2017 Brazilian Selection Results

The 2017 Brazilian Selection was held from June 22 through June 24 in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.

Senior All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Club VT UB BB FX AA
1 Carolyne Pedro CEGIN 12.700 12.550 11.550 13.100 49.900
2 Anna Reis CEGIN 12.325 10.300 11.900 11.900 46.425
3 Isabelle Cruz Flamengo 13.175 —— 12.700 11.950 37.825
4 Luisa Kirchmayer Flamego 12.225 12.000 11.550 0.699 36.474
5 Gleyce Rodrigues SERC —— 13.150 10.350 11.600 35.100
6 Milleny Souza Flamengo —— 10.050 11.300 12.200 33.550
7 Flavia Saraiva Flamengo —— —— 14.000 13.850 27.850
8 Amanda Lima São Bernardo 10.925 11.650 —— —— 22.575
9 Vitoria Custodio CEGIN —— 10.300 10.650 —— 20.950
10 Maria Franca SERC —— —— 10.150 10.700 20.850
11 Daniele Hypolito São Bernardo —— —— 12.450 —— 12.450

Junior All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Club VT UB BB FX AA
1 Laura Rocha São Bernardo 12.750 11.800 11.750 12.200 48.500
2 Luiza Silva SERC 13.450 10.350 10.500 11.800 46.100
3 Sofia Moraes SERC 11.500 9.250 11.900 11.150 43.800
4 Beatriz Silva SERC 11.850 9.050 10.500 11.650 43.050
5 Julia Lopes São Bernardo 12.450 8.950 10.850 10.650 42.900
6 Milena Silva Hortolandia 11.900 8.000 11.100 11.550 42.550
7 Bianca Tavares Fluminense 11.200 10.050 10.500 10.400 42.150
8 Ana Alves Hortolandia 12.050 7.400 11.250 10.900 41.600
9 Maria Neves Fluminense 10.900 9.450 8.650 10.600 39.600

17 thoughts on “2017 Brazilian Selection Results

    • She probably did a turn or a leap. She might’ve tumbled and bailed on a double tuck or something and just done a single back tuck then stopped the routine.


  1. Results from the 2017 Brazilian Selection, held from July 22 through July 24 in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.

    I was so happy with the subtitle, almost on holidays! But no, it’s still June…:/


  2. Friends, Thais and other girls are OK. They were spared only to perform at the Brazilian Nationals Championships in August, which happens a week before the Pan American (Flavia and Carolyne in).

    Jade Barbosa is competing in Brazilian Dancing With Stars and Rebeca Andrade is injured. Other girls like Lorrane Oliveira, Lorenna Rocha, Milena Theodoro are expected to compete in the BRA Nationals Championships.

    Meanwhile, Anna Julia Reis (5.400), a newcomer, performs Whip + Arabian Double Tuck and Tsukahara + tucked back flip in the floor exercise. Gleyce Rodrigues (5.500) does Double Layout, Arabian Double Tuck, Tucked Tsukahara and Double Pike, with a 1/1 Leap Switch and a double L turn. Amanda Paulino (5.200), Luisa Kirshmayer (5.500) and Gleyce Rodrigues (5.100) have good series on the uneven bars.

    Carolyne Pedro changed the floor exercise, the song is similar to that of Eythora Thorsdottir, in addition it made upgrades in the series of uneven bars.

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  3. Thais Fidelis e Rebeca Andrade estão sendo poupadas para o Campeonato e Brasileiro onde devem apresentaras séries para o Mundial. Lá serão escolhidas as 12 ginastas componentes da seleção durante um ano. Dentre essas serão convocadas 4 para o Mundial de Montreal. Cabe ressaltar que Flávia Saraiva apresentou um tempo+ tsukahara grupado no solo no aquecimento dessa seletiva. Certas para o Mundial já estão provavelmente Andrade, Saraiva e Fidelis, resta a quarta vaga que provavelmente ficará entre Lorrane Oliveira e Jade Barbosa. Vale ressaltar que, essa seletiva trouxe ao Brasil uma grande surpresa, pois a ginasta Gleyse Rodrigues apresentou séries fortes em todos aparelhos, além de saltar um forte DTY. Parece que finalmente o Brasil caminha para uma grande ascendência ao topo das grandes equipes. Próximo Mundial já deve brigar por medalhas por equipes contra Rússia, Grã-Brethânia, China e Japão, que estão em niveis semelhantes.


  4. Better to comment in English!
    Thais Fidelis and Rebeca Andrade are being spared for the Championship and Brazilian where they must present series for the World Cup. There will be chosen the 12 gymnasts components of the selection during one year. Among these will be called 4 for the World-wide of Montreal. It should be noted that Flávia Saraiva presented a + tsukahara time grouped on the ground in the warming of this selective. Certain to the World Cup are probably Andrade, Saraiva and Fidelis, the fourth place is left that will probably be between Lorrane Oliveira and Jade Barbosa. It is worth mentioning that, this selective brought to Brazil a great surprise, since the gymnast Gleyse Rodrigues presented strong series in all devices, in addition to jumping a strong DTY. It seems that Brazil finally walks to a great ascendancy to the top of the great teams. The next World Cup should already fight for medals by teams against Russia, Great Britain, China and Japan, that are in similar levels.

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    • Andrade is injuried since Koper and only doing partial training, so shes not gonna be 100% on nationals in August. So i think that she will not present series for Worlds already in August.


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