The NCAA Week 4 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the fourth week of competition in the 2017 NCAA women’s gymnastics season! Refresh every few minutes, and the most recent updates will appear on the top. Have any questions? Ask in the comments or on Twitter and I’m happy to respond here!


6:07 pm. UC Davis defeats Sacramento State 194.925 to 193.000. Great day for UC Davis!

6:06 pm. Omg, in the Alabama state meet between Bama and Auburn, Bama counted TWO FALLS on bars which is shocking?! Shea Mahoney, Aja Sims, and Kiana Winston all had falls! No video for this, just live stats unfortunately, but Auburn likely to walk out the winner!

6:04 pm. Yektaparast, UC Davis, FX- Hit opening pass. Double tuck second pass. 2.5 to punch front, tumbling line is a little off but that aside it’s a good pass.

6:03 pm. Caitlin Soliwoda, Sac State, BB- Split jump to excellent split 3/4, bhs bhs loso is clean, punch front full with a hop.

6:01 pm. Holder, UC Davis, FX- Punch double front with a step back. Front layout front full. Double tuck with a little skid back.

5:59 pm. Courtney Soliwoda, Sac State, BB- Bhs loso is big and floaty. Switch to straddle 3/4, front toss, full turn, split to straddle side, bhs to stuck gainer full.

5:57 pm. Brown, UC Davis, FX- Double pike with a step back looked OOB from here but I couldn’t see if a flag went up. Double tuck with a slight bounce back. Hit last pass.

5:56 pm. Rice, Sac State, BB- Press handstand mount is lovely, drops it down onto her elbows, signature badass move. Nails the bhs bhs loso. Her choreo is hilarious. Sheep jump with leg sep, beat jump down to her knees which is a little awkward. Full turn, Sissone with a low back leg, 1.5 stuck.

5:54 pm. Presswood, UC Davis, FX- Double back to start. Front layout front full with a step. Double pike with a lunge back.

5:52 pm. Kyle, Sac State, BB- Split jump to straddle half, front walkover to side aerial, big switch side, random wobble while she was walking LOL okay, and a punch front tuck full dismount with a step.

5:50 pm. Jones, UC Davis, FX- Double pike with a fab landing. 1.5 to front layout. Rudi to finish is solid.

5:49 pm. Catour, Sac State, BB- Bhs loso lands a little low and she has a fall. Switch to straddle side. Front toss with a big wobble. Split to split side. Gainer pike with a small step.

5:47 pm. Michovska, UC Davis, FX- Double tuck looked like it lacked energy but she covers up the landing nicely. Hit middle pass. Nice Rudi to finish.

5:46 pm. Konner, Sac State, BB- One-armed bhs loso, switch to tuck 3/4, hit dismount.

Stanford pulls out the win! 195.900 to Arizona’s 195.650 after coming up from behind with a fantastic floor.

5:45 pm. Sheppard, Arizona, BB- Switch leap to split jump, bhs loso, hit. Side aerial, beautiful. Full turn. Great lies. 1.5 dismount. Excellent routine.

Ashley Tai of Stanford will scratch floor.

5:44 pm. Oh yeah, Stanford’s got this. Fab floor rotation for them and even with only five up I think it’s impossible for Arizona to catch up! 195.900 which is a major improvement.

5:43 pm. Price, Stanford, FX- Huge sky-high double tuck. Front full to front layout, large step forward. Switch side to straddle full. Ends with a double pike, basically stuck.

5:41 pm. Hendrickson, Arizona, BB- Beat to split 3/4, bhs loso, nice. Full turn. Switch leap to straddle side, side aerial, completely off and falls. Dismounts with a gainer full. Arizona will count a fall and with the scores as tight as they are, it means Stanford, also counting a fall, could win!

5:40 pm. Daum, Stanford, FX- Double pike, beautiful choreography. 1.5 to front layout, nicely done. Ring leap to switch half. Double tuck to finish.

5:38 pm. Ortiz, Arizona, BB- Bhs loso, strong. Full turn, small wobble. Side aerial to layout full dismount.

5:36 pm. UC Davis leads Sacramento State before the final rotation, 145.700 to 144.675.

Oh my holy GOD, Lauren Rice is doing a floor exhibition that’s like a remix of all of the best worst music ever in the history of mankind, including Britney, Backstreet Boys, Let’s Get It On, this is a hilarious epic disaster of brilliance.

5:35 pm. Cole, Stanford, FX- Britney Spears music, I already love it. 2.5 to punch front, huge. Holy straddle jump. Insane flexibility. Double tuck. Front full to front pike, tries to do a stag out of it but looks like an odd hop instead.

5:33 pm. Howard, Arizona, BB- Beautiful mount showing her flexibility. Nice tick tock. Bhs loso, stuck. Pike to back tuck, small balance check. Full turn. Almost falls on her switch leap. Repeats and connects it to a straddle side. Tucked gainer full off the end.

5:31 pm. Juarez, Sac State, FX- Sat double arabian to start, literally landed it right on her butt, no feet first. Clean in the air at least! Front layout front full front pike. Rudi to Shushunova. Got over the fall quickly at least!

Hoffman, Stanford, FX- High double tuck. Front handspring front layout front full, nicely done. Handspring Rudi to finish.

5:29 pm. Brown, UC Davis, BB- Switch leap to switch leap. Clean bhs loso. Solid cat leap to side aerial. 1.5 dismount with a step.

Cowles, Arizona, BB- Nice full turn. Front aerial to bhs. Nice flow to this routine. Switch leap to split jump, great lines. Standing loso, small wobble. Gainer layout full dismount. Good stuff.

5:27 pm. Konner, Sac State, FX- Double pike, great start. Double tuck, chest angle is slightly down. Last pass is also great.

5:25 pm. Jones, UC Davis, BB- Floaty front aerial. Check after bhs loso. A little short on her jump series, and wobbles after. Cartwheel to stuck gainer full.

D McNair, Stanford, FX- Sky high double pike. Double tuck. Nice Star Wars music. Ends with a 1.5 to front layout.

5:23 pm. Caitlin Soliwoda, Sac State, FX- Whip to double tuck. Skid on her Rudi. 1.5 to punch front, looked like she landed the layout no problem but then kind of just fell back.

Schneider, Arizona, BB- Front toss, only lands on one foot and falls. Repeats the front toss to back walkover. Front full dismount.

5:22 pm. Yektaparast, UC Davis, BB- Bhs loso with a little bobble, switch leap to straddle side, switch half, great double full. I finally know how to spell her name without looking.

5:20 pm. Catour, Sac State, FX- Kind of a long wait for her. Great double pike. 1.5 to punch front, looked like a tuck but hard to see from this angle. Rudi to finish.

5:17 pm. Suzuki, UC Davis, BB- Bhs loso with a step back, cat leap to side aerial, side scale, gainer full with a step.

5:15 pm. Brenner, Sac State, FX- Rudi loso, double pike with a perfect landing, good double tuck to finish.

5:14 pm. Kreager, UC Davis, BB- Full turn, bhs bhs loso looks like she has it but she second guesses and hops off. Lovely walkover work in her choreo. Hit dismount.

Arizona keeps a lead over Stanford, 147.100 to 146.725.

5:13 pm. Swanson, Arizona, FX- Front handspring Rudi. Whip to layout full I believe. Ends with a great 2.5.

5:12 pm. Schmeiss, Sac State, FX- Super sassy start to this routine. Double pike to start has a little shuffle back. Punch Rudi loso, excellent in the air. Double tuck is low with a big step forward.

5:11 pm. N McNair, Stanford, BB- Need this routine to not count a fall. Bhs loso, wobbles but holds on. Side aerial, great. Gainer full dismount.

5:10 pm. Presswood, UC Davis, BB- One-armed bhs loso, lots of amplitude! Beat jump to straddle jump, check on full turn, low switch half, punch front layout full, tries to fight for the stick.

5:09 pm. Schneider, Arizona, FX- Beautiful double pike, front layout to front full, some form issues. Great choreography in this routine. Ends with a stuck double tuck, chest a bit down.

5:07 pm. Daum, Stanford, BB- Bhs loso, small balance check, great full turn, switch leap to split jump, cat leap to front aerial to beat jump. Dismounts with a stuck 1.5!

5:05 pm. Howard, Arizona, FX- Double tuck, very clean. Epic music for an epic routine. Front layout to front full. Ends with a double pike, hop back.

5:03 pm. Tai, Stanford, BB- Bhs loso bhs, a little off center but she holds on. Dismounts with a clean 1.5.

5:02 pm. UC Davis leads 97.025 to Sacramento State’s 96.6 going into the third rotation.

5:01 pm. Sheppard, Arizona, FX- Triple full, legs were crossed but who cares? It’s a triple full. 1.5 to front layout. Ends with a double full to punch front, really nice.

5:00 pm. Michovska, UC Davis, UB- Nice handstand, giant full to huuuuge Gienger but as impressive as that is she’s nowhere close enough to catch it. Short handstand before bail, short handstand before giant full to double tuck with a hop forward.

4:59 pm. Cole, Stanford, BB- Bhs loso, hits it nicely. Switch leap to straddle side. Front aerial to beat jump. Full turn. Double full dismount with a hop back.

4:58 pm. Konner, Sac State, VT- Yurchenko layout half, good landing.

4:57 pm. Laub, Arizona, FX- Begins with a punch front to 2.5, kind of an awkward landing. Wolf full to straddle full to wolf full. Double full to punch front but takes a few steps OOB.

Brown, UC Davis, UB- Shaposh, good handstand before bail to toe shoot, ankle sep midway through giant full so only gets it around halfway. Swings down and does another giant half into a double tuck dismount. I’d imagine two separate giant half pirouettes into the dismount will screw her start value?

4:56 pm. Belkoff, Sac State, VT- Guessing she’s related to Corinne at ASU? Yurchenko layout half stuck cold! Excellent.

4:55 pm. Kreager, UC Davis, UB- Beautiful giant full to Gienger to overshoot, just slight leg sep on the Gienger catch. Another giant full literally right on top of the bar into a double tuck, stuck. Brilliant!

4:54 pm. Caitlin Soliwoda, Sac State, VT- FTY, very little block, but clean and with a good landing.

