2017 Canadian Championships Finals Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the senior and junior all-around and event finals at the 2017 Canadian Championships! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

10:23 pm. Looks like Quinn Skrupa’s AA score was bumped up a few tenths so she wins the bronze!

9:34 pm. Senior All-Around

1. Ellie Black 54.318
2. Rose-Kaying Woo 54.051
3. Jade Chrobok 53.100
4. Isabela Onyshko 52.918
5. Sophie Marois 51.468
6. Shallon Olsen 51.167
7. Brooklyn Moors 51.151
8. Laurie Denommée 51.051
9. Lindsay Chia 50.867
10. Amy Bladon 50.234
11. Laurie-Lou Vézina 50.067
12. Audrey Rousseau 49.634
13. Megan Phillips 49.501
14. Madeline McLellan 48.867
15. Meaghan Ruttan 47.434
16. Madeline Straker 46.734

Junior All-Around

1. Ana Padurariu 55.267
2. Emma Spence 51.201
3. Elizabeth Holmstrom 50.234
4. Quinn Skrupa 50.159
5. Imogen Paterson 49.734
6. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 49.500
7. Mia St-Pierre 49.251
8. Chloé Lorange 48.951
9. Éloise Monat 48.667
10. Gabrielle Deslauriers 48.101
11. Myrelle Morin 48.034
12. Megan DiPietro 47.867
13. Lucia Jakab 47.534
14. Jaden Gorsline 47.084
15. Laurie Gagnon 46.618
16. Kiera Wai 45.667

9:27 pm. Rousseau UB- Maloney to bail to toe shoot, good Tkachev, double front overrotated to her hands and knees, UGH, after such an otherwise great routine.

Straker BB- Good wolf turn, bhs layout, probably the most laid-out layout of the competition? And it was still a little piked. But better than the rest honestly. Front toss, split jump to loso, great! SO powerful and floaty!! Back tuck, 1.5 with a hop. Actually a really really great routine.

Paterson FX- Solid double tuck to start, big 2.5 with a little stumble forward. Looked like she was surprised by how much power she got in that. 1.5 to front tuck with a step forward.

9:25 pm. Bladon BB- Excellent routine for her. Really great work throughout.

Moors UB- Good from what I saw, great Markelov, Moors dismount with a hop back, looks happy.

9:24 pm. Padurariu wins the junior title and posts the highest AA of the competition with a 55.267, WITH a fall. Ellie Black still highest for the seniors with a 54.318 to Woo’s 54.051.

9:21 pm. Woo 54.051!!! Onyshko 52.918, Spence 51.201

Skrupa FX- Stuck piked full-in! Double arabian with a step. Double pike and double tuck both great.

Denommée UB- Got stuck in front toe-on, hopped off. Got it the second time (toe front half), Maloney to bail to toe shoot, Moors dismount with a hop.

9:19 pm. Padurariu FX- Great piked full-in in the air, just some steps back. Hit second pass. Double pike into a little lunge right back into her choreo.

Onyshko BB- Bhs back tuck, full Y turn to split leap to side aerial, wobbled on something after that but held onto it. Good fight. Switch to switch half to ring jump, stuck layout dismount.

Black UB- Maloney to Hindorff, FALL! NOOOOO! Caught her release after that, then muscled through a couple of handstands before her Jaeger (piked), giant full, tucked toe front half stuck.

These three up at the same time is really unfair, my eyes are darting around like WHERE TO LOOK???

9:17 pm. More AA- Marois 51.468, Olsen 51.167, Holmstrom 50.234, Allaire-Bourgie 49.5 (crazy that this would be almost a 53 without beam falls!!!!)

Woo UB- Toe full clean to Tkachev, nice and big, it’s almost as like she’s become a new gymnast in the past couple of weeks. Clean pak to Maloney to clear hip, toe half to front giant to double front with a step back. Should seal silver for her.

9:15 pm. Spence FX- Going from not making one of three junior Gymnix teams in March to potentially about to medal at nationals less than three months later. #CASUAL. Great piked full-in. Front tuck through to double tuck, stuck. Double pike with a little bounce back. FAB.

Marois BB- Candle mount, bhs loso with a step back, good punch front, switch side, clean side aerial, nice and floaty, full turn, front aerial with a little wobble, front full with a hop.

