2016 Secret U.S. Classic Junior Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the junior competition at the 2016 Secret U.S. Classic! We’re here live at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut for the session beginning at 1 pm ET. For updates, refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes or so. The most recent updates will appear at the top. Enjoy!

4:08 pm. That’s it from me for now! See you back here for the seniors at 7 pm!

4:07 pm. Floor Standings

1. Morgan Hurd 14.250
2. Irina Alexeeva 14.150
3. Aria Brusch 14.100
4. Maile O’Keefe 14.050
5. Emma Malabuyo 14.000
6. Sunisa Lee 13.750
7. Kiya Johnson 13.700
— Olivia Hollingsworth 13.700
— Deanne Soza 13.700

4:06 pm. Beam Standings

1. Irina Alexeeva 15.100
2. Gabby Perea 14.900
3. Emma Malabuyo 14.800
4. Maile O’Keefe 14.300
5. Victoria Nguyen 14.150
6. Kalyany Steele 14.050
— Frida Esparza 14.050
8. Cael Bixler 13.900

4:05 pm. Bars Standings

1. Gabby Perea 14.750
2. Morgan Hurd 14.700
3. Alyona Shchennikova 14.600
4. Riley McCusker 14.450
— Irina Alexeeva 14.450
6. Jordan Chiles 14.150
7. Tori Tatum 14.100
8. Aria Brusch 14.050

4:04 pm. Vault Standings

1. Jordan Chiles 15.650
2. Elena Arenas 14.850
3. Kalyany Steele 14.800
4. Deanne Soza 14.700
— Emma Malabuyo 14.700
6. Maile O’Keefe 14.650
7. Shilese Jones 14.600
8. Megan Freed 14.500

3:58 pm. Final Standings

1. Irina Alexeeva 57.550
2. Emma Malabuyo 57.500
3. Gabby Perea 57.050
4. Jordan Chiles 56.350
5. Morgan Hurd 56.300
6. Maile O’Keefe 55.900
7. Aria Brusch 55.350
8. Deanne Soza 54.750
9. Riley McCusker 54.700
10. Elena Arenas 54.450
11. Alyona Shchennikova 54.250
12. Kalyany Steele 53.950
13. Frida Esparza 53.800
14. Chae Campbell 53.750
15. Tori Tatum 53.700
16. Sunisa Lee 53.600
17. Kiya Johnson 53.550
18. Lauren Little 53.500
19. Shilese Jones 53.350
20. Shania Adams 53.300
21. Sloane Blakely 53.250
22. Emily Lee 53.200
23. Kinsey Davis 53.150
24. Olivia Dunne 52.950
25. Colbi Flory 52.650
26. Madeleine Johnston 52.600
27. Lilly Hudson 52.550
28. Cael Bixler 52.400
29. Ellie Lazzari 52.200
30. Cameron Machado 51.900
31. Audrey Davis 51.850
32. Hannah Joyner 51.800
33. Megan Freed 51.400
34. Lauren Letzsch 51.350
35. Deiah-Marie Moody 51.250
— Abigail Scanlon 51.250
37. Jaylene Gilstrap 51.000
38. Olivia Hollingsworth 50.950
39. Alyssa Al-Ashari 49.750
40. Maeve Hahn 49.700
41. Caitlin Smith 48.400
42. Jaymes Marshall 39.150 (scratched vault)
43. Adeline Kenlin 26.800 (scratched beam/floor)
44. Victoria Nguyen 25.800 (scratched vault/floor)
45. Trinity Thomas 12.200 (scratched all but floor)

3:56 pm. Flory BB- Hit everything so far, then front aerial + sissone + wolf jump, sheep jump, triple full with a little stumble but good job.

3:55 pm. O’Keefe FX- Phantom of the Opera music. Nails full-in tuck to start, maybe a shuffle. 1.5 + 2.5 with a step. Ooh, this cut of Phantom isn’t more unique, includes more than just the main theme. Hits third pass, double tuck. Double L turn to pirouette. Double pike with a bounce back.

3:53 pm. S. Lee BB- Full L turn, switch + switch half, side aerial loso with her leg up but she fights and saves from falling, switch ring, leg up and she turns it into artistry hahaha. BLESS this child. Front aerial, leg up again, misses connection to sheep jump. Onodi + split + sissone is slow but hit. Missed foot going into double tuck but hits no problem.

