Alt Wins National Team Cup in All-Around Return

2016 Olympian Tabea Alt returned to all-around competition for the first time since last summer, winning the title at the German National Team Cup with a 54.5 after a great performance this weekend.

Alt, 16, showed a great return to almost full difficulty, looking especially promising as she prepares to go into a couple of world cups in the coming weeks. Though she didn’t have her DTY on vault, her FTY was still excellent, earning a 13.9, and she posted top-three scores on all four of her events, including a 14.3 to win bars for her clean and solid routine. Beam, typically her standout, wasn’t totally at its best just yet, but she has some incredibly impressive skills there and lots of potential to really excel here going forward.

Behind Alt, her Olympic teammate and world beam medalist Pauline Schäfer placed second all-around, and also had a top-three score on every event, including the top scores on vault (a 14.1 for her handspring layout half) and on her signature event, beam (a 13.75 for a lovely hit routine). I was actually most impressed with her bars, which aren’t really her speciality, but she looked pretty great there all things considered, which could make her a great all-around option this year as Sophie Scheder is dealing with injury and Elisabeth Seitz isn’t fully back yet.

Junior Emilie Petz placed third with a 52.45. The 2003-born gymnast has some incredible potential, but still is a bit skittish in competition, though she looked fabulous on vault and impressed on beam as well.

Rounding out the all-around were Michelle Timm in fourth with a 52.3, Carina Kröll in fifth with a 50.65, Helene Schäfer in sixth with 50.15, Emma Höfele in seventh with a 49.2, Amelie Föllinger in eighth with a 47.8, Kim Ruoff in ninth with a 44.3, and Isabelle Stingl in tenth with a 44.1.

Among these, Kröll was a standout on floor, and while she’s not quite at a high enough level to be a top choice for major international teams, she could absolutely do a great job on the world cup circuit both on floor and on beam. Her beam, which earned a 13.5, was third-best of the day, matching Timm with the same score, with both routines cleaner than I’ve seen from them in a while.

Outside the all-around, Elisabeth Seitz was the biggest name, making her first appearance since placing fourth on bars in Rio with a return on vault and, of course, bars. She had a clean FTY, but unfortunately fell on bars and also didn’t have full difficulty back, but it’s early yet. That’ll happen for her within a month or two, because that’s how she rolls.

Sarah Voss competed beam and floor, though wasn’t at her best on either, UCLA commit Pauline Tratz showed a strong attempt on vault, and Leah Griesser had mostly lovely work on beam, though there were some mistakes as well, earning a 12.95.

Full results from the competition are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


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