high, kch, Ricna to Pak, van Leeuwen, toe on, toe on ½ (miss has to swing down and re-grip then kch out) Giant into full-in. 13.266

1:07 pm. Schaefer (GER) Inside jump to low, kch, Shaposh, bail to hand, toe on, up to high, clear hip circle ½, has to kip out, giant 1/2 to Jaeger, giant ½, giant 1/1, Moors dismount.13.166

1:04 pm. Scheder (GER) Inside jump to low, kch, inbar 1/1, Shaposh,  bail 1/1 on low, in bar up to high, in bar, in bar ½, Jaeger, toe on ½, giant wind ups into sky-high stuck-ish full in. 15.033

1:01 pm. Onyshko (CAN) Inside jump to low, kch, Maloney, clear hip 1/1 (leg form break,) to Tkatchev (bent legs) Hindorff, Pak( very timid,) van Leeuwen (fingertip catch) toe on ½, back giant into double front. 14.233

12:59 pm. Van Gerner (NED) Jump over low to high, kch, toe on, toe on ½ to Jaeger, kch, toe on 1/1 to bail to handstand, and back up, giant, giant into full-in with a small hop. 13.533

12:56 pm. Tunney (GBR) Jump over low to high, kch, stalder ½ to Jaeger, church to bhardwaj (WOW! She had trouble with that in warm-ups,) Maloney, to pak to stalder with ½ up to high, giant  1/1 into a full in. Tough routine with some form breaks here and there but overall good. 14.366

12:53 pm. Tutkhalian (RUS) kch, maloney, to Bhardwaj, van Leeuwen, toe on, toe on 1/1, Tkatchev, giant 1/2, back giant back giant into almost stuck tucked double front. 14.433

12:50 pm. Meneghini (ITA) Inside jump to high bar, kch, toe on 1/2, Jaeger, couldn’t connect and landed in a dead hang, Tkatchev, bail to hand (Big straddle split,) clear hip, up to high, toe on, toe on 1/2, double arabian dismount to finish. Sloppy legs and a hop back on the dismount. 12.766

12:42 pm. After the 1st rotation it’s.

  1. Hundley 14.933
  2. Schaefer 14.533
  3. Scheder 14.066

12:40 pm. Tutkhalian (RUS) DTY but bad bad block. Not quite sure what happened but she basically tucked the whole thing and was short on the landing and put her hands down. 13.4

12:39 pm. Hundley (USA) DTY Definitely has the highest block in the competition. Splits a little off the table a little but a really great landing. Just a little bit off to the side with chest upright. 14.933

12:38 pm. Meneghini (ITA) Sat her Yurchenko 1.5. Block was low and off to the side and she had to tuck her knees into the landing. 13.166

12:37 pm. Van Gerner (NED) Stuck FTY right down the middle but some form issues. 13.966

12:35 pm. Schaefer (GER) Handspring 1/2 Very clean. Really beautiful vault. Right down the middle with a small hop back. 14.533

12:33 pm. Onyshko (CAN) Ohhh. So DTY but low block and tucks heavily into the landing with a large step to the side. She was also close to the table on landing. 14.033

12: 31 pm. Scheder (GER) SUPER clean FTY with just a small hop back right down the center. 14.066

12:30 pm.  Tunney (GBR) Yurchenko full. Right down the center with a small hop back. A small bend around the knees but overall a clean vault. 13.9

12:15 pm.  We’re live from Stuttgart. Competition beings in 15 minutes. Starting on vault:

1. Rebecca Tunney (GBR)

2. Sophie Scheder (GER)

3. Isabela Onyshko (CAN)

4. Pauline Schaefer (GER)

5. Celine Van Gerner (NED)

6. Elisa Meneghini (ITA)

7. Amelia Hundley (USA)

8. Seda Tutkhalian (RUS)


Article by Kensley Behel

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