The 2017 NCAA Regionals Live Blog

Hi everyone! It’s NCAA regionals day, and we’re kicking off with the Morgantown and Gainesville meets. All day long, we’ll have as much live coverage as possible. Refresh your browser every few minutes to see updates appear at the top.

9:57 pm. Korth kills it on the piked full-in to start. Rudi loso is great.

Burleson wrapping it up on beam, hits series, straddle to straddle side, lovely full turn, side aerial to stuck layout full.


9:55 pm. Goings has a wobble on an aerial, but then fights back and nails the side aerial to loso.

9:54 pm. Dukes nails the double pike. Double tuck stumbled back a bit though.

9:52 pm. It’s seriously so unfair that Kentucky and Washington are in the same regional. These teams have both blown it up this season. Both deserve to be there. Imma cry all night.

Janik nails what I saw of her beam, oh, but then near the end has a big wobble and a fall on her side aerial. She looks SO mad at herself.

Beautiful bars for Ebee Price.

9:48 pm. Oh no, Malory Rose apparently got injured on her dismount and had a Strug moment?!?!?! Nelson up now. They cut away from her right as she started her series. A+ failure. Back to her for front toss. Then they cut away from her to Stuart on floor, just in time for Nelson’s dismount. Like, figure your life out. Dismount was a hit 1.5 though.

9:47 pm. Hit beam for Malory Rose, followed up by clean work from Schaefer.

9:44 pm. Lovely bars from Aleeza Yu of Stanford, but stumbled back her double tuck a little bit.

9:37 pm. BYU at 195.025 at the end of their day. Going into the final rotation, it’s Washington at 147.375 and Kentucky at 147.175 battling it out for nationals, and then there’s Stanford at 146.475 and Utah State at 145.9.

9:32 pm. Actually make that 198.075 for Oklahoma. Live stats are too slow for this typing beast.

9:25 pm. Duranczyk finishes bars with a stuck double layout. COLD stuck double layout. Too bad we only saw the dismounts of every UW bars set because this was an incredible rotation and fight back from a fall. 9.95 for Duranczyk brings them to 49.25, and 147.375 going into the final rotation.

9:23 pm. Big tucked full-in for Madison Copiak to finish off her hit bars set.

9:22 pm. Nope, ONLY a 9.95 for Swaggie Maggie. 49.475 on vault puts them 0.025 shy of 198, as they finish their meet with the highest regionals score of the day, 197.975.

9:21 pm. And ANOTHER perfect 1.5, this time from Nichols. I hear some screaming right now and I’m pretty sure it means she got a 10.

9:20 pm. Another incredible huge 1.5 from Oklahoma. Jackson.

Fall on bars from Washington…didn’t see who or what, only the ponytail. Blonde. Janik maybe?

9:18 pm. We got to see Brenna chalking her feet but not vaulting. Oh, here she is, excellent 1.5. Stuck on her toes.

Burleson on bars finishes with a stalder to double tuck, fantastic landing.

9:16 pm. “Confident” aka OU’s theme music last year playing as they’re on vault is epic.

Washington on bars (the person, not the entire team) begins with a Gienger, bail, full-in a little low with a step.

DeGouveia’s 1.5 on vault is a little wonky, big step out to the side.

9:15 pm. Hit vault for Alex Marks. Flared stuck FTY for Chayse Capps.

9:07 pm. Going into the fifth rotation it’s Oklahoma 148.5, Kentucky 147.175, Stanford 146.475, BYU 146.25, Washington 98.125, Utah State 97.225.

9:01 pm. Well, we didn’t get to see AJ Jackson’s floor, no biggie.

Oklahoma gets 49.45 on floor and they’re currently at 148.5. Literally perfectly on pace for a 198, which they could totally do with stuck landings on vault.

8:58 pm. Nichols opens with a piked full-in, same leg sep within the pike that we’re used to at this point but I don’t think anyone cares. 1.5 through to double full is great.

