2016 Stuttgart World Cup Mens’s Live Blog


The Gymternet is excited to bring all of the action of Stuttgart World Cup to you live, thanks to our reporter on scene, Kensley Behel! Refresh the page every five minutes or so for the most up-to-date action. Most recent updates will appear on the top. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy!

  1. Bretschneider 87.132
  2. Leyva 86.631
  3. Kuksenkov 86.432
  4. Nguyen
  5. Campos Souza
  6. Cen
  7. Hegi
  8. Shin
  9. Cen

3:01 pm. Nguyen (GER) Nice Cassina, Layed out Kovacs with some form issues, Tak 1/1, Endo 1/1, 1 am giant (crowd loved it!, Endo, giant ½, Double Double with a small step.

2:56 pm. Leyva (USA) Tak 1/1, Yami, Layed out Kovacs, Cassina (HUGE,) Stalder Rybalko (legs are realllyyy wonky,) Tak ½,  lay tkatchev, rybalko, endo 1/1, Double Double stuck as the entire arena does the Yin clap! What a great way to end the competition. Danell is thanking the crowd. 15.733

2:53 pm. Hall (GBR) giant ½, Misses Cassina, Misses the Kolman, He’s looking in his bag for more chalk, Rybalko, Tak 1/1, giant ½, Yami, Stalder, Giant 1/1, Double Double to finish with a big step back. 10.833

2:51 pm. Hegi (SUI) Ginger with 1.5 twist (fall,) Kolman (mistake) giant ½, Tak 1/1, Yami, Endo 1/1, giant ½, Hop 1/1, Nice form on the Full-twisting double layout. 13.233

2:47 pm. Cen (CHN)  Tak ½, Straddle Tkatchev ½, Tak ½, Yami, Endo 1/2, Lay Tkatchev,  Same skill with a ½, and a huge push, Endo, 1/1, Double Double layed out to finish. Small hop on the landing. 13.466

2:43 pm. Shin (KOR) Tak 1/1, Giant ½, Yami, Endo1/2, Tak ½, Rybalko, Endo 1/1, Giant ½, FLUNG OUT his full-twisting tuck. Missed the landing matt completely and was ALMOST onto the hard podium. 12.5

After 5 with only high bar to go.

  1. Kuksenkov 72.032
  2. Bretschneider 71.866
  3. Campos Souza
  4. Nguyen
  5. Leyva
  6. Hall
  7. Hegi
  8. Cen
  9. Shin


2:35 pm. Campos Souza (BRA) Peach to 1 bar, (saves it ) Peach ½, Peach (really struggling with these peach movements, back toss, falls on Healy. He comes off wobbling (Not injured but dizzy looking,) Healy, ½, Tipelt, STUCK double pike. 13.466

2:32 pm. Kuksenkov (RUS) Healy, ½, Peach ½, Peach, Giant, Back toss, ½, Not sure what he was just going for but he missed and had to cover, Stutz. Just a step on the dismount. 14.4

2:29 pm. Hegi (SUI) Peach ½, Off on the peach. Giant, back toss, ½, Tipelt (maybe sat it a bit,) Healy, Stutz, Double pike with a small step. 12.666

2:27 pm. Bretschneider (GER) Peach ½, peach, Giant, back toss to L sit, straddle push to handstand, Healy ½, Suarez, SUPER high Belle, great dismount. A nice set! 14.8

2:25 pm. Leyva (USA) Peach 1/1, Peach to 1 bar, peach 1/5, Giant 1.5 Diam, Misses the Suarez and falls, tries it again and it’s a little shaky but makes it, Stutz, Makes the double front dismount.14.033 with a fall.

2:21 pm. Hall (GBR) Peach, Giant, Giant ¼ to one bar, Healy, Back toss to straddle sit to push to handstand, Stutz, Double front dismount with a small step on the landing. 14.4

2:18 pm. Shin (KOR) Pach ½, Peach, Giant, Support to handstand, Healy, Diam, Diam plus ¼ (can’t hold and has to kip out, Stutz, STUCK double pike to finish. 13.4

2:16 pm. Nguyen (GER) Peach, Peach to 1 bar, Peach ½, Diam, Giant, Belle, Healy, Full-Twisting double back to finish. 15.3

2:12 pm. Cen (CHN) Peach ½ (way off but saves) Peach, Giant, Double back pike, back toss and hits legs on the bars, L sit, ½, Bhavsar, L sit push to handstand, ½, Tipelt, Healy (huge push,) Almost sticks the back pike dismount. 14.766

Apparently Stuttgart and DTB need to hire the Michigan Men’s Gymnastics team to come chalk the PBars because we are currently sitting at 20 minutes of chalking and warming up and we aren’t even done.

1:57 pm. Campos Souza continues his lead after 4.

