Four Olympians Back for Elite Canada


Four of the five gymnasts who represented Canada at the 2016 Olympic Games will return for next weekend’s Elite Canada.

The competition will be held in Halifax, the home turf of Ellie Black, a two-time Olympian who made history in Rio by reaching Canada’s highest all-around finish in history when she placed fifth in the final. Black will join fellow two-time Olympian Brittany Rogers and Rio teammates Shallon Olsen and Rose-Kaying Woo at the start of what should be a thrilling season for Canada, the host federation for the 2017 World Championships in Montreal.

Olympic alternate Megan Roberts is also expected to compete, as are 2015 worlds team members Sydney Townsend and Audrey Rousseau and the country’s most promising new seniors Jade Chrobok and Haley de Jong.

Some of the most exciting gymnastics will come from the junior session with Ana Padurariu leading the field there. In the wake of the Olympic Games, the 14-year-old nearly swept both the Pan Am Championships and the Olympic Hopes Cup, winning nine individual golds between the two meets, with Pan Ams vault the only final she didn’t attempt. Her score of 57.15 at the Olympic Hopes Cup was the fourth-highest in the world among the 1300 gymnasts who competed internationally in the post-Olympic period, and though she’s too young to earn a spot at worlds this year, she will absolutely be a leader in Canada’s future.

Other junior names to keep an eye on include Victoria Jurca and Sophie Marois, both of whom worked on building up their international experience last year, and we’re also excited for the senior debuts of Megan Phillips and Brooklyn Moors. I actually thought Marois turned senior this year, and she’s listed as having been born in 2001 on her FIG profile, so it could be a mistake that she’s on the junior roster for this meet, but either way, she’s a fun one to watch.

2016 Olympic beam finalist Isabela Onyshko is not on the roster, and while she has been keeping her eyes on landing in an NCAA program, she has not yet retired from elite so it’s possible we could see her later in the season. Also missing are several of last year’s top seniors who have gone off to NCAA programs, including Olympic alternate Madison Copiak and Olympic Trials competitors Kirsten Peterman, Sabrina Gill, and Maegan Chant. Victoria-Kayen Woo has deferred college for a year to make a run for this year’s worlds team, so we’ll likely see her back in action soon.

A full list of competitors is below. For more information, check out our coverage guide.