D McNair, Stanford, BB- Side aerial, falls off. Bhs loso, wobbles. Full turn is nice, switch half, another wobble. Dismounts with a gainer pike off the end.

4:52 pm. Holder, UC Davis, UB- Clear hip to shaposh, bail, giant half (ankle sep) to double front with a hop back.

Fitzgerald, Stanford, BB- Nice hitch kick to front toss. Front aerial to bhs. Dismounts with a front full.

Mattson, Arizona, FX- Starts with a double pike, chest a bit low. 1.5 to front layout, messy legs on the latter, switch side to straddle full, double tuck to end.

4:51 pm. Catour, Sac State, VT- FTY, good distance, but it’s short…stumble forward.

4:50 pm. Little, UC Davis, UB- Beautiful high Gienger, leg sep on the catch, clear hip to slightly messy bail, clean last handstand before giant full right into the bar into a double tuck, good landing, just a small step to steady it.

4:49 pm. Kyle, Sac State, VT- Her hair is pink! FTY, almost no block off, gets very little height and barely rotates it. Lands super low and has to take a jerky lunge forward, almost looks hurt like she’s limping off but seems fine.

4:48 pm. Schmeiss, Sac State, VT- FTY, clean in the air, step forward.

Suzuki, UC Davis, UB- Clear hip to clean pak, toe shoot, giant full to double tuck with a big step back.

4:44 pm. Medvitz got a 9.925 for that beam, by the way! ROUTINE OF THE WEEK. It was seriously beautiful.

4:43 pm. With Stanford counting a fall, Arizona pulls into the lead 97.9 to 97.75.

Illinois defeated Penn State, 195.625 to 193.250.

4:41 pm. Price, Stanford, UB- Nice shaposh, great piked Tkachev to bail to toe shoot. Dismounts with a nearly stuck double layout.

Leduc, Illinois, FX- Double pike. Front full to front layout. Omg her middle choreo is awesome, with the pounding on the floor and exploding back. I love this routine and she’s selling it. Rudi to finish is great.

4:39 pm. Medvitz, Penn State, BB- One-armed bhs to loso, beautiful. Switch leap to sissone, her low beam choreo is lovely, full turn, beautiful scale, this is a magnificent routine! Cat leap to front aerial to gainer layout stuck! YESSSS. That was amazing.

UC Davis leads Sacramento State 48.4 to 48.1.

4:38 pm. Buchanan, Illinois, FX- Hit first pass, then a solid double tuck. Finishes with a 1.5 to front layout, clean on both.

Swanson, Arizona, VT- Nice FTY, slight bent knees but sticks the landing. Arizona is only putting up five vaults.

Maxwell, Stanford, UB- Nice Ray, a bit short on handstands. Last handstand on giant full is nice. Connects it to a double tuck.

4:36 pm. Garcia, Penn State, BB- Front aerial to beat jump, bhs loso, full turn, beat jump to straddle jump to sheep jump, LOVE. Cat leap to gainer full with a tiny bounce in place.

Daum, Stanford, UB- Legs apart on bail, huge Tkachev but falls. Dismounts with a double arabian. Stanford will have to count a fall.

4:35 pm. Hodan, Illinois, FX- Nailed first pass. Clean Rudi loso. Rudi to finish.

Brown, UC Davis, VT- FTY, not bad.

Juarez, Sac State, UB- Piked Jaeger but bends knees when she catches and takes an extra swing into the overshoot. Stumble on double arabian dismount.

Leung, Arizona, VT- Very nice FTY, a bit piked. Her first time competing this vault.

4:33 pm. McCracken, Penn State, BB- Wolf turn, front aerial to bhs, the rest is good including a stuck gainer full.

Sheppard, Arizona, VT- Another Yurchenko half, with a hop forward.

Rice, Sac State, UB- Bail, Markelov! full-in with a small step.

D. McNair, Stanford, UB- Nice straddle Jaeger to overshoot. Nice handstands. Dismounts with a stuck double layout.

4:32 pm. Howell, Illinois, FX- Double tuck, hit middle pass, and a double pike with a lunge back to finish.

Courtney Soliwoda, Sac State, UB- Saw most of this, good Tkachev and a solid double layout.

Jones, UC Davis, VT- FTY a little short with a step forward.

Yu, Stanford, UB- Shaposh to bail to toe shoot, hit her dismount.

4:30 pm. Collins, Penn State, BB- Check on front aerial, bhs layout with a little fight to hold it, cat leap to switch side. Cat leap to stuck gainer full.

Holder, UC Davis, VT- Handspring front pike with a hop.

N McNair, Stanford, UB- Giant half, tries to muscle it up but falls. Starts over. Giant half to piked Jaeger, great handstand on bail, dismounts with a full-in.

Mattson, Arizona, VT- Stuck Yurchenko half.

4:29 pm. Caitlin Soliwoda, Sac State, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to pak (leg sep), arched over a handstand and had to jump off. Gets back on with a good last handstand and a double layout stuck with feet apart.

Nguyen, Illinois, FX- Good double pike. 1.5 to front layout with a step forward to finish.

Laub, Arizona, VT- FTY, a bit piked.

4:27 pm. Ng, Sac State, UB- Stalder to Tkachev, nice! Bail, giant full to double tuck stumbled back.

Waddell, Penn State, BB- Cat leap to front toss, bhs loso is solid, gainer full with a slight step.

Michovska, UC Davis, VT- FTY, chest down and a step.


4:24 pm. Hicks, UC Davis, VT- Yurchenko layout, not bad.

Kyle, Sac State, UB- Straddle Jaeger, bail a little messy, giant full clean to double tuck with a little balance fight.

Schuller, Penn State, BB- Switch to straddle side, hands down on beam and then a fall. Cat leap to front toss to bhs. Hit dismount.

Yektaparast, UC Davis, VT- Tsuk tuck full, hop back.

Roe, Illinois, FX- Big double pike. Double tuck is also good. Front layout front full with a step.

4:22 pm. Stanford leads 49.15 to Arizona’s 49.05. Good start for the Card!!!

4:21 pm. Spencer, Arizona, UB- Huge Gienger, nice handstands, good bail, short on final handstand, double layout with a hop forward.

4:20 pm. Illinois is playing “Sweet Caroline” in the background, RED SOX FEELS.

Price, Stanford, VT- Stupid high FTY!! Huge. Small shuffle on landing.

4:19 pm. Cole, Stanford, VT- FTY, off center, takes step to the left.

Ortiz, Arizona, UB- HUGE straddle Jaeger, giant full off on handstand to double tuck.

4:16 pm. D McNair, Stanford, VT- FTY, clean in the air, hop back.

Berg, Arizona, UB- Great piked Jaeger, bail, dismounts with a stuck full-in.

4:15 pm. Only five went up on floor for Penn State. Two point lead for Illinois right now, 146.550 to 144.400.

4:13 pm. Leduc, Illinois, BB- Needs to save them from counting a fall…bhs loso is solid, full turn, Onodi is gorgeous, handstand swing down to back roll, the only choreo stuff that matters in my life today, switch to sheep jump, 1.5 with a hop.

Laub, Arizona, UB- Nice handstand, nice Tkachev, arched bail barely holds on, ends with a double layout, huge but step back.

4:12 pm. Tsang, Penn State, FX- Big double arabian, but a little TOO big and steps OOB. 1.5 to front layout half, chest down. Double pike to her knees which is a bummer but with the way her routine finishes at least she doesn’t have to get down to the floor!

Hendrickson, Arizona, UB- Giant half to straddle Jaeger to overshoot, double layout dismount with a step in place.

Tai, Stanford, VT- FTY, a little piked with a hop back.

4:10 pm. Horth, Illinois, BB- Full turn, big amplitude on her bhs loso but she unfortunately is a little off-line and falls. Switch leap doesn’t connect to her next skill. Does switch to straddle side a second later. Beat jump to tuck jump full. Side aerial to layout full with a deep but stuck landing.

Yu, Stanford, VT- FTY, nice position in air, hops in place.

4:08 pm. Garcia, Penn State, FX- Double tuck is sky high. Double pike a little deep. 1.5 to front layout, very nice!

N McNair, Stanford, VT- Clean vault, hop to the side.

Howard, Arizona, UB- Nice piked Jaeger, bail, good handstands, ends with a giant full to stuck double tuck.

4:07 pm. Howell, Illinois, BB- Bhs loso is solid. Switch to straddle side. Front toss with her leg up on a balance check. Cat leap to switch side. Crowd ooooohs at her flex hold before her gainer pike dismount, step forward.

4:05 pm. Schuller, Penn State, FX- Front double full with a step forward to control it. Whip half to front full is great. Whip half to Rudi.

4:04 pm. Nguyen, Illinois, BB- Full turn, front aerial to back loso, really like that series! Cat leap to ..nothing. Thought it would’ve been connected. Switch leap to split jump to beat jump. Punch front full dismount stuck on her toes.

4:02 pm. Politz, Penn State, FX- Double pike with her chest down but her feet are solid. Double tuck also with her chest down. 1.5 to front layout is nice.

4:00 pm. Roe, Illinois, BB- Bhs loso is solid, switch to straddle side, cat leap to standing loso, awesome. Full turn, roundoff to stuck 1.5! Excellent work.

3:59 pm. McCracken, Penn State, FX- Rudi to start, very nice in the air. Switch ring is nice but she goes for what looked like a tour jeté half and it was short. Wolf jump half. 1.5 to front layout with a little skid forward. Must be missing something?? That can’t be a full routine? I guess some of her leaps make up for a lack of tumbling but lawd that didn’t seem like a real routine.

3:57 pm. Hodan, Illinois, BB- Side aerial to bhs, nice. Switch leap to straddle side. Beat jump, illusion turn, awesome. Cartwheel to stuck gainer full. Very nice leadoff!

3:55 pm. I’m trying not to look at the live stats for Illinois because they’ve already started but the feed is behind so it’s like SPOILER ALERT.

3:50 pm. After two rotations, Illinois leads 97.525 to 96.925!

In about ten minutes, I’m going to be doing UC Davis vs Sacramento State while our good pal Joe does Stanford vs Arizona! All on this same blog. Get excited.

3:49 pm. Donovan, Illinois, UB- Big piked Jaeger to overshoot, wobbles on her squat on, short last handstand before giant full to double tuck with a step.

