The NCAA Week 9 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the ninth week of competition in the 2017 NCAA women’s gymnastics season! Refresh every few minutes, and the most recent updates will appear on the top. Have any questions? Ask in the comments or on Twitter and I’m happy to respond here!


5:43 pm. UCLA wins, 197.525 to Cal’s 196.800. A great meet for both, honestly!

5:40 pm. Mossett, UCLA, FX- Excited for this. Double tuck, a little short. Double pike also a little short. Not her best in terms of tumbling but always a fun routine.

5:38 pm. Gallarzo, Cal, BB- Good flight series. Front aerial with a pause before bhs. 1.5 short, squatted with a hop back.

5:36 pm. Kocian, UCLA, FX- Front double full. 1.5 to barani is messy and short. Double pike is good though.

5:35 pm. Richardson, Cal, BB- Bhs loso, wobble but saves it. Switch to straddle side. Double tuck cowboyed with a hop back.

5:32 pm. Cipra, UCLA, FX- Big double tuck to open. Front full front half to straddle to front tuck. Double pike with her chest at horizontal.

5:31 pm. Draghi, Cal, Bb- Lovely flight series, full turn, gainer full, good dismount.

5:28 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, FX- Double tuck, I don’t think I ever listen to their broadcasts with sound? Because I love this music. Hit middle pass, 1.5 to barani to jump to front tuck. Big double pike. Excellent routine and excellent performance.

5:26 pm. Palomares, Cal, BB- Love that she has the similar mount that Hallie does. Bhs loso, lovely. Pike jump to sheep jump, I love the extremes there. Front aerial to straddle jump. Hit the dismount nicely.

5:25 pm. Toronjo, UCLA, FX- Clean double pike to open. Double tuck is great. 1.5 to front layout, legs get a bit tucked.

5:23 pm. Shu, Cal, BB- Front aerial to bhs, switch to split to beat jump, hit side aerial to layout full. Very pretty routine.

5:21 pm. Meraz, UCLA, FX- Hit opening pass. I love that both she and Hambrick have Axelle Klinckaert’s old floor music. 1.5 to front pike. Double pike with a hop forward.

5:20 pm. Seilnacht, Cal, BB- Hit routine, including side aerial to layout.

5:12 pm. UCLA leads Cal 148.200 to 147.475 going into the final rotation.

5:10 pm. Palomares, Cal, FX- Big double pike. Great double tuck. Front lay front full jumped into a solid lunge.

5:07 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, BB- Bhs bhs layout is excellent. Switch to split jump, full turn is clean, she wants a freaking 10 right now. Bhs loso to layout full, stuck. That could def get a 10.

5:06 pm. Draghi, Cal, FX- Double pike with a lunge back. Front lay to front full is short and she stumbles but saves the landing. Lovely Rudi.

5:04 pm. Lee, UCLA, BB- Flairs, love it. Switch to split, covers up missing a foot well. Bhs layout is solid. Double turn looks awkward today, into the beat jump. Punch front. Hit the dismount.

5:03 pm. Robertson, Cal, FX- Big double arabian, great landing. 1.5 front layout. Double pike with a stumble forward.

LSU wins its meet and seals the regular season SEC title with a 198.150 against Florida in its absolute worst meet of the season gets a 196.600.

5:01 pm. Gnat, LSU, FX- Double layout, huge. 2.5 to punch front. Double pike bounced back.

5:00 pm. McMurtry, Florida, BB- I missed the beginning but nice Shushunova to clear hip around the beam. Beautiful flared double full.

Ross, UCLA, BB- Lovely floaty bhs loso. Switch ring to beat jump. Front aerial with a little check. Side aerial to stuck layout full.

4:57 pm. Kelley, LSU, FX- Huge double layout. Huge open full-in. Front tuck through to double tuck, nailed it.

Peterson, Cal, FX- Double pike to start is good. Solid Rudi. 1.5 to front layout with a step forward.

4:56 pm. Kocian, UCLA, BB- Front aerial to sheep jump, very nice. Bhs loso with a small check. Full turn. Lovely leaps. Double full stumbles back a few steps.

Boren, Florida, BB- Bhs loso with a big check. Hit jumps. Cat leap to gainer loso. Big gainer full with a bounce.

4:54 pm. Finnegan, LSU, FX- Big 2.5. Excellent double tuck. Double pike is also great.

Sternberg, Cal, FX- Double pike is good. Looked a little short on one of her jumps. Great double tuck. Hit last pass.

4:53 pm. Gowey, Flroida, BB- Switch to split jump. Bhs loso loso with a check. Switch to front aerial. Hit the dismount.

Mossett, UCLA, BB- I missed the beginning but pretty sure she hit. Side somi to layout full stuck.

4:52 pm. Hambrick, LSU, FX- Huge double layout. 2.5 to punch front looks awkward in between the two but she ends up hitting no problem. Double pike is a little short.

4:51 pm. Owens, Cal, FX- Big front double full. Excellent 1.5 to front layout. Good Rudi to finish.

4:50 pm. McLaughlin, Florida, BB- Front aerial, wobbles going into bhs. Good jumps. Side aerial. Gainer full with a hop.

4:49 pm. Gerber, UCLA, UB- Front aerial into a jump. Bhs loso, good jump series. Bhs gainer full with a hop sideways.

4:48 pm. Zamardi, LSU, FX- Double arabian, middle pass has a messy landing, bounces forward. Good 1.5 font layout.

Oregon State beats Washington 197.325 to 196.450.

4:47 pm. Arizona State WON!!!!!!! 195.700 bests their season high by half a point, and ON THE ROAD. AMAZING. Arizona finishes with a 195.375, coming back with a good floor after counting falls on bars and beam.

4:46 pm. Schneider, Arizona, FX- Nailed double pike. Front lay front full. Double back to finish was great.

Cheney, Florida, BB- Bhs bhs loso with a wobble and she puts her hands down. Side aerial layout full with a hop.

4:45 pm. Ewing, LSU, FX- Front double full. Double pike is excellent. Stuck cold.

McMillan, OSU, FX- Huge opening double layout. Hit the rest, perfect.

4:42 pm. Hundley, Florida, BB- Front aerial, solid bhs loso, full L turn, the music playing for her is “Tiny Dancer” #HoldMeCloserTonyDanza. Hopped on the dismount.

Burleson, UW, UB- Front aerial to bhs. Hit the rest, and looked like she stuck the dismount.

Christopherson, ASU, BB- PLEASE HIT THIS. Front toss to Korbut. Beat jump to double stag jump with a wobble and you can see in her face how badly she wants this. Big fight. Switch leap. 1.5 stuck. I THINK ASU HAS DONE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4:40 pm. Gardiner, OSU, FX- Hit opening pass, big triple full. 1.5 to barani is a little low. Love her dance after her second pass. Hit the finish.

Howard, Arizona, FX- Double tuck is excellent. Front lay front full. Double pike to finish.

UCLA has 98.65 while Cal has 98.175.

4:38 pm. Szafranski, ASU, BB- Front aerial to Korbut, beautiful. Side aerial. Hit jumps. Full turn. Rufolva is beautiful. Stuck gainer full. She’s phenomenal.

Goings, UW, UB- Bhs bhs loso is solid, full turn is clean, side aerial to layout full.

4:36 pm. Lowery, OSU, FX- Hit opening double back. Solid Rudi. Front lay front full stuck.

Sheppard, Arizona, FX- Huge triple full stumbled back. Stumbled out of bounds on something after that, looked like a leap pass actually hahaha but I missed it. Hit Rudi.

Palomares, Cal, VT- Loose form on FTY but stuck landing, just a little wobbly but she fights for it.

Lee, UCLA, UB- Great first handstand before Ray, Bhardwaj caught a little close, toe-on to van Leeuwen is clean, double layout almost stuck.

4:34 pm. Nelson, UW, BB- Clean bhs loso, 1.5 with a step.

