The 2016 P&G Championships Junior Day One Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the junior women’s session on day one at the P&G Championships! Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes or so for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top.

4:35 pm. Final Day One Standings

1. Maile O’Keefe 57.05
2. Riley McCusker 56.45
3. Gabby Perea 55.5
4. Morgan Hurd 55.4
5. Shilese Jones 55.0
6. Kalyany Steele 54.7
7. Shania Adams 54.65
8. Tori Tatum 54.45
9. Alyona Shchennikova 54.2
— Madeleine Johnston 54.2
— Colbi Flory 54.2
12. Olivia Dunne 53.75
13. Trinity Thomas 53.4
14. Jordan Bowers 53.15
15. Sloane Blakely 53.05
16. Sunisa Lee 52.9
17. Deanne Soza 52.7
— Lilly Hudson 52.7
19. Lauren Letzsch 52.5
— Cameron Machado 52.5
21. Aria Brusch 52.4
22. Elena Arenas 52.35
23. Frida Esparza 52.25
24. Jaylene Gilstrap 52.2
25. Lauren Little 51.85
26. Emily Lee 51.7
27. Adeline Kenlin 51.1
28. Kinsey Davis 50.2
29. Hannah Joyner 49.2
30. Jaymes Marshall 37.45
31. Emma Malabuyo 27.6
32. Chae Campbell 24.5
33. Alyssa Al-Ashari 13.4

4:19 pm. S. Lee UB- Toe on + Maloney  (leg sep) + stalder + bail (leg sep) + Ray, front giant, piked Jaeger (they’re saying layout but it looked piked to me), hit dismount.

4:18 pm. Kenlin BB- Back tuck, side aerial loso form is weird and she is way off…falls. Pretty split leap to sissone. Bhs bhs layout with legs apart. Full L turn. Double pike stumbled back, at least three steps, maybe four.

Colbi Flory 54.2 AA.

4:17 pm. Esparza UB- Stalder to maloney, pak caught close, Ray to high, inbar half breaks form and she has to reswing, gets it together for Jaeger, short on handstands, double layout close to the bars, little hop.

Riley McCusker gets a 14.6 on bars to finish 56.45! Should keep her safely in second.

4:16 pm. Joyner BB- Hit the beginning, front aerial, sissone + wolf jump, I don’t think the two jumps were connected. Side aerial, leg up. Double tuck a little short, and then she stumbles it back.

4:15 pm. Soza VT- DTY, a tiny bit short in rotation but a nice big vault.

4:13 pm. McCusker UB- She apparently missed her release in warm-ups. Stalder full + Maloney, big Ricna caught close, pak with leg sep, clean van Leeuwen, love her leg form, stalder, front giant, and her crazy backwards arabian, which is like…a half into a double back instead of the other way around.

4:11 pm. Flory BB- Nice wolf turn, solid flight series, punch front with a little step, side somi, front aerial + sissone, slowly connected, sheep jump, leg form is wonky on her 2.5 and she takes a step to the side.

Perea 13.65 on floor and 55.5 AA, Shilese Jones 55.0 AA, Alyona Shchennikova 13.4 FX and 54.2 AA, Olivia Dunne 53.75 AA.

4:06 pm. Shchennikova FX- Arabian double front, pretty heavily cowboyed. Front double full with a step. Finishes well.

4:03 pm. Arenas UB- Off on van Leeuwen I think. Then falls again on Tkachev.

14.85 for Maile’s beam puts her at 57.05, currently in first by a point and a half!!!

4:02 pm. O’Keefe BB- This girl casually rolled in a major underdog, stayed calm while everyone fell around her or got injured, and now has potential to come out on top. Like, YAS. NAILS SIDE AERIAL LOSO LOSO. SCREAMING!!!! Full turn, switch + switch half, bhs bhs layout YES YES YES YES YES. I’m crying. Front aerial, pause, sissone + split jump. Girl, you got this. Switch ring. Big double pike to finish. MAILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:00 pm. Perea FX- She looks so little but in reality is pretty tall. Tucked full-in hopped out of bounds. 1.5 through to 2.5, decent landing. Triple rotated a little weirdly, hops forward. Double tuck with a hop.

