The London World Cup Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s competition at the 2017 London World Cup! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

10:37 am. Final Standings

1. Tabea Alt, Germany, 54.598
2. Victoria Nguyen, United States, 53.832
3. Amy Tinkler, Great Britain, 53.433
4. Ana Perez, Spain, 53.299
5. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 52.599
6. Ilaria Käslin, Switzerland, 50.699
7. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, 50.465
8. Liu Jinru, China, 47.665

10:35 am. Tabea Alt, Germany, FX- Tucked full-in with a step back. Front tuck through to double tuck, stuck cold. Lovely in her turn sequence. Double pike with a step. Good leaps. Solid routine. She needs a 12.6 for gold I think. And she does it! 5.0, 8.333, 13.333

10:31 am. Victoria Nguyen, United States, FX- Tucked full-in stumbled forward, triple full is very nice. Hit third pass, a front full maybe, which I didn’t pay attention to because I’m literally SO mad about Ana Perez’s score. Hit the double tuck. Not bad but nothing big either. 5.1, 7.9, 13.000

10:31 am. Ana Perez getting just a little over a tenth lower than she needed to surpass Amy Tinkler is BUUUUUULLLLLLLLLL. I am RIOTING.

10:27 am. Ana Perez, Spain, FX- Opens with a tucked full-in with a step back. She needs a 12.767 to match Tinkler in the AA. Whip whip through to double tuck with a step, excellent. Switch ring to switch half. Triple spin. Nails the double pike with a step back to finish. 4.9, 7.733, 12.633

10:23 am. Amy Tinkler, Great Britain, FX- Our first look at the Olympic bronze medalist on this apparatus since event finals in Rio! Omg a Pretty Woman routine!!!! But then the music changes. Full-twisting double layout, form looked a little off. Double layout, bobbles on one leg for a sec. Now some sweet jazz sax. This music is so weird lol. Front handspring front full. Yeah, hella downgraded after those first two passes. Leaps have been looking mostly decent btw. Double pike with a hop forward. Not bad for her first floor in what, eight months? 5.3, 8.033, -0.1, 13.233

10:16 am. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, FX- Long wait for her with the judges deliberating for 300 years. Double L turn to double pirouette. Great double arabian, tiny jump forward. Love the running choreo section into the corner before her second pass, a double layout…a little low but not bad. Hit another turn, I think a Memmel. Also love this choreo section. Usually not a fan of Russian floor choreo but girl SELLS this and it’s lovely. Piked full-in is messy in the air, and way too short…hands down. UGH. Double pike with a hop. Sits at the edge of the podium for a second like “I hate my life.” I don’t understand how she can look SO good on some elements and SO rough on others. Omg her form in the double layout when they do it from a different angle in the replay is SO rough, super arched and knees are completely bent in the second flip. Totally missed that in the first angle. 5.4, 7.3, 12.700

10:11 am. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, FX- Love this creep monster on floor. Quad turn to double turn, a little stumbly in the final spin of the quad but really not heinous. Double tuck, bounce. Double full a little short, supposed to be a 2.5 I’m pretty sure. Double front attitude turn. Front handspring front layout, sits it. Switch side down into some creepy choreo on the floor. I must have tuned out her leaps. 4.9, 7.033, 11.933

10:08 am. Ilaria Käslin, Switzerland, FX- 2.5 to punch front tuck. Memmel turn. Omg her music is so not her, I love it. Double tuck, knees buckle a bit, but she stands up out of it. Switch ring to tour jete half. Double full with a hop back. Double L turn. Switch half. Booty shake choreo to end it. Not bad considering she’s not a very strong tumbler. 4.9, 7.7, 12.600

10:04 am. Liu Jinru, China, FX- Dear LORD, praying for this child’s ankles. Triple full, landed nicely actually and looked good in the air. Tiny step. Tucked full-in with a bounce back. Split jump full. Switch ring to switch half. Triple spin ends up turning into three and a half. Actually enjoying her music. 2.5 to punch front, out of bounds, but this is going much better than I expected. Double tuck, chest a little down, tiny bounce in place. BLESS. So happy she hit. She’s cutting off her 87 layers of ankle tape. 5.0, 7.733, -0.1, 12.633

10:00 am. NOW we get floor warmups. Can we talk about Ana Freaking Perez in medal contention right now?! Half a point ahead of Tinkler. I’m really interested in what we’ll see from Tinkler on floor, considering she hasn’t done it since she got her Olympic bronze there. She still has a big chance to medal, but it’ll all depend on what she ends up actually competing.