Lentz, ASU, BB- Clean bhs loso. Switch to straddle side. Gainer loso with a check. Hit the 1.5 dismount. They’re fighting back from Conrad’s floor!

Robinson, Cal, VT- Tsuk full with a big hop back.

Ross, UCLA, UB- Maloney to bail is perfect, to toe shoot. Double layout stuck with her chest down.

LSU is at 148.525 while Florida is at 147.425.

4:33 pm. Robertson, Cal, VT- Front front front, stumble forward.

Colussi-Pelaez, OSU, FX- Hit routine. I saw a double tuck that looked good.

Boren, Florida, FX- Tucked full-in with a step. Hit middle pass, something into a front layout. Good double tuck.

Arizona, FX- Hit routine.

Kocian, UCLA, UB- Chow to pak (leg sep), van Leeuwen, stalder to full-in with a few steps forward.

4:30 pm. Udowitch, ASU, BB- Front aerial to back tuck, great. Hit jumps. Stuck dismount.

Schaefer, UW, BB- Front toss. Wobble on bhs loso. Hit the rest, including dismount.

Peterson, Cal, BB- Clean FTY with a hop back.

Gnat, LSU, BB- Wobble on front aerial. Switch to split half. Solid bhs loso. Beautiful double full.

Savvidou, UCLA, UB- Piked Jaeger, bail, giant full to double tuck. Probably one of her best bars.

4:28 pm. Berg, Arizona, FX- Double pike with a big step back. Hit middle pass. Rudi to a weird jump, think it’s supposed to be stag but it turns into a tuck jump lol. Oof.

Aufiero, OSU, FX- Solid double pike. Front full to barani. Double tuck with a stumble.

Takara, Cal, VT- FTY, a little shot, chest down and a tentative landing.

McMurtry, Florida, FX- Triple full, actually beautiful. Hopped forward out of middle pass. Solid double tuck.

Honest, UCLA, UB- Caught Tkachev, straddle back, full-in stuck but messy.

4:27 pm. Finnegan, LSU, BB- Super wild on her triple wolf and she falls. Everything else was great, especially flight series and dismount.

Meraz, UCLA, UB- Big Tkachev, bail, double layout is super close to the bar and has major leg sep.

4:25 pm. Hundley, Florida, FX- Whip to double tuck, excellent landing. Good front lay front full. Big solid double pike.

Conrad, ASU, BB- Bhs loso is solid. Ugh, fell on something after but I missed it. Maybe a side somi? I know she does one of those. Nope here’s her side somi and she hits it. Cat leap to switch side. Hit dismount.

Washington, UW, BB- Wobbles on flight series. Then off on side aerial. Dismount has a step.

Gallarzo, Cal, VT- Hit Yurchenko layout half with a step.

4:24 pm. Mattson, Arizona, FX- Double pike with a stumble. Great double tuck.

Jacobsen, OSU, FX- Double pike with a big step back. 1.5 front layout stuck cold. Rudi a little deep.

Li, LSU, BB- Front aerial to bhs loso, just a slight check. Cat leap to switch side. Gainer full with a solid landing. Lovely routine.

4:22 pm. Slocum, Florida, FX- Whip through to double pike, great. Hit the rest.

Callis, ASU, BB- Little check on flight series. Lovely scale hold. Side aerial layout full was good.

Rose, UW, BB- Hit everything, switch to side aerial, stuck dismount.

4:20 pm. Ewing, LSU, BB- Bhs layout is good. Switch to switch side. Loso to split side. 1.5 with a bounce.

4:18 pm. Gowey, Florida, FX- Big double pike. Double tuck bounced forward onto her hands. Lawd Florida is a mess today. Hit 1.5 front lay.

I missed the beginning of UCLA vs CAl but looked like Cal had a good UB rotation until a fall in the final spot.

4:16 pm. Hambrick, LSU, BB- Switch to straddle side, hit flight series, great double full.

4:14 pm. McLaughlin, Florida, FX- Front lay front full. Rudi. 1.5 to front layout, really seated on the landing and stumbles it back several steps.

Arizona State leads 146.550 to Arizona’s 146.175 which is amazing. I neeeeeed Arizona State to hit beam. This would be so awesome for them.

4:13 pm. Macadaeg, LSU, BB- Full turn, switch to switch half to beat jump, lovely flexibility. Front aerial to straddle jump. Lovely bhs loso. Stuck gainer full.

Oregon State 148.1 to Washington with 147.225 going into the final rotation.

4:11 pm. Lentz, ASU, FX- Double pike is good. Also hit a good double tuck.

Burleson, Washington, FX- Just mouthed “I got this.” Double pike sailed down but knees buckled a tiny bit. 1.5 front layout. I think she finishes with a front double full. Hit routine.

4:10 pm. Gardiner, OSU, BB- Nice jumps, front aerial, gainer full stuck. Beautiful.

4:09 pm. Cindric, Arizona, BB- Bhs loso, stumble and a fall. Arizona will count a fall here after counting one on bars. What a rough way to go out at home. Hit the rest.

4:07 pm. Hart, ASU, FX- Double pike stumbled forward a bit. Front lay to front full is a mess, hops to the side. Good double tuck.

Yacalis, UW, FX- Tucked full-in with a bounce back. Hit middle pass, I think front lay front full to punch front. Double tuck is great.

4:06 pm. Dessaints, OSU, BB- Clean bhs loso. Switch to double stag jump. Stuck gainer full.

LSU is at 99.05 and Florida is at 98.3.

4:03 pm. Washington, UW, FX- Double tuck with a bounce into a lunge. Hit middle pass. Double pike stumbled back and sat.

McMurtry, Florida, VT- DTY, beautiful. If Gnat got a 10 that should too.

Schneider, Arizona, BB- Front toss to bhs with a wobble. Nice jumps. Puch front full, jumps heels together.

Priessman, LSU, UB- Tkachv to pak, double layout with a bounce back.

4:01 pm. Ginn, ASU, FX- Hit opening pass.  Last pass, double pike, goes OOB.

McMillan, OSU, BB- Front toss to bhs. Signature front toss to her knee. Hit gainer full dismount.

Slocum, Florida, VT- Front pike half-out, short with a big hop. Chest way down at her knees.

Finnegan, LSU, UB- Hit release and bail, both great, double layout stuck.

3:59 pm. Duranczyk, UW, FX- Front tuck through to double back, great. The rest was solid.

Ortiz, Arizona, BB- Everything at the beginning was good but she stumbled on her bhs loso and fell. Dismount was hit as well.

Boren, Florida, VT- Huge Yurchenko 1.5. Looked clean but they were zoomed in too close to really see. In the replay it looks loose.

Edney, LSU, UB- Hindorff, crooked bail, double layout with a hop.

3:58 pm. Christopherson, ASU, FX- Big double back to start. Good 1.5 front lay. Looked like she had a stumble on her double pike.

Colussi-Pelaez, OSU, BB- Good jumps. Wobbly at the end of her bhs loso but she holds it. Side aerial to layout full stuck with her butt sticking out and her chest forward.

Hundley, Florida, VT- FTY, looks a little loose, step on the landing into her salute.

Harrold, LSU, UB- Van Leeuwen to Zuchold, Jaeger, double front cowboyed with a step.

3:57 pm. Hambrick, LSU, UB- Did exactly what McMurtry did, going over on her first handstand and having to get her swing back, but hers isn’t as much of a mess. Alex’s was bad. Tkachev and bail are good, full-in with a small hop back. She makes mistakes in literally every meet.

3:55 pm. Gowey, Florida, VT- Nice FTY, just slightly piked on the landing, small bounce.

Cowles, Arizona, BB- Full turn, front aerial to bhs is very fluid with her arm movements. Side aerial. Front gainer full off the end.

Goings, Washington, FX- Front lay front full with a step. I think I missed her first pass, I think it was prob a double pike. Double tuck bounced forward but she doesn’t put her hands down.

Zamardi, LSU, UB- Maloney to pak, leg sep on both, double arabian with a step.