Cutting to Hyland on floor, beautiful front aerial to bhs loso. Stuck side aerial to layout full.

8:57 pm. Beautiful breathtaking routine from Capps, as always.

Dukes on beam nails her flight series. If anyone can bring Kentucky back from a fall, it’s her. Front aerial, switch to straddle side. 1.5 with some steps.

8:54 pm. Killer stuck FTY from Price!!

Poland falls on her bhs loso on beam, as if this meet wasn’t tough enough for Kentucky.

8:53 pm. Dowell nails her front double tuck. 1.5 to front layout.

Clean FTY from Yu of Stanford.

8:48 pm. Fab leadoff routine on beam for Stuart of Kentucky, and another fab leadoff from Jones of Oklahoma on floor.

Korth also nails beam. Saw the end and it looked great.

8:37 pm. After everyone has finished two rotations, it’s Oklahoma with 99.05, Washington with 98.125, Kentucky with 98.025, BYU with 97.625, Stanford with 97.5, and Utah State with 97.225.

8:35 pm. Tai looks like she got injured on her second pass on floor. 😦

8:27 pm. Daum hit floor, and now it’s Price’s turn, killer set for her, huge double tuck, front lay full, and double pike to finish.

8:24 pm. Spector on floor for Stanford hits a double pike, double tuck, and a front lay front full. Her hair is basically blinding her.

Appropriately, “Dirty Pop” was playing during Lauren Rice’s FTY. Good tribute.

8:23 pm. Solid FTY from Yacalis on vault. Utah State doing werk on beam. Loved the big cloud of chalk that came up on her gainer full. Huge FTY for Burleson with a step back.

8:21 pm. Kaylee Cole hit a 2.5 to punch front and front full front pike to finish.

8:19 pm. Excellent FTY from Washington…maybe Goings? I can’t see any faces on this stream. Dark brown hair. Tiny human.

Dukes on bars, I CAN tell her apart. Thanks for being a ginger. Good routine but they cut away before her dismount.

8:17 pm. Utah State gal on beam had “Single Ladies” choreo in her beam routine. Wish I knew who it was.

Tsuk layout half from Washington on vault with a big step forward.

8:12 pm. Now all of my focus can go into the Seattle regional.

So far, the nationals qualifiers are UCLA, Oregon State, Utah, Denver, Nebraska, LSU, Michigan, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Oklahoma gets a 49.5 on beam to lead with a 99.05 after two rotations. They’re gonna go into nationals SO unbelievably dominant. Behind them right now it’s BYU with 97.625, Washington with 49.25, Kentucky with 49.05, Utah State with 48.725, and Stanford with 48.6.

8:08 pm. THE FEED CUT AWAY FROM LAUREN RICE WHO IS THE WHOLE POINT OF GYMNASTICS. Oh, it’s back. Thank god. This isn’t even about the tumbling, it’s about her being a hilarious human. A++++ for that routine, and the crowd and her new Washington teammates love it.

8:04 pm. McMillan finishes things off for Oregon State on floor with a 9.875, and they get a tenth ahead of Iowa to get the nationals bid with a 196.15 alongside UCLA at 196.8. Iowa 196.05, Illinois 195.825, Ohio State 195.7, Eastern Michigan 195.4.

8:02 pm. Illinois has some meh vaults, so they are at 195.825, which will probably keep them away from nationals. Iowa has a MONSTER INSANE 49.6 on beam to get them to 196.05, but I think Oregon State should still have this.

Maggie nails beam including a stuck double tuck, while Washington has an incredible floor.

7:58 pm. Fall in Boise State’s final routine so they can’t even get closer to Nebraska. UGHHHHHH. This regional is LSU 197.45, Nebraska 196.625, Boise State 196.15, Minnesota 195.575, Arizona 195.5, and Iowa State 195.25.

7:55 pm. Danielle Breen saves Nebraska with a 9.95. I think it’s mathematically impossible for Boise State now. 😦

7:53 pm. Grace Williams brings Nebraska back with a 9.9. OOF this is insane.