3:48 pm. Leduc, Illinois, UB- Giant full to Tkachev, pak with leg sep, good last handstand, and a giant full to double tuck with a little wobbly landing, arm waving as she tried to fight for the stick.

3:47 pm. Tsang, Penn State, VT- Big Yurchenko 1.5! Almost stuck, just slight form problems in the air.

3:46 pm. Horth, Illinois, UB- Ahhh here she is. Clean van Leeuwen, over arches handstand before super clean Gienger to overshoot, nice last handstand, and a full-out with a step forward.

3:45 pm. Garcia, Penn State, VT- FTY, nice in the air, hop on the landing.

3:44 pm. Howell, Illinois, UB- Piked Jaeger, Horth was supposed to go here I thought, clean pak, clean last handstand, giant full to double tuck with a hop back.

3:43 pm. Politz, Penn State, VT- Yurchenko layout with a hop back. Why does Penn State have two Yurchenko layouts in their five-person vault lineup?!

3:42 pm. Balthazor, Illinois, UB- Toe-on to super high Tkachev to overshoot, giant full right on top of the bar to a low double tuck with a hop forward.

3:41 pm. LaGuardia, Penn State, VT- FTY, not bad, chest slightly down and a bounce on the landing.

West Virginia won with 196.300 followed by Denver with 195.900, Towson with 194.775, and Temple with 193.625. Temple is keeping those scores UP this season!!! And that’s with counting mistakes on beam and floor.

3:40 pm. Waddell, Penn State, VT- Almost no block for her Yurchenko layout.

Lyons, Illinois, UB- Piked Jaeger to overshoot, lovely last handstand, double layout stuck.

3:38 pm. Penn State VT lineup: Waddell, LaGuardia, Politz, Garcia, Tsang

Illinois UB lineup: Lyons, Balthazor, Horth, Leduc, Buchanan, Donovan

3:37 pm. UNH beat Utah State earlier today, btw…195.175 to 194.075. Hilarious because last night I said to my friend that UNH would get a 195.2 today. I’m amazing at guessing scores with zero thought into it.

3:35 pm. Koshinski, WVU, FX- Big double layout. WVU already has the win without this routine! #Big12Upset 1.5 to front layout. Double pike, deep landing.

Penn State was ahead of Illinois after the first rotation, 48.675 to 48.55 by the way.

3:33 pm. Muhammad, WVU, FX- Big double pike, excellent front tuck through to double tuck.

3:32 pm. Fobes, Towson, BB- Whoever went before her got a 9.9! I missed that whole routine. Nice jumps, full turn, bhs loso with a big wobble, switch to straddle side, finishes with a punch 1.5 dismount.

3:30 pm. Gillette, WVU, FX- Double pike into a controlled lunge. Good double tuck. 1.5 to front layout a little short but covers it well.

Garcia, Penn State, UB- Piked Jaeger, bail, great last handstand, double layout stuck cold! Beautiful!

Todd, Temple, UB- Piked Jaeger, giant full to double tuck with a step.


3:29 pm. Arone, Temple, UB- Jaeger, short bail, double layout with a good landing.

Tsang, Penn State, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, double layout with a step forward.

3:26 pm. Cumber, WVU, FX- Double pike a little short. Double tuck is good.

Oliveiri, Temple, UB- Pak (leg sep), hit routine otherwise.

Yarussi, Towson, BB- Nice jump series. Stuck 1.5 dismount.

Leduc, Illinois, VT- Solid FTY.

Politz, Penn State, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, hit dismount.



3:25 pm. Odom, Temple, UB- Piked Jaeger to overshoot, Jaeger is practically laid out. Fell on something on the high bar after…probably handstand business. Toe front dismount.

Temkov, Towson, BB- Good jump series, hit routine.

Karr, Denver, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 stuck!

Penn State, UB- Big Jaeger to overshoot, double layout stuck with her chest down. I think this was Raygoza.

3:22 pm. Ross, Denver, VT- FTY a little short but only a wee bit. Slight bounce in place.

Bernard, WVU, FX- Great first pass. Solid double tuck. Finishes with a 1.5 to front layout, good landing.

Fielitz, Denver, VT- Solid enough FTY.


Lyons, Illinois, VT- FTY, a little short.

3:21 pm. Addison, Denver, VT- Big FTY with a hop back, loose form.

Lovely bars for Penn State just now. Medvitz I think?

3:20 pm. McKellar, Towson, BB- Hit routine.

Merwin, WVU, FX- Rudi loso first pass is good. 1.5 to front layout with a little hop. Rudi to finish nicely.

Schou, Denver, VT- FTY a little short and a little messy.

3:19 pm. The WVU stream is playing the most obnoxious music ever OVER the commentary voices. #stab #stab #stab

I think the Illinois stream is like at least five minutes behind real life.

3:17 pm. Denver VT lineup: Schou, Addison, Ross, Fielitz, Karr

3:15 pm. Illinois VT lineup: Horth, Howell, Lyons, Balthazor, Buchanan, Leduc, Givens

Penn State UB lineup: Medvitz, McCracken, Raygoza, Politz, Tsang, Garcia

3:13 pm. West Virginia leads with a 147.100, followed by Denver with a 146.975, Towson with a 145.825, and Temple with a 144.900.

3:11 pm. Doggette, WVU, BB- Front toss with a big wobble and a stumble and a fall. That just brought Denver back in the game as they’ll now have to count Goldberg’s routine. Front toss to bhs is good the second time. Full turn. Lovely sheep jump. Beat jump to sissone. Gainer pike off the end with two tiny steps.

3:08 pm. Galpin, WVU, BB- Bhs loso with a break at the hips. These commentators are former WVU gymnasts I think and they’re such WVU fangirls…they really need to figure out how to be reporters and not fangirls. Split jump to sheep jump, slightly flexed feet. Stuck dismount.

Illinois vs Penn State coming on now. They’re still doing intros so it’ll be a little while.

3:06 pm. Wright, WVU, BB- Three beam routines left to go and every other event is done. Beat jump to split half, front toss to Korbut, excellent. Full turn, front toss with a break at the hips but she fights nicely. Gainer pike off the end to finish.

3:04 pm. Ranti, Towson, UB- Toe-o to bail to toe shoot, giant full to double tuck with a hop forward.

Gillette, WVU, BB- Full turn, solid bhs loso. Stuck 1.5. Excellent routine there.

Addison, Denver, FX- Double layout a little deep. 1.5 to front layout. Finishes with a Double pike, great.

Solid 48.75 for Temple on vault!


3:01 pm. Mahgoub, Temple, VT- Stuck FTY. Very nice!

Koshinski, WVU, BB- Super long wait for her. Bhs loso with a wobble. Cat leap to switch side. Double tuck with a step.

McKellar, Towson, UB- Huge piked Jaeger. Super clean pak! Lovely double front! Wow, that was great.

Karr, Denver, FX- Double pike. Rudi right into the corner to finish.

Eubanks, Temple, FX- Yurchenko layout half is a little short.


2:58 pm. Gipson, Temple, VT- Big FTY with a bounce back.

Schou, Denver, FX- Opens with a big front double full with a step forward. 1.5 to front layout. Good Rudi to finish.

Baker, Towson, UB- Maloney to overshoot, giant full to double tuck a little low but stuck with her feet apart.



2:57 pm. Ross, Denver, FX- Double pike with a little stumble. Rudi with a big bounce back. Game of Thrones music. Good last pass.

Todd, Temple, VT- I think it was a tsuk back tuck.

Tucker, Towson, UB- Giant full, bail to toe shoot, holds last handstand forever but then bends her knees and has to come off. It looked like she was holding the most amazing handstand ever but nope, a mistake. Finishes with a double layout with a hop back.

2:55 pm. Everett, Temple, VT- FTY with a little bounce back.

Yarussi, Towson, UB- Toe-on to Maloney, overshoot, giant full to double tuck with a bounce.

2:54 pm. Odom, Temple, VT- Big stuck vault.

Harada, Towson, UB- Hit routine.

Goldberg, WVU, BB- Hit routine, but missed connection in flight series and had to repeat it, hop on the dismount.

Loper, Denver, FX- Front lay front pike, finishes with a 1.5 to front layout.

2:52 pm. Ball State finishes with 194.025 after an awesome 49.1 on floor! Kentucky beat them with a 195.300.

2:49 pm. At the Denver meet it’s WVU 98.425, Denver 97.9, Towson 96.950, and Temple 96.15 at the halfway point.

Menzione, Ball State, FX- Huge double tuck to start, front full front layout, and double pike to finish. Solid floor rotation for Ball State!!

2:47 pm. Towson UB: Harada, Yarussi, Tucker, Baker, Mckellar, Ranti

WVU BB: Goldberg, Koshinski, Gillette, Wright, Galpin, Doggette

Denver FX lineup: Loper, Ross, Schou, Karr, Addison

2:46 pm. Kentucky finishes their meet with a 195.300, not bad considering they didn’t go in with their top-notch lineups and counted low scores on bars. Their best was beam by far, where they posted a 49.05.

Odom, Temple, FX- Whip half to front full stumbled OOB. Good double tuck but her heel goes OOB.

Ebeyer, Ball State, FX- Big double pike to start. Rudi loso, nice.

2:43 pm. Gipson, Temple, FX- Hit opening pass, lots of stuff in combo. Double tuck with a great landing. Rudi.

Beckler, Ball State, FX- Big double tuck to open up. Front layout front full with a little stumble forward. Omg her leg hold that she throws down into a split!!!!! ALL THE AWARDS. Hit last pass. Crazy hair girl is FAB.

2:41 pm. Karr, Denver, BB- Sie aerial to bhs with a stumble and a fall, so Denver will count a fall. Hitch kick to side aerial. Beat jump to split full with a stumble. Stuck 1.5 to finish.

Finke, Ball State, FX- Another 2.5 to front tuck. Double pike is solid.

Dukes, Kentucky, BB- Front aerial, little bobble. Switch to switch side. Sheep jump with a wobble. Stuck 1.5 to ifnish.

2:39 pm. Ross, Denver, BB- Full turn is lovely, excellent switch ring, front aerial to bhs, side aerial to layout full with a great landing.

Todd, Temple, FX- Good double pike to start. Hit middle pass well. Rudi bounced OOB.