Chant, Florida, VT- Tsuk full, big bounce back with her leg swinging up.

3:53 pm. Belkoff, ASU, FX- Double pike stumbled back OOB. 1.5 to front layout. Great 1.5 to front layout.

Gill, OSU, BB- Split to double stag. Front aerial to bhs with a little bobble. Split half to beat jump looks crooked. Hit gainer full.

3:51 pm. Hendrickson, Arizona, BB- Beat to split 3/4. Little bobble on bhs loso. Full spin. Gainer full stuck.

Schaefer, UW, FX- Good double tuck. Front full to front layout into a jump. Nice switch ring to split jump full into the corner. Solid double pike.

3:50 pm. Jones, ASU, FX- Great double pike. Double tuck stumbled back OOB. 1.5 to front lay gets a little tucked.

Jimenez, OSU, BB- Front toss to beat jump. Bhs loso with a little bobble. Good jumps. Stuck gainer pike.

3:49 pm. Huge 49.625 for LSU on vault to 48.925 for Florida on bars after they count a mistake.

3:48 pm. Howard, Arizona, BB- Bhs loso. Full turn. Switch to straddle side. Front gainer tuck full. Good start.

3:47 pm. McMurtry, Florida, UB- Went over on something and lost her swing? That was bizarre. Hit Tkachev, bail to toe shoot, good last handstand, full-in with a hop back.

3:46 pm. Gnat, LSU, VT- DTY, huge and stuck, probably her cleanest as well. Easy 10 for her. I’d give it to her.

3:45 pm. Hundley, Florida, UB- Maloney to pak, both nice, toe-on to van Leeuwen, very nice! Full-in with a hop.

How in the world did one judge give Harrold a 9.95 when she basically almost brushed her butt on the mat? #KEWL

3:44 pm. Oregon State gets a 98.675 to Washington’s 98.15.

Edney, LSU, VT- Bent elbows on the table, 1.5 looks mostly good though and she still gets big height, and hits it well.

3:43 pm. Arizona State leads Arizona 97.875 to Arizona with 97.625.

Baker, Florida, UB- Huge Ray, bail to toe shoot, toe half to double front, great positioning on the landing, and stuck.

3:42 pm. Harrold, LSU, VT- In for Priessman because Priessman tweaked her knee, what else is new? Stuck 1.5, super squatted but yeah, stuck.

3:40 pm. Ewing, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 sails down, some loose form but just a tiny baby step to steady it.

Aufiero, OSU, UB- Giant full to Tkachev, bail, double layout stuck cold. Beautiful!

Gowey, Florida, UB- Caught Ray, short handstand before toe on to clean pak, short handstand, stuck pikey double layout.

3:38 pm. Hambrick, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a step back.

McMillan, OSU, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, short handstand, clean dismount.

Chant, Florida, UB- Tkachev, toe-on to bail, hit her feet it looked like on the low bar before her release and she peels off too early to crash her full-in to her face.

Burleson, UW, VT- Oh no, crashed her 1.5.

3:37 pm. Christopherson, ASU, VT- Yurchenko layout with a bounce.

Boren, Florida, UB- Big Tkachev, toe-on to bail, short on handstand, solid double layout.

Yacalis, UW, VT- FTY with a big hop back.

Ortiz, Arizona, UB- Huuuuuuge Tkachev into her overshoot. Stuck dismount.

3:36 pm. Berg, Arizona, UB- Fall on big piked Jaeger means Arizona will count a fall. If ASU beats Arizona on Arizona turf things are gonna get NUTS. Gets back on for bail, and really nice full in.

Singley, OSU, UB- Giant full to Tkachev, double layout with a little slide.

Finnegan, LSU, VT- Lovely stuck FTY. Just a little knee bend on the landing.

3:35 pm. Ginn, ASU, VT- FTY with a little bounce.

3:34 pm. Felix-Terrazas, Arizona, UB- What I saw was hit, including giant full to double tuck, stuck.

Riley, UW, VT- Yurchenko layout half with a little jolt and step forward.

3:33 pm. Wilson, ASU, VT- FTY, not bad in the air, small hop.

Jacobsen, OSU, UB- Good Tkachev to overshoot, nice and clean, oh no, looked like she was going to hit her double front dismount but then had a weird stumble down to one knee.

3:32 pm. Laub, Arizona, UB- Toe-on to Tkachev, double layout with a small hop.

Goings, UW, VT- FTY with a small hop back.

3:31 pm. Gardiner, OSU, UB- Maloney to bail, clean giant full to double tuck.

Lentz, ASU, VT- Low FTY with a hop back.

3:29 pm. Khamedoost, OSU, UB- Hit what I saw at the beginning, short hanstand before double layout dismount, stuck!

Howard, Arizona, UB- I missed this but it was a hit routine.

Arizona, UB- Fell on her Jaeger. Gets back up to do it again into an overshoot, double layout stuck.

Roy, UW, VT- Yurchenko layout half, good in the air, small hop.

Georgia finishes with 197.325.

3:28 pm. Marino, Georgia, FX- Huge double layout, awesome. Great 1.5 front layout. Double pike, a little short.

Copiak, UW, VT- FTY with a hop back.

Belkoff, ASU, VT- FTY, a little low with a big step forward.

Huge 197.700 for Alabama!!!

3:27 pm. Guerrero, Alabama, BB- Bhs bhs loso is solid. Switch leap to straddle jump. Stuck 1.5 dismount.

Rushton, ASU, VT- Yurchenko tucked full, stuck.

3:25 pm. Dickson, Georgia, FX- Big double pike. Great 1.5 to front layout. Big double tuck to finish.

3:23 pm. Winston, Alabama, BB- Big split jump to straddle half, front aerial with a pause before her bhs, full turn, double tuck with a step. “Remember, you can get deductions, but you can also get bonus.” No, Holly, that’s not how it works hahahaha.

3:21 pm. Snead, Georgia, FX- Whip through to double tuck bounced back. Big double pike. Rudi to finish.

Oregon State leads Washington, 49.25 to 49.1.

3:19 pm. Desch, Alabama, BB- Lovely flight series, dances out of her turn, side somi, switch to split jump, 1.5 to finish is solid.

Duranczyk, UW, UB- Hit release, short last handstand, and a double layout super far back on the landing, looks like she’s gonna sit it but she pulls it up and just takes a couple of steps.

3:17 pm. Vega, Georgia, FX- Whip to double tuck, good landing. 1.5 front lay, good leaps, and a great double pike to finish.

Cindric, Arizona, VT- Decent FTY, just a little short.

Copiak, UW, UB- YAS nice Church. Bail, full-in stuck! Very good.

Christopherson, ASU, UB- I missed most of this but saw her catch her release and hit her dismount a little tentatively.

Dessaints, OSU, VT- Big 1.5, a little squatted down on the landing.

3:15 pm. Winters, Alabama, BB- Nice bhs loso, split to sheep jump, front toss to scale, hop on the dismount.

Burleson, UW, UB- Hit release, bail, giant full to double tuck with a step back.

Swanson, Arizona, VT- Clean FTY with a step back.

Szafranski, ASU, UB- Toe on to Maloney to pak, leg sep on the two releases as usual, toe half, double layout with her knees buckling on the landing and a step.

McMillan, OSU, VT- Big 1.5 with a hop forward.

3:13 pm. Babalis, Georgia, FX- Teammates dropped the chalk for her at the beginning. Hit opening pass, double pike flies back into a huuuuge hop.

Goings, UW, UB- Jaeger, straddle back, hop sideways on the dismount.

Leung, Arizona, VT- FTY with a bounce and her chest slightly down.

Jacobsen, OSU, VT- Good FTY.

Wilson, ASU, UB- Good Jaeger. Bail, clean giant full right on the bar into her double tuck. Nice!

3:11 pm. Sims, Alabama, BB- Bhs loso is solid. Switch leap, lovely. Double tuck with a step back.

Mattson, Arizona, VT- Yurchenko layout half with a step back.

