2017 Canadian Senior Qualification Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the senior all-around qualifications at the 2017 Canadian Championships! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

8:38 pm. Final Standings

1. Ellie Black 55.517
2. Rose-Kaying Woo 53.734
3. Brooklyn Moors 52.601
4. Jade Chrobok 51.801
5. Laurie Denommée 51.651
6. Audrey Rousseau 51.617
7. Shallon Olsen 51.351
8. Madeline McLellan 51.217
9. Sophie Marois 50.517
10. Lindsay Chia 50.250
11. Amy Bladon 50.134
12. Meaghan Ruttan 49.100
13. Megan Phillips 48.117
14. Laurie-Lou Vézina 48.101
15. Madeline Straker 47.984
16. Isabela Onyshko 47.618
17. Alexis Djoboulian 47.567
18. Alexis Didomizio 45.600
19. Brittany Rogers 39.934
20. Meixi Semple 38.068
21. Jessica Dowling 26.050
22. Kayla Folz 19.534
23. Haley de Jong 11.234

8:33 pm. Woo BB- Punch front tuck, bhs layout is a little piked but solid, switch ring, full turn, wobble on side somi, front aerial, switch half, feed froze before she finished so I didn’t see the dismount but heard clapping so let’s say it was good unless the crowd is super rude and is like “yay injuries and sadness!”

8:29 pm. Chia BB- Good jump series, full turn, front aerial, check on bhs loso but stays on, tour jeté 1/4, interesting, is that a skill yet? Usually we see it on its own, or with a half. Unless she meant it to be a half and it’s underrotated but it looked intentional. Anyway, it was cool! Double full dismount.

Vézina FX- Love her as a floor performer. Memmel to full pirouette, double pike stumbled out, switch ring, beautiful, hit last pass.

8:26 pm. Chrobok BB- Side aerial layout stepout, big stumble before her fall. Wobble on double turn. Side somi, big wobble. Hit dismount, low. Not her best there but still an overall solid day for her.

8:25 pm. Denommée FX- FULL TWISTING DOUBLE LAYOUT!!! Get outta here. Low, and on a sting mat, but great upgrade for her. Huge double layout second pass, steps back OOB. Omg her music is literally insane. Double pike. No front tumbling that I saw.

8:24 pm. McLellan UB- Big Tkachev, straddle back, toe shoot, double pike with a hop.

8:22 pm. Semple BB- Front aerial. Bhs loso, looks like she’s gonna — and should — stop there because she’s so freaking low, but keeps going and kind of does a half-hearted bhs to her knees on the beam and then falls. Big wobble after switch to switch half. Good side aerial. Double full dismount.

8:21 pm. Olsen UB- Stalder half to straddle Jaeger, actually not bad. Messy bail to stalder full to stalder to toe on to inbar shoot to high, lots of form issues throughout, but a good series. Full-in with a couple steps back. Funny how she’s scoring better on bars right now than on beam and floor?! Her form is weak here but she’s pretty consistent with hitting.

8:20 pm. Marois FX- Piked full-in, OOB. 2.5 to front layout OOB, and triple full steps back OOB as well.

LAWD, 7.2 for Onyshko’s bars, 4.8 D. 😦

8:17 pm. Moors VT- Solid tsuk full!

Ruttan UB- Weiler, comes off. Back on for Weiler half. Maloney to bail, off on Tkachev, looks like she doesn’t even try to catch because I think she knows she’s too far over. Giant full, and hit the dismount.

Black BB- Good turn sequence. Punch front pike is great, solid bhs layout, switch to switch half, punch front tuck, hit the dismount.

8:16 pm. Didomizio FX- Started out well from what I saw. Finishes with double pike, step back.

8:13 pm. Rousseau BB- Switch to split jump to straddle jump. Front aerial. Lovely switch half in there as well. I’m missing most of this with Onyshko’s drama, see below.

Onyshko UB- Legs apart halfway through clear hip full, comes off. 😦 Gets back up to repeat and does the same thing. Take three…just does the Maloney to Tkachev, then arches over a handstand and tries to hang on but there’s no way. Stays on but has to regroup…then does the same thing with arching over again and hops off. Starts redoing her grips while chatting with her coach. Back on again for a release into her pak, pak is a little messy, van Leeuwen to high, breaks her swing again and rests on the bar, toe half to front giant, double front sat. Oh mylanta. Literally like five or six falls in there. After such an otherwise good return, too.

8:12 pm. Bladon FX- Double arabian, stumble but held it up. 2.5 to front tuck is good. Double tuck.