3:51 pm. Campbell UB- Maloney + bail + toe full + toe shoot, big Tkachev, super cowboyed double front.

Freed FX- Tucked full-in step back. 1.5 + 2.5 OOB. Crashes next pass OOB. Double tuck to finish.

3:48 pm. Just have to say that Shchennikova has the best inbars in the US. It’s the Russian in her. 14.6 I think.

Lazzari FX- Double tuck. I literally can’t handle her gym being called GymNasti. Hit double pike. Double full with a hop.

Soza UB- Tkachev, toe half + Ezhova is great, gets applause. Toe-on + inbar shoot to high, full-twisting double layout with a step. Great work.

Hahn BB- Fall on something. Lovely bhs loso. 2.5 a little low with a step.

3:46 pm. Shchennikova UB- Inbar full + Komova II + toe on + piked Jaeger + pak, YAS. Some form issues but YAS. Komova, inbar half + front giant half, double layout a little low. Nice work overall.

Hudson BB- Side aerial, sheep jump, hit dismount.

Smith FX- Hit the beginning from what I saw. Love her music. 2.5 with a step.

Letzsch VT- FTY, saw she hit but not how well.

3:45 pm. Malabuyo gets just short of what she needs, 14.8! It’s now Alexeeva 57.55 to Malabuyo’s 57.5.

Hurd VT- DTY, nice form, a little hop forward on the landing.

3:43 pm. Arenas VT- DTY, looks good in the air! Small step.

Gilstrap UB- Toe full, Maloney, Jaeger, bail, hits the dismount.

McCusker BB- Bhs loso loso with a stumble and a fall. Double tuck low and close to the beam.

Bixler FX- Double tuck with a bounce, 1.5 + 2.5 under-rotated. Hit 3rd pass, Double pike is good to finish.

E. Lee VT- Decent FTY.

3:37 pm. Emma Malabuyo needs a 14.85 on beam to tie Irina Alexeeva’s 57.55 which could happen. Gonna be close!!!

Dunne VT- FTY, clean, just a little step. Good day for her!

K. Davis UB- Saw bail + toe full + toe on + toe shoot, hit dismount.

Malabuyo BB- Bhs loso loso is excellent. Stumble on punch front. Arabian is good, double pike is low. I don’t know if that’ll do it but we’ll see!

A. Davis FX- Hit double tuck to start. 1.5 + barani OOB. 2.5 with a small hop.

Steele VT- DTY with a little hop. Super impressed with her today!

3:34 pm. Alexeeva FX- Arena to herself! Double layout with a little hop. 2.5 + front full is AWESOME. Wolf turn is super controlled. Double full with a tiny hop. Love her choreo right after. Double pike with a step. Yeah, that was good.

3:31 pm. Little UB- Maloney, back on the low bar for toe on + toe shoot, double layout with a little step. Looks very happy.

Perea BB- BEAUTIFUL standing full. NEEDS MORE APPLAUSE. Beautiful layout!!! Leaps good as well. Front aerial, misses connection to side somi, but she does them very nicely separately. 2.5 dismount.

Johnston FX- Front layout + front double full is great. 2.5. Double tuck with a bounce.

3:29 pm. Adams UB- YO coach Fuego!!! Jaeger, Ricna, good on both. Big pak. Hit dismount.

Al-Ashari BB- Lovely loso mount, got big applause!Front aerial misses connection to jumps. Bhs loso. Off on a leap I think. 2.5 with a hop.

Moody FX- Hit first two passes, I think the second was either 1.5 or front double full + layout, I didn’t see the entry into the first skill. 2.5 with a big step.

3:26 pm. Brusch UB- Weiler half, huge Tkachevs, bail + toe shoot, full-twisting double layout with a big step forward.

Johnson BB- Switch half, stumble. Good bhs loso. Front aerial, jumps, all good. Double pike with a step.

Thomas FX- Big double layout and a big bounce out of it. Crashes 1.5 + double tuck. Was it a 2.5? It looked like more than a 1.5. Double pike. OOF, lands triple full like flat out on her face in a layout position still.