Korth, Kentucky, BB- Great one-armed bhs to loso. Cat leap to switch leap to back tuck. Double full with a solid landing.

2:37 pm. Cluchey, WVU, UB- Caught release, pak with leg sep, solid dismount.


Arms, Ball State, FX- Nice 2.5 to front tuck! Stepped out of second pass to bring it under control. Last pass is a front handspring Rudi.

2:34 pm. Goldberg, WVU, UB- Big piked Jaeger, bail is short, double layout with a hop forward.

Fielitz, Denver, BB- Bhs loso, fall. Clean side aerial. Gainer full with a step back.

Oliveiri, Temple, FX- Rudi is good. Finishes with a double tuck, step back and then she sits it.

Kuehl, Ball State, FX- Hit everything and skidded on last pass.

2:32 pm. Fobes, Towson, VT- Awesome handspring front tuck.

Schou, Denver, BB- Lovely front aerial to bhs. Nice beat jump to sheep jump. Hit gainer full dismount.

Everett, Temple, FX- Double pike is good. Solid set from her.

Muhammad, WVU, UB- Tkachev, full-twisting double layout with a hop back.

2:30 pm. McKellar, Towson, VT- Tucked FTY, just hopped her feet together.

Addison, Denver, BB- Full turn, bhs loso is clean, side aerial also landed sideways, DENVER THINGS. Hit dismount.

Gillette, WVU, UB- Toe shoot, Gienger (leg sep) caught close, pak with big leg sep, giant full to double tuck with a step forward.

Eastern Michigan beat Western 195.400 to 194.900.

2:29 pm. Arone, Temple, FX- Hit what I saw. Finished with a 1.5 to front tuck landed super low but she stood up out of it.

Baker, Towson, Vt- Yurchenko layout, clean with a hop back.

Wright, WVU, UB- Maloney to bail (ankle sep) to Ray, giant full to stuck double tuck.

2:28 pm. Bernard, WVU, UB- Saw giant full to double tuck, stuck.

Loper, Denver, BB- Saw it from the switch half, but the rest looked hit. Side aerial landed sideways. Punch 1.5 dismount! Nice.

2:27 pm. Jennings, WVU, FX- Only saw the end, a short double pike with a big step forward.

2:26 pm. Conrad, EMU, BB- Bhs loso is a little off line and she falls. Side aerial layout full stuck.

WVU UB lineup: Bernard, Wright, Gillette, Muhammad, Goldberg, Cluchey

Denver BB lineup: Loper, Addison, Schou, Fielitz, Ross, Karr

Temple FX lineup: Arone, Everett, Oliveri, Todd, Gipson, Odom

2:24 pm. Merritt, WVU, FX- Whip half to front layout to finish, that’s all I saw.

UNH got a 48.85 on beam, by the way…overcame a fall and Casey Lauter got a 9.85. Utah State got behind on floor counting a fall. Only a 48.15 total…9.9 for Madison Ward though.

2:23 pm. Valentin, EMU, BB- Bhs bhs loso is gorgeous. Cat leap to switch half. Gainer full stuck, hops heels together.

Kentucky has been doing floor exhibitions for 84 years.

West Virginia 49.25, Denver 49.15, Towson 48.525, Temple 48.075 by the way.

2:22 pm. Underwood, WVU, FX- Big double front to start, Rudi with a bounce back to finish.

2:20 pm. Juncaj, WVU, FX- Only saw her Rudi to finish but apparently it was a great routine.

Tucker, Towson, FX- Double pike. Hit middle pass. Double tuck with her chest down but a nice landing otherwise.

Rubin, EMU, BB- Bhs bhs loso, solid. Split jump to messy sheep jump. Good dismount.

2:18 pm. Gervais, EMU, BB- Nailed flight series, bhs loso with a perfect landing, side aerial is also perfect, hit jumps well, little wobble on her front aerial, side aerial, 1.5 with a hop.

Todd, Temple, BB- Front toss with a little wobble. Has to redo connection, front toss to back tuck. Stuck gainer full!

2:16 pm. Dobronics, EMU, BB- Bhs bhs loso, nice! Straddle to pike jump 3/4 it looked like. 1.5 with a hop to the side.

Kentucky leads Ball State 146.225 to 144.925. High for Kentucky on floor was a 9.825 from Hyland.

2:14 pm. Peszek, WMU, FX- Big double tuck to start. Front full to front layout a little short with a skid. Good Rudi to finish.

Ross, Denver, UB- Good handstand, toe-on to Gienger, nice pak, looked like she took an extra swing on the low bar but I blinked so maybe not. Double layout stuck! EXCELLENT.

2:13 pm. Ogden, Denver, UB- My first time seeing her compete NCAA! I’m excited. Maloney to bail to toe shoot, all nice, good last handstand, and a full-in stuck cold!! NICE.

2:11 pm. Koshinski, WVU, VT- Huge Yurchenko 1.5, not stuck but pretty close! Great positioning on the landing but her feet move a tiny bit to hold on.

Karr, Denver, UB- Hit release, bail, nice last handstand, and a double layout stuck with a little balance fight.

2:10 pm. Muhammad, WVU, VT- FTY not as big as the last one but also stuck cold! Super clean in the air with a stuck landing as well. Fabulous!

2:08 pm. Penny, Ball State, BB- Hit jump series, switch half with a little bobble, hit the dismount.

Cluchey, WVU, VT- FTY stuck COLD! YAS. That was great.

Lomonte, Denver, UB- Maloney (leg sep) to bail (a little off balance), stalder to double tuck with a great landing.

2:06 pm. Beckler, Ball State, BB- Wobble on flight series but no falls, finished with 1.5 with a hop.

Merwin, WVU, VT- Yurchenko layout half with a hop forward.

Addison, Denver, UB- Caught release, bail arched over and she had to regroup her swing. Big deduction. Double layout with leg sep and a hop back.

Hyland, Kentucky, FX- Double pike a tiny bit low. Cut off after that.

2:04 pm. Goldberg, WVU, VT- Good FTY, hop back.

Kern, Denver, UB- Caught release, bail, double layout dismount with a step.

I think Alaina Kwan just did floor for Kentucky, looked like a good routine.

2:03 pm. Bell, Ball State, BB- Hit flight series, the rest was good.

Adding WVU vs Denver and Towson and Temple into the mix!

Bernard, WVU, VT- Yurchenko layout half with a hop forward.

2:02 pm. McEachern, EMU, FX- Saw front full to front pike and double tuck which got distance but not a ton of height, a little short with her chest down and a step.

2:01 pm. Buis, WVU, BB- Commentator just talked about someone “coming up a bit gimpy” on the vault LOL???????? Is that an appropriate way to say it? Bhs loso with a bobble. Switch leap to switch half with a slow connection and no amplitude on the second leap. Hit dismount.

Slonim, Ball State, BB- Bhs bhs loso with a big bobble but she saves it. Double full with her chest down.

1:57 pm. Peszek, WMU, BB- Bhs bhs loso, lovely! Good jump series. Stuck the dismount.

Menzione, Ball State, BB- Hit flight series. Punch front to beat jump. Good dismount.

Gendron, EMU, FX- 1.5 to punch front layout skidded with a step OOB.

We’re missing all of Kentucky on floor FYI.


1:56 pm. Marino, EMU, FX- Double pike is solid. Front layout front full to a jump. Lovely Rudi to finish.

Washington, Ball State, BB- Side aerial to two feet! Nice skill but she fell, sadly. Punch front full a little messy with a step to the side.

1:55 pm. Underwood, WMU, BB- Lovely flight series, jump series had a nice tuck full as the second jump, full turn, hitch kick to side aerial with a little wobble, lovely scale, cartwheel to gainer full with a little step.

1:53 pm. Audet, EMU, FX- Front tuck through to double tuck, excellent! Great amplitude on her jumps. Double pike is also great. More big jumps.

1:52 pm. Juncaj, WMU, BB- Bhs loso, full turn, beat jump to split full with a wobble, cat leap to side aerial to layout full, just hops her heels together.

1:51 pm. Dobronics, EMU, FX- Solid and big double pike. Front full to front tuck. Big double tuck to finish up strong.

1:49 pm. Ruble, WMU, BB- Solid bhs loso. Switch to straddle side. Great cat leap to side aerial. Stuck gainer pike off the end! NICE!

Menzione apparently brushed her feet on her overshoot, which makes sense for the judging confusion and the low score.

1:48 pm. Brooks, EMU, FX- They only showed the last pass, which was hit.

Ball State literally JUST finished bars, they had two exhibitions after the final competitor. LAWD. So it’s break time for them now.

1:47 pm. Corbett, WVU, BB- Bhs loso with a bobble. Front toss to beat jump. Cat leap to switch side. 1.5 dismount with a hop forward.

1:46 pm. Kentucky now has a sizable lead against Ball State, 97.575 to 96.775. Utah State still leads UNH 97.725 to 97.35…good meet for both teams so far, including a 9.9 for Danielle Mulligan (UNH) on bars!

1:45 pm. Jessie Peszek just did an interview and if you close your eyes it sounds 900% like Sam, it’s SO freaky.

1:44 pm. Beckler, Ball State, UB- Good first handstand, giant half to straddle Jaeger to overshoot, good handstand, full-in with a step to the side. This is her hair btw. #GetIt

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 1.43.32 PM.png

1:43 pm. EMU leading 97.625 to WMU’s 97.375, by the way. Gonna be a close one!

1:42 pm. Penny, Ball State, UB- Great handstand, giant half to piked Jaeger to overshoot, excellent! This girl was impressive on vault too. Great last handstand before giant full to double tuck, which is a little too close to the bar and has a step back. But mostly an impressive set!

1:39 pm. Menzione only got a 9.3 on bars so I don’t know what went wrong there…I missed the very beginning but she def didn’t fall…that’s probably why it took so long, judging discrepancies and blah blah blah. I wish we could see the start value.

Hacker, Ball State, UB- Piked Jaeger to overshoot, giant full to double tuck with a small step back.

1:38 pm. Bars judges for Ball state are taking their sweet ass time. Kentucky has been done with vault for 45 hours and Ball State still has three routines to go.

1:37 pm. Buis, WMU, UB- Tkachev (which was called a “unique release move” hahaha), great last handstand, giant full (ankle sep) to double tuck with a great landing.