8:07 pm. After Rotation Three

1. Ellie Black 41.517
2. Rose-Kaying Woo 40.600
3. Isabela Onyshko 40.418
4. Jade Chrobok 39.834
5. Meaghan Ruttan 39.300
6. Madeline McLellan 39.217
7. Brooklyn Moors 38.851
8. Audrey Rousseau 38.750
9. Shallon Olsen 38.601
10. Laurie Denommée 38.484
11. Amy Bladon 37.434
12. Lindsay Chia 37.350
13. Megan Phillips 35.867
14. Laurie-Lou Vézina 35.634
15. Alexis Djoboulian 35.517
16. Madeline Straker 34.234
17. Alexis Didomizio 33.300
18. Jessica Dowling 26.050
19. Meixi Semple 25.734
20. Brittany Rogers 25.684
21. Sophie Marois 25.050
22. Kayla Folz 19.534
23. Haley de Jong 11.234

8:04 pm. Denommée BB- Fell on flight series. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Side somi. Double pike with a step back.

8:01 pm. Folz BB- Bhs layout, basically a pike, struggles on the landing but fights. Then falls on a punch front. 😦 Cartwheel into her 1.5 dismount.

7:59 pm. Phillips FX- Omg is this “Bring Him Home” from Les Mis?!?!?! I THINK IT IS. #TEARS #FOR #YEARS Bless her. Double arabian crashed forward. Good double tuck. 2.5 skidded and crashed sideways. 😦 Shame. Oh well, her music gets her an A++++

7:56 pm. Marois BB- Candle mount. Love that Canada was like EVERYONE DO THIS MOUNT THIS YEAR. Bhs loso is solid. Punch front tuck. Wobbled on something after that. Front layout full dismount.

I saw this in the tiny corner of my screen…Onyshko did a clearly tucked Yurchenko full, and was given credit for the layout, but got an 8.55 E score. Seriously should’ve credited it as tucked, but guessing judges just went with what she put up on the board?

7:54 pm. Djoboulian FX- Hit double pike and second pass. Double tuck with a bounce back.

Chia UB- Straddle Jaeger, nice. Caught it again at the toe shoot, then tucked toe front half with slight leg sep in the air.

7:52 pm. Didomizio BB- Off on 1.5 wolf turn. Off again on Onodi. Whenever I look over at beam she falls so I’m going to look elsewhere. Ooh, lovely side scale right into a front aerial, A+. Side aerial. Big wobble on like…just standing still. I think. Could’ve been a leap, then a pause then a wobble. But lawd. Poor thing. 1.5 dismount. Looks upset obviously.

Chrobok UB- Inbar to Maloney to Tkachev, clean bail to stalder to Ray, giant full, double front is low with a hop forward.

7:51 pm. Streams seem to be better now! Before they literally all stopped cold. But overall they’ve been great.

7:50 pm. Black UB- Maloney to Ricna, does it like it’s simple, Downie, piked Jaeger, extra swing into the pak, van Leeuwen a little messy, giant full, tucked toe front half with a great landing.

Whatever Bladon’s music was, I looooved it.

7:48 pm. Bladon BB- I missed the beginning, some freezing. Wobbled on a side somi. Hit the dismount.

Straker FX- Okay now all the feeds are freezing. Whatever her first pass was, she crashed it.

Streams aren’t working at the moment so I’m gonna pause here.

7:47 pm. Rousseau UB- Maloney to bail to Ray, muscles through toe full but gets the job done, right into a Tkachev. Toe half to front giant to double front with a little stumble.

7:46 pm. I’m still having a PANIC ATTACK ABOUT BROOKLYN’S FLOOR. It was so good. Everyone be Brooklyn from now on.

7:44 pm. Vézina BB- Oh Lord, wobbled on like, her mount? Standing up? And fell. Oof. 2.5 dismount hit.

Woo UB- Toe full, Maloney to clear hip, looks like she loses rhythm a bit, toe half to front giant to double front, good landing, I think I missed a release in there, let’s be honest, we can blame it on the freakout I had during and after Brooklyn’s floor.

7:41 pm. Moors FX- DOUBLE FRONT HALF OUTTTTT I’M SCREAMING!!!!!!!! IT WAS SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!! Front double full to front full, omg, you are AMAZING. 2.5 to front tuck. YAAAAAAS.

7:37 pm. After Rotation Two

1. Ellie Black 27.667
2. Isabela Onyshko 27.267
3. Rose-Kaying Woo 27.050
4. Jade Chrobok 26.584
5. Laurie Denommée 26.350
6. Meaghan Ruttan 26.100
7. Jessica Dowling 26.050
8. Audrey Rousseau 25.800
9. Meixi Semple 25.734
10. Brittany Rogers 25.684
11. Madeline McLellan 25.367
12. Sophie Marois 25.050
13. Brooklyn Moors 24.984
14. Lindsay Chia 24.950
15. Amy Bladon 24.800
16. Madeline Straker 24.634
17. Megan Phillips 24.500
18. Alexis Didomizio 24.000
19. Shallon Olsen 23.801
20. Alexis Djoboulian 23.350
21. Laurie-Lou Vézina 23.300
22. Haley de Jong 11.234
23. Kayla Folz 10.200

7:35 pm. Ellie Black hit her handspring front layout full on vault! 14.2. Woo got a 14.05 for her FTY which is a little high. Just caught kind of a rough 1.5 for Jade Chrobok, a bit squatted.