Kierstin Anderson, Pegasus Madeline McLellan, Calgary
Alyson Arcand, Capital City Coralie Melancon, Les Reflexes
Sofia Baggio, Rideau Brooklyn Moors, Dynamo
Marjory Bastien, Viagym Shallon Olsen, Omega
Ellie Black, Halifax ALTA Megan Phillips, Gymnix
Amy Bladon, Bluewater Megan Roberts, East York
Lindasy Chia, Rose City Brittany Rogers, Calgary
Seina Murase-Cho, Omega Audrey Rousseau, Equilibrix
Jade Chrobok, Gemini Meaghan Ruttan, Calgary
Haley de Jong, Flicka Meaghan Smith, Ottawa
Laurie Denommee, Viagym Dahlia Solorzano-Caruso, Galaxy
Alexis Didomizio, Burlington Madeline Straker, Manjak’s
Alexis Djoboulian, Laval Excellence Sydney Townsend, Milton Springers
Jessica Dowling, Dynamo Laurie-Lou Vezina, Gym-Fly
Kayla Folz, Sudbury Laurels Jamie Wakin, Springers
Jillian Hutchings, Campia Rose-Kaying Woo, Gym-Richelieu
Taryn McEvoy, Rose City Sonita Zlobec, WIMGYM
Zoe Allaire-Bourgie, Gymnix Victoria Jurca, Gym-Fly
Madisen Bedard, Flicka Jillian Langille, TAISO
Vanessa Bryk, Futures Chloe Lorange, Gymnix
Juliette Chapman, Tumblers Jenna Manuel, Titans
Maelle Delourmel, Gymnix Sophie Marois, Viagym
Gabrielle Deslauriers, WIMGYM Charlotte McDevitt, Equilibrix
Megan DiPietro, Dynamo Eloise Monat, Equilibrix
Jordyn Ewing, TAISO Myrelle Morin, Gymnix
Molly Fiorito-Laplante, Equilibrix Chelsea Murray, WIMGYM
Audrey Foucault, Gym-Fly Bailee Nadin, Flicka
Samantha Fourchalk, Flicka Ana Padurariu, Gemini
Laurie Gagnon, Les Reflexes Xuan Patenaude, WIMGYM
Brienna Gaspar, Twisters Imogen Paterson, Vancouver
Sara Giard, Gym-Plus Frederique Payn, Omega
Alexis Gillespie, Panthers Amanda Pedicelli, Equilibrix
Serra Gillis, Prince Albert Avery Rosales, Tumblers
Jaden Gorsline, Calgary Mia St-Pierre, Gym-Fly
Rachel Grenke, Capital City Quinn Skrupa, Brandon Eagles
Elizabeth Holmstrom, Capital City Emma Spence, Dynamo
Calle Inkster, Norfort Annie-Pier Theriault, Viagym
Charlotte Innes, Calgary Alexandra Tonkin, Milton Springers
Lucia Jakab, Okanagan Kiera Wai, East York
Ilka Juk, Calgary Emily Walker, Marian
Brooke Biggin, Langley Anna Marshall, Flicka
Chloe Burridge, London Valerie Menezes Thibault, Laval Excellence
Hayley Carlson, Campia Rylee Miller, Can-Am
Jayne Carvell, Flicka Patricia Miron, Gymnix
Kyra Cato, Calgary Nyla Morabito, Niagara Acro Cats
Alexandra Collins, Cygnus Lauren Mounsey, Futures
Kyleigh Crawford, Okanagan Jada Niles, Futures
Kennedy Duke, Langley Hanna Nixon, Tumblers
Marissa Engh, Twisters Elizabeth Noble, TAG Sports
Angelique Gates, Flicka Sarah Pace, Cygnus
Julia Gillies, Quebec Performance Kiora Peart-Williams, Milton Springers
Kamryn Greenhalgh, Okanagan Camryn Pellerine, TAISO
Audrey Grimard, WIMGYM Daryna Porada, Quebec Performance
Rebeka Groulx, Gym-Richelieu Cassandra Rafuse, Futures
Makenna Guidish, Flip City Clara Raposo, East York
Lora Harter, Omega Jovie Richardson, Bluewater
Bailey Inglis, London Rachael Riley, Bluewater
Anna Inkster, Norfort Mikhayla Rosenow, Twisters
Amanda Jaggard, Okanagan Jenna Sartoretto, Futures
Piper Johnson, Calgary Mara Steinfort, Club Aviva
Okeri Katjavari, Brandon Eagles Leah Tindale, Dynamo
Evalyn Kauffman, Pegasus Ivy Tupper, Canmore Illusions
Alex Keats, Capital City Sydney Turner, TAG Sports
Sophia King, Calgary Saki Yoshida, GADBOIS
Jordis Kliewer, Twisters Nya Zonneveld, Revolution
Nya Kraus, Queen City Kinsmen Erika Zullo, Gym-Plus
Emmanuelle Lalonde, Unigym Gatineau

Article by Lauren Hopkins

7 thoughts on “Four Olympians Back for Elite Canada

  1. Sucks that Ellie Black is out but she should be fine for the latter part of the season. If Ellie and/or Shallon manage to bring home an medal on home soil this fall I will pee my pants.


  2. A few belated notes: apparently Isabela Onyshko will not be competing because she’s not 100% recovered from Rio,but is planning to be back later in the year, so rumours of her retirement that were going around were a bit premature. It will also be interesting to see if Rose Woo is back in top form after a somewhat disappointing Olympics.
    There are a couple more elites that are not on this roster that are worth mentioning: Meixi Semple, Montana Fairburn (an excellent vaulter in Jr) and Emilie Dumont. Also worth noting is a club switch for Xuan Patenaude from Gymnix to WIMGym.


    • I heard Isabela was looking at Stanford, which requires athletes to enter in the fall (no late spring starts like other programs allow) so if she did opt for Stanford, she’d have to either enter Fall 2017 or Fall 2018 and I was wondering if she was going to push it back a year for worlds…happy to hear it’s likely she’ll wait on college because there’s still quite a lot she can accomplish at the elite level.

      Yes, there were quite a few that we didn’t mention but I tried to keep it to the seniors with worlds or otherwise major international experience…I do that for every article/country otherwise you’re mentioning everyone under the sun and people get upset like “why did you mention X and not Y as someone who’s missing out?!” Easier to keep it to a standard of major international competition.


      • Isabela is an exceptional student, so it’s good that she’s looking for a school with exceptional academics. I imagine that it would be worth putting off university until 2018 for the opportunity to compete a worlds in her home country.
        I mentioned the others, not as criticism of your coverage, but as additional info for anyone who was interested. The others are still juniors, and so no major international competitions. However, Meixi was at Pac Rims, so I assumed it might make her name a bit more recognizable.


        • Yes, it would be great for her to compete at worlds in Montreal, and I think she could also have a good shot at a beam medal! And I appreciate the other names being brought up…just wanted to let you know I wasn’t ignoring them for any reason!


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