Jordan Bowers 53.15. Tori Tatum 54.45. Jaylene Gilstrap 52.2. Aria Brusch 52.4.Lauren Letzsch 52.5.

3:57 pm. Brusch BB- Casual standing full, looks great. Front aerial + sissone + split jump, nicely connected. Leg up on bhs loso. Hits the rest, including double pike dismount with a step. Good work coming back from bars.

Morgan Hurd finishes with a 55.4 after a 14.4 on her DTY. Kalyany Steele finishes with 54.7, a good score for her. Same goes for Madeleine Johnston, who had a great day and finished with 54.2. Trinity Thomas finishes with 53.4 after a fall on bars. Lauren Little ends with 51.85.

3:54 pm. Thomas UB- Arched over toe-full and had to take an extra swing to get it back under control, fell on Tkachev. What a day. Comes back for pak, van Leeuwen, gorgeous double layout.

3:50 pm. Rotation Three

1. Maile O’Keefe 42.2
2. Gabby Perea 41.85
— Riley McCusker 41.85
4. Shilese Jones 41.65
5. Shania Adams 41.35
6. Kalyany Steele 41.1
7. Trinity Thomas 41.05
8. Morgan Hurd 41.0
9. Alyona Shchennikova 40.8
10. Tori Tatum 40.65
11. Madeleine Johnston 40.6
12. Elena Arenas 40.55
13. Colbi Flory 40.5
14. Frida Esparza 40.15
15. Emily Lee 39.8
— Olivia Dunne 39.8
17. Jordan Bowers 39.65
18. Sunisa Lee 39.45
19. Aria Brusch 39.4
20. Lilly Hudson 39.25
— Kinsey Davis 39.25
22. Cameron Machado 39.2
23. Sloane Blakely 39.15
24. Adeline Kenlin 39.05
25. Jaylene Gilstrap 39.0
26. Lauren Letzsch 38.85
27. Deanne Soza 38.15
28. Jaymes Marshall 37.45
29. Hannah Joyner 37.4
30. Lauren Little 37.35
31. Emma Malabuyo 27.6
32. Chae Campbell 24.5
33. Alyssa Al-Ashari 13.4

3:46 pm. Hudson FX- She gets the arena to herself for this one. Throws herself into her double L turn before her good double pike, just a step. Nice 2.5 to finish.

3:44 pm. Machado FX- Double wolf turn is nice, double pike with a hop, 2.5 with a step, GORGEOUS double L to full pirouette, double tuck a little short with a deep landing.

3:43 pm. 13.7 for Riley McCusker on vault ties her with Perea, currently second with only two scores to come in I think.

3:41 pm. Malabuyo has scratched bars. 😦 😦

Marshall FX- very nice and clean work.

3:39 pm. Flory UB-Toe half + Jaeger, bail is a little messy, to toe full to toe on to Ray, double layout almost stuck, Very nice work…just some form things to fix.

O’Keefe’s bars, which we missed, get a 13.6 to bump her about four tenths ahead of Gabby Perea.

3:37 pm. Dunne BB- Switch + switch half, stumble on front aerial before jump series, good punch front tuck, big bhs loso, switch ring, side aerial, double pike, great. Good job, Olivia!

14.8 for Shilese Jones’ DTY!

3:35 pm. Perea gets a 13.55 on beam to take the lead at the halfway point of this rotation. Her big competition right now is Maile O’Keefe, who has a killer beam coming up in the final rotation. Emma Malabuyo will also finish on beam, so she’s hoping to come back from her vault there.

3:34 pm. In addition to Chae Campbell pulling out, Alyssa Al-Ashari is also withdrawing due to an aggravated elbow injury.