9:14 pm. Some other AA scores after Jade’s…Chia 50.667, Vézina 50.067, Phillips 49.501, McLellan 48.867, Monat 48.667, Deslauriers 48.101, Morin 48.034, DiPietro 47.867, Jakab 47.534, Ruttan 47.434, Gorsline 47.084.

9:11 pm. Phillips BB- Front aerial, bhs loso, too much oomph on the landing and it kind of whips her off. Wild pirouette. Side aerial. Split jump to wolf jump. Switch to switch half, fall. Side somi, hit the dismount.

Allaire-Bourgie FX- 2.5 with a stumble back. Fabulous choreo and expression moments.

Olsen UB- Leg sep in the handstand before her Jaeger, bail (leg sep) to full to stalder to toe on to inbar shoot to high, full-in with a hop.

9:09 pm. McLellan UB- Tkachev, OOH, weird crazy front full into a straddle back, I think?? I just glanced over and she was being super fancy. Hit the dismount.

53.1 for Jade Chrobok! Close to where she was in 2015 when she was at her best. Potential for much more, too.

9:06 pm. Chia BB- Good leap series at the start, hit bhs loso, double full a little low with a step.

Chrobok UB- She’s had quite the day, huh?! Imagine what she could do if she didn’t have 300 injuries at any given time. Toe on to Maloney to Tkachev, toe shoot, toe full, double front with a step back. Solid first senior nationals!

Monat FX- My tiny human favorite. 2.5 to front tuck, good. Lovely double full.

9:03 pm. On vault right now is a parade of Yurchenko layouts from juniors so I’m gonna focus elsewhere if that’s okay with you.

Vézina BB- Roundoff back handspring mount, nice and clean. Bhs loso is solid. Was concentrating on Brittany’s bars during this but what I did see was excellent, finishes with unique side aerial to back handspring into her 1.5, very very nice routine.

Rogers UB- Hop change to piked Jaeger, toe full arched over to Ricna, good fight getting that back, Downie to pak, some leg sep, looks like she wants to connect to toe on but misses it, does toe on to van Leeuwen after that, horizontal handstand before giants into double layout with a step.

9:02 pm. Deslauriers FX- Hit routine, sorry, I missed basically everything but what I saw was good.

8:59 pm. Ruttan BB- Front aerial to jump series, great. Side aerial loso with a little stumble and a fall. Side somi, double pike low with a step back.

Dowling UB- I’m so used to seeing her in black! She’s in blue tonight. Inbar to inbar half to giant half to front giant to straddle Jaeger, toe full, pak is clean, arches over handstand after that and falls. 😦 Back on for Maloney to bail to toe shoot, full-out with a step to the side.

8:57 pm. Delourmel FX- Front tuck through to double tuck, landed a little too far back and she falls on her back. Whoever put the sting mat out there put it backwards? LOL. So you can’t see the boundary, it’s a visual disaster. Looks like she put her hands down on her second pass as well.

8:53 pm. Seniors After Three

1. Ellie Black 41.784
2. Rose-Kaying Woo 40.484
3. Jade Chrobok 40.200

Juniors After Three

1. Ana Padurariu 41.942
2. Emma Spence 38.901
3. Quinn Skrupa 37.884

Again, I did the math…could be wrong but I think they’re right.

8:50 pm. St-Pierre BB- Candle mount, good leaps, solid bhs loso, fell on something that I missed, good double tuck.

Moors VT- Solid tsuk full.

Yup, Ana Padurariu gets a 13.767 on beam which is second out of the whole competition for juniors and seniors, WITH A FALL. It was LITERALLY PERFECT aside from the fall.

8:48 pm. Skrupa BB- ANOTHER fave junior. I have too many favorites now. YAAAAAAS handstand hold in a split RIGHT into her bhs tuck full, YESSSSSSS!!!! Stumble out of it but still fabulous. A triple mixed connection that I missed most of but it was perfectly connected from what I saw. Onodi, side aerial to split jump to straddle jump to sissone. Double tuck with a couple of steps back and YAY!!!! Her coach is THRILLED. Omg this routine is amazing. In the replay I saw the mixed series better, front aerial to split leap to back handspring, literally the most fluid connection ever. A++++

Moors VT- Handspring front half, good landing.

