The U.S. Championships Junior Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the day one junior session at the 2017 U.S. Championships, held in Anaheim, California. We’re not live at the competition this time, but many people have asked us to blog what we see in the stream and in videos, so here we are! The most recent updates will appear at the top, and you can refresh your browser every few minutes to see what’s happening.

6:17 pm. Leaders After Day 1

1. Maile O’Keefe, Salcianu Elite, 57.200
2. Emma Malabuyo, Texas Dreams, 57.050
3. Kara Eaker, GAGE, 55.500
4. Leanne Wong, GAGE, 54.700
5. Adeline Kenlin, Iowa Gym Nest, 54.050
6. Olivia Dunne, ENA Paramus, 53.750
7. Audrey Davis, WOGA, 53.550
8. Jay Jay Marshall, TIGAR, 53.350
9. Annie Beard, Texas Dreams, 52.800
— Sunisa Lee, Midwest, 52.800
11. Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s, 52.700
12. Grace McCallum, Twin City Twisters, 52.400
— JaFree Scott, GAGE, 52.400
14. Lauren Little, Everest, 52.250
15. Selena Harris, Gymcats, 51.450
16. Jordan Bowers, Solid Rock, 51.150
— Madeleine Johnston, Hill’s, 51.150
18. Deiah-Marie Moody, WOGA, 51.000
19. Lillian Lippeatt, Cincinnati, 50.950
20. Sienna Robinson, Browns, 50.850
21. Abigail Scanlon, Capital, 50.800
22. Ciena Alipio, West Valley, 50.700
23. Love Birt, First State, 50.600
— Hannah Hagle, Texas East, 50.600
25. Olivia Hollingsworth, Stars Houston, 50.550
26. Addison Fatta, Prestige, 50.500
27. Sydney Barros, Texas Dreams, 50.300
28. Victoria Smirnov, Shooting Stars, 49.750
29. Kayla DiCello, Hills, 49.650
30. Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite, 13.100

6:15 pm. Pilgrim FX- 1.5 through to double arabian, good! Double pike with a bounce. Double tuck with a bounce.


6:12 pm. McCallum FX- A little short on her triple full.

6:10 pm. Lippeatt BB- Side split jump half, solid bhs loso loso, double pike a little low.

Dunne 53.750, Marshall 53.350, Beard 52.800, Lee 52.800, Scott 52.400, Little 52.250, Robinson 50.850, Scanlon 50.00

6:09 pm. And Maile O’Keefe does it! 14.500 to lead after day one with a 57.200! All three gymnasts to break a 57 so far this year have been U.S. juniors.

6:05 pm. O’Keefe BB- She needs a 14.3 here to break 57 which she can totally do if she hits. Side aerial loso, solid, switch ring, switch half looked a little short, and was slow to connect into the ring jump. Slight adjustment on her layout series. Full turn, double pike with a hop! It’ll be close but she had some mistakes.

5:58 pm. Moody UB- Punch front mount. Bhs loso loso, solid, but her chest position looked weird throughout. Switch to tour jete half, grabs the beam. Punch front with a wobble. Double full dismount.

Lee FX- Big double double with a low chest. Kind of fell out of her wolf turn. Double tuck.

Adeline Kenlin goes 54.050 even with the bars fall and beam errors! 13.95 on beam, so definitely not her best. Johnston 51.150, Birt 50.600

5:55 pm. Kenlin BB- Side aerial loso, knees are a little bent. Switch to switch half, little adjustment, back tuck. Not connected. Side split half with a big wobble. Front aerial to split jump to sissone. Layout series is good. Full L turn. Solid but low double pike.

Birt UB- Stalder to toe shoot, clean double layout with a big hop back.

Fatta 50.500

5:53 pm. Beard UB- Short on handstand before her bail, clear hip to stalder to toe shoot, legs apart in her giant full, good dismount. Not bad.

Bowers 51.150, Hollingsworth 50.550

Leanne Wong had a gorgeous DTY with a hop back for a 14.65, AA is 54.700. THESE GAGE GIRLS, MAN. #GAGERENAISSANCE

5:52 pm. Davis 53.550, Harris 51.450, Hagle 50.600

5:51 pm. Bowers UB- Toe full to Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen, her handstands are breathtaking, blind change to super close piked Jaeger, straddle Jaeger, stuck full-out!