1:36 pm. Menzione, Ball State, UB- Gienger (slight leg sep) to overshoot, double layout with a step back.

49.125 for Kentucky on vault, including a 9.925 from Korth! Good recovery after bars.

1:35 pm. Underwood, WMU, UB- Good hanstand, giant full is slightly off to Gienger with leg sep, bail (leg sep), short last handstand before messy giant full to double tuck, stuck.

1:34 pm. Korth, Kentucky, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, small hop to the side.

1:33 pm. Peszek, WMU, UB- Hit release, great last handstand, double layout almost stuck! Nice routine from Little Sam.

1:32 pm. Schwartz, EMU, VT- FTY with small steps back.

Gresham, EMU, VT- Huuuge Yurchenko full, step on the landing.

1:31 pm. Juncaj, WMU, UB- Clean first handstand, giant half to piked Jaeger to overshoot (leg sep on the latter), giant full to heavily cowboyed double tuck.

Benoit, Ball State, UB- Super messy bail to toe shoot, hit giant full to double tuck nicely.

1:30 pm. Dobronics, EMU, VT- FTY, legs bent in the air, but a good landing.

Waltz, Kentucky, VT- Clean FTY with a great landing.

1:29 pm. Holtgren, EMU, VT- Hit

Hyland, Kentucky, VT- Weird seeing her lead off. Hit FTY.

Hood, WMU, UB- Good Jaeger, bail with leg sep, giant full to double tuck with a small step.

Kuehl, Ball State, UB- Clean first handstand, giant full (ankle sep) to Tkachev (bent knees) to overshoot, bent legs on handstand before giant full (leg sep) to double tuck (step back).

1:27 pm. Still waiting for the second rotation to start. The absolutely horrifying Ball State mascot is terrorizing children on the floor which is fantastic to watch.

1:22 pm. 9.85 for Korth puts Kentucky at 48.45 ahead of Ball State with a 48.425.

Eastern Michigan is beating Western Michigan 49.25 to 48.5.

Utah State is ahead of New Hampshire 48.775 to 48.6.

1:20 pm. Now that vault is done hopefully they’ll actually show bars though who knows because right now they’re just zooming in on the terrifying Ball State mascot. BIRDS DON’T HAVE TEETH.

Korth, Kentucky, UB- Caught piked Jaeger, bail, full-twisting double layout with a little bounce in place.

9.3 for Hyland so guessing she fell, meaning Kentucky will have to count that 9.4 from Waltz AND a 9.6 from Stuart. Looks like they’re playing with the lineup, though, so I’d expect lower scores than usual for most of this meet.

1:19 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, UB- THEY CUT AWAY THE SECOND SHE MOUNTED, UGHHH I WILL STAB EVERYONE WHO HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS FEED. Now they’re legit just showing the Ball State huddle NO ONE CARES. In WHAT sport event do you watch would anyone rather watch a huddle than actual competition action????? GET YOUR LIVES TOGETHER. Saw a stuck full-in from Hyland but no idea what went on in the interior.

1:18 pm. Corbett, WMU, VT- A little low on the table, but still gets a huge block off. FTY with a big hop back.

Conrad, EMU, UB- Release into an overshoot, double layout stuck but legs apart in the air.

The Ball State vaults have all looked pretty good, no huge glaring errors.

1:17 pm. Sydney Waltz apparently went up for Kentucky on bars and got a 9.4 so not sure what happened there.

Rubin, EMU, UB- Great release, and a giant full to double tuck with a hop.

Kentucky, UB- Good routine for whoever that was, but they cut off before the dismount.

1:16 pm. Underwood, WMU, VT- Very nice FTY! Just a step on the landing.

1:15 pm. Home-grown feeds REALLY make you yearn for the SEC Network and PAC 12 feeds where they actually go one at a time and don’t make you all stabby. Remember when home-produced feed were literally ALL WE HAD?!

1:14 pm. Gervais, EMU, UB- Missed most of this because they cut away, but a hit routine with a giant full to a double tuck.

Aragon, WMU, VT- Good Yurchenko full with a hop.

1:13 pm. Kentucky, UB- Big Tkachev, giant full to bail, and they cut away from her, I HATE THIS FEED.

1:12 pm. McEachern, EMU, UB- Jaeger, clean handstand before bail (a little over), a great last handstand before her giant full to double tuck, cowboyed but a nice landing.

1:11 pm. Jennings, WMU, VT- Tsuk tuck full, a little off-center with a hop in place.

1:10 pm. Schwartz, EMU, UB- Hit bar routine.

Coca, Kentucky, UB- Nice Jaeger, clean bail, full-in with a step back.

1:09 pm. Bisbikis, WMU, VT- Yurchenko layout with a step back.

1:08 pm. Western Michigan vault lineup is Bisbikis, Jennings, Binkley, Aragon, Underwood, and Corbett.

Eastern Michigan bars lineup is Schwartz, McEachern, Gervais, Rubin, Conrad, and Valentin.

Kentucky bars lineup is Carlisle, Coca, Dukes, Staurt, Hyland, and Korth. I think they may have just started while they were still announcing names so I missed it? This stream is a hot mess.

1:05 pm. Both teams still finishing up warmups! Should be starting any second.

12:55 pm. Going to be watching Ball State vs Kentucky and Eastern Michigan vs Western  Michigan, both beginning in a few minutes. I’ll try to throw in UNH vs Utah State when I can!


10:49 pm. And Cal gets a 196.025, breaking the 196 mark thanks to finally going 49+ on floor, where they got a 49.175.

That’s it for tonight! See you tomorrow homies.

10:46 pm. Peterson, Cal, FX- Double pike with a step back, call it a controlled lunge. Rudi is a little over-rotated but she reels it in. 1.5 to front tuck. Great!

193.575 for Arizona State.

10:44 pm. Christopherson, Arizona State, BB- Full turn right off the bat, NOOOOO and she falls on her front toss!!!! They have to count a fall and they almost went a full routine with no falls counted. UGHHHHHHHHH. Hit jump series, front toss to Korbut, and a 1.5 to finish.

10:43 pm. GOOD, Cal is gonna break 49 on floor after Toni Ann gets a 9.925. I feel like all meet long the judges were super tight and then the floor judges were like “meh let’s do whatever we want now, it’s the last rotation!”

10:41 pm. Williams, Cal, FX- Big double layout. Front layout front full. Looks like she doesn’t have a ton of energy in the roundoff bhs before her double pike, so it’s not surprising to see it look a little short, but all things considered it’s still a good landing!

10:39 pm. Szafranski, Arizona State, BB- Front aerial to Korbut, beautiful. Side aerial, switch to beat jump, full turn, WOW, she went for a Rufolva!!!!! Her Parkettes teammate Meredith Sylvia also did a Rufolva once upon a time, bless Parkettes. Hers is a little off but she covers it up well. Gainer full to finish.

10:36 pm. Draghi, Cal, FX- Omg we’re one second into this routine and I’m in love with it already. Double tuck is fab. Great jumps. Front lay to front full right into an arabesque. Rudi to finish, knees are a little bent but she holds it. FAAAANTASTIC. New fave NCAA routine for the week.

10:34 pm. Lentz, Arizona State, BB- Solid bhs loso. Seriously, this team looks like 98% different compared to last year. Switch to straddle side. Standing back loso. Full turn. Cat leap to switch side. Some guy in the crowd just dabbed. 😦 😦 😦 1.5 with a hop forward.

10:32 pm. Robinson, Cal, FX- Great double arabian, just a slight hop back. 1.5 to front layout. Love her exorcist crab walk thing. Double pike to finish is fantastic, stuck!

10:30 pm. Udowitch, Arizona State, BB- Front aerial to back tuck, maybe a little slow in the connection. Hit leaps, clean full turn, front toss to beat jump, side aerial to layout full with a solid landing, though she doesn’t get a ton of punch off the beam and is a little low.

10:29 pm. If you combine the Seilnachts, who each did two events tonight, they’d have a 38.9 AA. :-p

10:28 pm. Sylvie Seilnacht, Cal, FX- Good double tuck. Very first floor routine of her career. Switch ring to switch half. Nice double pike, chest angle just slightly down. Love her choreo before her last pass. 1.5 to front layout with a good landing to finish. YAY!

10:25 pm. Conrad, Arizona State, BB- If anyone can bring it back after a fall it’s Beka, so they put her in even though she was supposed to sit out today. Would be great to see them not count a fall. Solid bhs loso. Switch leap to back tuck is perfect. Clean full turn. Side somi with a little bobble but she holds it. Cat leap to switch side. This feels like such a long packed routine compared to some others. Front layout full dismount, stuck!

10:23 pm. Owens, Cal, FX- Front double full, maybe a tiny skid on the landing. 1.5 to front layout is excellent. Rudi to finish. Good work from her.

10:21 pm. Callis, Arizona State, BB- Bhs bhs loso, fantastic! Oh no, super difficult series, no prob, but then her foot slips after her switch leap and she splits the beam!! Then falls. Ugh. Full turn, nice flexibility hold, beat jump to stag jump probably a wing it series after screwing up what was supposed to be her series earlier, and a side aerial to layout full with a good landing.

10:13 pm. Cal leads Arizona State 146.850 to 145.375. Solid 48.55 for Arizona State after a great floor rotation!

Some of the scores at this meet are criminally low. Cal not breaking 49 on a single event yet? I’m SO confused. Routines here that would’ve gone 9.9 elsewhere getting 9.7?! I’m like, actually mad.

10:09 pm. Christopherson, Arizona State, FX- Nice double pike. Double tuck is a little low. Hit jump series, and later does a switch to stag. 1.5 to front layout to finish is good.

10:07 pm. Gallarzo, Cal, BB- Full turn, solid bhs loso, front aerial to bhs, two flight series! Woot woot. I sneezed right as she did her switch to split and literally forced my eyes to stay open which was quite the experience but both looked good. Solid 1.5 to finish. Great rotation for them!

10:04 pm. Belkoff, Arizona State, FX- Nailed the double pike. Middle pass is gorgeous. Her form is perf. Switch side to switch side. 1.5 to front pike.