3:33 pm. Some scores during the break…Hurd 14.0 FX, Esparza 13.85 VT, Brusch 12.15 UB, Gilstrap 13.6 BB, Little 13.2 FX

3:32 pm. Letzsch FX- Omg she just had a turn sequence that was GORGEOUS. Remind me to look this up later. Finishes with a good double tuck. PROMISING.

3:29 pm. Perea BB- Okay, Gabby and Maile are my only hopes now. GET IT GABBY. GORGEOUS standing full. It’s hard to make a standing full gorgeous, but she does. Jump series, bhs + bhs + layout with her leg up but she holds on. Switch + switch half + back tuck, slight check. Switch ring with her back leg not as good as it could be. Front aerial misses connection to side somi, which has a little bobble. 2.5 dismount, steps over and almost off the mat so she has to fight to hold it up…but overall good work. Just a few things to clean up for Sunday.

3:27 pm. Hurd FX- Stuck piked full-in COLD. No question about that landing. Gorgeous attitude turn. Front full to front double full almost stuck, just a hop to the side as an afterthought. Double pike low with a hop.

Joyner 11.45 UB, Little 13.2 FX, Steele 13.55 UB, Johnston 13.1 BB, Emily Lee 13.65 BB, Sunisa Lee 13.4 VT, Davis 13.05 BB, Soza 13.1 FX

3:26 pm. Brusch UB- Weiler half + Maloney, big Tkachev, big Ricna, toe full, bail + toe shoot, caught a little close there. Toe-on, hit feet on the low bar on the last giant going into her dismount and her double layout is way short, causing her to fall forward. SO CLOSE.

3:24 pm. Johnston BB- Solid bhs loso. Switch half. Sheep jump. Front aerial. Nothing super difficult but nicely done. Side aerial with a check. Double tuck with a step. She’s having a great day!

Little FX- Hit last pass, which is all we saw.

Thomas 14.0 on vault, Tatum 14.25 on vault, Blakely 13.3 on floor, Kenlin 13.95 on bars.

3:23 pm. Steele UB- Toe full, Maloney + pak caught a little close with her arms weird. Chow, Jaeger, stalder, toe-on, big floaty stuck double layout. Good girl!

3:21 pm. Soza FX- Rotation is a little short on her 2.5. Crashes double pike. UGH. I am gutted for her.

3:20 pm. Kenlin UB- Inbar + Ricna, stalder full + pak, very arched but still nice. Maloney, stalder half is way short, double front half-out hit well. Great foundations there…just needs to fix some of the form and her rhythm.

3:19 pm. Thomas VT- Gorgeous big clean FTY. Beautiful.

3:18 pm. Blakely FX- Big double arabian and a front double full to punch front to start. 2.5 with a little stumble. Double tuck stumbled back a bit.

3:12 pm. Rotation Two

1. Maile O’Keefe 28.6
2. Gabby Perea 28.3
3. Riley McCusker 28.15
4. Emma Malabuyo 27.6
— Shania Adams 27.6
6. Kalyany Steele 27.55
7. Madeleine Johnston 27.5
8. Aria Brusch 27.25
9. Trinity Thomas 27.05
10. Morgan Hurd 27.0
11. Shilese Jones 26.85
12. Alyona Shchennikova 26.75
13. Colbi Flory 26.65
— Cameron Machado 26.65
15. Tori Tatum 26.4
16. Frida Esparza 26.3
17. Kinsey Davis 26.2
18. Emily Lee 26.15
— Olivia Dunne 26.15
20. Sunisa Lee 26.05
21. Hannah Joyner 25.95
22. Jordan Bowers 25.9
23. Sloane Blakely 25.85
— Lilly Hudson 25.85
25. Elena Arenas 25.55
26. Jaylene Gilstrap 25.4
27. Lauren Letzsch 25.25
28. Adeline Kenlin 25.1
29. Deanne Soza 25.05
30. Chae Campbell 24.5
31. Jaymes Marshall 24.45
32. Lauren Little 24.15
33. Alyssa Al-Ashari 13.4

3:10 pm. Arenas FX- Hit opening pass, stumble on wolf turn, hit next pass…double tuck to finish is good.