Washington, UW, UB- Clear hip to super clean Gienger, full-in with a step and her form right before the landing is a little wonky.

Gardiner, OSU, VT- FTY, a little cruncy, great landing though.

Hart, ASU, UB- Great Jaeger but going down into the overshoot she gets a little crooked, double layout with legs in a V and a hop.

3:10 pm. Reynolds, Georgia, FX- Nailed opening pass and hit 1.5 front lay second pass. Solid Rudi to finish.

Aufiero, OSU, VT- FTY, a little low, but gets it around, big step back.

Imbus, ASU, UB- Maloney to bail (leg sep), stalder to double tuck with a step back.

3:09 pm. Khamedoost, OSU, VT- FTY with a little bobble on the landing.

Nelson, Washington, UB- Jaeger, lovely pak, gets a little stuck in the stalder going into her double tuck, step.

Rushton, ASU, UB- Hit routine with a step back on the dismount.

Felix-Terrazas, Arizona, VT- FTY with her chest at horizontal and a little wiggle on the landing.

3:06 pm. About to add Washington vs Oregon State and Arizona vs Arizona State into the mix!

3:01 pm. Schick didn’t have a C leap connection so her start value is low and she only gets a 9.725, meaning Georgia gets just a 49.15 on beam. Alabama takes back the lead, 148.175 to Georgia at 147.85. I highly doubt Georgia will come back without Bama really screwing up but we shall see!

2:59 pm. Sims, Alabama, FX- Double pike with a lean back and a big step to control it. 1.5 to weird front layout that looks arched and tucked all at once. Good double tuck with a small hop.

2:57 pm. Schick, Georgia, BB- Bhs loso with weird feet and a bobble. Front aerial to split side. Wobble on switch leap. Split jump to wolf jump. Stuck gainer full. Wobbly but at least she made it through.

2:55 pm. Winston, Alabama, FX- Huge double layout. Front layout to front full. Huge double tuck. Excellent.

2:54 pm. Babalis, Georgia, BB- Front aerial to standing loso, switch to split jump, full turn with a check, front toss to beat jump with a wobble. Front layout full with a hop. Somehow this got a 9.9 lol.

2:52 pm. Bailey, Alabama, FX- Double arabian with a step forward. Front layout to front full, stuck. Big Rudi to finish.

2:50 pm. Broussard, Georgia, BB- One armed bhs to loso. Switch to straddle side. Side aerial with a big wobble and a fall. Stuck gainer full.

2:48 pm. Desch, Alabama, FX- Looks right into the camera on her opening, LOVE. Nails double arabian into a lunge. 1.5 to barani to split jump to front tuck. Double tuck into a controlled lunge.

2:46 pm. Dickson, Georgia, BB- Little check on jumps. Bhs loso is solid though. Front aerial to beat jump. Back handspring to layout 1.5 with a hop.

2:44 pm. Childers, Alabama, FX- Sticks full-in. Her facial expressions in her beginning choreo are hilariously weird. Front tuck through to double full. Rudi to double stag jump. Great routine.

2:43 pm. Sanders, Georgia, BB- Solid bhs loso, switch side, full turn landed a little sideways, punch front tuck to beat jump, she uses “Lip Gloss” as her music LOL. Bless. Punch front full with a little hop.

2:41 pm. Guerra, Alabama, FX- Double tuck, really huge, then a 1.5 to front layout to stag, would’ve been quite the messy landing without that stag. Big double pike to finish.

2:38 pm. Vega, Georgia, BB- Super solid bhs loso. Front aerial to beat jump. Side somi with a little wobble. Switch to split side. Full turn. Side aerial to layout full, stuck!

2:32 pm. Alabama got the same 49.275 that Georgia got on vault, but Georgia outscored Alabama’s bars score by a quarter of a tenth, so they’re currently leading 98.7 to 98.675!

2:31 pm. Schick, Georgia, UB- Blind change to piked Jaeger, good bail, great last handstand, double layout with the tiniest slide forward.

2:30 pm. Desch, Alabama, VT- Look at Maddi anchoring for Bama!!! Might do the 1.5…OOOOH YES. Beautiful in the air, and STUCK, with a deep landing with her knees, but still beautiful for real.

2:29 pm. Dickson, Georgia, UB- Toe-on to Ray, a little close, bail, short handstand before giants into double layout, fights for the stick but has to cheat out into her salute with a step back.

2:28 pm. Bailey, Alabama, VT- Yurchenko layout half with a hop forward.

2:27 pm. Snead, Georgia, UB- Big Tkachev, arches over bail a little bit, big floaty stuck double layout.

2:26 pm. Guerrero, Alabama, VT- Loose form in her Yurchenko 1.5, hips and knees bent, great air and big landing though.

2:25 pm. Johnson, Georgia, VT- Clear hip a little short to Gienger with leg sep, bail, double layout with a small hop.

2:24 pm. Winston, Alabama, VT- Huge FTY with about a two-foot bounce back.

2:23 pm. Sanders, Georgia, UB- Toe on to blind change to piked Jaeger, good bail, stalder to double tuck stuck on her toes with her chest down.

2:22 pm. Armbrecht, Alabama, VT- FTY, not bad. Small hop.

2:21 pm. Childers, Alabama, VT- Hit FTY.

Reynolds, Georgia, UB- Big Jaeger, super clean pak, beautiful stuck double layout. Amazing.

2:19 pm. Central Michigan finishes with a huge 196.375, surpassing their previous season high by like six tenths. Rutgers counts a fall on beam to get a 194.975, still one of their best season scores I’m pretty sure.

2:16 pm. Hilliker, CMU, FX- Double tuck with a good lunge. Hit the rest super nicely. 9.95!!!

2:14 pm. Clements, CMU, FX- Big step back on opening pass. Middle pass is front full to front layout. Good double pike.

Alabama leads 49.4 to Georgia’s 49.275.

2:13 pm. Bailey, Alabama, UB- Big Jaeger, bail, huge full-in with a step back.

Georgia’s scoring is SO tight on vault. Dickson went 9.85…that would’ve been a 9.925 basically at any other SEC school. Oh good, Snead got a 9.95.

2:11 pm. Winston, Alabama, UB- She went before ESPN’s cue lmao. So we didn’t get to see this.

Snead, Georgia, VT- Beautiful Yurchenko 1.5, stuck.

Plaksa, CMU, FX- Front double full has a low and messy landing.

2:09 pm. Childers, Alabama, UB- Maloney to bail, hit the dismount.

Dickson, Georgia, VT- Huge BEAUTIFUL FTY, stuck cold. Chest just slightly forward.

Someone from Rutgers just grabbed the beam on something.

2:08 pm. Marino, Georgia, VT- Ooh, big Yurchenko 1.5, just jumps her feet together, form is maybe a little loose, but that wasn’t bad.

2:06 pm. Johnson, Georgia, VT- Huge FTY, almost stuck, maybe a tiny slide. Chest slightly down too.

Jetter, Alabama, UB- Jaeger, bail to toe shoot, blind change to double front is super low, squatted and hopped.

Memmel, CMU, FX- Double pike with a little bounce back. 1.5 to front layout is super short and she buckles a little. Good double tuck to finish.

2:05 pm. Mahoney, Alabama, UB- Toe-on to Maloney, missed connection back down to the bail, full-in deep landing with a step back.

2:04 pm. Kaplan, CMU, FX- Good double pike. Hit middle pass and solid double tuck to finish.

Reynolds, Georgia, FX- Huge stuck FTY! Beautiful.

1:58 pm. Central Michigan holds the lead at 147.075 to Rutgers with 146.425! This is an amazing meet for CMU.

1:52 pm. Jones, Rutgers, FX- Double layout stumbled forward, big step forward. Whip half to front full I think, double pike a little short.

1:49 pm. Ali, Rutgers, FX- Tucked full-in, great landing, front tuck through to double tuck is excellent.