1:55 pm. Campos Souza (BRA) Yurchenko 2.5. Off to the left. Legs glued together in pre-flight and throughout. Nice form. Big step on the landing. 14.666

1:53 pm.Kuksenkov (RUS) Yurchenko 2.5 A little off to the right side and a huge step forward.  14.8

1:52 pm. Hegi (SUI) Yurchenko 2.5. Nice vault in the air with a huge step forward. 14.8

1:50 pm. Bretschneider (GER) Front Handspring 1.5. STUCK cold. Off just a tiny bit to the side. 14.533

1:49 pm. Hall (GBR) The number flashed was for a Kas 1/1 but he went for the 1.5. Was twisting into the landing and fell. 13.433

1:48 pm. Leyva (USA) Wow he starts SO far forward on the vault runway But it seems to work for him. Tsuk double. Flairs out at the end and definitely has room for another ½ twist. He was right down the middle. 14.433

1:46 pm. Nguyen (GER) Tsuk double full. 14.3

1:45 pm.Shin (KOR) Yurchenko 2.5. Lands well with a small hop. Some form issues in the leg as he approaches the landing. Just a tiny bit of to the left. 14.8

1:43 pm. Cen (CHN) Tsuk double full. Chest down.  Lands right down the middle but hops to the side. Chest is pretty low. 15.166

1:42 pm. Ok Vault landings are almost impossible to see at this angle, so hopefully they will be on the replay.

1:38 pm. At the halfway mark.

  1. Campos Souza 43.399
  2. Kuksenkov 42.832
  3. Hegi 42.566
  4. Bretschneider 42.533
  5. Hall 42.499
  6. Leyva
  7. Nguyen
  8. Shin
  9. Cen

1:37 pm. Hall (GBR) Azarian Iron cross, push up to high maltese, Wonkly looking planche, Yami to Joh…. Has to push up into handstand, Huge arch in the second handstand but his dismount is nice. 13.233

1:33 pm. Campos Souza (BRA) Azarian maltese, maltese, bounce iron cross, invert, kip to Yami to Joh. To iron cross, Beautiful form so far. Up to straddle planche struggles a little to hold his legs. Tiny wobbles on the handstands. Nice dismount! 14.3

1:30 pm. Leyva (USA) invert, kip to Iron cross, invert, L cross, invert, kip to Joh .to Yami to straddle planche, straddle sit, push to good handstand, back giant to handstand, giant to handstand and Yin is leaning with him. It’s hilarious! Nice dismount – tuck double double –  just a small hop! 13.666

1:28 pm. Hegi (SUI) Azarian iron cross, up to planche, giant handstand, back giant to archy handstand, Yami to Joh to straddle planche to L sit, push up to handstand, tuck double double to finish with a step.

1:26 pm. Kuksenkov (RUS) nice maltese to bounce cross, Joh to Yami up to straddle planche, handstand, back giant to handstand, Front double pike with a small hop to finish. 14.433

1:23 pm. Bretschneider (GER) Wow beautiful maltese to , azarian maltese, bounce iron cross, kip to Yami to Joh, to iron cross,invert, kip to back giant to handstand, giant to slightly wobbly handstand. Double Double layout to finish.  Small hop back. Overall, nice control throughout. 14.633

1:21 pm. Shin (KOR) kip to really high maltese, iron cross, invert, kip to Yami to iron cross, invert up to straddle planche (short on time), wobbly handstand, giant handstand (rings are swinging a lot,) 1.5 tuck to dismount.13.3

1:18 pm. Nguyen (GER) Azarian maltese (beautiful,) bounce cross, invert, kip to straddle planche, giant to handstand, Joh, to Yami to iron cross, invert, kip to back giant to handstand, layout full-in to dismount with a small hop! Nice control throughout .  14.5

1:15 pm. Cen (CHN) kip to invert cross with a big arch, high maltese to bounce cross, kip to Joh, to Yami, to iron cross, up to straddle planche, giant to super archy handstand, back giant to really nice handstand, tuck double double to dismount with a large step back. 14.466

1:10 pm. After 2

  1. Hall
  2. Camps Souza
  3. Leyva

1:06 pm. Leyva (USA)  Scissor to handstand on both side – Good! Single Russian on one pommel, Travel with some leg splits, His moments look a little frantic. Rythym struggles through more travel and has to push in the dismount. But OH is YIN a hoot! He’s running across the podium to see Danell and it’s all on camera! Too funny! 13.866

1:04 pm. SHIN (KOR) Nice swing inot the handstands, He keeps his hips very flat throughout. Oh no he’s off! The routine was going so well til then! Oh no he went back on and he hand slipped. He’s off again. 12.933

1:00 pm. Campos Souza (BRA) Cuts easily into the handstand and starts with a very quick swing, travel into the double russian, Magyar into the sivado, and a triple Russian dismount to finish. Really clean routine. 14.333