Lehrmann on beam with a solid bhs loso series. Nice straddle half to shushunova. Stuck 1.5!

7:51 pm. I can’t see who was just up for Oregon State on floor but she stumbled back her double pike and sat it OOB.

Oh my god, Jennie Laeng of Nebraska fell on beam. It’s still hella crazy tight between them and Boise, who just had some mistakes from Sandra Collantes on floor. #HEARTATTACK

7:50 pm. Even just looking at the scores for Nebraska and Boise State is giving me a low-key heart attack.

I think this is Jones for Oklahoma on beam but so far I’ve only seen her back. Nice cat leap to front toss. Oh yeah it’s Jones. I’m really good at knowing who people are based on their behinds. Not butt-wise. Hair-wise. In case that wasn’t clear. Hit routine!

7:46 pm. Yamzon nailed bars for Arkansas. Oregon State putting up great work to start their last rotation on floor. Ooh, Palomares just killed it on beam for cal!

7:43 pm. Great beam from Cal’s Seilnacht.

49.55 gives Oklahoma the lead in Seattle! 49.05 for Kentucky, 48.8 for BYU, and I think were waiting on a routine from Stanford? Unless they only did five in which case they have a 48.025.

7:35 pm. Excellent as always bars for Maggie Nichols, who goes 9.9. Catour has her beat at 9.925!

Ohio State is at 195.7. Illinois and Oregon State are TIED going into the final rotation. Iowa and Eastern Michigan are basically too far back to challenge.

7:33 pm. Leduc of Illinois is selling it on floor. Phenomenal routine!

197.45 for LSU, 195.575 for Minnesota so they’re out of the race. Going into the final rotation, it’ll be sooooo freaking tight for Boise State and Nebraska. Nebraska leads by just over a tenth right now, 147.375 to 147.25.

7:28 pm. What I saw of Kaylee Cole’s beam looked good.

196.8 for UCLA. They really need to figure out how to control 800% of their landings. That’s seriously what it’s been about for them.

Korth nails her 1.5, stick it cold, and claps for herself. LOVE.

Wofford gives us beautiful bars but a shaky bail. Dowell hit BTW. Fall from Stanford on beam just now.

7:27 pm. Okay, Utah is mathematically safe at their regional. Denver can beat them but no one can realistically knock them out.

7:24 pm. Beautiful bars from Catour. Excellent FTY from Preston.

Aleeza Yu of Stanford on beam now, full turn, side aerial to stuck loso. What I saw was good.

Central Michigan finishes up with a 195.675 today.

7:23 pm. Ross time on vault! Clean in the air, big, but two big steps back. Beautiful bars from Gallarzo of Cal.

7:19 pm. Kocian’s FTY is big but also bounced back pretty far. Skinner nails her DTY with a 9.95. Utah finishes with a 197.150. Denver needs 49.375 to overtake them but Utah should be safe for the top two.

7:17 pm. Okay the leos in the Washington regional are all…very special choices. I love you Oklahoma but WHAT. BYU is pretty wtf too.

Cipra on vault hits an FTY that bounces in place, and someone from Utah just did an FTY with a step back. They switch way too fast for me to know who’s who.

7:14 pm. In Washington, Kentucky starts on vault, Oklahoma on bars, Stanford on beam, and BYU on floor with USU and Washington on a bye.

Finally catching some of Auburn…good floor routine to start them out but it cut out for a Utah vault, though I didn’t see who. LOVE JUMPING AROUND!

Omg Stanford showed up in purple basically. Magenta. I love it?!

7:11 pm. The final regional is getting started now with Oklahoma the clear shot to nationals, but Washington and Kentucky will have a tough fight, and Stanford could also be in the mix. Rounding out the field are Utah State and BYU.

7:08 pm. I’m actually low-key happy I can’t get the Nebraska stream because I’m so worried about Boise State. Turns out they had a fall on beam from Ann Stockwell but thankfully counted five otherwise strong routines to finish with a 49.05, and have a 147.25 after three.