1:48 pm. Clements, CMU, BB- Bhs bhs loso, solid. Switch to straddle side, front aerial, gainer full, steps out into her salute.

1:46 pm. Fitzpatrick, CMU, BB- Nice wolf turn, front aerial with a wobble into scale, solid bhs loso, switch to switch half better than most elites, cartwheel to stuck gainer full.

They totally stopped showing any of Rutgers btw.

1:44 pm. Stambaugh, CMU, BB- Beat to straddle side, solid bhs loso, hit leap series, double tuck with several steps back

1:42 pm. Segal, CMU, BB- Bhs loso, sheep jump, switch to gainer full, stuck.

1:41 pm. Shank, Rutgers, FX- Double pike with a step, double tuck very nicely controlled, good 1.5 to front layout.

1:38 pm. Amoresano, Rutgers, FX- Double tuck, and they cut away to show CMU waiting on beam. #eyeroll

Janowicz, CMU, BB- Full turn, gainer loso to back handspring, kinda cool. Split jump supposed to be connected I think. 1.5 with a hop.

1:37 pm. Memmel, CMU, BB- Bhs loso, side aerial, switch half to sissone, beat jump to straddle side, double full with a great landing. Awesome leadoff.

1:31 pm. Central Michigan leads 97.9 to Rutgers with 97.4.

1:29 pm. Kaplan, CMU, UB- Tkachev, giant full right on the bar to blind change to straddle back, double layout with a stumble.

McLachlan, Rutgers, VT- Hit

1:28 pm. Janowicz, CMU, UB- Straddle Jaeger, nice bail, giant full to double tuck stuck cold.

1:27 pm. Jones, Rutgers, VT- Handspring front pike with a big step forward.

1:26 pm. Plaksa, CMU, UB- Straddle Jaeger is SO far away and she falls. Continues with a second Jaeger caught so close this time, bail with bent elbows and leg sep, super quick blind change to double front that she hops forward onto her hands.

Amoresano, Rutgers, VT- Yurchenko layout half, decent landing.

1:25 pm. Ali, Rutgers, VT- Nice flared FTY with a solid landing.

1:24 pm. Carr, CMU, UB- Straddle back a little short, giant full with leg sep to big Tkachev, powerful man-giants to a perfectly straight double layout, stuck. Nice!

1:23 pm. Groden, Rutgers, VT- FTY, good landing, not a huge block.

1:20 pm. Campbell, CMU, UB- Giant full to Gienger with leg sep, overshoot, probably supposed to be connected? Short handstand before giant full (a little late) to double tuck with a step back.

Rizkalla, Rutgers, VT- Handspring front pike, really deep landing.

Fitzpatrick, UB- Front giant half to straddle back, giant full to double tuck with a decent landing, small step.

1:11 pm. Baker, Rutgers, UB- Giant full to Gienger with leg sep to overshoot with leg sep, giant full to double tuck with a hop. Good comeback for them after Polina’s falls.

1:10 pm. Shank, Rutgers, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, double front with a step.

1:08 pm. McLachlan, Rutgers, UB- Maloney to bail (messy) to toe shoot, giant full to double tuck with a hop back. I love that with Erin and Polina, Rutgers has two former GB elites in their bars lineup!

1:06 pm. Groden, Rutgers, UB- Gienger to overshoot, nice, stuck double layout.

1:05 pm. Clements, CMU, VT- FTY is short, takes a big step.

1:04 pm. Amoresano, Rutgers, UB- Clear hip to Gienger to overshoot, caught with bent elbows. Stuck arabian dismount.

Janowicz, CMU, VT- Hit it, looked good from what I could see

1:02 pm. Carr, CMU, VT- FTY with a step back.

Stambaugh, CMU, VT- FTY with a step, this one looked a little messier coming off the table from this angle.

1:01 pm. Kaplan, CMU, VT- FTY with a tiny hop.

Poliakova, Rutgers, UB- Arched over on a clear hip and fell hard, didn’t continue her routine.


10:51 pm. Utah gets a 197.500 while Stanford goes 196.275.

10:45 pm. Rowe, Utah, FX- I think she’s crying BEFORE her routine LOL. Oh lawd. This is Aly on crack. Double pike with a hop back. Hit middle pass and then her 1.5 to front lay with a step out into arabesque to finish. Sobbing, obviously. Not a 10.0 routine technically, but a 10.0 moment for her, and one judge who ignored the multiple hops gave it a 10 anyway LOL.

10:43 pm. YESSSSSS MYKAYLA GOT THE 10!!!!!!!! FINALLY. And instead of showing us her reaction they’re showing us the little girl spinning the 10 around.

Tai, Stanford, BB- Bhs loso bhs landed basically on her crotch but not quite. Fall. Switch to straddle 3/4. At least she’s last up and they won’t count it. They went 196.275, by the way! Just shy of the season best. 1.5 with a hop to finish.

10:40 pm. Skinner, Utah, FX- Putting her fifth instead of last tonight so Baely can sob for 15 hours at the end of what is sure to be a 10 if all goes according to plan. I’m so excited for that moment. MyKayla the beam save queen starts out with a double double, perfect. Good leaps. Great 1.5 to double full. Full-in into a lunge. GIVE. IT. A. TEN.

10:39 pm. D McNair, Stanford, BB- Good bhs loso, jump series is hit, stuck gainer pike off the end.

10:37 pm. Merrell, Utah, FX- Hit opening pass with her heel OOB. Good 2.5 to front tuck. Solid Rudi to finish.

10:35 pm. Daum, Stanford, BB- Long wait for her, and she looks nervous about it. Yu’s score took a long time to come in and I think it’s because she might be missing a connection or something else of value…she ends up with a 9.625. Solid bhs loso, and the rest is good, including a great 1.5 dismount.

10:32 pm. Lewis, Utah, FX- Great double pike. Hit middle pass and double tuck very well. They’re killing it this rotation!

10:31 pm. Yu, Stanford, BB- Bhs loso, big switch half with a wobble, full turn, hit the dismount with a little bounce.

10:29 pm. Reinstadtler, Utah, FX- Double tuck jumped into a good lunge. 1.5 to front lay into an arabesque. Hit final pass.

10:26 pm. Cole, Stanford, BB- Nails her flight series. Front aerial to beat jump. Full turn with a wobble, double full with a hop back.

10:24 pm. Roberts, Utah, FX- Double pike is fab. Rudi. 1.5 to front half into a big jump, great leadoff.

10:23 pm. Fitzgerald, Stanford, BB- Hitch kick to front toss, beat jump to split 3/4, front aerial to bhs, stuck 1.5.

10:20 pm. Utah is at 147.825 after a poopy beam and Stanford is at a 147.325 after probably the best floor rotation of the season. Too bad they didn’t have a sixth girl to get rid of one of the 9.7-range scores! But yeah, who would’ve thought the meet would be within five tenths?! Good on Stanford.

10:14 pm. Rowe, Utah, BB- Switch to straddle side, flexed feet on the straddle. Bhs bhs loso with a wobble. THIS IS YOUR NIGHT, STOP GIVING AWAY YOUR 10. Full turn. 1.5 with a hop. Still an excellent routine and she’s sobbing LOLOL SAVE IT FOR AFTER FLOOR ugh Baely.

10:12 pm. Price, Stanford, FX- Double tuck is solid. Front lay front full. Double pike with a little bounce back.

10:10 pm. Lee, Utah, BB- Great bhs loso, switch to straddle jump, a big wobble on an aerial, as good as Stanford’s floor is going, Utah’s beam is about the opposite of what we usually see from them. Hit the double full though, and really, a nice save on that bobble like everyone else with big saves tonight.

10:09 pm. Daum, Stanford, FX- Great double pike, 1.5 to front layout, solid double tuck. This looks like a whole new Stanford on floor!

10:06 pm. Skinner, Utah, BB- Let’s go Miley Cyrus. Solid bhs loso, side aerial to sissone, hit leap series, slow and steady full L turn, oh my god, she wobbles out of her straddle jump to back tuck and then goes from wobbling into hilarious arm choreo with a big smile on her face, BLESS HER HEART, that was adorable. Double tuck is a little low.

