2016 Pacific Rims Podium Training Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for podium training at the 2016 Pacific Rim Championships! Reporter Trisha Wolf is on hand in Everett to bring the updates to you during all WAG sessions today, so stay tuned. Refresh your browser every few minutes for updates, the most recent of which will appear at the top of the post.

2:23 pm. That’s all for me for today. If there are questions you want me to ask the athletes on Saturday or Sunday, let me know what you want me to ask and who you want me to ask the question to. Leave a comment here or feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@Trisha5590) or Tumblr (@trishnaji).

2:14 pm. Brittany Rogers says that she feels great and is surprised by how good she feels after her crazy season. She had actually largely paused training elite after Elite Canada (other than DTYs since they help her with her 1.5 and her bars routine since her elite routine is her college routine plus two skills), but found out that Canada wanted her to compete here while she was at the Georgia UCLA Stanford meet. She is only competing vault and bars here and will be in Georgia through the end of the semester. She’ll then head back to Calgary through the summer. Charlotte Sullivan and Courtney McGregor from New Zealand are excited to be back here after this meet basically served as New Zealand’s coming out party four years ago. They said that everything feels a little smaller now (in the less overwhelming sense, not in the less of big deal sense). This is also Courtney’s first meet of the season, so she’s looking to get out the kinks before next week’s test event.

1:57 pm. Podium training is winding down. I’ll be back after a couple more interviews.

1:55 pm. Right before Laurie went, Aly stuck her Patterson.

1:54 pm. Laurie: front arial to sissone to spilt jump, BHS, LOSO, sheep jump, front tuck to wolf, arial, switch to switch half, switch ring, back handsprings to double pike (low chest).

1:52 pm. I didn’t get to see the routine, but Charlotte still has her Game of Thrones music.

1:51 pm. Ragan, wolf turn, switch to straddle, BHS layout, tucked full, front tuck to sissone, front arial to front pike (slow), sheep jump, double pike stuck (chest a little low)

1:50 pm. Ashton: BHS LOSO, srtaddle quarter, front tuckm full turn with leg up to full turn, side somi, arial to wolf (slow connection), switch to switch half, double back

1:44 pm. Simone: wolf turn, split jump to pike jump, girgoras, BHS LOSO LOSO, front tuck to split jump a little slow, switch to switch half to back pike, front arial to wolf, BHS BHS to full in

1:43 pm. Aly Front pike to wolf jump, bhs layout, arial, switch half to back pike, punch front to split jump, leg up full turn, patterson

1:36 pm. Final rotation. I really hope Charlotte Sullivan still has her Game of Thrones routine. Beam is furthest from where Scott has the camera set up (and from where I’m sitting) so hopefully the viewing is still good.

1:32 pm. Shallon Olsen is doing a DTY and I think her second vault is a tucked Cheng.

1:29 pm. Brittany Rogers is doing her DTY.

1:26 pm. Brenna toe onfull, maloney, tkachev, jaeger (fall), toe on piked tkachtev,  pak, van leuven, full twisting layout nearly stuck

1:23 pm Aly: toe on full, maloney, tkatchev, jaeger, toe on, bail, stalder full, stalder shoot, toe on half, double front

1:22 pm. Ragan inbar half, jaeger, stalder, ricna, pak, inbar full, stalder shoot, full in

1:20 pm Simone: weiler half, maloney tkatchev, piked tkatchev to pak, toe on, stalder shoot, full in dismount.

1:18 pm. Laurie, stalder full to tkatchev, Downie, Rinca, pak, forward stalder, stalder shoot (super floaty), full in

1:09 pm. Rotation time. Someone from Japan just did a triple turn on beam!

1:05 pm. Megan Roberts: Piked double arabian! piked full in a little short on her splits. Double pike. Just does a layout for her last pass. She should really do a Dowell there.

1:02 pm. Brittany Rogers is not competing floor here. Hernandez just stuck her DTY but got very little distance.

12:57 pm. Aly just did her Amanar with a step forward.

12:56 pm. Biles Cheng with a small hop, slightly low chest. Smith: DTY w/a slightly crunchi landing.

12:54 pm. Hernandez: DTY with a step on the landing and a low chest. Dowell DTW with a bigger step but cleaner landing than Laurie. Raisman: DTY w/a hop back.

12:48 pm. Rotation time.

12:44 pm. Brittany Rogers looks far more comfortable on beam than she ever does in college meets. Though I think I just jinxed her because she fell on her back handspring turn to stag handstand as I typed this. Sorry.