3:23 pm. Kenlin VT- FTY is pretty piked, hop back.

Jones UB- Big Jaeger, pak, stalder + stalder full, Maloney,

Tatum BB- Front tuck mount, nice! Full turn, stumbles bhs loso but saves it. Double tuck dismount is good.

Blakely FX- Good double arabian. Hits the next two passes, and then a cowboyed double tuck to finish, a little low.

Hollingsworth VT- FTY, good.

3:20 pm. Machado VT- FTY, a little low.

Joyner UB- Nice weiler. Maloney + pak is a mess though, her pak form…and she pings off on something. Double layout with a hop.

Esparza BB- Check on switch + switch half. Side aerial. 2.5 with a hop.

Chiles FX- OOB on double layout. Step forward on double arabian. Good 1.5+ 2.5. Almost stuck the double tuck.

Scanlon VT- Stuck FTY! Feet apart and a little low but nice landing.

3:15 pm. Standings after rotation three…

1. Irina Alexeeva 43.400
2. Jordan Chiles 42.850
3. Emma Malabuyo 42.700
4. Gabby Perea 42.150
5. Morgan Hurd 41.900
6. Maile O’Keefe 41.850
7. Riley McCusker 41.750
8. Tori Tatum 41.400
9. Aria Brusch 41.300
10. Chae Campbell 41.250

3:14 pm. Lazzari BB- Solid bhs loso, switch + back tuck, sheep jump, front aerial, sissone + straddle jump, fell when I blinked, why does that always happen?! Maybe a side aerial? Switch ring, short double tuck with a step.

3:09 pm. Smith BB- Onodi, sissone + split, fell on something but I missed it. Bhs into a double full dismount.

3:08 pm. Bixler BB- Solid bhs loso loso. Switch + back tuck. Nice switch half. Hit the rest.

E. Lee FX- Huge double layout! 2.5 + front full. Third pass is OOB. Hits double pike.

3:05 pm. 15.1 for Alexeeva’s beam! That should push her in front after all those falls…

Hudson UB- Jaeger, bail + stalder + Ray, hit the rest. Good work.

A. Davis BB- Hit leaps. Wobble on side aerial. Check on Onodi. 2.5 with a big lunge forward.

Arenas FX- Double layout is short, step forward. Good 2.5 + front tuck. Solid double pike. Low double tuck, step forward.

Hahn UB- Pak, stalder full, some handstand messes in there, blind change + front giant half, double pike with a hop.

3:03 pm. Shchennikova VT- DTY, nice form but uncontrolled landing, stumbles it back.

Steele FX- Hit tucked full-in, 1.5 + 2.5, little stumble on the landing. Low double tuck with a step forward.

3:00 pm. K. Davis VT- Hit FTY

Malabuyo UB- Inbar + Tkachev, pak, stalder + stalder full, Ray to high, some short handstands, stalder half + front giant half, full-in with a step. Great!

Alexeeva BB- Double wolf turn. Everything after is hit and clean, then front aerial + sheep is great, super solid bhs loso loso, hits double pike!

Dunne FX- Great piked full-in. A little wild on the 2.5 but controls it. Double tuck foot OOB. Double pike is good.

Gilstrap VT- FTY off-center.

McCusker UB- Stalder full + Malony, big Tkachev but it’s close, pak is messy (leg sep), clean van Leeuwen though. Toe-on, blind change, half-in double front, leg form was crazy.

2:54 pm. Adams VT- Hit FTY.

Perea UB- Nice Jaeger, pak, none of the issues she had in PT! Clean van Leeuwen. Nailed the rest. SO good. She was a mess in PT so this was a major turnaround.

Johnston BB- Hit everything I saw so far, double tuck dismount.

Hollingsworth FX- Stuck tucked full-in and hit second pass. 1.5 + 2.5 is great. Double tuck with a step.

Little VT- FTY, clean and a tiny step

2:53 pm. Maybe my start list is crazy but I think there was no Thomas on beam, and no Nguyen or Kenlin on floor?! Who knows.

2:48 pm. Johnson UB- Toe on + big Ray, bail + toe full, a little messy, toe shoot, short handstands, she like, whips into her pirouettes, it’s super weird! Nice stuck full-in dismount.