LSU gets a major 49.5 on floor and are at 148.075, though, so they’re the clear leaders here. Minnesota at 146.825 and Iowa State at 146.225.

7:04 pm. It’s Mossett time! Whip through to double tuck is excellent and she hit the final pas.

I didn’t see any of Oregon State on beam but they had six hit routines and got to a 49.25 for a 147.125 after three! They’re ahead of Ohio State at 146.575 and Eastern Michigan at 146.3, but UCLA leads this field with a 147.725.

6:59 pm. Rowe’s up on floor now, hit opening pass, then they cut away.

Kocian’s floor has a great front double full, and she hit the rest.

Skinner’s turn on floor, after a 9.9 from Rowe. I think she has the arena to herself. Double double is fab. 1.5 through to double full is great, and she nails the full-in.

Utah was trailing Denver without her score, but her 9.95 brings them to 147.9 to Denver’s 147.8. Arkansas at 147.475, and Central Michigan at 146.55.

6:57 pm. Part of the choreo in this glimpse we just saw of a Utah routine looked like the arm stretches in the beginning of the national team warmup so I legit didn’t even know she was competing.

Cipra up now, front full to barani to straddle to punch front is good. I don’t have the sound on but it looked like she was doing her cell phone routine? Did she change it back?

6:52 pm. Braie Speed of Arkansas stuck her FTY cold. BAM.

Oh, I keep meaning to mention UCLA on floor but then I forget. I saw Ohashi’s and Toronjo’s so far. Both were fab. Preston up now, doing fine until the double pike, which she crashes to her knees.

6:51 pm. Macey Roberts starts Utah off with a 9.8 on floor. They just cut away from the second up so I’m not sure who it is.

Excellent FTY from Sydney McGlone.

SUU ended up with a 195.675.

6:47 pm. Michigan and Alabama are now mathematically safe for nationals. Michigan finishes with 197.35 while Alabama is at 196.625, followed by West Virginia at 196.325, George Washington at 195.625, Kent State at 194.375, and still waiting for Southern Utah’s final scores to come in.

6:44 pm. It’s almost like SUU realized they had a shot with Alabama not doing as well and they were like fall, fall, fall. Poor gals. It’s tons and tons of pressure though. West Virginia actually got pretty close with a 196.325 while GWU went 195.625.

Wow, Denver is killing it, 49.35 on bars brings them to 98.575, over a tenth ahead of Utah at 98.45! Auburn’s not far behind at 98.375, followed by Arkansas with 98.3, Cal with 97.975, and Central Michigan with 97.85.

6:40 pm. Full Gainesville scores: Florida 197.125, Georgia 196.775, Missouri 196.100, Penn State 195.325, North Carolina 194.425, and New Hampshire 194.175.

6:38 pm. I didn’t see Snead’s mistake on floor but she got a 9.65…Marino last up has a great routine to finish, though. 9.85 to get them to a 49.175 on floor and a 196.775 total. No one can get past that at this point so the first two nationals qualifiers will be Florida and Georgia!

In Champaign, it’s UCLA 98.45, Illinois 98.25, Oregon State 97.875, Iowa 97.6, Ohio State 97.5, and Eastern Michigan 97.45.

6:35 pm. Wright has a beautiful bars routine. I saw her get injured on floor earlier this season, and now here she is, back in action looking fabulous.

Fall from Yee of SUU on beam so Alabama is basically doing a celebratory dance in the prayer circle right now. Ugh, she also is so sideways on her Korbut and falls on that as well. They’re like yeah, pressure is happening and we can’t handle it.

6:31 pm. Boise State goes 49.25 on bars to come in at 98.2 after two rotations, not too far behind LSU at 98.575, but also only barely ahead of Nebraska with a 98.15 and Minnesota with a 97.825. Behind them it’s Arizona with 97.775 and Iowa State with 97.125.

