Spiridonova and Tutkhalyan to Compete in France


The annual Elite Gym Massilia competition held in France is coming up in just a few short weeks, and we’re especially excited to see what should be an awesome team from Russia, this year’s silver medalists at the Olympic Games.

Olympians Daria Spiridonova and Seda Tutkhalyan will lead the team that also includes Anastasia Iliankova and Elena Eremina, both of whom were gold medalists at this year’s European Championships, with Iliankova winning the bars and beam titles while Eremina won the all-around.

The Russians will compete in the masters session against Great Britain, Australia, and the host team, France. Junior European Championships team members Taeja James, Lucy Stanhope, and Alice Kinsella will compete alongside first-year senior Georgia-Mae Fenton for Great Britain. Australia is sending Naomi Lee, Georgia Godwin, Erin Modaro, and Talia Folino, while France will include first-year seniors Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos and Coline Devillard against European Championships juniors Lorette Charpy and Morgane Osyssek.

The competition also includes an open session, which allows both federations and club gyms to register for spots. Gymnasts competing in the open can qualify to compete into the masters session as all-arounders, and any gymnast who competes in the masters session can then qualify into event finals.

Nine countries will have gymnasts competing in the open, with France sending the biggest contingent, including 12 representing the federation — including European Championship team members Alison Lepin, Janna Mouffok, Melissa Poitreau, and Alisson Lapp — and another 25 competing for various gyms. Belgium and Israel will also have a few gymnasts competing for each country, while several gyms from Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and the United States have also opted to send gymnasts.

The big name in the open session is Irina Alexeeva of WOGA, who won the junior all-around title at the Secret U.S. Classic this summer but wasn’t eligible to compete at nationals due to her citizenship status. We’ll also see the Merkova twins, Adela and Vendula, sent by the Bohemians gym along with their teammate Kristyna Brabcova, and the Western Australia Institute of Sport will send recognizable names like Darcy Norman, Aya Meggs, and Yasmin Collier.

A full list of competitors is below.

Talia Folino
Georgia Godwin
Naomi Lee
Erin Modaro
Lorette Charpy
Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos
Coline Devillard
Morgane Osyssek
Georgia-Mae Fenton
Taeja James
Alice Kinsella
Lucy Stanhope
Elena Eremina
Anastasia Iliankova
Daria Spiridonova
Seda Tutkhalyan
Alizee Aicardi, ASCM Toulon
Irina Alexeeva, WOGA
Mey Line Anton, Etoile
Alba Ascencio, Gym Flip Beaucaire
Carly Au, Futures
Rosales Avery, Tumblers
Mia Banks, Club Waverly
Eugenia Barbosa, Elite Gym Mexico
Elly Bayes, NCE Melbourne
Clemence Behier, Etoile
Ines Ben Rhouma, France junior
Mathilde Bithore, Union Haguenau
Leanne Bourgeois, France mixed
Kristyna Brabcova, Bohemians
Eva Breney, Union Haguenau
Romi Brown, Club Waverly
Vanessa Bryk, Futures
Maelle Buret, Etoile
Luna Cassart, Belgium
Adelaide Challes, La Saint Loise
Juliette Chapman, Tumblers
Ana Paula Chavez, Elite Gym Mexico
Rebekah Chen, Club Waverly
Yasmin Collier, WAIS
Niamh Collins, WAIS
Tess Cuntz, Union Haguenau
Margaux Daveloose, Belgium
Agathe Deshayes, La Saint Loise
Megan DiPietro, Dynamo
Barbara Doddoli, Elite Gym Mexico
Daniela Doddoli, Elite Gym Mexico
Jessica Dowling, Dynamo
Louna Dozon, ASCM Toulon
Myriam El Koucho, Dunkerque
Skylar Ellis, Futures
Cassidy Ercole, Sydney West Gymsports
Tzuf Feldon, Israel
Cato Fleurackers, Belgium
Romane Fontaine, Dunkerque
Julia Forestier, France junior
Audrey Foucault, Gym Fly
Aline Friess, France junior
Clara Gandrey, France mixed
Anna Garde, ASCM Toulon
Alba Gilcedopetisco, Gym Flip Beaucaire
Lily Gresele, WAIS
Linda Hamersak, Austria
Madison Hughes, Dynamo
Victoria Jurca, Gym Fly
Assia Khnifass, France senior
Sophia Kola, Belgium
Ofir Kremer, Israel
Alisson Lapp, France mixed
Rachel Laval, Club Waverly
Gabriella Lazo, Elite Gym Mexico
Emma Lenoir, Dunkerque
Alexandra Lens, Etoile
Alison Lepin, France senior
Alice Lesaffre, Dunkerque
Lea Marques, France mixed
Kate McDonald, Club Waverly
Aya Meggs, WAIS
Adela Merkova, Bohemians
Vendula Merkova, Bohemians
Caitlyn Montgomery, Club Waverly
Brooklyn Moors, Dynamo
Janna Mouffok, France seniors
Hope Moxam, Futures
Manon Muller, Belgium
Darcy Norman, WAIS
Melissa Poitreau, France seniors
Loicia Porte, La Saint Loise
Sophie Prince, WAIS
Eadie Rawson, NCE Melbourne
Carlotta Rodrigues, Gym Flip Beaucaire
Mia St-Pierre, Gym Fly
Xenia Samstag, Austria
Violeta Sanchez, Gym Flip Beaucaire
Celia Serber, France junior
Emma Spence, Dynamo
Sidney Stephens, WAIS
Chloe Storey, Belgium
Clementine Toulorge, La Saint Loise
Alisson Truchard, ASCM Toulon
Lisa Vaelen, De Gympies
Margo van Linden, De Gympies
Emeline Vancon, Avenir Montalbanais
Julie Vandamme, Belgium
Fien Vandeberg, De Gympies
Jade Vella-Wright, Club Waverly
Laurie-Lou Vezina, Gym Fly
Ema Watterson, Delta Gymnastics
Axelle Wolf, Union Haguenau
Kirsi Wolfisberg, Austria
Pirjo Wolfisberg, Austria

Elite Gym Massilia begins with the open competition on Friday November 11, followed by the masters team and all-around meet on Saturday and event finals on Sunday. If you’re in the Marseilles area and want to attend, please visit the official event website for more information.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

2 thoughts on “Spiridonova and Tutkhalyan to Compete in France

  1. Dreams for this meet:
    Seda hits beam/floor/everything and scores like 60+ and the Rodionenkos will then worship her beause 60+
    Irina Alexeeva gets 58-59 and American Citizenship in time for P&G Champs.
    Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos unveils a dos santos on floor just because
    AUSTRAILIA Does well
    Both Russian juniors do well because Russian juniors.


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