Djoboulian BB- Punch front, nice. Switch half. Side somi with a bobble. Another punch front, this one piked, into a back tuck. Cool. Adjustment after her jump series. Punch layout full dismount, good landing.

7:34 pm. Folz UB- Tkachev, blind change to front half to bail, toe on to toe shoot, crazy messy legs on giant full, which she does into a fly away, and then basically forgets to salute, just kind of throws up her hands after? LOL. Poor kid.

7:30 pm. Marois UB- Maloney (legs in a V) to Bhardwaj!! WOW she’s all over the place with giant skills today. Back on the high bar, blind change to straddle Jaeger, unfortunately falls there, just too far away. Back on for giant full, blind change, double front with a step back.

Dowling BB- Candle mount, comes down a little early from it. Bhs loso is good. Front aerial, pause before split jump to wolf jump. Switch half, side aerial, switch to sheep jump, big wobble but holds on. Side somi, full turn, misses feet a little on the dismount, but still busts out a double full with a step.

Ruttan FX- 2.5 to front tuck with a hop. Double tuck is stuck. Good landing on the double pike. Good work!

7:29 pm. Straker BB- Wolf turn, good bhs layout, hit leap series, front toss to split jump. 2.5 dismount with a hop.

Didomizio UB- Off on Jaeger, some messy work down on the low bar. All I saw.

7:27 pm. Onyshko FX- Oh, she *is* doing floor! She didn’t warm it up really, at least not that our team saw. It looked like she was doing beam skills on floor hahaha. Double tuck with a step back. Some effortless leaps. Front full with a small hop. The bulk of this routine’s difficulty will come from her insane dance elements, my god, I need to go back and watch every freaking leap she does. There are thousands of high-valued ones. Double pike low with a hop forward.

7:23 pm. McLellan FX- Double tuck with a bounce back. Stumbled back second pass but hit last pass.

Bladon UB- Bail, toe shoot, dead hang a bit. Giant full, full-twisting double back dismount.

Moors BB- Nailed the mount into some leaps. Lovely work low on the beam right up back into standing. Perfect front handspring to front tuck. Wobble on full attitude turn. Split leap to front aerial with a slight adjustment. Ring jump with a little bobble. Side aerial got a little wild on the landing, wobble, but good fight. Switch to switch half, flexed feet. Front handspring to front DOUBLE FULL!!!! YAS, upgrade from the front 1.5 I think, right? But she stumbled it and it was messy.

7:22 pm. Sophie Marois did a DTY earlier btw! Not a great one, 14.2, but still a big upgrade for her.

7:19 pm. Vézina UB- Fell right away muscling up a handstand. Back up for clear hip to toe half to Ezhova, toe on to clear hip hecht to high, giant full, ooh, weird clear hip right into a double tuck, have I ever seen that before? Maybe from South Korea once?

Rogers BB- Front aerial with a wobble into her second front aerial, #MustafinaProblems. Kochetkova is good. Full L turn to opposite pirouette. Switch to switch half with a pause between and a wobble at the end. Omelianchik into a pike down swing through, nice!! Hit the dismount nicely.

7:18 pm. Olsen FX- Double double low and stumbled forward. Front tuck through to double tuck stuck. Hit third and fourth passes but the feed froze so I couldn’t see what.

7:16 pm. Phillips BB- Front aerial, bhs loso with a little stumble back, good double spin, came off on something after that, wobble on side somi, hit dismount.

Denommée UB- Front toe half, Maloney to bail to toe shoot, piked Gienger, giant full, Moors dismount with a step back.

7:13 pm. After Rotation One

1. Sophie Marois 14.200
2. Isabela Onyshko 14.034
3. Laurie Denommée 13.850
4. Amy Bladon 13.750
5. Jessica Dowling 13.550
6. Ellie Black 13.367
7. Brittany Rogers 13.350
8. Alexis Didomizio 13.200
9. Meaghan Ruttan 13.100
10. Rose-Kaying Woo 13.000
11. Jade Chrobok 12.934
12. Madeline McLellan 12.767
13. Meixi Semple 12.634
14. Megan Phillips 12.600
15. Laurie-Lou Vézina 12.500
16. Brooklyn Moors 12.350
17. Audrey Rousseau 12.000
18. Madeline Straker 12.000
19. Alexis Djoboulian 11.650
20. Lindsay Chia 11.500
21. Shallon Olsen 11.367
22. Haley de Jong 11.234

Haley de Jong unfortunately looks hurt…walking off the floor with her coaches while clutching her elbow.