9:59 am. For some reason we’re getting an acro performance on the floor NOW instead of floor warmups??? Maybe that should’ve happened during beam warmups??

9:54 am. Standings After Rotation 3

1. Tabea Alt, Germany, 41.265
2. Victoria Nguyen, United States, 40.832
3. Ana Perez, Spain, 40.666
4. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 39.899
5. Amy Tinkler, Great Britain, 40.2
6. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, 38.532
7. Ilaria Käslin, Switzerland, 38.099
8. Liu Jinru, China, 35.032

9:52 am. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, BB- Off on punch front mount, lands it really low and just has no chance of standing up out of it. 😦 Full L turn with a wobble. Pirouette into a split leap. Front walkover to front toss, which I assume she’s trying to get to a front handspring front tuck someday. Side somi, hit jumps. Love her back walkover thingy to get to her low beam choreo. Double full with a small bounce on the landing. 4.6, 7.033, 11.633

9:48 am. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, BB- Front aerial to split jump, switch ring, off on bhs bhs layout. OF COURSE. Punch front tuck. Ring jump, really pretty and great amplitude. L turn to full pirouette, little wobble. Straddle jump to wolf jump. She’s killing it on her jumps today tbh. Side somi, small check. Double pike with a step. Shame about the fall…otherwise a really nice routine. She’s roughly 1 for 7 on beam this season. But she looks GREAT. If she could just STAY ON, life would be amazing. 5.4, 6.933, 12.333

9:44 am. Ilaria Käslin, Switzerland, BB- Switch leap, split leap to Onodi with a wobble at the end, misses connection to sheep jump, and has a wobble there too. Side aerial is good. Front aerial, wobble, misses connection to split jump to wolf jump. Big wobble and chest down after full Y turn. Good on her Kochetkova. Ring leap. Super clean bhs bhs loso! Overtime. Double full, messy legs, chest down, small hop forward. 5.0, 7.433, -0.1, 12.333

9:41 am. Ana Perez, Spain, BB- Switch leap to switch side to back tuck, slight wobble, but good control. Nicely connected. Full L turn. Steady bhs loso. Punch front to split jump. Side somi. Side aerial. Sissone to wolf jump. Double pike with a step back. DAMN. Some mistakes, but I think Ana’s having the best day here!!! Sometimes it’s great to see the ladies with the smaller Ds just hit clean routines while all of the flashier gymnasts are showing messy routines and having falls. She’s been great here. 5.3, 7.933, 13.233

9:38 am. Even with her fall, Alt still has a 0.5 lead over the rest of the field halfway through the third rotation. Watch Melnikova come out with guns BLAZING and have the best routine ever. She needs a 13.7 to top this field, which is definitely doable if she doesn’t make mistakes. I think she went 14+ with a great routine in the Jesolo AA. So everything’s still up in the air.

9:33 am. Victoria Nguyen, United States, BB- With big mistakes from Alt and Tinkler, and with this routine being INSANELY difficult, if Nguyen hits she could get a pretty huge lead right now. Wobble after bhs loso loso. Front aerial to ring jump, connection a little slow but the movement between still fluid. Side aerial to back tuck, large wobble on one leg, but fights and holds it. Full Y turn, doesn’t do it into the full pirouette. Switch to Onodi to sheep jump, bent knees on the Onodi and a wobble. Well, she’s fighting through. Switch ring. Aggressive punch front into her split jump to sissone. Over time. 2.5 dismount. D is a little lower than what it could be and lots of mistakes but should still be the highest of this bunch so far. 5.8, 7.166, -0.1, 12.866

9:30 am. Tabea Alt, Germany, BB- Nails roundoff layout mount. Check after side aerial loso loso but nothing major, still an awesome series from her. Full turn, switch leap, misses connection to switch half, which she does instead into a split jump to wolf jump, good cover, tiny check at the end. Front aerial to straddle jump is great. Ring jump. Split leap to side aerial. Random little check on her choreo, lol. Oh Tabea. Overtime. Double pike, low, then PUTS HER HANDS DOWN. WHYYYYYYY. *INSERT TYRA WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU GIF* Oh my GOD I am so bummed about this. 6.0, 7.066, -0.1, 12.966