Moody BB- Fell on something but I missed it. 😦 Good flight series, punch front, and dismount.

Marshall FX- Music issue. Double double!!! Short and stumbled forward. Triple is way short. Tucked full-in, hands down. Shame!

Al-Ashari UB- Fell on her release. Gets back up, hits Jaeger, toe-on, bail + stalder + toe shoot, double layout with a hop.

2:45 pm. Pretty sure all top contenders have fallen at this point so it’s really still anyone’s game.

Tatum UB- Toe full, nice piked Jaeger, HUGE pak, bail to toe shoot is a little muscled, big stuck full-in! Nice work.

Blakely BB- Switch + switch half, side aerial, nice switch side, double tuck with a hop.

Scanlon FX- 1.5 + double tuck, hop forward. 2.5 with a few steps forward. Double full. Double pike a little low.

2:42 pm. Brusch VT- FTY, good work.

Esparza UB- Inbar full + Maloney + pak, over arches handstand but does a good job to get it back together, Ray to high, toe full + Jaeger, almost stuck double layout.

Chiles BB- Solid bhs loso loso. Switch + switch half, about 90 degrees on the latter. Big switch side though. Sissone + pike jump. Side aerial, low punch front + wolf jump. Double pike STUMBLED BACK AND SAT WHYYYYY GOD WHY.

Machado FX- Wolf turn, I think a triple?! It was SO GOOD. Double pike bounced OOB. 2.5 with a step. Double tuck, hop back.

2:39 pm. Flory UB- Toe half + big Jaeger, bail is a little off, and then she has to muscle out of what was supposed to be a full pirouette, ends up trying again but then decides to hop off. Hit the rest.

O’Keefe BB- Good loso loso series, out of a side aerial I think but I missed the beginning. Switch + switch half, EXCELLENT form. Little stumble on bhs bhs layout. Double pike with a hop. Looks happy!

Letzsch FX- Double layout to her knees. Double tuck with a bounce back.

Joyner VT- Yurchenko 1.5, very powerful and a great landing, knees just a little soft.

Jones VT- Quick DTY, not the greatest but not bad.

2:36 pm. Soza VT- DTY, big and clean, better than any of her warm-ups! Just a small step.

S. Lee UB- Maloney + stalder + bail + Ray, nice! Toe half + front giant half + toe full + full-in, great! Interesting construction too.

Freed BB- Check on side aerial. Good 2.5 dismount.

Hurd FX- Hit first pass. Love this choreo and her performance ability. Front full + front double full. Double pike with a little hop. Awesome work.

Campbell VT- DTY, clean but a low landing in her chest, and she steps forward and I think OOB.

2:31 pm. Standings after rotation two…

1. Jordan Chiles 29.800
2. Emma Malabuyo 28.700
3. Irina Alexeeva 28.300
4. Kiya Johnson 27.800
5. Morgan Hurd 27.650
6. Maile O’Keefe 27.550
— Aria Brusch 27.550
8. Gabby Perea 27.400
9. Tori Tatum 27.300
— Riley McCusker 27.300

2:28 pm. Steele BB- Full turn, solid bhs loso loso, nice work on switch + switch half with her extension but I don’t think they’re really connected, front aerial + split + sissone, side aerial, punch front tiny stumble, hit 2.5 dismount.

2:25 pm. Dunne BB- Switch + switch half, a little short. Front aerial + sissone + split, punch front tuck, solid bhs loso, bends over on something but saves a fall. Almost stuck double pike!

Bixler UB- Big Jaeger, falls. Giant full + pak, cool combo. Clean double layout with a step.

K. Davis FX- Hit opening pass. Double pike, chest is low. Double tuck, hop back.

2:22 pm. Marshall BB- NAILS bhs tuck full! WHY WASN’T THERE MORE APPLAUSE?! Switch + back tuck, sheep jump, full turn, clean switch side, 2.5 with a big step.

A. Davis UB- Toe on + Maloney, giant full, blind change + Jaeger, giant full, high double front, cowboyed though.

Little FX- Hit opening pass. Triple is short, but the rest looks good, she’s a great twister.

2:19 pm. McCusker VT- Nice FTY.