10:04 pm. N Hoffman, Stanford, FX- Double tuck, a little crooked. Front full to what I think was supposed to be a front lay but her knees end up tucking a bit. Hit the last pass, I think a 1.5 to front pike.

10:02 pm. Reinstadtler, Utah, BB- BEAUUUUTIFUL front aerial to bhs. And her music is “American Pie” so she gets bonus points. Switch to straddle side. Full turn with a wobble. Gainer full with a hop.

10:00 pm. Cole, Stanford, FX- 2.5 to stuck front tuck! Very nice. Great landing on her double tuck. Front full front lay with another good landing! Her best probably.

9:59 pm. Merrell, Utah, BB- Switch to split jump, off on triple flight series, front aerial, full turn, double full a little short.

9:57 pm. Hoffman, Stanford, FX- Double tuck with a bounce back. Hit middle pass and Rudi.

9:55 pm. Stover, Utah, BB- Full turn, front aerial to bhs, wobble on switch leap, does split jump to straddle side series to get her leaps in, ring jump, hit the dismount.

9:52 pm. Utah leads Stanford, 98.725 to 98.250. Good meet for both so far, but especially for Stanford! Utah has given up quite a few scores that could’ve been a lot better but Stanford has been pretty much on the money, probably going for a season best.

9:47 pm. Rowe, Utah, UB- Giant full to Tkachev, bail, double layout with a hop back.

9:46 pm. Price, Stanford, VT- HOLY CRAP MONSTER. BALLER ass FTY. Stuck. COLD. Gets a perfect 9.95 from one judge.

9:45 pm. Yu, Stanford, VT- Good FTY, looked stuck, maybe with her chest leaning a bit too far forward.

Lewis, Utah, UB- Giant full to Tkachev, she has that weird straddle that Laurie Hernandez has, bail to toe shoot, double layout with a step.

9:44 pm. D McNair, Stanford, VT- Decent FTY in the air, I missed the landing.

Lee, Utah, UB- Piked Jaeger to overshoot, full-in with a rough landing, low with a step.

9:43 pm. Skinner, Utah, UB- Maloney (leg sep) to bail (a little arched), toe on to full-in stuck in a deep-ish squat.

9:42 pm. Hoffman, Stanford, VT- FTY, some leg sep in the air and a little wild on the landing with a hop back.

9:41 pm. Reinstadtler, Utah, UB- Toe half to Jaeger, bail, clean handstand right on the bar before her full-in, which is messy in the first flip.

9:40 pm. Cole, Stanford, VT- FTY, a little short with her chest down and a step forward.

9:39 pm. Merrell, Utah, UB- Toe-on to Deltchev, bail, stalder to double tuck with a step.

9:38 pm. Daum, Stanford, VT- Huge FTY with a great landing! One of her best I think?

9:30 pm. Missouri goes 197.200 after a 9.95 from the amazing Kennedi Harris on floor! Besting its high score by at least five tenths I think. 195.400 for Auburn.

Price, Stanford, UB- Maloney to clear hip to Church to bail to Ray, all perfect. Stuck double layout perfectly. Not quite her best if you wanna get picky about one of the handstands, and the judges agree…an almost perfect 9.95!

9:28 pm. Maxwell, Stanford, UB- Toe-on to bail to toe shoot, giant full to double tuck stuck with her feet apart. Yay!

Harris, Missouri, FX- Excellent double pike, front lay front full with a good landing, excellent double tuck. YAS.

McNatt, Utah, VT- Handspring front pike with a bounce on the landing.

9:27 pm. Krippner, Auburn, BB- Flight series with a wobble but saves it. Stuck 1.5 to finish.

Daum, Stanford, UB- Bail a little short to toe shoot, good Tkachev, double arabian with a little bounce.

Skinner, Utah, VT- Please stick it tonight girl. You need a 10. I need a 10. YAS her best landing so far!! Not stuck but only a tiny slide back, and it’s fabulous in the air. Her slide was maybe six inches. Well-deserved 9.95.

9:26 pm. Schugel, Missouri, FX- Big triple full, excellent. Double tuck a little short. Great double full to punch front to finish.

D McNair, Stanford, UB- Toe shoot, Jaeger to overshoot, pikey double layout with a good landing.

Lewis, Utah, VT- Clean FTY with a step back.

So far I’m happy with Utah’s scoring. Nothing really to be ashamed of.

9:25 pm. Merrell, Utah, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, big, but also a huge hop forward.

9:24 pm. Slappey, Auburn, BB- Bhs loso, very nice. Side aerial to layout full.

Yu, Stanford, UB- Maloney to bail, very nice, to Ray. Stalder to double tuck stuck cold. NIIIIICE. I know Utah will be going crazy with high scores tonight so I hope they also show Stanford some love.

9:23 pm. Lee, Utah, VT- FTY, cheated the landing with a couple of steps back after her too-quick salute.

9:21 pm. Rowe, Utah, VT- Big FTY, stuck! Excellent.

N McNair, Stanford, UB- Piked Jaeger, and hit the rest well.

Kelly, Missouri, FX- Double pike with a wobble on the landing. Hit middle pass. Front lay front full with a step to finish.

9:20 pm. Engler, Auburn, BB- Bhs loso with a tiny bobble and then a bigger wobble, full turn, wobble on her switch leap, missing her jump series, and then she does another jump series with another big wobble. Big wobble on her side aerial as well. Gainer pike with a hop. “All around a solid set.” Bridget, she wobbled on literally every skill.

9:17 pm. Tucker, Missouri, FX- Front tuck through to double tuck. Rudi is good. Big double pike to finish. I feel like without looking at any of her scores, this has been an incredible night for her?! Just looked and yeah, she has a 39.45 which I’m 99% sure is her high.

9:16 pm. Becker, Auburn, BB- Full turn, wobble, cat leap to front toss, a little off-center and she falls. Great bhs loso, 1.5 dismount is good.

9:13 pm. Cerio, Auburn, BB- Bhs loso is a little off but she pulls it back. The rest is good.

Huber, Missouri, FX- Hit routine, including double pike with a big bounce almost OOB but she saved it.

9:11 pm. Bower, Missouri, FX- Solid double pike. 1.5 to front layout. Double tuck. Great start.

Okay so all of the Red Rocks have a single weird glove on and I was like wtf nonsense is this but I realized it was the Michael Jackson look for Baely Rowe’s senior night. She hasn’t even come out yet and she’s already literally sobbing her bloody face off with her parents. It must be so hard to be a sole senior on senior night but at least she gets all the attention.

9:09 pm. Hlawek, Auburn, BB- Bhs loso with legs slightly bent. Punch front to beat jump. Hit the dismount.

9:03 pm. I had more freezing issues so I missed the rest of the Missouri rotation but Missouri leads 147.825 to Auburn’s 146.650. Missouri is totally breaking 197 tonight yo!

8:57 pm. Ward, Missouri, BB- Great bhs bhs loso, switch to pike jump, hit the rest.

8:56 pm. Auburn, FX- Rudi to back layout full, which is awesome, and then she sticks her double tuck cold. Hit the last pass, another one of those 1.5 to front full or front lay front full passes that I never catch the beginning of because I get distracted.

8:54 pm. Kelly, Missouri, BB- Front aerial to bhs, and the rest is good, including a stuck gainer full.

8:52 pm. Slappey, Auburn, FX- Double pike, stuck. Excellent landing on the Rudi. Double tuck with a little wobble to finish.

8:51 pm. Schugel, Missouri, BB- Bhs bhs loso, loses control near the end and wobbles before coming off. Hit the rest, including the gainer full dismount.

8:48 pm. Scaglione, Auburn, FX- Great double full to punch front tuck. Front lay front full with a step. Good double tuck.

8:47 pm. Allbritten, Missouri, BB- Good front aerial to bhs, switch to split to sissone, gainer full with a step.