9:25 am. Liu Jinru, China, BB- Roundoff layout, misses a foot on the landing and falls. 😦 Switch ring. Side aerial. Switch leap. Misses connection to back tuck. Hits basic jump series and full turn. Great amplitude on switch side. Side somi. I’m thinking she’s supposed to be connecting things she’s not. Jumps forward out of messy leg double full dismount. Man, her ankle REALLY looks like it’s bothering her. GOOOOO BACK TO THE HOTEL. Ice is back on when she waits for her score. 4.6, 6.433, 11.033

9:21 am. Amy Tinkler, Great Britain, BB- Gainer loso into a loso, just the one instead of two, puts her hands down. Oof. Saved the fall at least. Switch to wolf jump full with a check. Random standing back tuck. Little check on her full turn, split leap, front aerial with a big wobble and another save, split jump, nothing is connected. Switch half a little short. Just a double full instead of the triple, messy legs, but stuck landing so worth not crashing a triple I guess. 4.8, 7.2, 12.000

9:20 am. I’m sad I don’t have commentary on my feed because I can’t keep a running count of how many times Christine says “supple” on beam. 😦

9:15 am. So far things are going about as expected…even with that messy end to her bars, Melnikova still has a solid shot at the podium depending on who gets taken down by beam. I think Alt looks phenomenal here and standings/scores aside, I’d give her the win based on the first two rotations.

As for scoring, the judges are being pretty tight, even with Tinkler. I definitely thought they were gonna ignore all of her leg separations on bars but they were pretty good at their jobs!

9:12 am. Standings After Rotation 2

1. Tabea Alt, Germany, 28.299
2. Amy Tinkler, Great Britain, 28.200
3. Victoria Nguyen, United States, 27.966
4. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 27.566
5. Ana Perez, Spain, 27.433
6. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, 26.899
7. Ilaria Käslin, Switzerland, 25.766
8. Liu Jinru, China, 23.199

9:08 am. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, UB- She’s either gonna have the best routine here or fall 30 times. Inbar full, some leg sep, Komova II to big pak, van Leeuwen, Inbar half with leg sep into piked Jaeger, flexed feet, toe half, muscles it, then swings around the other half, which messes her up because that’s supposed to be a toe full into her dismount. Does the full-in, is super short, almost to her knees, stumbles forward three big steps. Well, that started OUT nicely… 5.8, 7.666, 13.466

9:05 am. Ilaria Käslin, Switzerland, UB- Stalder half to Endo half, both a little messy, stalder hecht to high, interesting and unique, giant full is messy before the Tkachev, a little too high and not enough distance, messy stalder full to bail to Ray, double pike with a small hop. Her skills look nice, but the swing into the skills (or during the skills if it’s a swinging element like a stalder) is so awkward. 5.0, 7.633, 12.633

9:03 am. Ana Perez, Spain, UB- Piked Jaeger, Church, Ray, wow! Three big releases in a row. Clean pak, clear hip full a little late, Maloney to Gienger, some leg sep there, full-twisting double layout with a small hop. Some tiny things in there going wrong on the low bar with the clear hip but otherwise that was impressive. 5.7, 8.133, 13.833

9:00 am. Victoria Nguyen, United States, UB- Inbar full to Maloney (leg sep) to nice Gienger (caught close), Inbar half to front giant to Jaeger, I think meant to be a layout but it’s pretty piked, big floaty pak gets stuck a little in the kip cast after, toe shoot (or Ray, I didn’t actually see the entry but does it matter? like, I guess, but not really guys), piked in her giants, double layout, the second flip is piked, with a solid landing. All of her inbars have flexed feet. 😦 5.7, 8.1, 13.800

8:57 am. Warmups for the second group going on now. So far so good, though Angelina Melnikova falls apart a bit on one of her swings. Poor Liu Jinru is icing the ankle she effed up on vault. She’s already behind the top girls by five points at the halfway point, just go back to your hotel, get some whiskey, and put your foot up!! No one would judge you.

8:52 am. Tabea Alt, Germany, UB- Stalder to toe full right on the bar to clean Maloney (elbows a bit bent on the catch) to clean pak, nice! Clean van Leeuwen, stalder half to piked Jaeger, double layout with a step back. Really solid work from her, and she’s super happy. 5.4, 8.433, 13.833

8:48 am. Liu Jinru, China, UB- Blind change to nice straddle Jaeger, giant full a little late, Tkachev to pak, not bad! Short handstand before the toe-on to Maloney, pings off, flies backwards, does a front tuck out of it. Gets back on for Maloney to a low Gienger, full-in with a step. Aww, too bad about the fall. Not a strong event for her but she would’ve at least hit. 5.1, 6.266, -0.3, 11.066