12:38 pm. Simone: DLO full, straddle full to stag, Biles to split leap, wolf turn, double double, full in. Looks easy as always.

12: 37 pm. Aly: 1.5 throught to double arabian, front layout (stays in), piked about arabian to stag, DLO, double pike. Her musicality has improved.

12: 35 pm Laurie: DLO, great landing, double arabian a little short, front full to double front to punch front, double tuck (low chest).

12: 34 pm. Smith: DLO, fall, 1.5 to triple, switch ring, split full, double arabian, wolf turn, double pike (low chest) great choreography between passes 3 and 4.

Brenna: front layout double front, the Dowell, switch full to straddle full, double, front 1.5 to back full, front 2.5

12:27 pm. Brenna is doing a front layout double front! Laurie’s double layout looks great. Aly is working her 1.5 through to double arabian front layout.

12:25 pm. Here we go. New Zealand on vault, Japan on bars, Canada on beam, and US on floor.

12:16 pm. Leo time. Canada is dark teal sleeveless leos with teal maple leafs. The US is in sleeveless leos that are blue on bottom, white on the very top, and have red diagonal stripe. Half of the New Zealand team is wearing a black and white sleeveless leo with the fern flag while the other half is in black with a grey bodice. Japan is in sparkly red.

12:10 pm. Warmups are underway for session 2, which features the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Japan.

12:09 pm. Since Hershey’s is a sponsor for this event, there is a mascot chocolate bar and chocolate kiss here.

12:01 pm. I’m back. The most interesting notes from the media session: Everyone is excited to be competing in the US and is looking to build confidence from this meet. Brenna is competing the all-around. She has a new bar routine and a new front tumbling pass on floor. Ragan fell on beam at camp. She was very mad at herself and thinks that’s why she wasn’t named to the team initially. She is eager to show Martha what she is capable of here. She also mentioned that Maggie got hurt vaulting and that she thinks it was a meniscus injury. Feel better Maggie and, if it is a meniscus injury, maybe it’s a good omen since Bridget Sloan tore hers at Jesolo in the spring of 2008 and then looked great in the summer and at the Olympics.

11:28 am. Heading over to the media session with the US. Be back soon.

11:27 am. Whitehead Wolf turn, split leap to sissone, BHS, bakc pike, punch front to wolf jump, sheep jump, switch ring, front ariel to split jump. Dismounts with a layout.

11:23 am. Nedov solid leap connections. On on her LOSO long pause between front ariel and sheep. Punch front is solid. Low chest squatty double pike with a step back.

11:22 am. Brown split mount. Wobble on Y turn. wobble on front arial. Great illusion. Solid BHS, LOSO, solid side somi. Dismounted with a layout.

11:19 am. Little is ON! No wobbles on anything, including two foot layout, ariel, and punch front. Leaps were solid. Stuck double pike w/low chest.

11:16 am. Skill warm up time. Brown has a lovely illusion turn

11:12 am. Rotation time, though Australia and Colombia don’t seem ready to move.

11:10 am. Whitehead’s Pak to immediate Maloney half is the highlight of her routine. Some leg separation on the pak though. She also gets great height on her Markelov.

11:09 am. Mizzen did a great Maloney half and stuck her full-in with her chest low.

11:08 am. The opening of Miller’s routine looks great. Tkatchev to immediate geinger and an in bar to in bar half to piked jaeger series. Her transition is a bail. She loses her swing on her high bar stalder and jumps down.

11:05 am. GRB does the 2nd half of her routine this time (toe on to toe on half to jaeger, double front dismount). Her knees are still loose on the pak

11:02 am Nedov toe on toe on half maloney half jaeger bail toe on shoot double front.

11:00 am Larissa Miller: Tkachev to ginger. Inbar to inbar half to piked jaeger. Missed her transition but stalder shoot to high (small deadhang), stuck full-in.

10: 59 am. GRB Toe full to Maloney to pak. Chow toe on toe on half, loses swing jumps down. Lose form on the pak

10:56 am. Emily Whitehead UB: toe full to shap. Pak to toe to toe on shap half.  Markleov. double front

10:54 am. Raising the bars is definitely a thing you can. Australia just raised them for Georgia Rose Brown. This makes me sad for Kyla.

10:48 am. And we’re rotating (Australia to bars, Colombia to beam, Singapore to floor, and the mixed group to vault).

10:39 am. Emily Little just busted out her DTY. It looked much better than the fulls she was training earlier.

10:36 am. Kiara Munteanu is here. I guess she got promoted to traveling reserve.