7:11 pm. Semple FX- A floor worker I really enjoy. Ring leap into the corner before first pass, Double pike low with a hop. Double full second pass, good, just some leg issues. Hit last pass.

7:06 pm. Ruttan BB- Of course the feed didn’t work during Onyshko’s entire routine but has not stalled once in the five minutes we’re waiting for Ruttan to go, hahaha. Switch to switch half, full L turn, front aerial to split jump, pretty decent side aerial loso. Wonky side somi but she hits it. Double pike low but good feet.

Black FX- 1.5 through to double tuck, stuck. Front double full to front tuck looks solid at first but she can’t hold the landing and kind of bounces forward a little bit, though stays inbounds, not a big mishap. Beautiful double full from this angle though. Stuck double full. EXCELLENTTTTT.

7:05 pm. Dowling UB- She missed her Maloney in warmups. Crossing my fingers for a good competition routine! Toe half to Jaeger, toe full, pak caught a little close but she muscles it around, catches Maloney into bail (ankle sep) to toe shoot, full-in with a step.

7:04 pm. Rousseau FX- Hit opening pass but on 1.5 to double tuck, landed it far back and then stumbled it to her back OOB. Double pike low and she kinda runs forward out of it.

7:02 pm. Onyshko BB- Bhs back…tuck kinda. Obviously going for a layout but yeah, that was pretty tucked. Full Y turn into a leap, feed froze. GRRRRR. Side aerial. Omg the one routine I wanted to see and it’s not working. AT ALL. Front aerial to switch half to ring jump is great. Switch ring with a wobble. Just a layout dismount. She’s back! Kinda. From what I saw.

Straker UB- Hit Jaeger. Hit routine.

6:58 pm. McLellan BB- Backwards straddle mount thing, it was cool. Front aerial. Missed connection to side aerial. Switch half to sissone, little bobble. Feed froze on her flight series but I didn’t see her fall. The beam feed is kind of sucking in general. Hit leaps after that. Front layout full dismount.

Woo FX- Good but low landing on her double arabian. Good rotation on her triple full. Double full. Simpler than we’re used to but though she came back earlier this year, this was her first floor since Rio.

Moors UB- Maloney to bail (leg sep), toe full (late), kip casts out of it before Ray to high, clear hip, blind change (leg sep and muscled) to Markelov, toe front half, looked like she was laying it out for the most part but with form issues. In which case she’s doing the Moors. 🙂

6:54 pm. Olsen BB- Bhs loso, switch, pause before switch half to split jump, a little short on both from this angle. Switch ring, weird back leg, wobble. Onodi, way off center, fall. Illusion turn, little bobble. Hit double pike dismount.

Chia FX- Double pike with a couple of steps back. 1.5 to front full. 2.5 crashes sideways.

Rogers UB- Piked Jaeger, Ricna, Downie to pak to toe on to van Leeuwen, not bad! full-twisting double layout stumbled forward with her hands down. She’s like “whatever” hahaha. Bless.

6:53 pm. Phillips UB- Stalder to stalder full to blind change to piked Jaeger, nice! Super clean pak. Great handstand after that, stalder half to toe shoot, another good handstand before her tucked toe front half with a great landing. Very tidy work.

6:50 pm. de Jong BB- First meet in a while. Senior debut! Front aerial, check, switch leap, step forward, Kochetkova landed sideways, fell on a leap with a twist in it right as I looked over at floor. Hit bhs loso. Side aerial. Punch front full dismount.

Chrobok FX- Whip whip through to double tuck, low. Second pass into a punch front tuck, prob 2.5 into it. Double full, legs a little crunched, but decent landing. Good double pike, chest a little low but decent landing.

Djoboulian UB- Clear hip to bail to toe on to toe shoot, giant full, tucked toe front half. A little messy throughout.

6:48 pm. Touch warmups now…just a couple minutes to go.

6:46 pm. Gymnasts are marching out now! I’ll try to get what I can of vault, but I’m pretty limited to the other events as my ‘key’ events.

6:45 pm. Every member of the 2016 Olympic team is competing tonight! I believe Isabela Onyshko is only doing bars and beam, or at least we didn’t see her warm up vault and floor, but I think the goal for everyone else was all-around, aside from Brittany Rogers who won’t do floor…we’ll see if it happens!

Other news…Megan Roberts had foot surgery this spring which is why she isn’t competing tonight.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

13 thoughts on “2017 Canadian Senior Qualification Live Blog

    • Yeah, I mean, she had about 5-6 falls, technically, so that’s 5 or 6 points off putting her at a 4-5 E score…plus the other execution deductions, a 2.4 makes sense.


  1. did Brittany Rodgers do a Lopez or a Cheng for her 2nd vault?? It was super quick and I got excited she maybe threw a cheng…?


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