8:45 am. Amy Tinkler, Great Britain, UB- Toe full to Maloney to big Tkachev, some leg sep on the Maloney. Pak with her legs in a V shape, mostly clean van Leeuwen, blind change to Markelov, always a surprise, stuck full-in with beautiful form in her tuck position, legs together and toes pointed. Actually very well-done but the leg separations in everything take her E down a ton, assuming the judges can see it all from their angle. 5.4, 8.2, 13.600

8:42 am. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, UB- Her weakest event…let’s see if she feels like hitting today! Blind change a little arched in the front swing into her Jaeger, superb bail to clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, short handstand before the giant full to full-in, a little low with a step forward. Easy routine but probably the best I’ve seen her do it?! 4.5, 8.133, 12.633

8:40 am. Liu Jinru is missing just about every skill on bars in warmups. Tisha Volleman will start us off if warmups ever end.

8:38 am. Bars warmups are just finishing! No hilarious “uneven bars don’ts” like there was for vault. 😦

8:33 am. Standings After Rotation 1

1. Amy Tinkler, Great Britain, 14.600
2. Tabea Alt, Germany, 14.466
3. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, 14.266
4. Victoria Nguyen, United States, 14.166
5. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 14.100
6. Ana Perez, Spain, 13.600
7. Ilaria Käslin, Switzerland, 13.133
8. Liu Jinru, China, 12.133

8:32 am. Ilaria Käslin, Switzerland, VT- FTY, not as solid or clean as Ana’s, big leg sep in pre-flight, whips the twist around super quick, piked down, step to the side and her baby toe goes OOB, will they even catch that? 4.6, 8.533, 13.133

8:30 am. Ana Perez, Spain, VT- Clean FTY with a step back, flairs it a little. Really nice seeing that solid leg form after a lot of messy DTYs. Her E should be the best in the bunch though she’s not a very powerful vaulter and will probably lose a little for height/distance. 4.6, 9.0, 13.600

8:28 am. Victoria Nguyen, United States, VT- DTY, leg form could be better…they’re together and not crossed like everyone else here but her knees are pretty bent and she’s piked down. Lands a little short with a step to the side and OOB. 5.4, 8.866, -0.1, 14.166

8:26 am. Tabea Alt, Germany, VT- DTY, actually impressed with the number of doubles here?! WOWWWW, that was super. Clean throughout and basically stuck. Damn, Germany! Just loses a little form in the second twist and has leg sep in the pre-flight. 5.4, 9.066, 14.466

8:23 am. So Amy Tinkler leads halfway through the vault rotation. The remaining four are warming up now.

8:19 am. Liu Jinru, China, VT- Oh, it wasn’t Liu crashing a full that I saw in warmups. It was Liu crashing a tsuk double. She doesn’t have it anywhere near around fully, is piked throughout, and basically just lands on her knees OOB. Limps off the podium and then sprays that stuff that freezes your limbs so you can’t feel anything. Her coach is showing her the vault on his iPhone and she’s like umm thanks for that. She used to actually be pretty great with that vault, IIRC? Got it downgraded here. 4.8, 7.633, -0.3, 12.133

8:17 am. Amy Tinkler, Great Britain, VT- WOW, that was very nice. DTY, super clean in the air, excellent landing. She’s like I’m gonna come back from the Olympics, downgrade for a month, and then show up and MURDER THIS competition. 5.4, 9.2, 14.600

8:16 am. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, VT- DTY, actually not half bad! Also loses form in the second twist with her legs but her landing is pretty good, just a small step back to control it. That’s been improving so hopefully it keeps going in that direction. 5.4, 8.866, 14.266

8:14 am. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, VT- DTY, a little short, looked better in the first twist than the second, which is when her legs cross and she fully pikes down. Lands with her chest at her knees and a step forward. 5.4, 8.7, 14.100

8:13 am. They just gave examples of how not to vault, and used Maria Paseka lmao. Rough. Almost time to start!!!

8:11 am. Vault warmups starting now, and we get a bird’s eye view so can’t really see who’s doing what. The crowd is applauding the warmups as if they’re getting served some vault realness at the moment. Someone just crashed a full and I know it’s Liu Jinru without even seeing anything but a flash of the color of her leo. Oh, and then someone else crashed something right after her so already this is getting off to an incredible start. Let’s hope it’s all about getting the jitters out before the competition?