8:47 pm. Denommée VT- I love that FLOOR is over but vault is still going on. Second vault was hit but I couldn’t see it, the camera was closed in too far. Good landing, just a step.

8:44 pm. Padurariu BB- Candle mount. Switch ring. Side aerial loso loso, excellent. She’s a goddess. Switch half, full turn, perfect. She makes me cry?! Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, absolutely perfectly connected. Switch to  sheep jump, noooo! Misses her foot and falls there. Hits jumps after that. Big double pike, college stick that she holds on her toes. She’ll probably still have the highest beam score, tbh.

Denommée VT- Solid first vault.

8:41 pm. Black VT- Handspring front full, a little messy with a hop forward. Second vault is a tsuk layout half with a hop forward, right down the middle.

Lorange FX- Another one of my faves! Double spin, double tuck with a little bounce back, double pike with a big bounce back and OOB, last pass did something into a front pike, little bounce on the landing. This routine is all about her performance, though. Beaaaautiful.

8:39 pm. Bladon UB- Bail to toe shoot, full-in stuck.

Spence BB- Candle position mount, ooh, does a clear hip around the beam after it!! LOVE. Wolf turn. Extended side somi. bhs layout, a little piked but decent landing. Switch to switch half, some bent knees but solid connection. Double tuck low with a step. Huge smile ONCE AGAIN! She’s the queen of reactions.

Gagnon FX- Double tuck with a hop. That’s all I saw but think she hit everything.

Woo VT- FTY with a couple of steps back.

8:37 pm. Onyshko UB- Apparently warmed up really well today. I’m still recovering from Thursday. Clear hip full, some leg sep, Maloney to Tkachev, fall. Hindorff to pak (leg sep on pak), van Leeuwen, toe half to front giant to double front with a hop. Well, one fall is better than six, she still looks pretty pleased that it wasn’t worse! Other than that, it was a good routine.

8:36 pm. Holmstrom FX- Hit everything I saw, including stuck double tuck.

8:33 pm. Allaire-Bourgie BB- Okay, she is another of my fave juniors, she had I think three falls on Thursday? But she’s FABULOUS so please hit, she def could come second AA tonight. Side somi, little bobble. Front aerial, fell on her butt. UGH. Repeats it into a jump and it’s perfect this time. But then off again on something right after that. WHYYYY. Double pirouette and off again. 😦 So just like day one then. Side aerial. Switch to switch half to back handspring, BEAUTIFUL. Makes the beginning hurt worse. Good double full dismount.

Olsen VT- WOW, NAILED the Khorkina! Stuck. YAS.

Marois UB- Maloney, back down to the low bar but I missed on what, Jaeger when she gets back to the high bar, loses her swing in a giant and comes flying off. Front layout dismount.

8:32 pm. DiPietro FX- Solid tucked full-in. Hit everything after that, then I tuned back in for the double tuck with a step back.

I think I missed McLellan’s vault, looked like a hit FTY.

Phillips UB- Stalder to stalder full, blind change to piked Jaeger, caught close with bent elbows. Super clean pak. Tucked toe front half with a step.

Olsen VT- DTY, good, little bobble on the landing.

8:30 pm. Monat BB- Bhs loso is solid. Full turn. Switch to split leap to side aerial, LOVE. She might be one of my fave juniors after Ana, she’s lovely…oh, and then she comes off on a front aerial. It’s okay, tiny human. Switch half, and another fall. Double full with a step.

8:29 pm. Chrobok VT- Yurchenko 1.5, sat one in warmups…a little wild but gets it around well, only a couple of steps forward and off to the side, OOB.

8:26 pm. Deslauriers BB- Candle mount, solid bhs loso, side aerial to a jump, wobble on side somi, big fight to stay on, split half facing sideways, and she falls there, after that big fight! Ugh. Front aerial, lovely, stuck 1.5

Jakab FX- Piked full-in bounced OOB. Solid 2.5 to punch front. Double pike with a couple of steps back.

Chia UB- Jaeger, bail to toe half, toe shoot, messy toe front half.

Rousseau VT- Clean FTY, but a little short, stumble back on the landing.

8:25 pm. Vézina UB- Ray, clear hip to toe half to Ezhova, nice. Toe on to clear hip hecht, misses the high bar. Got back on to hit the rest.