8:45 pm. Day, Auburn, FX- Double pike with a stumble back and had to fight to hold it. Front lay front full. Big double tuck. Another great routine!

8:43 pm. Tucker, Missouri, BB- Bhs layout is AWESOME. Beat jump to standing loso, double full with a hop back. Great routine from her.

8:39 pm. Bower, Missouri, BB- Bhs loso with bent knees, my feed froze and I missed the rest.

Becker, Auburn, FX- Hit opening double tuck and nice double pike second pass. Last pass is good as well, I think a 1.5 to front lay or front full to front lay, I missed the opening.

8:32 pm. Missouri is on pace for its highest score of the season! They currently lead 98.5 to Auburn’s 97.4.

8:31 pm. Schugel, Missouri, UB- Big piked Jaeger to overshoot, the RAREST of all bar work, giant full to double tuck with a step.

8:30 pm. Day, Auburn, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, a little off center but lots of power and air, big hop back.

8:28 pm. Rott, Auburn, VT- FTY, huge, flared the landing, bounces back about a foot.

Miller, Missouri, UB- Ankle sep on blind change before piked Jaeger, bail, double layout is good.

Kentucky at 196.525 and Arkansas 195.275, not a bad score for the Razorbacks considering all of their drama and counting that low floor score!

8:27 pm. Krippner, Auburn, VT- Hit FTY, not bad

Kelly, Missouri, UB- Big piked Jaeger, bail, double layout stuck with her chest leaning forward.

8:25 pm. Korth, Kentucky, FX- Full-in with a good landing. Rudi loso is very nice. Great double pike.

Phillips, Auburn, VT- Huge power on her FTY, but also a huge step back.

Tucker, Missouri, UB- Piked Jaeger, great air, wonky bail with ankle sep, giant full to double tuck stuck!

8:23 pm. Rathjen, Arkansas, BB- Big switch side, bhs bhs loso with a big wobble, stuck gainer full.

Engler, Auburn, VT- FTY, really deep with a step.

Huber, Missouri, UB- Short handstand, big Jaeger, double layout, slides heels together.

8:21 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, FX- Solid double pike. Front full front lay. Good double tuck.

Becker, Auburn, vT- Big clean FTY, small step.

Ward, Missouri, UB- Hit release, bail, giant full with ankle sep to double tuck with a step.

8:19 pm. Burton, Arkansas, BB- Front aerial, solid bhs loso, full turn, switch to straddle side, good 1.5 dismount.

8:18 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, FX- Good double pike, 1.5 to front lay with legs apart.

Can the SEC Network not show Porter’s injury every single week? It happened legit two months ago and every time I see it with the sound off I think someone else got hurt. STAHP.

8:16 pm. Speed, Arkansas, BB- Full turn, switch half to beat jump with a little bobble, bobble on flight series, cat leap to side aerial with a slight check, hit the dismount.

8:14 pm. Stuart, Kentucky, FX- Double pike and 1.5 to front lay, both good. Rudi with a step to the side.

Missouri leads 49.15 to 48.35 after Auburn counted a fall.

8:13 pm. Nelson, Arkansas, BB- Hit leaps, bhs loso, punch front with a little step forward, hit the dismount.

8:11 pm. Day, Auburn, UB- Hit release and bail, double arabian dismount with chest down and a step.

Rechenmacher, Kentucky, FX- Front tuck through to double tuck. Double pike is maybe a little low.

Miller, Missouri, VT- FTY with a little bounce in place.

Engler, Auburn, UB- Jaeger, caught at a weird angle and she comes right off so they’ll count a fall. Back on for bail, double layout stuck cold.

8:10 pm. Garner, Arkansas, BB- Hit leap series, nails flight series, good side aerial to layout full.

Ward, Missouri, VT- Handspring front pike with a big hop forward.

8:09 pm. Cerio, Auburn, UB- Jaeger, bail, both nice, giant full to double tuck, a little tentative with a step.

8:07 pm. Tucker, Missouri, VT- Stuck FTY. Actually bounces a hair in the replay but from my first angle it looked stuck.

I missed the first Kentucky floor but it sounded hit.

8:06 pm. Harris, Missouri, VT- Big FTY, stuck with feet apart.

Yamzon, Arkansas, BB- Bhs bhs loso, good. Front toss. Stuck gainer full.

Krippner, Auburn, UB- Bail, falls on Tkachev. Got back on to hit the dismount.

8:05 pm. Kopec, Auburn, UB- Clean Jaeger to overshoot (Bridget says “really unique, we never see this” LOL I wish we didn’t), double layout with a hop

8:04 pm. Kern, Missouri, VT- Nice Yurchenko half with a couple of steps.

8:03 pm. Becker, Auburn, UB- Jaeger, double layout with a step back, good first routine.

8:02 pm. Huber, Missouri, VT- Clean FTY with a huge three-foot hop back that Bridget keeps calling a small hop.

West Virginia wins the quad with 195.700 followed by Pittsburgh with 195.375, Michigan State with 194.600, and Towson with 194.400.

7:59 pm. Pearson, Pitt, FX- Double tuck with a bounce, hit middle pass and final pass.

Kentucky 147.325, Arkansas 146.125, with the Razorbacks on pace for a 195+ despite so many losses to their lineups.

7:57 pm. I missed Garner’s final pass but she got a 9.325 and what I did see was good so I’m guessing that’s where the mistake came, FYI. They’ll have to count that, but it’s better than counting a zero.


Doggette, WVU, BB- Nice sheep jump to split jump, gainer pike with a hop.

7:56 pm. Petrikis, Pitt, FX- Big double pike, front lay front full, good double tuck.

7:54 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, BB- Switch to split jump, cat leap to front aerial basically connected to her bhs loso, she’s gonna get a 10 for this someday. Side aerial to back full.


Hall, Pitt, FX- Big double back to start. That’s all I saw.


Muhammad, WVU, BB- Little stumble on turn. Big split half. Great double full!

7:52 pm. Garner, Arkansas, FX- Double pike, good landing with her feet, but chest down. This is her first floor routine I think. Front lay front lay with a big step forward.


Kaufman, WVU, BB- Solid bhs loso. I love that we’re getting tiny little snippets of WVU on beam in between the Pitt floors.

7:50 pm. Koshinski, WVU, BB- Good bhs loso.

Dukes, Kentucky, BB- So far so good. Front aerial to beat jump. Step on her dismount.


Laymon, Pittsburgh, FX- Strong double tuck, short double pike, nice amplitude on her jumps, front full front lay.


7:49 pm. Anderson, Arkansas, FX- Double pike with a step back. Solid front full front lay. Double tuck.


7:47 pm. Rechenmacher, Kentucky, BB- Sheep jump, front aerial, bhs loso with a wobble and her chest down, hit the dismount.



Reichert, Pitt, FX- Hit first pass and messy 1.5 to front lay second pass.

Someone from Towson just NAILED a front handspring front tuck. BAMF. Someone had a struggle bus beam for WVU…Gillette I think.

7:45 pm. Okay, I missed some stuff. Arkansas just finishing up on floor so I’ll get back into it after for the next routine.

7:41 pm. Arkansas, FX- Stumble on double pike. That’s all I saw because I had to brb.

Kent State beat Bowling Green 195.725 to 194.350 on BGSU’s senior night.

7:39 pm. Korth, Kentucky, BB- UGH fell on her flight series. Hit the rest but is not thrilled with that.


After three rotations, West Virginia 146.725, Pittsburgh 146.350, Towson 146.075, Michigan State 145.775.

7:38 pm. Yamzon, Arkansas, FX- Good double pike. Hit middle pass. Good double tuck to finish.

7:36 pm. West, Pitt, BB- Switch half with a big wobble but she grabs her thigh and saves it. Weird save but you go girl. Solid bhs loso. Switch 3/4. Hit dismount.

Stuart, Kentucky, BB- Little wobbles throughout her jump series. Beautiful flight series. Good side aerial to tuck full.