Alexeeva UB- Toe full (leg sep) + Maloney + Gienger (leg sep but nice connection), toe on + layout Jaeger, great form! No question it’s a layout. Bail (ankle sep) + toe shoot, toe on, cowboyed double front with a step.

Adams FX- Punch double full + punch front tuck stuck! Double pike. 2.5 + punch front tuck low but stuck. Double tuck with a hop.

Someone off on a layout series on beam but I didn’t see who.

2:16 pm. Perea VT- FTY, nice, bounce back.

Johnston UB- Hit routine, no major mistakes. I’m guessing Moody scratched this event? I didn’t see her go up.

Brusch FX- Big piked full-in and hit second pass. Good double pike.

Malabuyo VT- DTY, stuck I’m pretty sure!!!! WOW.

2:12 pm. Johnson VT- DTY, good in the air but low on the landing, steps OOB

Moody UB- Toe half + front giant + big Jaeger, big clean full-in, little hop.

Nguyen BB- Clean on everything so far, full Y turn, lovely switch + Onodi, sheep is awkward, 2.5 is low, big step forward.

Jones FX- Full-in OOB, stumbles double Arabian, big double pike with little bounce. Good double tuck.

Al-Ashari VT- Lovely clean FTY!

2:08 pm. Scanlon BB- Only saw the 2.5 dismount, I had literally no idea she was going hahaha. Hit routine though!

2:06 pm. Blakely UB- Huge Tkachev, hips are bent in her handstands considerably. Bail, toe-on + stalder + Ray, blind change + front giant half, double pike with a little hop.

2:05 pm. Machado BB- Solid bhs loso. Switch + back tuck. Wobble on side aerial. Misses sissone + split so throws wolf jump after split. Double tuck, hit. Nice!

2:03 pm. Joyner FX- Whip to double pike, nice. 1.5 to front full, good routine!

Chiles UB- Toe-on + toe half + Jaeger, nice Tkachev to bail, then back up via a toe shoot or Ray, Gienger, stuck full-in!!!!

2:00 pm. Campbell FX- 2.5 to stag. High stuck double tuck. Hit third and last pass, someone was standing in front of me so I couldn’t see what but saw her hit.

O’Keefe UB- Chow + pak, Maloney, Ricna catches then slips and falls on her back. Jaeger, good double arabian dismount.

Letzsch BB- Lovely Shchennikova-esque mount. Wobble on sheep jump. Off on bhs loso loso. Switch + switch half. Side aerial, missed connection to sissone. Hit dismount, double full I think.

1:56 pm. Tatum VT- Yurchenko 1.5, very clean, little step forward!

Freed UB- Messes up a handstand right away I think out of Endo half and hops off. Maloney, Ray with bent legs, toe full, hit dismount.

Hurd BB- Off on side aerial loso!!! #CriesForever Rest so far is good, little stumble on punch front, tucked full-in with a step to finish. SO sad about that fall.

Soza FX- Super fun music. Tucked full-in with a step. Love her front aerial into the corner before her 1.5 + double tuck! 2.5 is a little wild, steps over. Good finish.

1:53 pm. Hahn VT- Clean FTY, tiny hop.

Lazzari UB- Stalder full + Tkachev, HUGE pak, stalder + toe on + toe shoot, hit the rest.

E. Lee BB- Nice bhs loso series, just a leg up. Hit the rest.

Shchennikova FX- Double front, a little cowboyed but good landing. Hits 2.5. 1.5 + front full OOB.

S. Lee VT- Lovely FTY.

Flory VT- Stuck FTY

Esparza VT- Another good stuck FTY, feet apart.

1:51 pm. Hudson VT- FTY, clean and looked stuck from here. Not powerful.

Smith UB- Maloney + pak, van Leeuwen, loses herself and starts swing again. Jaeger is good, lands full-in right on her knees! Ouch.

Arenas BB- Punch front, little wobble. Front aerial + jumps, good.

Gilstrap FX- Stumbles back and almost sits double arabian. Hit second pass. Solid double pike. Double tuck with a step.