Jorgensen on beam starts off with a solid bhs loso. Switch to switch half. Low on punch front tuck. Double tuck with her chest down and a hop.

DeMoura gets a huge vault out of the way for GWU.

6:27 pm. Really great tsuk full from Emily Richardson of Cal just now. They had a 49.0 on floor and should score about 49 on vault as well.

I haven’t been paying Missouri much attention today but I should’ve because they’ve gone 49+ on all three events thus far. Aspen Tucker just had a fall on beam, though, so they’re trying to fight back from that.

Great tumbling from Babalis for a 9.85.

6:22 pm. Jacobsen of Oregon State hits her release on bars, the rest is great.

Yamzon of Arkansas opens up floor with some big tumbling.

Kent State finishes its competition with 194.375. One rotation left in the Morgantown regional. Michigan is pretty secure for a nationals spot, with the only realistic teams for the second spot Alabama and Southern Utah.

6:17 pm. Woah, so Alabama’s score is only a 196.625. Things are about to heat up in the SUU and GWU camps. SUU would need a 49.35 on beam to overtake them so it’ll be tight.

6:12 pm. Bailey of Alabama is short on her Yurchenko layout half, step back to control it.

Nebraska gets a 48.9 on floor, putting them so close to Boise State, still at 48.95 after the first rotation (they were on a bye in the second).

Guerrero does a Yurchenko 1.5 with pretty tucked legs and a wild landing, and Maddie Desch falls on her 1.5, so they’ll have to count a low score from Winter Childers. Yikes.

6:09 pm. More beauty from Desiree Palomares on floor! Fall from the first up for Kent State on beam.

Armbrecht hits her FTY on vault.

LSU hits a low 49.175 after a fall from Ewing and a 9.65 from Edney. This is the routine I can’t watch so not sure what happened. Macadaeg’s leadoff 9.9 and Gnat’s 9.925 were the only two 9.9+.

Behind them, Minnesota has a 97.825 after a 48.95 on vault.

Huge vault from Winston, doesn’t stick though.

6:05 pm. Wobble on Katelyn Ohashi’s layout series, and then she misses her foot on her side aerial and crashes her layout full to her face. Comes away from the beam cracking up and Miss Val is like just Katelyn things, I’m not even mad (but I am a little and will give you a stern look later on).

Draghi on floor for Cal looks lovely as always.


UCLA at 98.45 after a 49.025 on beam.

Utah goes 49.175 on beam, Shannon McNatt with a 9.9 like a boss.

6:04 pm. Slocum gets a 9.95 for her vault to help Florida to a 49.475. They come back from a low bars score to earn a 197.125. Not bad!

6:00 pm. Good start for Florida on vault, two 9.8s and a 9.9. Just saw Boren’s 1.5 which had a hop. Some mistakes from Peng on beam like a break on her double turn and a check on her punch front but she stuck her dismount.

Skinner, who got a 9.875 on bars, is up on beam, good straddle to back tuck, excellent double tuck dismount.

I missed Rachel Slocum’s vault but she looks like she just like, won the lottery and became queen of the world. Assuming she stuck it and got a 99.999.

In Morgantown, it’s Michigan 147.925 to Alabama’s 147.825. None of the other teams are close, with West Virginia at 147.000 and Kent State at 146.425, Southern Utah and GWU both at two rotations still.

5:59 pm. Kyla Ross has a smile throughout the entirety of her flight series. Stuck the dismount. 9.925!

5:56 pm. Kocian on beam nails opening series, big break on bhs loso though. Double full with a hop.

Big wobble from Merrell on her flight series on beam. Another bobble on her front toss. Stuck double full.

Winston brings it on floor, finishing it up with an excellent double tuck.

5:53 pm. Chiarelli’s beam isn’t her best, with a wobble and a short double tuck dismount. Williams of Kent State had a fall on bars.