7:33 pm. Burak, Pitt, BB- Good bhs loso, full turn, front toss to beat jump, stuck gainer full.

Yeah, that was Cluchey who fell for WVU. Do I know my gymnasts from a distance with blurred faces or what?! #Talented


7:31 pm. Collins, Pitt, BB- Had a wobble on something at the beginning, bhs loso with a bent leg on her loso, cat leap to a jump I think came next, switch to split side not at 180, stuck 1.5.

7:30 pm. WVU just had a fall on bars…I think it’s Cluchey? I can’t see her face but I’m pretty sure.

Kentucky leads 98.325 to Arkansas’ 97.6.

7:27 pm. Brett, Pitt, BB- I really liked her last week. Switch to sissone, side aerial to back handspring, maybe one-armed? I couldn’t really see from this angle. Wobble on her illusion turn. 1.5 with a step.

MacMoyle, Arkansas, VT- Clean FTY with a big hop back.

Korth, Kentucky, UB- Piked Jaeger, good, I think she missed that too meets in a row. Solid bail, maybe some ankle sep, double layout with a fab landing. Excellent UB rotation for Kentucky!

Omg who has this Joan Jett routine on floor from Towson right now, I LOVE YOU.

7:26 pm. Speed, Arkansas, VT- Big FTY, very clean, best in the bunch with a solid landing.

Hyland, Kentucky, UB- Gienger, bail, full-in stuck on her toes with her chest forward.

7:23 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, UB- Tkachev, good double layout.

Reichert, Pitt, BB- Nice mount. Hit routine with some bobbles and short jumps. 1.5 with a step.


Stuart, Kentucky, UB- Clear hip to bail, stuck double lay full COLD. YAS.


7:22 pm. Gillette, WVU, UB- Hit release and pak, giant full to double tuck, stuck.

Anderson, Arkansas, VT- Messy FTY with a wonky landing.

7:21 pm. Laymon, Pitt, BB- Floaty bhs loso with a step back, cat leap to switch side, gainer pike with a step.

Yamzon, Arkansas, VT- Solid FTY piked down a bit, good enough.

Coca, Kentucky, UB- Hit routine, full-in stuck cold to finish!

7:20 pm. Rathjen, Arkansas, VT- Decent FTY.


Carlisle, Kentucky, UB- Jaeger, hit dismount.

7:16 pm. Koshinski got a 9.95 for her 1.5 on vault!

West Virginia picks up the lead at 97.9 followed by Pittsburgh with 97.65, Michigan State with 97.35, and Towson with 97.3.

7:14 pm. Close in Kentucky right now, with them at 49.0 and Arkansas at 48.925. Arkansas’ head coach said their goal is to “have five gymnasts up on each event” tonight so…yeah, that’s rough. They seem okay with bars and beam but I’m worried about vault and floor. They’ve lost 11 routines due to injury so far this season.

7:11 pm. Korth, Kentucky, VT- Huge 1.5 but you can tell she wants to stick it, though she’s a little too squatted to do so, and has to stumble back a couple of steps.

Deans, MSU, FX- Double layout, front tuck through to double tuck, great landings on both. They cut away before her last pass.

Last up for Arkansas on bars was good, just a few small form issues and her chest down on the double tuck dismount.

7:09 pm. Stuart, Kentucky, VT- FTY, a little form break.

MacMoyle, Arkansas, UB- Clear hip to huge Tkachev, short bail, double layout with a bobble on the landing.

7:08 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, VT- Solid Yurchenko layout half.

Speed, Arkansas, UB- I missed most of this but it was a beautiful routine from what I did see.

The male Kentucky commentator just said “Generating speed is so crucial to getting off.” ????????

7:06 pm. Davis, Kentucky, VT- Big and clean FTY! Beautiful.

Yamzon, Arkansas, UB- Clear hip to Tkachev, good, bail, a little short in her handstands, short full-twisting double layout with a hop.

Peele, Pitt, UB- Front giant half to big Tkachev, double layout.

7:04 pm. Hall, Pitt, UB- Gienger, a little too far away. Misses the catch.

Rosa, Kentucky, VT- FTY, very nice. Superb landing.

Garner, Arkansas, UB- Giant full to super clean Gienger to overshoot, good handstand before giants to full-in with a step back.

7:03 pm. Anderson, Arkansas, UB- Jaeger, bail, good handstands, giant full to double tuck with a hop back.

7:02 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, VT- Hit FTY.


Hoyer, MSU, FX- Rudi was awkward and short.

7:00 pm. Hoerner-O’Malley, MSU, FX- Short on double tuck last pass but otherwise good


Collins, Pitt, UB- Long wait for her. Short handstand before big Gienger (messy legs but not really separated), clear hip to bail, her feet are weird in this whole routine, like…flexed maybe? Giant full with leg sep to double tuck with her chest down.

Throwing Kentucky and Arkansas in!

6:58 pm. Pearson, Pitt, UB- Super aggressive swing, big Gienger with big leg sep, front giant half to bail (short with leg sep), giant full to double tuck, stuck.

6:52 pm. West Virginia moved up to tie Michigan State at 48.75. There was some confusion with Muhammad’s floor…one judge gave her a 9.85 and the other gave her a 9.65. Her score ended up getting bumped from a 9.75 average to a 9.775. To me there’s a HUGE difference between a 9.85 routine and a 9.65 routine so I know the margin of error for judges is two tenths but when most routines get fewer than two tenths in deductions, that seems a little wide, no?

6:51 pm. Pittsburgh leads 48.95 with Michigan State at 48.75, West Virginia at 48.725, and Towson at 48.275.

6:48 pm. Douglas, MSU, BB- Good start, solid bhs loso, illusion turn with a little bobble, side aerial to layout full with a good landing and I think they won’t have to count the fall.

6:47 pm. Koshinski, WVU, FX- They didn’t show her first pass but it sounded hit (#YELLING) and I think she does a double lay, and she hit her second pass, I think 1.5 to punch front layout. Double pike to finish.

6:45 pm. Westney, MSU, BB- Full spin, beautiful bhs loso, good side aerial, beautiful scale! Switch leap to split jump. Her flexibility is BRILLIANT. Full Y turn. DAMN. Stuck gainer layout. That was a ROUTINE.


6:44 pm. Muhammad, WVU, FX- I missed her first pass but from what I could see, it looked hit. Ooh, great jump series, I think split full to straddle full to wolf full! #Dizzy Front tuck through to double tuck, a little short on the landing.


6:43 pm. Shirley, MSU, BB- Switch, beat jump to stag, hit the rest, including gainer full dismount.

6:42 pm. Cluchey, WVU, FX- Opens with a solid double pike. Hit middle pass and 1.5 to front layout to finish.

6:40 pm. Frederick, MSU, BB- Cat leap to switch side, misses her foot, stumbles and falls. Gainer front tuck off the end.

Herbine, Pitt, VT- Yurchenko layout half, good and clean.

6:39 pm. Oscar, Pitt, VT- FTY, more piking and other leg form issues in the air.


Cumber, WVU, FX- Good double pike.

Pearson, Pitt, VT- FTY, leg sep as she popped off the table, huge in the air though!

6:37 pm. Gillette, WVU, FX- Good double pike. Solid double tuck!

Spivey, Pitt, VT- FTY, not the cleanest. Big lunge back.

Howery hit beam for Michigan State.

6:36 pm. Collins, Pittsburgh, VT- FTY, also a little piked but great landing.



6:35 pm. West, Pittsburgh, VT- FTY a bit piked with a couple of steps back.

This is gonna be a super Pittsburgh-heavy feed, just FYI, but I’ll try to catch whatever I can.

Hit bars for Towson’s Harada, including a stuck dismount.


6:34 pm. Starting the meet with the Pitt quad!

Article by Lauren Hopkins



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  1. YES ASU!!!! And for it to be against Arizona in Tucson… This is just incredible!!!!!
    Forgive the sappy Sun Devil over here!


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