1:46 pm. Standings after rotation one…

1. Jordan Chiles 15.650
2. Morgan Hurd 14.700
3. Maile O’Keefe 14.650
4. Megan Freed 14.500
5. Emma Malabuyo 14.000
6. Sloane Blakely 13.900
7. Ellie Lazzari 13.850
— Irina Alexeeva 13.850
9. Sunisa Lee 13.750
10. Cael Bixler 13.700
— Kiya Johnson 13.700

1:43 pm. Hollingsworth UB- Jaeger is SO far away, falls. Bail, toe shoot, full-out with a step.

Adams BB- Wobble on bhs loso loso but good fight. Punch front + sissone, misses connection to split so thinks on her feet and does sissone + split again. Back tuck, wobble. Side somi, front aerial, I think a double full dismount.

1:40 pm. Brusch BB- Standing full, hits then wobbles. Front aerial  sissone + split jump. Good bhs loso loso. Wobble on I think a switch half. Hit dismount.

Marshall UB- She’s so tiny! Giant half to piked Jaeger. Huge Tkachev. Pak is a little close but hit. Huge full-in, a little messy with a step.

Perea FX- Good tucked full-in. 2.5 with a step. Beautiful triple in the air…just a hop forward. Solid double tuck, tiny bounce back.

Looks like Abi Walker scratched floor.

1:39 pm. Kenlin UB- Maloney, huge Ricna, stalder full very clean to pak, caught way too close with leg sep. Ray to high, toe half to front giant to double front half out. Not bad!

Al-Ashari FX- Double pike, weird landing but I couldn’t see what really went wrong, just off. Hit second pass. Excellent 1.5 + 2.5. Big double tuck with a small step.

1:37 pm. Jones BB- Wolf turn, not bad. Off on standing arabian. Bhs loso is solid. Switch + switch half, split not at 180. Big punch front, misses connection to wolf + sissone. Wobble on side aerial and falls again. Sticks double tuck.

1:35 pm. Alexeeva VT- FTY, clean with a tiny bounce. These WOGA FTYs are beautiful..

Nguyen UB- Toe full, clean pak caught a little close though, Ray to high, whacks feet on the bar on inbar half and it throws her off, she misses a handstand and jumps off. Inbar half with her feet way too close to the bar to whack it again, JUST DO A TOE-ON. Into Jaeger, good. Clean double layout with a good landing.

Johnson FX- Big double layout but the landing is a little off, jump back. Double arabian is excellent. 2.5 with a little hop. Solid double tuck.

1:32 pm. Johnston VT- FTY, huuuuuge! But lands totally OOB.

Scanlon UB- Inbar + toe-on + bail, big stuck double layout! Nice routine.

Joyner BB- Wolf is a mess as is every wolf on beam today. Punch front, good. Bhs loso is clean and solid. Big switch half. A punch front into a jump series I think was next. Side aerial. Good double tuck.

Tatum FX- Tucked full-in with a bounce back. 1.5 + double tuck, great landing. Clean 2.5 + punch front.

Moody VT- FTY, super clean and stuck, not as exciting as Blakely’s was but still really nice.

1:30 pm. Chiles VT- Amanar, great direction and form, just a step forward!

Machado UB- Stalder + Maloney + pak with leg sep. Toe-on + messy van Leeuwen, big double layout with wild legs but a good landing.

Campbell BB- Punch front, bhs layout is pretty piked. Solid switch + back tuck. Switch side. Hit dismount.

Esparza FX- Big double pike, 2.5 with a big jump forward. 1.5 + double full, good. Double tuck to her knees.

Blakely VT- FTY, SUPER clean and stuck!!! Wow wow wow!

1:22 pm. Soza BB-Switch + back pike. Front aerial + jumps are good, side aerial. Wobble on punch front tuck to miss connection to jump. Nice switch half. Noooo, crashes double pike!!!!

Letzsch UB- Good Tkachev, double pike dismount with a tiny bounce. Not bad!

Flory FX- 2.5 + punch front tuck, a little short. Double tuck bounces up and back. 1.5 + front layout. Big set for full Y turn. Double pike with two steps back.

1:21 pm. S. Lee FX- Hit 2.5 and the pass after that, I was watching Morgan’s bars…her choreo is gorgeous and her flexibility/movement is astounding. Big double tuck bounced back.