10:03 pm. Richardson, Cal, BB- Solid bhs loso with a smile. Switch to straddle side. Full turn with a check. Roundoff double tuck a little cowboyed but good, hop back.

10:01 pm. Callis, Arizona State, FX- Great 2.5 to start. Love her sassy little skipping. Wolf full, illusion turn, 1.5 to front layout looked a little weird in the connection. Switch ring to switch half, legs don’t hit 180 on the second leap.

9:59 pm. Draghi, Cal, BB- Front aerial with a big wobble. Surprising. Solid bhs loso. Hit leap series. Full turn. Gainer full with a step.

9:58 pm. Lentz, Arizona State, FX- Double pike. hit jump series. 1.5 to front layout. Excellent double tuck.

9:55 pm. Palomares, Cal, BB- Bhs loso with a balance check. Lovely full attitude turn. Pike jump to sheep jump, love that it’s like, forward motion to back. Front aerial to straddle jump, good straddle position. Bhs to gainer full stuck!

9:53 pm. Jones, Arizona State, FX- Great double pike. Jump series was like a straddle half to straddle half to wolf half or something like that, I kind of watched it. Double tuck is good. 1.5 to front pike.

9:52 pm. Ho, Cal, BB- Front aerial to bhs is clean, switch leap to split jump to stag jump, stag looked a little wonky but could’ve been the camera angle. Full turn, stuck gainer full.

9:50 pm. Brook, Arizona State, FX- Wolf jump full, Rudi with helicopter ankles to open, switch full to split full, lots of HERE’S MY BOOTY choreo in this. Whip half to front layout, and a 1.5 to front pike to finish.

9:48 pm. Sofie Seilnacht, Cal, BB- Lovely mount, full turn, steady bhs loso, beat jump to split full, excellent!! She is literally laughing during this routine, her smile is so big! Switch leap to switch leap into a cute little choreo thing where she kicks her leg up and claps her hand below it, and a side aerial layout full with a tiny hop. Superb.

9:40 pm. Cal leads 97.900 to Arizona State’s 96.825. Great bar rotation for Cal and yet they didn’t break 49, everything in the high 9.7s and low 9.8s.

9:39 pm. Ho, Cal, UB- Toe shoot, toe-on to Gienger to overshoot, only slight leg sep on the Gienger. Short last handstand, and a full-in stuck with her feet apart.

9:38 pm. Christopherson, Arizona State, VT- Yurchenko layout, watered down from what she can usually do. Slightly piked in the hips but nowhere near enough to downgrade or anything.

9:37 pm. Williams, Cal, UB- Short handstand before Hindorff, clear hip to clean bail, great last handstand, full-in with a low landing and she tries to hold onto a ‘stick’ but it’s a college stick at best, then jumps her feet together for the salute.

9:36 pm. Ginn, Arizona State, VT- FTY, quick twist, low block, chest down and a little bobble on the landing.

9:34 pm. Richardson, Cal, UB- Toe-on to Tkachev to overshoot, great last handstand, and also pinged off way too early for the dismount, a double layout which is slightly short and with a hop.

9:34 pm. Wilson, Arizona State, VT- Good FTY. Better than the last one. Hop backwards.

9:33 pm. Takara, Cal, UB- Clear hip to Gienger to overshoot, great form on the Gienger which is rare. Pinged off a tiny bit early for the full-in which comes up a little short with a small hop forward.

9:32 pm. Lentz, Arizona State, VT- FTY, pretty decent in the air, got a good block, small hop back on the landing.

9:30 pm. Shu, Cal, UB- Toe-on to Ray to overshoot, nice connections. Short handstand before giants into full-in dismount with a small hop to the side.

9:29 pm. Belkoff, Arizona State, VT- FTY is way short…her body is literally bent in half as she lands, her chest down on her knees because she had no height…feet were pretty solid at least. Almost no movement.

9:28 pm. Sofie Seilnacht, Cal, UB- Lovely piked Jaeger, holds a handstand before her bail for 45 years, NICE. Slightly short on the last handstand, and she does a front layout 1.5 dismount with a hop.

9:27 pm. Rushton, Arizona State, VT- Yurchenko tuck full, a little messy on the landing.

9:21 pm. Cal leads Arizona State, 48.925 to 48.450. Imbus had ASU’s top bars score of 9.75 while Cal’s best vaulter was obviously Richardson, who got a 9.85. Really tight scoring here compared to some other meets. Richardson would’ve had at least a 9.9 in other situations.

9:19 pm. Christopherson, Arizona State, UB- Toe-on to Ray, nice. Clean bail, toe shoot, she’s on a whole other level at ASU. Giant full to double tuck with two teeny steps back.

9:18 pm. Richardson, Cal, VT- Excellent tsuk full!! Perfect form, a brilliant flare, and a slight hop back. Just slight leg sep on the entry.

9:17 pm.Rushton, Arizona Statae, UB- Tkachev (slight knee bend as she catches), clear hip to bail, short last handstand, and a double layout with a step back.

9:16 pm. Robinson, Cal, VT- Front handspring on the springboard, front handspring onto the table, and a front pike off, small step forward and her leg form is a mess coming onto the table…weird arched body before she pikes, too…like Claudia Fragapane coming off the table on her Lopez.

9:15 pm. Szafranski, Arizona State, UB- I loove her lines and need her to hit. Toe-on to Maloney (leg sep) to pak (leg sep), toe half, omg I can’t get over how gorgeous she is to watch, double layout with two small steps back. Form errors aside she is BEEEAUUUUTIFUL to watch in everything she does.

9:14 pm. Gallarzo, Cal, VT- Cal’s lipstick is killing it again this week. Yurchenko layout half, a little off to the side with a step back.

9:13 pm. Imbus, Arizona State, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to bail (leg sep on the latter), stalder to double tuck, legs apart a little in the tuck with a little hop to the side. Her stalder was GORG.

9:12 pm. Takara, Cal, VT- FTY, nice in the air, just a hop back and her knees get a tiny bit loose near the landing as well.

9:10 pm. Lentz, Arizona State, UB- Short handstand before toe-on to Gienger (leg sep), nice bail, went over on a handstand and had to start her swing over again, clean double layout with a hop forward.

9:09 pm. Sylvie Seilnacht, Cal, VT- FTY, leg sep on the pre-flight, a little short, step forward.

9:08 pm. Wilson, Arizona State, UB- Giant full to giant half to straddle Jaeger, handstands are a little short, bail, giant full to double tuck stuck! Very nice start for ASU!

9:07 pm. Peterson, Cal, VT- Clean enough FTY with just a slight step back. Very nice actually.

9:06 pm. While everything gets ready to go, I’ll recap some of today’s meets…I actually saw Hamilton with a new gym/theater pal today which was awesome!

During that time, Michigan beat Nebraska 197.225 to a shockingly low 194.800 (they counted falls on bars and beam), UCLA had a fab meet to beat Oregon State 197.325 to 196.700 (Kyla Ross got a perfect 10 on bars!), and Utah beat Washington 197.150 to 196.300 with MyKayla Skinner again killing it on all four events to win the all-around.

8:59 pm. Any minute now!

7:59 pm. Cal and Arizona State coming up in an hour!


10:04 pm. Wow, a third straight win for Arkansas over Alabama! I mean, Alabama doesn’t put up top lineups against the Razorbacks but this was still a solid meet for Arkansas. 195.825 for them, while Alabama gets 195.250 counting a fall on floor. Also, the scoring was crazy low.

10:01 pm. Anderson, Arkansas, FX- Double pike with a stumble OOB. Front full to front layout. Double tuck stumbled back a tiny bit, foot OOB.

10:00 pm. Guerrero, Alabama, BB- Bhs loso loso. Switch to straddle jump. Side aerial layout full. Another good one.

9:58 pm. McGlone, Arkansas, FX- Double layout OOB. Solid double full. Hit the last pass.

9:56 pm. Sims, Alabama, BB- Front aerial to split jump, bhs loso is lovely, gainer pike to finish. Perfect.

9:54 pm. Elswick, Arkansas, FX- Nice double pike. 1.5 to front layout. Great routine.

9:53 pm. McNeer, Alabama, BB- Hit the flight series, full turn, switch to split jump, 1.5 a tiny bit messy in the air, stuck with feet apart and she has to fight to hold it.

9:48 pm. Desch, Alabama, BB- I’M BACK. Front aerial to bhs, nice, full turn a tiny bit crooked, side somi is good, switch to split jump, bhs bhs into her 1.5.

9:32 pm. Sims, Alabama, FX- Double pike to start is lovely. 1.5 to punch front and my feed goes out. THANKS ALABAMA. Oh that was my fault actually. I lost my internet connection. Who do I thank for that?! I miss when we could just be like #ThanksObama.

Even with the fall, Arkansas had a fab rotation…49.125!

9:30 pm. Rathjen, Arkansas, BB- Bhs bhs loso is off line and she falls. Full turn. Roundoff gainer full.

9:29 pm. Valentine, Alabama, FX- Double front, noice. Front layout to front full. Huge double pike though her landing is a little low.

9:27 pm. Burton, Arkansas, BB- Solid bhs loso. Arkansas is kinda killing it on beam? Full turn, switch to straddle side, 1.5 stuck! Yes!

9:25 pm. Winston, Alabama, FX- Ooh, we haven’t seen her at all tonight, right? Huge double layout. Front lay front full. I almost never listen to floor music, this music sounds so weird?? Like…what is it exactly?? I like it but I’m like what’s going on? Double tuck to finish is strong.

9:23 pm. McGlone, Arkansas, BB- Full turn, pike jump to loso, tiny adjustment. Solid bhs loso, hitch kick to switch side, Arkansas really loves hitch kicks. Double full off to the side with a step forward.

9:21 pm. Bresette, Alabama, FX- Double pike, chest down. Omg her music is Grease lmaoooo YAS. With random gunshots in the middle? Maybe that was a weird sound issue. Hit the middle pass. “Hand Jive” time. Double tuck way too low, to her hands and knees. So Alabama will count a fall on floor.

9:19 pm. Nelson, Arkansas, BB- Omg she’s only 4’11?! She looks like seven feet tall, her lines are that good. Hitch kick to switch side, solid bhs loso, switch to split side, great punch front, full turn, 1.5 stuck! NICE NICE NICE.

