Fragapane Defeats Tinkler for English Title


A week after her bronze medal-winning performance at the Glasgow World Cup, Claudia Fragapane returned to competition on Saturday to score a big win against 2015 worlds teammate Amy Tinkler, 57.6 to 56.55.

In Glasgow, Fragapane’s medal was marred by a rough vault and a fall on bars, but at the 2015 English Championships in Loughborough, the 18-year-old had a fantastic day, including top scores on every event but vault, where she was second.

Her DTY looked much better than it did in Glasgow, with her form more laid-out and her landing upright with just a little bounce back. She also hit her entire bar routine, including her piked Jaeger, Church to pak (with leg sep on the latter), and toe full to double layout dismount.

On beam, she did have a fall on her standing arabian and she still has some form issues and balance checks on occasion, including on her standing full. However, she managed a 14.35 even with the fall and some wobbles/form breaks…definitely a little generous, considering a similarly wobbly yet fully hit routine in Glasgow got 14.066, but we’ll let her have it. She hit her full-twisting double layout, double arabian with a stumble, triple full (a bit low but fully rotated), and a double layout with a step back for a 14.45, sealing her win by just over a point.

I didn’t see any videos of Tinkler, but she seemed to have a good day, besting her American Cup score by half a point and posting the highest vault score of 15.05 after hitting a strong, clean effort there. Her scores of 14.0 on beam and 13.9 on floor were the second-best, while a 13.6 on bars was third-best, behind Fragapane and Becky Downie.

Downie and Ruby Harrold were the other members of the 2015 bronze medal-winning world championships team to compete this weekend. Downie earned a second-best 13.75 on bars and a 13.3 on beam while Harrold had the third-best scores of 14.1 on vault and a 13.7 on beam, though she unfortunately fell on bars for a 12.1 there.

The third place all-around finisher was Abigail Solari, a new senior who earned a 51.8 with her vault score of 13.7 her best of the day. She was followed by fellow first-year senior Phoebe Turner in fourth with a 50.4, April Maslen in fifth with a 49.6, Lottie Smith in sixth with a 47.1, Victoria Ashworth in seventh with a 47.0, and Chelsea Court in eighth with a 46.25. New senior Georgia-Mae Fenton didn’t compete in the all-around, but picked up the bronze medal on floor with a 13.55.

Alice Kinsella won the junior title with a 54.65 after a strong day, finishing first on beam and floor with scores of 13.75 and placing second on vault and bars with scores of 13.9 and 13.25, respectively. Kinsella’s Gymnix teammate Taeja James was the silver medalist with a 53.7 after earning the top scores on vault (13.95) and bars (13.3) as well as the second best score on beam (13.6), though she unfortunately had a mistake on floor, getting just 12.85 there. The bronze medal went to Lucy Stanhope with a 51.5; the Liverpool gymnast also had the third-best score on vault with a 13.6.

Rounding out the top eight were Megan Parker and Megan Splain in fourth with scores of 50.55, Chiara Bunce in sixth with a 49.7, Ellesse Oates in seventh with a 49.65, and Alissia Barlow in eighth with a 49.3. Oates shared the third-best vault score with Stanhope and Megan Bridge, while Bunce had the bronze on beam with a 13.45.

In the guest divisions, Rebecca Moore of Wales had the top senior score of 50.2, followed by Grace Harrison of Isle of Man with a 46.7, and Aisa Kajouk of Hungary with a 42.4. The Polish gymnast Claudia Chmielowska, who trains at East London along with Kajouk, competed on all events but bars. In the junior guest division, the Welsh gymnasts Maisie Methuen, Zoe Simmons, and Latalia Bevan competed, with Methuen getting a 53.9 in the all-around and Simmons earning a 50.6, while Bevan competed on just beam and floor.

The competition, along with the Scottish and Welsh Championships in February, was a preliminary meet for the British Championships, which will be held from April 8-10 in Liverpool. More of the nation’s best should be on hand for this meet, which is the final major domestic competition for the British women leading up to the Olympic Games.

Article by Lauren Hopkinss

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