8:08 am. Amy gets her own walk-out music, “We Will Rock You.” How very Mighty Ducks. Love it. She’s clapping to the beat and all smiles. I hope she has a great meet at home!

8:06 am. Athletes are coming out now to a super aggressive drum line. If you were tired before, don’t worry, you’re awake now. At American Cup next year they need to play death metal.

8:04 am. I love the O2 arena. How else can we kill time while waiting for this to start? It looks like we’re waiting for walk-out still? Pretty solid crowd there all things considered!

8:00 am. So this meet should begin any second…vault will begin with Angelina Melnikova, Tisha Volleman, Amy Tinkler, Liu Jinru, Tabea Alt, Victoria Nguyen, Ana Perez, and Ilaria Käslin.

Should be an interesting meet, especially having the gold and silver medalists from Stuttgart — Alt and Melnikova — back to fight it out. We’ll see if Nguyen can keep up with them, especially after Melnikova beat Nguyen at Jesolo last week, ad if she’s in top form, Tinkler could also be a threat for the podium, especially at home.

7:57 am. Starting this live blog out with sad news…Georgia-Mae Fenton, she of the insane bars, was injured in warmups prior to the competition and has withdrawn. 😦 I hope it’s nothing serious and that we’ll see her again soon this season!

Article by Lauren Hopkins


26 thoughts on “The London World Cup Live Blog

    • Me too! It seemed like from what the BG twitter was saying, she was maybe gonna go for it anyway but then the medical staff was like no don’t. So hopefully it’s nothing too serious and they just want to keep her out so she doesn’t get injured further.


      • Yes. I don’t know what feed you are watching but the UK coverage said they tried her out in warm-ups and it was too painful. I think they said it was her ribs Definitely better to pull her than risk worse injury.


        • I’m not watching with any commentary (USA stream has none right now!) but that makes sense. Glad to hear she’s not actually INJURED-injured but is just playing it safe.


    • Victoria’s routine was pretty messy with a lot of flaws in her swing. Amy had more leg separation mistakes but overall it was a far better overall form.


  1. Not sure if they have this on the USA stream, but after each break in the rotation the reporter is interviewing different gymnasts. When asked if she was ready and enjoyed the floor exercise, Victoria answered “I do! I hope you like my routine!” Sooooo cute.


  2. Interesting interview with Amy during break- she’s doing some watered down routines right now because she had an injury at the start of the year (explains American cup). But hopes to be back to full difficulty and maybe some upgrades by October for worlds


  3. Can we just take the time to appreciate how Ana Perez finally pulled herself together and hit 4 for 4!! She tends to be really inconsistent so it’s so good to see her finally pull it all together. It’s a shame that she missed out on the podium by such a small margin though. If she keeps this up, she has a chance at finishing really well at Europeans!


  4. Tabea!! I’m so happy to see her hitting and winning all these competitions! Now if she could hit 4/4… maybe at Worlds? I’d love to see a country like Germany/Netherlands/Italy/etc. get the bronze at worlds (cause it’ll probably be America 1 and 2 again).


    • I’m not so sure. McCusker, Smith and a healthy Chiles all have he potential to win at worlds AA, but they have much stiffer international competition. Ellie Black is definitely going to push hard for the win at a home championships. Ellie Downie proved that she’s ready to win the title at the British Championships. If Thorsdottir pulls herself together, she could win. Melnikova could challenge if she goes clean. If Iordache gets her pre Olympic difficulty back she could win without even trying all that hard. Chunsong is definitely not to be ignored if she’s healthy. I’d even go out on a limb and say that Eremina could become an underdog winner if she puts in upgrades and/or gets mistakes from others. This is in no way the crystal clear United States 1-2 with Mustafina, Iordache and Chunsong fighting for bronze that we’ve gotten since 2013. It’s still early in the season, so anything could happen, but at the moment there’s a lot of potential candidates to win the All Around.


  5. I miss the good ol’ days of yore when people used to hit with high execution scores and podium was determined by who outperformed the others, rather than who fell the least of made less mistakes. I know that it’s “early in the season”, but come on, Europeans are happening pretty soon, and this is kind of a big deal (AA World Cup), people should be better conditioned to perform what they had planned. Let’s just hope everyone gets their sets together by October and no more than 3 people fall during beam finals.


    • I was watching a live stream on a VPN since it wasn’t available in the US without one, so it was buffering the entire time and I sometimes only saw partial skills, or just the landing. If I had to guess, probably more than just Tisha’s were incorrect, especially on floor, where the stream was the worst.


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