10:31 am. Australia has been showing Yfulls. They are getting pretty good distance but have been piking down the landings. Someone from Singapore just did a really nice side somi on beam.

10:27 am. 1B is officially underway! Australia is vaulting, Colombia is on bars, Singapore is beam and Chinese Taipei, Ecuador, and Honduras are on floor.

10:24 am. Larissa Miller decided it was her turn for some pbar fun. She stood on top of them for a while and then did some press handstands.

10:16 am. Singapore is in long sleeve purple leos with a purple and silver chevron patter on top. Australia is in sleeveless leos that are solid emerald green on back and green and greenish yellow in front. They say AUS on one side and their scrunchies match the back of their leos. Colombia’s leos are also purple with shiny pink shoulders. They say COL in rhinestones on the front. So far, session 1A is winning the leo contest.

10:03 am. Warm-ups are underway for session 1B. This session will include Australia, Colombia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Ecuador, and Honduras. Singapore is currently doing handstand pirouettes in unison while Colombia is rocking leg warmers.

10:01 am. As I walked into the arena this morning, I saw Allana Slater. That means the vault will be the right height this weekend right?

9:58 am. Subdivision 1B should be getting under way in a couple of minutes. I’ll largely focus on Australia, though I will have to step away partway through for the US’s media session. Side note: Brostella Arias is currently showing off her pbars skills. She’s pretty good.

9:57 am. One final fashion note: Valentina Brostella Arias from Panama has on leggings that say Panama on the back in rhinestones. They’re pretty fantastic.

9:55 am. Most of the gymnasts in this session didn’t necessarily have super high difficulty, but they were all very expressive on floor with well chosen music, which is nice to see.

9:54 am. One of the Mexican gymnasts dismounts bars with a 1.5 twist. It’s always nice to see unique dismounts.

9:44 am. I posted a couple of extremely mediocre leo pictures on twitter (@trisha5590) because I forgot my phone cord, so that seemed like the easiest way to get them on the internet.

9:36 am. Leo talk time. Hong Kong and Mexico’s are particularly pretty. Hong Kong is in a long sleeve sparkly competition leo with red sleeves and a shiny white body that looks like opal or mother of pearl. The red and white meet in a diagonal flowery pattern on the left side. Mexico is in a sleeveless leo that’s black on bottom and white on top with with black swirly stripes and tasteful rhinestones. Costa Rica’s looks like their flag (with sparkles of course): a white sleeveless leo with a red diagonal stripe in between two blue ones that wraps around the leo.

9:32 am. We’re about to move to the 4th rotation. Panama and Chile will be on vault, Mexico on bars, Hong Kong on beam, and Costa Rica on floor.

9:30 am. Trampoline podium training is also going on now. It’s kind of cool that they’re competing in the same venue at the same time. Men’s podium training is later today and the men compete tomorrow but the rings and high bar aren’t actually set up in the arena yet.

9:24 am. Costa Rica has some y-spins on beam that look great. They have mainly been dismounting with 1.5s and double fulls. Mexico has show Yfulls, Ylayouts, and a tucked tsuk full on vault.

9:15 am. One of the gymnasts from Hong Kong does a full twisting jump to a kip for her bar mount. It looks pretty cool.

9:10 am. The 3rd rotation of Subdivision 1A is about to begin. Mexico will be on vault, Hong Kong on bars, Chile on beam and Costa Rica and Panama on floor.

8:55 am. The first podium training subdivision 1A is getting underway with Mexico, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, and Hong Kong. At 10 am PT, subdivision 1B will feature Australia and then at 12 pm PT, subdivision 2 begins with the United States, Japan, New Zealand, and Canada.

Article by Trisha Wolf


8 thoughts on “2016 Pacific Rims Podium Training Live Blog

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  2. okay, has anyone else noticed that on the US leos lately, anyone with even some sort of butt they ride too high and it looks super unflattering? I thought this at jesolo even on the comp leos- you even say Aly picking a wedgie after her floor routine b/c of the cut, and i think it watching today. Like for Aly, Maggie? The ones with very little butt are okay but it’s awful on the others!


  3. Don’t know how I feel about someone’s routine. I like the old one better. This one seems a bit choppy but maybe because it’s new. Well see how it plays with a crowd.


    • I agree! She didn’t seem very into it :/ hopefully once it’s an actual competition and the crowd is clapping it’ll “pop” a little more


    • Our live blogger was watching floor from far away with four events going on at a time and they did their passes multiple times, it’s possible she caught something and assumed it was what she wrote.


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