Erin Macadaeg has a beautiful beam to start LSU off with a 9.9 on beam. Another great beam, Maddie Stover of Utah bringing it like a boss. #LeadoffBAMFs

Caught some of Charlie Owens of Cal on floor, excellent energy in that set.

5:51 pm. Artz just killed it on beam. Lauren Marinez also has a lovely routine, just a step on the dismount. Maddie Desch finishes floor with a huge double tuck.

I really thought I’d be talking about more meltdowns today. Most boring regionals EVER??? Good for everyone killing it, though.

Gerber starts off the UCLA beam rotation with lovely work.

5:50 pm. In Arkansas, it’s Utah with a 49.275 on bars, Denver with 49.225 on vault, Arkansas with 49.075 on beam, and Central Michigan with 48.85 on floor.

5:41 pm. Huge 49.425 for UCLA on bars ahead of Oregon State with 49.025 on vault.

Baker on floor has her Dos Santos looking good, go her. Excellent routine. Babalis struggles through beam a bit, but Georgia finishes up strong with a beautiful routine from Rachel Schick to post a 49.075.

Georgia is now at 147.6, now slightly behind Florida at 147.65.

5:37 pm. Minnesota fights back from a fall on floor to finish with 48.875, less than a tenth behind Boise State. Iowa State at 48.375 after counting a fall on beam which will effectively take them out of this tight race.

Gorgeous triple full from McMurtry on floor. Rest of the set is great, 9.925. Ashlyn Broussard nails her flight series, and hits the full routine, triumphantly throwing her arms up at the end.

5:35 pm. Decent scores for Florida to start their floor rotation, 9.775 from Grace McLaughlin and 9.825 from Rachel Slocum. Hayley Sanders looks so happy with her beam routine, coming after Sabrina Vega’s hit leadoff set.

Michigan at 98.65 after three rotations, compared to Alabama’s 98.35. NICE.

5:31 pm. Would looove if the WVU commentators would stop complaining about their scores. If you’re a broadcaster, you’re not a “they.” You are not on the team.

9.95 for Madison Kocian! Kyla Ross also hit a great routine for a 9.9. Peng finishing things up with her Ray, Bhardwaj, toe on to van Leeuwen, and double layout. Lovely.

Excellent routine from Brianna Comport on floor!

5:24 pm. The Illinois feed page COULD NOT BE MORE POORLY DESIGNED. Anyway, three hit bars from UCLA so far, including Meraz, Honest, and Savvidou. Madison Kocian up now with lovely work, including a stalder to stuck full-in. Probably one of her best of the season.

In Nebraska, Boise State counts all 9.8s and a 9.75 to get a 48.95 total. Meanwhile LSU goes 49.4 on bars, all routines great. I told you, this is their year. They’re here to kill it.

5:23 pm. With all teams having finished two rotations in Gainesville, it’s Georgia 98.525, Florida 98.2, Missouri 98.1, North Carolina 97.575, Penn State 97.475, and New Hampshire 97.025.

Another perfect stuck double layout from Michigan, this time from Nicole Artz.

5:20 pm. Shchennikova nails bars, the second Shchennikova of the day to do so.  After her, another double layout stick from Briana Brown. Fire bars rotation from Michigan.

5:16 pm. Karas has a beautiful bars with a nearly stuck double layout.

I don’t think I can watch the Nebraska regional for whatever reason. Bummer, because that’s gonna be a good one with LSU the obvious one to get in, and then Boise State and Nebraska both able to take the second spot, with Minnesota and Iowa State on hit ays also able to do it. And maybe Arizona too. Who knows. This is the least clear regional I’m pretty sure.

5:14 pm. Georgia ends up counting all hit routines for a 49.2.

In Morgantown, it’s Southern Utah on vault, Michigan on bars, George Washington on beam, and West Virginia on floor.

Drouin-Allaire has a beautiful flight series on beam.

Huge Tkachev from Lexi Funk on bars. Stuck double layout.

5:11 pm. Clean bars from Sydney Snead for a 9.85, followed up by Rachel Dickson with a big Ray and a stuck double layout. Excellent!!!