9:18 pm. Armbrecht, Alabama, FX- Double tuck nice and high. Omg I love her floor music. 1.5 to front layout with a big step. Double pike is short with her chest down but otherwise not bad.

9:16 pm. Garner, Arkansas, BB- Switch leap to split jump, side aerial loso YAAAAAAAS. Cat leap to side aerial to layout full, teeny tiny step.

9:14 pm. Desch, Alabama, FX- Double arabian, a little low with a step forward. Double tuck to finish is a little low and when she tries to pull it up, she stumbles back and sits it OOB.

9:12 pm. Yamzon, Arkansas, BB- Bhs bhs loso with a little bobble on the last skill. Ooh, she trained at Tasha Schwikert’s gym! Did not know that. Front toss, and a stuck gainer full.

9:09 pm. Oh noooo Chayse Capps fell on beam! 9.25 for her and only a 49.2 for Oklahoma on beam. I love that 197.425 is a criminally low score for this team. It’s okay, they played around with the lineup a bit and didn’t go full out.

9:07 pm. It’s 98.050 to 97.725, Alabama in the lead over Arkansas.

Only a 39.725 for Maggie Nichols!!!! SUCH a low score, how dare she do it. 9.9 for her on beam. They have one routine to go over there.

9:05 pm. Armbrecht, Alabama, VT- FTY, looked a tiny bit loose, chest down, little bobble on the landing.

9:04 pm. Burton, Arkansas, UB- Maloney to bail, toe-on, giant full with ankle sep into a double tuck, nice!

9:03 pm. Bailey, Alabama, VT- Yurchenko layout half is beautiful. Step forward to control it.

9:02 pm. MacMoyle, Arkansas, UB- Clear hip (ankle sep) to Tkachev, her feet are almost never together, bail a little short, good last handstand, double layout with a small hop.

9:01 pm. McNeer, Alabama, VT- Great FTY, huge air, little adjustment of her feet, not bad.

9:00 pm. Speed, Arkansas, UB- Toe half to big Jaeger, beautiful lines, toe-on to bail, full-in a little low with a hop.

8:59 pm. Desch, Alabama, VT- FTY, clean in the air, but a big hop back.

8:58 pm. Yamzon, Arkansas, UB- Clear hip to Tkachev, nice. Great handstand before the bail, another good handstand, full-twisting double layout with a step back.

8:57 pm. Childers, Alabama, VT- FTY, stuck! A little short but a great landing.

8:56 pm. Anderson, Arkansas, UB- Slightly short first handstand, big Jaeger, bail with slight ankle sep, wobbles on her squat on hahahaha lawd, giant full is a little late into her double tuck with a tiny bounce.

8:55 pm. Bresette, Alabama, VT- FTY short with her chest down and a step to the side.

8:52 pm. Okay, Oklahoma got a 49.4 on floor, high was Nichols again, 9.925.

NICE 197.075 for Georgia, 49.5 on floor for them!! Two 9.95s and it looks like they only put five up. No Snead tonight?? WAS SHE INJURED? She is the glue holding that team together and yet without her they still did great. Missouri got a 196.075, great floor from them.

Southern Utah beat NC State 195.800 to 194.650. Another good meet for SUU but beam had some mistakes.

8:49 pm. Alabama leads 49.125 to Arkansas with 48.9. Some low scores for Bama…literally no one broke 9.9?? Really tight judging I’m guessing. I would’ve given it to Jetter for sure.

8:46 pm. Excellent routines from Katie Bailey and Keely McNeer on bars (sorry, I took a break to complain about how awful karaoke is with my roommate).

8:45 pm. McGlone, Arkansas, VT- Huge stuck FTY. GREAT. Feet apart on the landing but dayum she gets so much air and a huge flare. Landing bobbles a tiny bit for the balance.

8:44 pm. Armbrecht, Alabama, UB- Tkachev, super clean pak, has to take an extra swing on the low bar, giant full to double tuck with a hop.

8:43 pm. Speed, Arkansas, VT- Nice FTY, clean and a good landing position but she bounces back.

8:42 pm. Jetter, Alabama, UB- Omg she looks like such a grown up. Every so often I get amazed that I’ve been watching random gymnasts for like eight years. Ray, great handstand before bail to toe shoot, another great handstand, double front stuck, looked like maybe a little bounce in place but really for a blind landing that was awesome.

8:41 pm. MacMoyle, VT- FTY, a little piked, good landing though.

8:40 pm. Sims, Arkansas, UB- Bent her body halfway through a handstand but the rest is good…including Ray and double layout dismount. Fought through that mistake.

8:39 pm. Anderson, Arkansas, VT- FTY, step back.

8:38 pm. Childers, Alabama, UB- Hit everything from the start, leg sep on her giant swing before her dismount.

8:37 pm. LSU wins 197.475 to Kentucky’s 195.725, a rough day for Kentucky after such a great meet last week. Just need to focus on the little things and not get too excited.

8:35 pm. Korth, Kentucky, FX- Piked full-in, step OOB. Double pike to finish is good.

My Alabama stream does NOT want to start. It’s ALWAYS Alabama screwing me over!!!

8:33 pm. Gnat, LSU, BB- Front aerial to beat jump, little check on her leap series. Switch side, check. Wobble on bhs loso. Nervous routine after Sarah’s fall. Stuck double full.

8:31 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, FX- Double pike is great. Front full front layout. Double tuck, chest a little down but it’s stuck.

8:30 pm. Finnegan, LSU, BB- Bhs loso is solid. Switch to switch half. Oh, and a fall on her side somi! It’s just a little too far back. Side aerial to layout full, jumps her heels together.

8:28 pm. Aww Kennedy is so happy about her 10! Florida gets a huge 197.700 to Auburn’s 196.400, solid work from both teams, and good for Auburn for fighting back from Milliet’s last minute injury. Hundley wins the AA, 39.55.

Hyland, Kentucky, FX- Big double pike. Hit the rest. Fantastic job.

8:26 pm. Baker, Florida, FX- Huge piked double arabian, awesome as always. Double tuck is perf. 1.5 to front half to straddle jump. YAS. Ooh, and it goes 10! I’m okay with it. Totally absolutely fine.

Edney, LSU, BB- Two Kennedys at the same time! WOOT. Bhs loso is solid. Full turn. 1.5 is floaty and has a great landing.

8:25 pm. Krippner, Auburn, BB- Wobble on bhs loso. Stuck 1.5.

Stuart, Kentucky, FX- Double pike stumbled back a few steps, almost OOB but she holds it. 1.5 to front layout is good. Rudi to finish is good.

8:24 pm. Ewing, LSU, BB- Big prep for her bhs layout but it’s a solid series. Full turn, slight adjustment, standing loso to split side, hit the 1.5 dismount. Small hop.

8:22 pm. Boren, Florida, FX- Hit first pass. Then a 1.5 to front layout. Hit double tuck.

Rechenmacher, Kentucky, FX- Double pike to finish was superb.

49.375 for OU on vault. Another 9.95 for Nichols, most other scores in the 9.8 range except for AJ Jackson’s 9.9 for her 1.5.

8:20 pm. Hambrick, LSU, BB- Leap to side aerial. Lovely flight series. Missed her foot on her dismount but still got through it no problem, double full.

Auburn, BB- Bhs loso, little bobble. Rest is good.

8:19 pm. Carlisle, Kentucky, FX- Way short on first pass, double tuck, almost to her knees. Actually I think her left knee maybe touched. Hit the rest.

Hundley, Florida, FX- Whip to double tuck, nice. Hit the middle pass. Double pike, stumbled back.

8:18 pm. Becker, Auburn, BB- Cat leap to front toss to beat jump. Bhs loso with a bent back leg and a fall. Hit leaps. 1.5 a little low with a step.

8:16 pm. Macadaeg, LSU, BB- Switch to switch half, bobble, beat jump, bobble. Front aerial to straddle jump, solid bhs loso, nailed the dismount.

8:15 pm. Slocum, Florida, FX- Excellent opening pass. Front full to front pike. Rudi to finish, sloppy legs.

8:13 pm. Engler, Auburn, BB- Nice leaps, cat leap to side aerial, gainer pike off the end, good landing, tiny little adjustment.

8:11 pm. Gowey, Florida, FX- Good double pike. Double tuck with her chest down. 1.5 to front layout is good. Nice job.

8:09 pm. Cerio, Auburn, BB- Lovely press handstand mount, bhs loso with a little bobble, full turn, nice amplitude on her switch half, punch front full with a great landing. Awesome!

8:08 pm. Boyce, Florida, FX- Hit first pass. Good 1.5 to punch front. Messy-ish Rudi bounced on the landing to finish.

49.45 for Oklahoma on bars…Nichols’ 9.95 SHOCKINGLY the highest.

8:07 pm. Scaglione, Auburn, BB- I think this is Lucia…hit lovely dance elements and a stuck 1.5 to finish.

8:06 pm. LSU leads Kentucky 148.000 to 146.675. Kentucky had to count a routine with a major bobble in it, but Hyland came out with a 9.9. Top score on floor was Edney’s 9.925.

8:03 pm. Gnat, LSU, FX- She literally skips out smiling. Huge double layout. Also a great 2.5 to punch front tuck, tiny bobble.

8:02 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, BB- Front aerial, bhs loso, cat leap to side aerial to tuck full stuck. Just tiny little balance checks in there.

8:01 pm. Okay, so Georgia is leading Missouri by about three tenths going into the final rotation, so they should pick up the win finishing on floor.

Florida is leading 148.125 to Auburn’s 147.250…biggest beam score was Gowey’s 9.925.

8:00 pm. Edney, LSU, FX- Double arabian, tiny bobble on the landing. 1.5 to front layout. Big double tuck into a controlled lunge.

No McKenna on floor but she’s icing her hip on the side.

7:59 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, BB- Bhs loso, solid. 1.5 dismount with a step.

7:57 pm. Hambrick, LSU, FX- Double layout, stuck cold. Hit middle pass. Double pike with a good landing to finish.

Rott, Auburn, FX- Double layout looked a tiny bit short. Double pike a tiny bit short as well.

49.075 for Georgia on beam! NO FALLS.

7:56 pm. Korth, Kentucky, BB- Nice flight series, stuck double full!

McMurtry, Florida, BB- Leg up on her bhs loso. Does the clear hip nicely…another double full, clean but a little tiny movement.