Rogers VT- Long wait for her second vault even though her score is in. Checking the vault height or something? Lopez is okay, step back and wobble to the side on the landing to control it.

8:23 pm. Gorsline FX- Good double tuck, step back. 1.5 to punch front with a bounce.

Paterson BB- Lovely mount, hit jumps, bhs loso is solid, switch to switch half with a bobble and a fall. Noooo. Double full is good.

8:21 pm. Ruttan UB- I missed the beginning so didn’t see if she had any Weiler drama, but she was short on her bail and then fell on her Tkachev. Back on for Tkachev a second time, and she falls again, just as Sia is singing “and another one bites the dust” lol. Oof. Back up for giant full and toe front half, looked piked.

8:20 pm. Walker BB- Wobble after leaps. Side somi, little wobble, bhs loso. Wobble on switch ring and she bounces off. Side aerial, tiny adjustment. Double full dismount is good.

Morin FX- I caught it from the 1.5 to front pike. And that’s apparently all I saw.

Rogers VT- Wtf, I think she just did a Yurchenko layout instead of her DTY?? She warmed up a DTY and the board says 434 so she def meant to do a double. :-/

8:18 pm. Straker UB- Blind change (leg sep) to nice straddle Jaeger, gets stuck in a handstand and has to hop off. Bail, leg sep and she swings backwards, off again. 😦 Giant full, messy and wild from the start, just hops off again. Poor kid. Toe front half dismount and she smiles at her coach like wtf did I just do. It’s okay, Onyshko had a much crazier routine the other night and lived to tell the story, you’ll be fine.

8:16 pm. Wai FX- Something through to a layout full, I didn’t see the beginning. Every event starts at a vastly different time and I have no idea what’s going on at any given moment until I see someone randomly start moving. Second pass a little low. third is a double full, little bounce.

8:12 pm. Seniors After 2

1. Ellie Black 27.284
2. Sophie Marois 27.000
3. Rose-Kaying Woo 26.734

Juniors After 2

1. Ana Padurariu 28.050
2. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie 26.100
3. Emma Spence 26.033

I think, anyway. My math could be off.

8:09 pm. Denommée FX- Full-twisting double layout, tiny bobble, better than day one! YESSSSSS. Huge open double layout, arms flared. Front tuck through to double pike, a little stumble. There’s her front tumbling, btw, I missed that the other night, thought it was just the double back. Some small landing things but overall great job.

8:07 pm. Gagnon BB- Full turn, bhs back tuck, a little short with a fall. Switch leap, switch half, sissone, check after. I guess they’ll connect the latter two? But it was slow. Punch front, nice! Split half. 1.5 with a hop to the side.

8:05 pm. Black FX- In a black leo, poetry. Front full through to double tuck, great landing. Love the choreo going into her second pass, a front double full to front tuck with a tiny baby hop. This routine is so super dramatic, it’s gonna kill the crowd at worlds. Double full with a small hop. Excellent.

8:03 pm. Holmstrom BB- Bhs loso, little wobble. Punch front low with a wobble. Full turn. Side aerial, wobble. 1.5 with a good landing.

Padurariu is obviously leading juniors, 14.1 UB.

8:01 pm. Woo FX- Solid double arabian! Lovely leaps. Triple full, small bounce back. Double full, nice and clean.

7:59 pm. DiPietro BB- Punch front mount. 1.5 wolf turn, bhs layout (piked), cat leap to split leap, literally no amplitude, front aerial, side somi, wobble and fall. Ooh, cat leap full, that was cute! Double full to finish.

Skrupa UB- Endo half to stalder to Ray, YAS. Arches handstand before overshoot. Whippy double layout with a hop. Looks happy.

7:57 pm. Padurariu UB- Toe half to piked Jaeger, inbar pike Tkachev, pak, inbar to half  (short) to Ray up high, giant full, full-in stuck! She’s a stick machine tonight.

Olsen FX- Double double, bounce back. Hit the rest that I saw.

Onyshko VT- FTY, hit, I didn’t see her form in the air though…looked over right as she landed it. The other night it was super tucked and her E score got hammered.

7:56 pm. Marois VT- DTY, looked solid in the air, step back.

7:55 pm. Spence UB- Toe full to Maloney to pak (some leg sep), van Leeuwen a little late but she catches no problem, clear hip, blind change (leg sep) to piked Jaeger (bent knees), hop change, double pike open with a hop forward.