3:09 pm. Shchennikova UB- Inbar full, Komova II with flexed feet to inbar to piked Tkachev, not enough height and too much push backwards. Nowhere near to catch. Hit the rest, including a gorgeous double layout.

3:07 pm. Jones FX- 1.5 through to full-in tucked, double arabian, hit third pass. Double back to finish, couldn’t see if it was tucked or piked. #ZoomOut Great powerful work from this kid as usual.

14.55 for Perea on bars, 13.35 for Malabuyo’s vault, 13.3 for Thomas  on floor, 13.6 for Tatum on floor.

3:05 pm. Dunne UB- Van Leeuwen, toe full + Tkachev, clean. Toe-on to pak, slight flex in her feet. Toe shoot. Some leg sep on her front giant half. Full-twisting double tuck dismount, hit. Some form stuff but overall a good job and a hit routine.

Steele 14.95 for her DTY! 13.45 for Hurd on beam.

3:04 pm. Hurd BB- Bhs loso, doesn’t go into the loso after to play it safe. She’s good at thinking on her feet. Switch ring. Punch front. Side aerial. Aww, her side aerial loso is gone then…I guess it’s all about playing it safe. Tucked full-in dismount is the opposite of playing it safe, though, and she nails it!

3:02 pm. Malabuyo VT- DTY rotation is a little short, doesn’t get a great block or a ton of distance.

Perea UB- Stalder full + Chow half, inbar half + Jaeger, toe full + pak, couldn’t see the next skill because WE WERE ZOOMED IN SO CLOSE but I think it was a van Leeuwen? Double layout is so clean. YAY.

3:00 pm. Thomas FX- Double layout into a big split jump that goes way higher than what she was anticipating! Hits the sweet spot. Waves her arms around to control it. 1.5 through to double tuck, big step back and out-of-bounds. Double pike with a hop back and then another hop forward. Triple full, under-rotated and short, stumbles forward…don’t think she put her hands down? But it was close.

2:53 pm. Little BB- Punch front to wolf jump, full turn, floaty bhs loso loso, front aerial + pike jump, side aerial, nice jump series, switch + back tuck, double full with a step.

10.95 for Soza on beam. 😦 14.0 for McCusker on floor, 13.8 for Sunisa Lee on floor, 13.45 for Blakely on beam.

2:50 pm. Davis UB- Hit routine

Soza BB- Please hit this PLEASE. UGH. Very first skill, switch leap is off and she grabs the beam then falls. Gets up, does back pike…and falls again. WHY. Off again on side aerial. She needs to get back together mentally because this is heartbreaking. Punch front to wolf jump. Hits bhs loso. Double pike with a step. This poor kid.

2:48 pm. Blakely BB- Switch to switch half, front aerial not connected to her back tuck. And then she tries to connect another back tuck out of that? Hahaha. Great punch front into her jump series. Finishes well.

Lee UB- Hit routine

2:45 pm. McCusker FX- Full-in with a great landing though some form issues in the air. Second pass is nice. Double pike with a step.

14.65 for O’Keefe on vault, 13.85 for Adams on floor, 13.8 for Flory on vault, 13.15 for Machado on beam, 13.9 for Joyner on vault (I thought it looked good but what do I know, I’m sure I missed something), 13.3 for Kenlin on vault, 9.6 for Campbell on bars, and she has scratched the rest of the meet.

2:44 pm. Adams FX- Saw the double pike (a little short) and a good double tuck.

Joyner VT- WOWSERS, excellent Yurchenko 1.5! Looked almost fully stuck, maybe a tiny shuffle.

2:43 pm. O’Keefe VT- Great DTY.

Campbell UB- Maloney, toe full but botches it and has to regroup with lots of handstands and stuff. Clear hip over arches and it’s actually pretty, and she gets it back there too. Tkachev, front giant, gets NO tap into the double front dismount, gets ONE rotation around and then starts slowly going into the second and lands on her HEAD. Ugh. She starts to get up but then just sits back down. OOF. Why. It’s almost like she decided MID DISMOUNT to just stop. Oof again.