1:18 pm. E. Lee UB- Maloney, giant full, low Tkachev, toe on + bail with bent elbows, toe shoot, stuck double pike.

Shchennikova BB- Wobbly wolf turn, puts hands down and falls. #NoMoreWolfTurns Wobble on bhs loso loso. Switch + split. Onodi. Side aerial. Side somi. Hit dismount.

Hahn FX- Piked full-in, bounced back, couldn’t see if she was OOB. Nice triple! 2.5 bounce forward, and I think her heel went OOB before this pass…I saw the flag go up.

Hurd UB- Huge Ray! Inbar full + Tkachev, inbar + pak, Ray to high, inbar half + front giant half, DOUBLE TWISTING DOUBLE TUCK EXCELLENT MORGAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!

1:14 pm. Freed VT- Good DTY! Some leg form could be better but overall a solid effort.

Arenas UB- Inbar + Maloney + pak, not bad! Toe on + van Leeuwen, nice. Tkachev is low and too far out…she falls and somersaults forward. Giant full, DLO with a tiny hop.

Gilstrap BB- Wolf + sissone, off on punch front. Off again on bhs layout. Hits switch + back tuck. Front aerial + sheep, wobble. Double tuck with a step back.

Hudson FX- Double pike, step back. 1.5 + front full is good. Double tuck with a step forward. 2.5 small step.

O’Keefe VT- Solid DTY, again with leg form issues.

1:11 pm. Smith VT- FTY, short, step forward.

Steele UB- Toe full, Maloney + pak, Chow, hit release, giant doesn’t swing all the way up and around and she has to jump off.

Davis BB- Wobbly wolf turn but saves it, hit bhs loso series. Switch to back tuck. Punch front. Hopped on dismount.

McCusker FX- Stuck full-in. 2.5 to punch front tuck, not bad. Short on double pike, big step forward. Stuck double tuck.

Lazzari VT- FTY, nice and clean.

1:09 pm. Davis VT- FTY, nice landing.

Dunne UB- Maloney, giant full, toe on + big Tkachev, nice! Pak, toe shoot, all clean. Double pike with a small step. Great work from her!

Little BB- Only saw the dismount, a double full with a step but I didn’t see her fall.

Malabuyo FX- Hit tucked full-in. Hit second pass. 1.5 + 2.5 is great. Double pike, chest down and a step forward.

Bixler VT- Nice FTY

1:03 pm. Touch warm-up! Good bar work from Elena Arenas and Morgan Hurd. Love that “Confident” is the walk-out music now. It’s perfect.

12:53 pm. Euros just ended with Russia getting gold, Great Britain getting silver, and France getting bronze! Great job, ladies. The juniors will be introduced in a few minutes and I’ll be back with all live updates. I have about five I’d love to see win the title today, with my favorites probably Deanne Soza, Jordan Chiles, and Morgan Hurd based on how they’ve done this year…but as we know in gymnastics, anything can happen. Excited to see these talented kids kick butt!

12:42 pm. I’m just finishing up my Euros team final live coverage on Twitter and then will be back at 1 pm to watch the juniors begin! #GoodTiming

Article by Lauren Hopkins

9 thoughts on “2016 Secret U.S. Classic Junior Live Blog

  1. Lauren, are you watching the livestream or are you there? There’s been some weirdness going on with the audio track on the stream that makes it impossible for me to listen to anybody’s floor music >.<


  2. Regarding the start list, on USAGym’s live scoring app, it lists zeroes for Nguyen’s vault and floor, Kelin’s beam and floor, and Thomas’s everything except floor. Who knows?


  3. Do you know if there is any way I could watch the senior competition from Europe?
    Does anybody maybe have a site to stream NBC live sports on the internet?


  4. Hi Lauren,
    First off, I just want to say that I really enjoy your blog and all your commentary. Thanks for all the time you put into gathering and sharing information about the world of gymnastics.

    I also wanted to give you a piece of information in relation to the below comment you made:

    “Lazzari FX- Double tuck. I literally can’t handle her gym being called GymNasti. Hit double pike. Double full with a hop.”

    The owner and head coach of GymNasti is past USA National Team Member Ron “Nasti”, hence the name “GymNasti”.


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