7:53 pm. Slappey, Auburn, FX- Lawd I’m being awful at watching routines tonight. But everything looked good. Finished with a big double tuck.

Priessman, LSU, FX- Saw the front lay front full or was it vice versa??? Fix my brain. Great set, though, and she gets a big hug and is super smiley.

7:51 pm. Poland, Kentucky, BB- Big wobble on bhs bhs loso but like her teammate she pulls it up. One-armed front walkover. Hit the dismount.

Boren, Florida, BB- Front toss. Hit the rest. I got distracted by Georgia during most of that but it was a good set.

7:49 pm. Zamardi, LSU, FX- Nice double arabian. Hit the rest. Good routine.

Day, Auburn, FX- Double pike is good. Front full front lay. Double tuck chest down but hit.


7:48 pm. Stuart, Kentucky, BB- Bhs loso with a wobble but she pulls it back to center. Omg her side aerial takes her literally sideways and her tuck full lands almost completely off the mat hahaha.

Gowey, Florida, BB- BEAUTIFUL bhs loso loso. Cat leap to front aerial, slight adjustment. Stuck gainer full dismount.

7:46 pm. Ewing, LSU, FX- Front double full. Stuck double pike to finish.

Scaglione, Auburn, FX- 1.5 + front tuck. Front lay front full with a big step to control it. Double tuck landed literally on her tip toes and she waves her arms a little to hold the “stick.”

7:44 pm. Rechenmacher, Kentucky, BB- Full turn, super solid bhs loso, switch leap to split jump, step on her dismount.

Hundley, Florida, BB- Front aerial, bhs loso. Good. She needs to connect the front aerial to the flight series to make it a 2009-2012 elite series. I already forgot who I saw do that last week. Side aerial to layout full, stuck with feet apart.

7:43 pm. Becker, Auburn, FX- Double tuck to start. Good double pike. 1.5 to front layout. Great set for her!

7:40 pm. First up for Auburn on floor had a solid hit routine, Cerio I think. I had to let someone in my apartment.

McLaughlin, Florida, BB- Front aerial to bhs with a sizable pause between them. Beat jump to stag, little adjustment. Before on bars I said nice to see her elsewhere aside from floor but just realized she kinda does beam all the time, right? Whoops. Full turn. Side aerial. Both good. Hop on her gainer full.

7:39 pm. LSU is at 98.5, with Gnat’s 9.925 their high…wow, the judges kinda got brutally crazy about these vaults! Definitely not close to what they’d get at home. Good for the judges. 49.15 is their vault total. Kentucky got a 49.125 on bars after fighting back from Stuart’s fall…Korth’s 9.925 was the high.

7:38 pm. Baker, Florida, BB- Hit the beginning, wolf turn, front aerial to bhs, straddle to wonky split half (not at 180), side aerial to layout full stuck.

7:37 pm. Sorry, Iowa State, but I’m not paying for your stream…which is a bummer because I can’t watch OU now. But I’m almost like, here, look at me telling you all about it without watching – Maggie’s perfect, end of story.

7:35 pm. Korth, Kentucky, UB- Piked Jaeger, clean handstand before bail, short handstand before giants into her double layout full-out dismount, basically stuck. Also I LOVE that she does the full twist in the second flip…I feel like all full DLOs off bars are either full-in or a little half and half.

7:34 pm. Florida leads Auburn 98.975 to 98.075. High score for Florida was Hundley’s 9.95!

Gnat, LSU, VT- DTY, little bounce on the landing, but her leg form looked much better than last week.

7:33 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, UB- Beautiful giant full to Gienger, leg sep when she catches, clean bail to toe shoot, nice pointy toes. Flares her full-in, hop forward.

7:32 pm. Hambrick, LSU, VT- Sat Yurchenko 1.5, also way back on her heels because that’s the THEME but she sits hers!!! TWO falls for her tonight.

7:31 pm. Stuart, Kentucky, UB- Her knees are soft on her Tkachev which is a little low and she’s at a weird position over the bar and can’t catch. Fall. Finishes with a full-twisting double layout with a step.

7:30 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, UB- Lovely first handstand, giant half to low Tkachev, good handstand into pak (caught close with ankle sep), little break in her swing, double layout with a step back.

Day, Auburn, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 also a little far back on her heels, THE STYLE OF TODAY. Step back.

Edney, LSU, VT- Huge lovely Yurchenko 1.5. Step back but more controlled than the others.

McMurtry, Florida, UB- Big Ray, super clean bail to toe shoot, huge perfect stuck full-in.

7:29 pm. Rott, Auburn, VT- Huge flared FTY. Little bounce on the landing.

Ewing, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 landed a little far back, two steps back.

Hundley, Florida, UB- Maloney to pak, nice. Toe-on to clean van Leeuwen, full-in stuck. Beautiful!

7:28 pm. Rechenmacher, Kentucky, UB- Nice release, stalder to double front a little short with a step forward.

7:27 pm. I’m missing all the Auburn vaults because I have no sound on but so far they’ve all looked good.

Priessman, LSU, VT- FTY, stuck on her toes, leg sep on pre-flight.

Baker, Florida, UB- Ray looks too easy for her. HINT DO A LAYOUT TKACHEV. Short handstand before toe-on to double front, hop forward.

7:26 pm. Carlisle, Kentucky, UB- Hit Jaeger, and stuck full-in with her feet apart.

7:25 pm. Finnegan, LSU, VT- Big stuck FTY. Nice! The injury was McKenna Kelly, who was gonna exhibition, btw. She looks okay now.

Gowey, Florida, UB- Ray, toe-on to beautiful pak, big double layout but can’t control a hop forward.

7:23 pm. Philips, Auburn, VT- Hit.

McLaughlin, Florida, UB- Wow, they’re letting her do bars?? Toe-on to Maloney to bail (ankle sep) to toe shoot, good. Giant half to big double front with a step back. Nice to see her somewhere aside from floor.

7:21 pm. Boren, Florida, UB- Hit her release and the rest, I’m trying to watch some drama with an LSU gymnast who is lying still on the mat by the vault table, PLEASE DO NOT BE LEXIE.

7:20 pm. Georgia was leading Missouri after the first rotation, 49.275 after six solid vaults to 48.875. Turns out Morgan Porter is out for the season with an Achilles injury.

Becker, Auburn, VT- Your typical lead-off FTY…solid but nothing huge or crazy.

7:17 pm. LSU leads 49.35 to Kentucky’s 48.575. Really rough vault for them. Korth’s vault was the one I missed and she had the high score of 9.85. They reaaaally need to fix those landings.

LSU judging was tighter with Harrold’s routine, thank the lord. 9.825 there. Priessman somehow got a 9.925 though which means a judge gave her a 9.95 with that pak…okay then. Edney also got a 9.925 despite a cleaner set.

7:14 pm. So Florida has a 49.4 on vault, and McMurtry rightfully got a 9.95 instead of a 10. Tbh, I’m surprised…I fully thought that would’ve gotten some home bonus. Only a 49.05 for Auburn, but at least they didn’t have to count Kopec’s score.

7:13 pm. Day, Auburn, UB- Toe-on to toe half to Jaeger to overshoot, double front dismount.

Coca, Kentucky, VT- FTY. I think that was an exhibition? Who knows.

7:12 pm. Engler, Auburn, UB- Hit routine with nice stuck double layout dismount.

Priessman, LSU, UB- I must’ve missed a Kentucky vault. Tkachev to messy pak, WHY does she have that pak in her routine?! Stuck double layout.

7:11 pm. McMurtry, Florida, VT- DTY, big, gorgeous, and stuck. Easy 10. The easiest 10 of the season. Absolutely perfect and well deserved. Tiniest ankle crossing/separation but yeah, that’s nothing. This is a 10. In slo mo you can see she’s maybe a little deep in the knees and the ankle sep looks more pronounced at this angle. If they judges are strict that’ll be a 9.95.

Finnegan, LSU, UB- Big Ray, toe-on to bail to toe shoot, stuck dismount.

7:10 pm. Krippner, Auburn, UB- Good handstand before toe-on to bail, caught release, small step on full-in dismount.

Stuart, Kentucky, VT- Clean FTY but she’s also short with her chest way down on the landing. This is a rough vault rotation for them.

7:09 pm. Edney, LSU, UB- Hindorff, clear hip to bail, good last handstand, double layout is clean and stuck but a little too close to the bar.

7:08 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, VT- A little too far back on her heels on her Yurchenko half…super clean in the air but she has to stumble back two steps.

Slocum, Florida, VT- BEAUTIFUL handspring front pike half. Small step but dayum that’s a nice vault.

7:07 pm. Kopec, Auburn, UB- Short first handstand, Jaeger, jerky swing after and she has to start her swing over, eventually hops off. Short handstand, big clean double layout with a small step.

Harrold, LSU, UB- Van Leeuwen (leg sep) to Zuchold, toe half (ankle sep) to Jaeger, a little late on the front giant into the double front, step forward.

7:06 pm. Boren, Florida, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a hop back.

Kwan, Kentucky, VT- FTY, tiny step to the side. Her best this season.

7:05 pm. Hambrick, LSU, UB- Arched over first handstand and has to regroup her swing. Catches Ray, giant full to nice bail to toe shoot, she’s swinging so aggressively right now like she’s totally pissed about the screw up. Full-in is short and she steps forward.

Moss, Auburn, UB- Nice Gienger, and the rest was hit.

7:04 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, VT- Huge FTY but a little short on the landing, small hop.

Hundley, Florida, VT- Nice FTY with a hop back.

7:03 pm. Zamardi, LSU, UB- Maloney to pak (leg sep), double arabian with a step.

Cerio, Auburn, UB- Caught release, nice bail, giant full to double tuck with a step back.

7:01 pm. Abby Milliet of Auburn was injured in warmups. Her leg is heavily wrapped.

Gowey, Florida, VT- FTY, not bad.

Davis, Kentucky, VT- FTY, super short.

7:00 pm. Okay, meets should be going up any second! Let’s goooooooo.

6:57 pm. I’m gonna start this weekend off with Kentucky vs LSU and Florida vs Auburn! I’ll add a few meets as we go, and any meet I’m missing now, I’ll go back and watch later because why not?

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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