Second Italian Serie A Will Decide Euros Team

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The second meet of the Italian Serie A will be held this Saturday in Rome, at PalaLottomatica, just a week after the City of Jesolo Trophy.

These two meets will define the official team that will take part in the upcoming European Championships in Cluj later this month. Currently, the nominative list includes Desirée Carofiglio, Giada Grisetti, Francesca Noemi Linari, and Lara Mori, though a strong showing from different seniors in Rome could shake things up a bit.

Taking a step back, the first Serie A meet held in Turin was won by Brixia Brescia with a score of 137.650, with the team earning 25 points towards the overall Serie A ranking. Artistica Trieste ’81 placed second with a 131.000 (earning 22 points) and Forza e Virtù 1892 came in third place, scoring a 130.650 (earning 20 points).

It’s worth mentioning that the Serie A meets have the same rules as last year: each team competes using a three-up two-count format, but at the end of the team all-around, the two best scores among the four non-counting scores are added to the team’s total.

The points system is the same as well: first place will receive 25 points, second gets 22, third gets 20, fourth gets 18, and so on down the line with each team earning two points fewer than the last. At the final Serie A meet, all points earned by each team throughout the series are added together and the best-ranked team will be crowned champion of the Serie, winning the “Scudetto,” which is the name of the trophy awarded.

The Italian federation is still using a bonus system in order to push the gymnasts to master more difficult skills, boosting their D scores. The bonus system related to the start values include:

  • Vault: 0.1 minimum D score of 5.3, 0.2 minimum d-score of 5.8
  • Bars: 0.1 flight element minimum D on high bar or low bar + element minimum B with or without turn on high bar, 0.2 D+D flight elements
  • Beam: 0.1 series of three elements including dismount (minimum C) and mount, 0.2 for each minimum E acro element excluding dismount
  • Floor: 0.2 for each acro element minimum E

Giorgia Villa, a 2003-born junior who earned the bronze medal in the all-around at Gymnix, led the all-around at the first Serie A with a 55.25. She won’t participate in the Rome meet, however, as she injured her ankle on floor at Jesolo. Luckily it isn’t serious, so she will hopefully resume training pretty soon.

In second at the first meet was Giada Grisetti with a 52.45. She showed a strong routine on bars, performing an inbar full to Maloney to bail to stalder full to Ray, Tkachev, inbar half to Endo, and a double front dismount for a 13.95. She had a rougher day in Jesolo, where she had several form issues, however in a good day she could try to sneak into the bars final at Euros, provided that her spot on the team gets confirmed.

Junior Elisa Iorio was third overall with a 51.95, tying with the veteran Federica Macrì. Iorio had some ups and downs in Turin, though she pulled herself together in Jesolo, where she notched a gold medal on uneven bars in the event final with a brilliant routine that included a Ricna to pak, Maloney to bail to Ray, front giant to Endo half to Tkachev, and front giant to Endo full to double front half-out to finish, scoring a 14.65 with a D score of 6.0. She was kind of off the radar for most of her junior career compared to her teammates, but she’s worked a lot on both her difficulty and her form, and the outcome looks really promising for the Italian program.

Desirée Carofiglio came in fourth with a 51.55. Her routines were a bit watered down in Turin, whereas she showed more difficult skills in Jesolo, especially on vault where she debuted her new tsuk full and a Yurchenko 1.5 for a 13.8 average.

Her floor routine stands out in the Italian lineup, as she prefers front tumbling, which is a quite unusual feature. Carofiglio performs a Dowell and a front double tuck as her two first tumbling passes, thus earning the #ItalianBrenna nickname. She is likely to perform the all-around in Cluj, and it will be interesting to see if she will stick to the two vaults there as well.

Asia D’Amato, another junior, earned a 50.7 in the Turin all-around, with vault being her best apparatus, where her DTY was worth a 14.4. There’s still room for improvement on her form, as she tends to tuck it in the second rotation; however, it’s still impressive that she has been performing it consistently at a junior level. Her twin Alice performed a messier DTY, though she had a good outcome on bars, where she earned a 13.7 with clean execution (E score of 8.6).

Lara Mori earned a 50.15, given some mishaps she had on bars and floor, but she delivered a solid routine on beam, where she performed a leap mount, a leap to split jump half turn, a Y turn with a balance check, a bhs loso loso series, side somi, switch half, side aerial (with another balance check), switch ring leap, and a 2.5 dismount for a 13.3.

In Jesolo, Mori performed only on bars due to a minor foot injury, so her participation in Euros will depend on her recovery.

Elisa Iorio, Asia D’Amato and Martina Basile won’t attend this Serie A meet as they are instead taking part in the Mediterranean Junior Games, but 2016 Olympian Martina Rizzelli will make her comeback this weekend in Rome, where she is expected to perform on bars.

The competition will start at 3:30 pm local time, or 9:30 EST. There won’t be a live stream, however a video of the meet will be uploaded afterwards.

Article by Valeria Violi

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