2016 Olympic Test Event Women’s Vault Final

We’re here at the 2016 Olympic Test Event, bringing you all of today’s action LIVE! Update your page every few minutes to see updates. The most recent will appear at the top.

2:22 pm. Dipa Karmakar wins with a 14.833, Oksana Chusovitina is second with a 14.716, and Emily Little is third with a 14.383.

2:11 pm. Hypolito VT- Yurchenko 1.5 to start, excellent, step forward. Lots of chanting. Second vault Yurchenko half-on pike half off. 14.333 for the first, 13.766 for the second to average 14.049.

2:10 pm. Afrati VT- Second vault is a handspring tuck half, better than her first. 13.458 to average 13.445.

2:08 pm. Afrati VT- Good FTY in the air but she’s quite short on the landing. Chest way down. 13.433.

2:05 pm. Gebeshian VT- FTY gets a 13.816 I think. Second vault is a tsuk layout with a hop, downgrade from her full. For some reason she got a 2 point neutral deduction yesterday for doing the FTY and the tsuk, which Little also got in Everett. Can anyone explain this? 12.866 for the second vault to average 13.341.

2:03 pm. Gebeshian VT- They’re announcing Alexa Moreno but I’m guessing she pulled and first reserve Houry went in her place because this is definitely Houry, hahaha. Great FTY to start.

2:01 pm. Janik VT- Second vault is a tsuk layout with a hop back. 13.7 to average 13.916.

2:00 pm. Janik VT- Does the handspring front tuck full to start, which is basically one of the reasons her all-around scores began climbing a bit this year. Very good, clean landing. Almost stuck but then hops. 14.133.

1:58 pm. Little VT- Second vault is a tsuk full, done very well. 14.133 to average 14.383.

1:56 pm. Little VT- Big DTY, some loose body form but landed well. 14.633.

1:54 pm. Karmakar VT- Second vault is a tsuk double full, GREAT. Almost stuck. This girl might make the vault finals in Rio. What an improvement, even with her butt-grazer Prod. 14.566 to average 14.833, jumping a tenth ahead of Chuso!

1:53 pm. Karmakar VT- Produnova, looks like her usual butt-grazer but as always she stands up super quickly out of it. 15.1, better than yesterday!

1:52 pm. 14.533 for Chuso’s second vault. 14.716 average.

1:50 pm. Chusovitina VT- Second vault is a tsuk 1.5, actually nearly stuck! Tiniest little baby hop. She’s gotta be happy with that one.

1:49 pm. Chusovitina VT- Rudi with a hop forward. I don’t understand how she consistently comes SO early onto the table and yet still gets as much power as she does. Likely some form things going on but it was a good vault. 14.9.

1:48 pm. McGregor gets a 14.466 for her DTY and a 13.833 for the Pod. Averages 14.149.

1:44 pm. McGregor VT- First vault is her DTY, lots of power! Body line still isn’t fully straight and she took a big step back to steady it but was a really great effort. Second is a Podkopayeva, hit really well.

1:41 pm. The women’s vault final will begin shortly! The final start list is…

Article by Lauren Hopkins

9 thoughts on “2016 Olympic Test Event Women’s Vault Final

  1. Vaults need to be from a different family and have a different post flight. So the FTY and tsuk full are from different families but both involve a full twist off to end up facing the horse. But Giulia can still do a DTY and a double twisting handspring (hopefully we will see that someday) because she would land facing opposite directions.


    • That’s what I was thinking with Emily but wasn’t sure if I was on the right path with that. Definitely makes sense. I think it definitely surprised Houry yesterday.


        • They don’t have the same number of twists…a double has two and a Cheng has 1.5. The difference is that the FTY and tsuk both are fulls landing facing the same direction, despite the different entries.


    • What do you all think of this rule? Someone performing a DTY and DTT (like Elena Zamolodchikova did back in 2000) would get a deduction. I think it’s kind of silly. If the goal is to encourage variety in vault finals, putting the Yurchenko and Yurchenko 1/2 On in the same family would probably do more than enforcing different post-flight. Thoughts?


  2. Remember Indias reaction when Dipa won bronze at 2014 Commonwealths? Imagine how she’ll be welcomed after being the first Indian gymnast to qualify to the Olympics AND win the Test Event Vault title? Her Produnova still scares me, but maybe by the Olympics she’ll land it like Elena Produnova in 1999! Imagine the score!!


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