7:54 pm. Jakab BB- Front handspring mount, aerial, bhs loso, all solid. Full Y turn, wobble. NOOOO, then crashes her double pike.

Phillips VT- Handspring pike half-out a little crooked and lands off to the side.

7:53 pm. Chia VT- Low FTY and at first I think she’s gonna crash it but she sticks it, so shoutout to her for that damage control.

Allaire-Bourgie UB- Maloney to pak, toe half to toe shoot, clear hip, giant full right on the bar, blind change to front giant to good piked Jaeger, big stuck double tuck. YEEEEAAAAAAAAAH!

7:50 pm. McLellan FX- Double tuck nearly stuck, good start. Double pike is great. Front full with a step. Very good routine. She’s like “I’m casually doing my NCAA prep and gonna simultaneously finish with a solid elite ranking, you jealous?”

7:49 pm. Gorsline BB- Great cool unique mount! Bhs loso, bent knees but solid. Switch to switch side, tiny bobble. Huge punch front tuck with a tiny shuffle forward. Side aerial, swings her leg through like she’s gonna connect to a split half, but does that skill on its own, wobble. Front aerial, wobble, but good fight. 1.5 dismount nearly stuck.

7:47 pm. Chrobok FX- Whip whip double tuck, solid. 2.5 to punch front, a little low but good. Double full with a couple of steps.

Vézina VT- Something with a pike, I didn’t see. Hit.

Monat UB- Giant full, Jaeger, bail to toe shoot but she doesn’t get enough push out of the toe shoot and can’t reach the high bar. TINY HUMANS!!!! I remember when Nica Hults did that at the WOGA Classic in 2011. She was literally just too small to get between the bars half the time. Full-in dismount is good though, shame about that fall, she’s a good little bar worker.

7:46 pm. Deslauriers UB- Hit routine, no big skills, layout dismount. But good.

Morin BB- Front aerial, bobble, split jump, bobble. Side aerial, switch to switch half, super solid bhs loso! Little stumble on side somi but held it. 1.5 with a small step.

Ruttan VT- Yurchenko 1.5, a couple of steps back.

7:45 pm. Standings are gonna be hard with vault because the live score app is putting up the vault averages rather than the single vault scores…just FYI.

7:42 pm. Wai BB- Front aerial to sheep jump, excellent. Side somi with her chest forward but she holds on. Solid bhs loso. Big wobble on full Y turn and she has to hop off. Great switch to split jump to back tuck. Stuck front layout full dismount.

Straker VT- FTY, good.

Paterson UB- Nice piked Jaeger, bail to toe on to toe shoot, giant full, double tuck with a step back.

Rousseau FX- Double arabian with a couple of steps forward. 1.5 to double tuck, solid but a little low on the latter. Double pike a tiny low with a couple of steps forward.

7:41 pm. St-Pierre UB- Clear hip to toe on to toe half, bail, giant full, double pike super open, solid landing.

7:40 pm. Bladon VT- Think I saw a 1.5 from her, hit the landing.

7:39 pm. Lorange BB- Side aerial, side somi, bhs loso, all good. 1.5 dismount with a hop forward.

7:38 pm. Moors FX- Nailed the Podkopayeva. Front double full to front full, a tiny stumble into the corner. Lovely leaps. 2.5 is SO low and she still punches out of it, sits front tuck. 😦

7:37 pm. Seniors After One

1. Ellie Black 13.934
2. Rose-Kaying Woo 13.634
3. Jade Chrobok 13.5

7:33 pm. Padurariu 14.075 average on vault. Black 13.934 BB, Woo 13.634 BB, Denommée 13.167 BB, Phillips 12.95 FX which is the highest there so far.

7:30 pm. Marois FX- Nice piked full-in! Great triple full, WOW.

Black BB- Double spin, little bobble. Punch front pike, little bobble. Bhs layout, solid, but a little piked. Side somi. Lovely switch to switch half! Punch front tuck with a stumble but she fights and holds it. Punch layout full.

7:27 pm. Padurariu VT- STUCK FTY! A tiny bit loose in the air if you wanna be picky but that was fabulous. Second vault, 1.5, MUCH better than night one, a little loose in the air but she’s at least nice and high, and the landing is SOLID.