Champaign and Arkansas regionals are both still doing the pre-competition nonsense.

5:08 pm. Okay, I think I got all of my streams set up. Alabama with two big errors on beam has to count Winston’s 9.65 to finish with a 49.0, putting them at 98.35. Kent State is at 97.45, GWU got a 48.7 on bars, and Southern Utah got a 49.125 on floor.

In Gainesville, Florida’s on a bye, and Georgia just had a fall from Lauren Johnson on bars, so that’s something they now have to fight back from.

5:00 pm. Winston has a big wobble on her front aerial, but comes back to nail a layout series instead. Finished with a strong double tuck.

There are now three more regionals starting, so I’m gonna try to get to as much as I can but…yeah, that’s a lot. WHY DID THEY SCHEDULE ALL OF THEM FOR THE SAME TIME?

4:56 pm. Childers nails beam, and Desch is up now, with a beautiful acro series and a couple of small steps back on her dismount.

Beautiful floor from Stacie Webb, and Cami Drouin-Allaire hit bars with a lovely piked Jaeger.

4:53 pm. Florida goes 49.225 on bars and is currently at 98.2. 49.025 for a hit floor from Missouri, 48.325 from New Hampshire on bars (no falls but lots of deductions), and North Carolina goes 48.775 on vault to currently sit at 97.575 behind Florida in terms of teams that have gone on two events.

4:52 pm. McNeer gets just a 9.55 so Alabama has to really focus for the next five routines. Aja Sims is here, though, so don’t even worry. Great routine with a hop back on the landing.

4:51 pm. McMurtry nails her flight series on beam to start it off strong. Stuck the double full to finish. What bars problems? Florida’s not going anywhere.

4:49 pm. In Morgantown, it’s Kent State on vault, George Washington on bars, Alabama on beam, and Southern Utah on floor.

Great beam from Boren, just a little minor couple of checks.

McNeer starts out with a big wobble on beam, but she gets it back right away, and goes on to stick her dismount.

4:45 pm. I’ve never seen anyone bend as far forward before an acro series than Gowey just did for her triple series. Hit it with a wobble. She’s definitely off today.

I love the corrals because whenever someone does a good routine, instead of having her teammates there to high five, she has to run back all by herself like, waiting to high five. Bless.

4:43 pm. I think Michigan has a 49.2, so unsurprisingly, Alabama and Michigan are leading in Morgantown and barring any problems will walk away with nationals bids today.

In Gainesville, a beautiful beam from Hundley. Missouri joined the mix in this rotation, and everything I’ve seen from them on floor has been solid. UNH on bars also doing well from what I’ve seen, just minor stuff.

4:40 pm. Hit beam for Grace McLaughlin of Florida, and Maya Reimers of Bridgeport has a solid floor.

48.7 for West Virginia on beam, counting all 9.7-range scores with Brooklyn Doggette’s 9.775 the highest in the bunch. So far scoring at this regional has been super tight.

4:38 pm. Back over to Gainesville, where Kennedy Baker gets Florida started with a great beam.

Alabama gets a 49.35 on bars, but live scores aren’t working for other teams, naturally. Do any other sports have this much trouble letting fans know who’s actually winning? Can you imagine watching football not knowing anything about the score until like ten minutes after the game ends when they hand out awards and make the teams stand on podiums to get them?

4:34 pm. Beautiful bars from Division II’s Majesta Valentine of West Chester. Really lovely work.

Brianna Comport, another DII girl, unfortunately starts out her meet with a fall on her front aerial. Has she literally ever fallen on any routine in her life???

4:31 pm. Huge Yurchenko 1.5 from Olivia Karas, and Emma McLean does one as well, but the landing’s a little more tentative.

Over in Gainesville, it’s Georgia 49.325, Florida 48.975, North Carolina 48.8 and Penn State 48.8. Missouri and New Hampshire were both on a bye.

4:29 pm. Maryland basically in a German national team leo. Hit beam for Sarah Faller!