2:38 pm. Rotation One

1. Chae Campbell 14.9
2. Madeleine Johnston 14.7
3. Alyona Shchennikova 14.5
4. Emma Malabuyo 14.25
5. Riley McCusker 14.15
6. Deanne Soza 14.1
7. Maile O’Keefe 13.95
8. Frida Esparza 13.9
9. Gabby Perea 13.75
— Trinity Thomas 13.75
— Shania Adams 13.75
12. Emily Lee 13.6
— Aria Brusch 13.6
14. Morgan Hurd 13.55
15. Cameron Machado 13.5
16. Alyssa Al-Ashari 13.4
17. Olivia Dunne 13.35
18. Kinsey Davis 13.2
19. Jordan Bowers 13.15
20. Lilly Hudson 13.05
21. Shilese Jones 12.95
22. Colbi Flori 12.85
23. Tori Tatum 12.8
— Elena Arenas 12.8
25. Kalyany Steele 12.7
26. Jaylene Gilstrap 12.45
27. Sloane Blakely 12.4
28. Sunisa Lee 12.25
29. Lauren Letzsch 12.1
30. Hannah Joyner 12.05
31. Adeline Kenlin 11.8
32. Jaymes Marshall 11.55
33. Lauren Little 11.05

2:35 pm. Tatum BB- Lemonade leo! Bhs loso with bent legs. Low punch front tuck. Good switch to back tuck. Side aerial, small pause before jump series. Sheep jump. Double tuck, good work.

Deanne Soza gets a 14.1 on bars, Frida Esparza 13.9 on beam, Gabby Perea 13.75 on vault. Trinity Thomas gets a 13.75 on beam which seems a little high. Morgan Hurd gets 13.55 on bars.

2:34 pm. Hurd UB- Huge Ray, but falls on inbar full to Tkachev! NOOOOO. Inbar to pak is super clean, arches over on handstand before Ray to high, great handstand before inbar half to front giant half, whips double double dismount around and is maybe a HAIR short in her rotation but it’s mostly great.

2:32 pm. Thomas BB- Forward roll mount, full turn lacked control, one-armed loso loso with her leg up and she has to touch the beam to steady herself. Front aerial into her jump series is good. Side aerial, punch front tuck with a big stumble. Very nervous skills from her today. Switch to switch half is nice. Clean switch side. Hits double tuck well.

2:31 pm. Kenlin FX- Very messy tucked full-in…her leg form in the air needs a lot of work and it made her landing tough as well. Hit her second pass well. Double tuck stumbled back and sat OOB.

2:29 pm. Joyner FX- Fell at the beginning but hit her last two passes well.

Little UB- I think she’s the youngest here. Doesn’t get enough of a push off on her Maloney, legs come apart, and she can’t reach the high bar. Fall. Basically just starts her routine over.

Perea VT- Huge clean FTY.

2:28 pm. Soza UB- Giant full to Tkachev, Ray, toe half to Ezhova is great. Her form is DROOL-WORTHY. Seriously, everyone needs to be Deanne Soza. Toe-on arches over but she does a good ojb getting it back under control. Inbar shoot to high, full-twisting double layout with a slight pike and a step.

2:23 pm. Some more scores…Riley McCusker 14.15 on beam, Lilly Hudson 13.05 on bars, Colbi Flory 12.85 on floor, Sloane Blakely 12.4 on bars. 30 second touch now for those in the second half of the lineup.

2:22 pm. Flory FX- Caught this from the Memmel, hits double pike with a hop back. Oh mylanta, I LOVE this leo.

2:21 pm. McCusker BB- Front aerial, misses connection into jump series. Hip check on bhs loso loso landing but overall not bad. Switch to switch half, a little short and a little stumble. Check on side aerial. Stumble on sheep jump. A very nervous routine so far, even a slight check on her full turn. Great double tuck to finish.