Woo BB- Punch front, great. Bhs layout, pretty piked. Switch ring, back leg isn’t good. Front aerial, switch half, not connected. Double pike low with a hop.

Phillips FX- She fell twice on day one. Let’s cross our fingers for a better go tonight, I really like her. I missed the beginning. Double tuck with a stumble forward but no fall. 2.5 with a low stumble forward but again holds it. So I only really missed the first pass.

13.95 for Padurariu’s FTY!

7:25 pm. Spence VT- Solid FTY for her second vault.

Some scores…Chrobok 13.5 BB, Denommée 13.167 BB, Moors 13.034 BB, Onyshko 12.75 FX, Ruttan 12.5 FX, Olsen 11.867 BB, Rousseau 11.5 BB

7:23 pm. Spence VT- Yurchenko 1.5, a little wild on the landing.

Olsen BB- Front aerial, bhs loso loso, nice! Switch half to split jump to sissone, a little short on the first two. Switch leap, misses connection to Onodi if she was trying to connect them…and her Onodi is off-center, fall. Illusion turn, little bobble. Double pike, low with a couple of steps.

Chia FX- Double pike, a little low. Solid 1.5 to front full. 2.5, knees are a little loose, step on the landing.

7:21 pm. Allaire-Bourgie VT- Good Yurchenko layout, bounce back on the landing.

7:19 pm. Holmstrom UB- Straddle back, good work on low bar, double tuck dismount.

McLellan BB- Side aerial with a wobble. Good jumps. Off on bhs loso. Full L turn. Switch ring, wobble and fall. Ring jump, low back leg. Front layout full dismount with a hop.

Vézina FX- Good double pike. Hit middle pass. Does she only do two passes? Anyway, hit clean routine.

7:18 pm. Maybe missed a couple vaults and DiPietro’s bars set because I was upgrading TunnelBear. In the middle of beam it was like YOUR ACCOUNT IS LOW so I had to scramble to pay $10 just to watch the beam feed hahaha.

7:14 pm. Chrobok BB- Switch to switch half, good. Side aerial loso, slight bent back knee on the latter but hit it well. Front aerial to split jump. Side somi. Double pike super low.

Ruttan FX- 2.5 to punch front, good. Solid double tuck, little shuffle back. Hit the rest.

Jakab UB-Bail to toe on, toe full, good stalder work including inbar shoot to high, hit the dismount.

7:12 pm. Deslauriers VT- Yurchenko layout, clean in the air with a couple of steps back.

Gorsline UB- Clear hip to toe on to toe shoot, giant full, blind change to front giant half, double tuck dismount with a step.

7:10 pm. Straker FX- Double tuck with a big bounce back OOB. 1.5 to punch front tuck. Double pike with a bounce to finish.

Rousseau BB- Starts out with strong leaps. Front aerial. Everything after that is good, full turn, bhs loso is a little off center and she falls. Split leap, wobble, switch half, double tuck dismount low and stumbled forward.

Paterson VT- Second vault is a Yurchenko layout. Little bounce back.

7:09 pm. FLOOR IS UP!

Paterson VT- FTY, a little off-center, step to the side off the mat.

7:08 pm. Morin UB- Nice Jaeger and pak but comes off on the low bar getting lost in her rhythm. Giant full, double pike with a step.

7:05 pm. Okay, got the beam feed up thanks to TunnelBear. Still no floor though.

St-Pierre VT- Yurchenko layout with a step

Wai UB- Toe on to stalder to toe shoot, great Jaeger, giant full to blind change to front layout.

Moors BB- Punch front mount with a little step forward. Good front handspring front tuck. Full turn in her attitude. Front aerial to ring jump, back leg looks a little iffy. Side aerial with a bobble that she dances out of. Switch leap to switch half. Front handspring to front 1.5.

7:02 pm. Well, who knows how Isabela Onyshko did on floor, but she just went up. Seniors are on beam and floor but neither of those streams works.

Lorange UB- Pak, toe shoot, giant full, tucked toe front with a step. Good routine.

Skrupa VT- Second vault is a handspring front tuck with a bounce forward.

7:01 pm. Gagnon UB- Looked hit from what I saw.

Skrupa VT- FTY, chest down and a step forward.

7:00 pm. Competition is starting! Except no senior feeds are working. *shrug*

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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