Huuuge Ray from Kiana Winston on bars, and a big, floaty, beautiful pak. Stuck double layout cold. Give it a 10!!!!!

4:26 pm. Kent State with a Sex and the City routine which is fun?

Beautiful flight series from Kirah Koshinski on beam. Wobble on her full turn. Cowboyed double tuck with a not-cute landing.

Hit bars from Amanda Jetter, solid FTY from Talia Chiarelli.

4:24 pm. Some clean vaults from Michigan, including a stuck FTY from I think Paige Zaziski.

Georgia finished vault with 49.325 so they’ll lead going into the second rotation. Penn State and UNC won’t catch them based on these rotations.

4:22 pm. The Morgantown regional is starting now. So far so good with everyone…Michigan on vault, Alabama on bars, West Virginia on beam, and Kent State on floor. Somehow this locally-done broadcast is more professional than the SEC Network’s lol.

4:20 pm. Briannah Tsang nailed her loso loso on beam. Ooh, Kochetkova to layout full?! Have I missed this all season?!

Hit bars for McMurtry for a 9.95, so they’ll finish with 48.975. Not where they want to be, but it’s not going to kill them.

4:18 pm. Excellent bars from Amelia Hundley, who looked fab from start to finish for a 9.9. Just Alex McMurtry left to wrap things up.

4:15 pm. Penn State just had a fall on beam from Kristen Politz.

Another stuck 1.5 from Georgia. They’re here to PLAY, yo. That last one was Sydney Snead, big 9.95.

Kennedy Bakers just hit bars.

4:13 pm. Two stuck vaults for Georgia in a row, including a stuck 1.5 from GiGi Marino.

Oh, wow, Florida will have to count a 9.425 because Rachel Gowey just fell on her release!! I mean…they’ll probably still make it, lol, but damn.

4:09 pm. SEC Network is like not only do we don’t have commentary but we also don’t have name graphics or scores so good luck knowing anything that’s going on!!

So far, Morgan Reynolds had a hit vault for Georgia, FTY, and I haven’t seen any big mistakes on vault or floor. Alicia Boren looked like she got a little stuck on bars, though.

4:04 pm. How fun that I started live blogging Jesolo 12 hours ago and here I am again, back and full of pasta. Excited to get this started!!! Touch warmups are starting in Gainesville while in Morgantown they’re still walking in.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


20 thoughts on “The 2017 NCAA Regionals Live Blog

    • Just to answer Lauren’s question (kind of): they made a comment at Pac-12s about how the plan had initially been for Cipra to switch up her routine throughout the season… but then she kept using the same one from this year… but at the end they felt it didn’t get the same audience reaction as her previous routines, so she went back to the old one for Pac-12s. Sorry, I didn’t really understand, so that’s not a great explanation. But yes, you did observe correctly that it had changed back.

      To be honest, when I watched Pac-12s I noticed the choreo but didn’t even know if the music had changed – both sets of music just sound like noise to me. I’m old, I guess. And I’m with the two commenters here that I don’t like it and don’t get why it would be an audience favorite.


      • Yeah, they explained at pac 12s but I was so disappointed! I had the phone routine and the one she had been doing was so much better.


  1. WHERE IS THE DEDUCTION IN EBEES VAULT? I really don’t get how it wasn’t 9.95, I understand I’m kind of an Ebee fangirl but that vault was just… perfect. I really don’t understand this, I mean I guess it’s post season judging but it should’ve at least been 9.925.


  2. Aaaaaaaaa. This feed is awful! We watched US gymnast get her butt smacked by her teammates instead of routines. It keeps jumping around like it has tourettes. I can’t do it anymore.


  3. The usual judging favoritism for Oklahoma and lsu . I already saw this coming . You got realistic scores then this rediculous scoring.


  4. “Do any other sports have this much trouble letting fans know who’s actually winning?”
    Do any other sports get their worst coverage on the most important day for qualifying to nationals?


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