12:58 pm. Hall (GBR) scissor to handstand, single Russian followed by a travel sequence, Magyar into the Sivado, Clean routine but lacks some of the small details such as pointed toes throughout. 14.533

12:55 pm. Bretschneider (GER) Flip flop into the Magyar into the Sivado, Single pommel spin on one hand.  Has to push heavily up into the dismount but doesn’t come off. 13.4

12:52 pm. Nguyen (GER) Has to push a little bit into the first handstand, Woah is shoulders are way off line. I don’t know how he stayed on. 12.533

12:50 pm. Hegi (SUI) cuts to handstand, and repeated on the other side, single Russian on one pommel, some travel work into a double russian, Mayar and Sivado into the dismount. 14.633

12:48 pm. Kuksenkov (RUS) Cut to handstand, circles through the single pommel, lots of opening single pommel work including a russian, nice Russian into the flairs, travels well with the Magyar and Sivado beautifully up into the dismount! Nice routine! Score is taking a long time and I’m not sure why unless he missed an element somewhere. 14.666

12:45 pm. Cen (CHN) Scissor cuts to open to handstand, Single pommel circles, some form breaks here and there, almost off on the triple russians, crazy legs oh my gosh and he’s off. The crowd here is really encouraging which is nice to see. Just the dismount left which he performs nicely. 11.966

12:39 pm. After 1

  1. Leyva (USA)
  2. Shin (KOR)
  3. Campos Souza (BRA)
  4. Hall (GBR)
  5. Bretschneider (GER)
  6. Nguyen (GER)
  7. Hegi (SUI)
  8. Kuksenkov (RUS)
  9. Cen (CHN)

12:35 pm. Hall (GBR) Double Arabian full-out, front 2/1 to tuck 1/1 nice control, fhs 3/2, back 5/2 to front 3/2, Russians, Wide-arm press, Tucked Thomas, Triple full to finish almost stuck but his legs definitely tucked a small amount into the end. 14.733

12:31 pm. Nguyen (GER) Double Double really well controlled just a small hop back, front 2/1 to tucked 1/1 stuck, lay out Thomas, nice press, front 3/2 went for stick but over compensated, back 5/2 to punch Barani, Full-in Stuck to finish! Really nice routine. He is definitely the favorite with the crowd here today. 14.466

12:29 pm Hegi (SUI) Single Arabian with a small hop to open, fhs, front 2/1 to punch Barani, back 5/2 to front 1/1, wide-arm press, Russians, Stuck double full, Triple full to finish. Possibly not all the way around – took a big step forward. 14.1

12:27 pm Bretschneider (GER)Back 3/2 to Double front stuck, Front 2/1 to punch Barani, tucked Thomas, Back double full – went for stick but had a small hop forward, back 5/2 to punch tuck 1/1, Triple full to finish. Definitely went for the sticks but wasn’t able to control all of them. 14.5

12:25 pm. Shin (KOR) Front 1/1 to front 2/1, Double double tuck with a small hop back, Side somi, Back 5/2 to punch 3/2, Back 2/1, Triple full to finish with a low chest and a small hop forward. 14.8

12:23 pm. Campos Souza (BRA) Back 7/2 to punch Barani, Layout Thomas, Back 3/2 to front layout, back 5/2 to punch tuck 1/1, Triple full to finish. 14.766

12:21 pm. Kuksenkov (RUS) fhs, front 2/1 to tuck front 1/1, whip to double Arabian (sat), tucked Thomas to cartwheel to Russians, wide arm press, back 5/2 to punch Barani stuck, Triple full with a step back to finish. 13.733

12:19 pm. Cen (CHN) Front 2/1 to 3/2, Double double tuck with low chest and a hop, front 5/2, back 5/2 to punch Barani out of bounds, Layout Thomas, Russians, Handstand with arch in his back, Triple full not quite all the way around with a large step back to finish! 13.6

12:17 pm. Leyva (USA) Double Double Layout small hop, tuck full to double full, double Arabian small hop, full press into handstand really well controlled, tucked Thomas, whip to 5/2 to punch Barani, Double layout to finish! THE ENTIRE ARENA DID THE YIN YESSOOOO CLAP through the whole last pass! 14.9

12:15 pm. The athletes are marching in: Danell Leyva (USA) , Yu Cen (CHN), Nikolai Kuksenkov (RUS), Caio Campos Souza (BRA), Donghyen Shin (KOR), Oliver Hegi (SUI), James Hall (GBR), Andreas Bretschneider (GER), Marcel Nguyen (GER).

12:00 pm. We are live and excited to bring you all the action from the Stuttgart World Cup! Competition begins in 15 minutes!

Article by Kensley Behel

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