13.75 for Shania Adams on beam. 13.95 for Maile O’Keefe on floor.

2:18 pm. O’Keefe FX- Good landing on full-in, just a little shuffle. 1.5 through to 2.5 with a step forward but she turns this step into a little choreo which is always a smart save. Clean and solid double tuck. Double pike with a small hop.

Emily Lee gets a 13.6 on vault. Elena Arenas 12.8 on beam. 14.25 for Emma Malabuyo on floor. 13.5 for Cameron Machado’s bars. 11.55 for Jaymes Marshall’s bars.

2:17 pm. Machado UB- Stalder full to Maloney to pak (leg sep), toe-on to van Leeuwen (leg sep), stalder to toe half to front giant half, double layout with leg separation and a small hop.

Alyssa Al-Ashari gets a 13.4 on vault.

2:15 pm. Malabuyo FX- Tucked full-in, almost stuck. Front double full to front tuck to stag, very nice. 1.5 to 2.5 to stag is a little uncontrolled. Finishes with a STUCK double pike!

Chae Campbell gets a 14.9 for her DTY! 12.95 for Shilese Jones on beam. 13.6 for Aria Brusch on floor.

2:14 pm. Marshall UB- Hit Jaeger and pak, full-in with a step.

Some scores…Shchennikova 14.5 VT, Olivia Dunne 13.35 VT, Bowers 13.15 UB

2:13 pm. Brusch FX- Nice piked full-in and 1.5 to double full to start. She hit her third pass, which I didn’t see, and then landed her double pike slightly short with her back leg coming up.

2:12 pm. Here’s my preview for who will win juniors – literally anyone. No joke, there are probably eight girls who could get the title depending on how everyone hits.

2:09 pm. From the junior competition, Jordan Chiles withdrew due to a knee injury sustained in podium training. Others who withdrew include Kiya Johnson, Abigail Scanlon, Megan Freed, and Victoria Nguyen.

2:08 pm. Touch warm-up happening now and then it’s go time!

2:05 pm. While the juniors don’t have Olympic Trials selection on the line or anything, they will be trying here to make the national team. In recent years, Martha Karolyi has been just going with the top six juniors at nationals and then adding to that as the year goes on based on the needs of the team. Up to eight additional funded spots are available, but for the most part, you really want to be in the top six here.

2:04 pm. National anthem time! It’s almost time to START.

1:52 pm. So, the action will start in only a few minutes! I’m actually not in St. Louis, and it’s so weird because I’ve been to every nationals since 2009, but alas, full time jobs are a necessity sometimes. I’ll be blogging from the stream, which you can also watch here. Think of my commentary as a little something extra…as requested by those who like following along to see skill names and all that good stuff.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

15 thoughts on “The 2016 P&G Championships Junior Day One Live Blog

  1. These juniors are so talented but so inconsistent. Malabuyo, Hurd, Perea, Soza, Chiles, Alexeeva (if she ever gets to compete), and Thomas are all so good. Akexeeva and Chiles are out and Soza imploded on beam at the time I commented. So after 1 1/2 rotations out of 8 I think Perea, Makabuyo and Hurd are the top contenders.


  2. Very impressed by all the girls but especially Trinity Thomas. Her amplitude on floor is ridiculous and she’s also very good at the non-tumbling skills! And Sunisa Lee’s bars are fantastic. If only they could develop the consistency of some of their senior counterparts…


  3. McCusker splatted TWICE in warmups on that release move, and was apparently so distracted by it she messed up her swing before she even got there in her routine, and had to improvise, but she did nail the move. And WHO was it in the last rotation on FX (Lee? Davis?) who stopped dead in the middle of a tumbling run, finished the rest of the routine pretty well, but noticeably limped off? That didn’t look good, but it was hard to tell how much of it was injury and how much was just disappointment at messing up. She was limping pretty heavily when they were lining up to walk out.


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