14.1 for Malabuyo gets her to a 57.050!!!! Second gymnast this year to break 57.

13.7 for Eaker’s FTY, and she has a 55.500 AA. Just amazing.


Alipio 50.700

5:48 pm. Malabuyo UB- nbar half to Endo half to Chow to pak, nice. She needs a 14.05 to get a 57. Chow half, stalder full nearly goes over but she fights for it and even gets it into the Tkachev, full-in with a small hop.

5:44 pm. Leading After Rotation 3

1. Emma Malabuyo 42.950
2. Maile O’Keefe 42.700
3. Kara Eaker 41.800
4. Annie Beard 41.250
5. Olivia Dunne 40.800
6. Adeline Kenlin 40.100
7. Leanne Wong 40.050
8. Audrey Davis 39.850

5:39 pm. Robinson BB- Layout series is great. Hit her leap series, full Y turn, front aerial to ring jump, punch front to jump series, straddle is a little short. 2.5 with a hop.

O’Keefe UB- Chow to pak to toe on to Maloney to Ricna, nice. Hop change to piked Jaeger, stalder full right on the bar, double arabian with a hop. GORGEOUS!

5:38 pm. Perea UB- Komova II to Ricna, fell. Ugh, that would’ve been an amazing combo!! Van Leeuwen, gorgeous handstand before inbar half to piked Jaeger, double layout low with a step. 13.1

5:35 pm. Wong FX- Double arabian to stag, gorgeous. Beautiful triple full. GAGE IS FREAAAAKING KILLING IT. Double tuck with a hop. Switch ring to tour jete half. Double L turn to full pirouette. Stuck double full. INSANE.

Marshall still got a 13.05 on FX even with her hands down on the last pass!

5:34 pm. Birt VT- Lovely FTY.


Eaker 13.45 FX, Beard 14.4 VT, Pilgrim 13.3 BB

5:32 pm. Beard VT- Nice DTY! For some reason I thought she only had a full.

Johnston BB- Fell on something right before they cut to her. Then they were like “bye!” Ended with a double tuck.

Kenlin UB- Omg, let go way too early for her double front and barely rotated the second flip around, did it right to her back.

5:28 pm. McCallum BB- Straddle jump full, side aerial loso, punch front tuck, nice! Front aerial, double tuck. Not bad!

5:26 pm. Eaker FX- I’m still not emotionally over her beam. If this kid pulls out a medal this weekend I’ll die. Double pike with a small hop. Front layout to front double full. Gorgeous triple full! Clean and perfect double full. GODDESS.

5:23 pm. Alipio FX- Hands down on her double pike. Good 1.5 to front full. 2.5 to finish.

Davis 13.3 UB, Pilgrim 13.3 BB, McCallum 12.9 BB

5:22 pm. Hagle BB- Hit beginning, bhs loso is great, big bobble on her switch half which landed practically sideways, punch front with a little adjustment, double full a little wonky.

5:19 pm. Marshall FX- Here we gooooo! Full-twisting double layout looked much better than it did at classics! HUUUUGE Dos Santos, so freaking open. It’s literally a layout. Omg this choreo bit right after is lovely. Tucked full-in. Finishes with a 1.5 through to triple, messy in the air, super short, tries to pull it around anyway and ends up putting her hands down.

Davis UB- Toe-on to late toe full, Maloney to pak, toe shoot, stalder, blind change to piked Jaeger, super cowboyed double front.

5:17 pm. Malabuyo VT- DTY, beautiful!!! Just a little step on the landing.

Lippeatt UB- Fell right before her pak. Stalder to toe on to toe shoot, full-out with a tiny hop.

Little 14.3 VT, Malabuyo 14.5 VT

5:15 pm. Scott FX- I missed the beginning again. I hate my life! What I saw was good, from the tucked full-in. Big double arabian! Oh, maybe I didn’t miss any tumbling. Double tuck with a little hop. Cool leap series, a ring leap into…a switch side half maybe, I couldn’t really see. Hit the last pass.

5:12 pm. Leading After Rotation 2

1. Maile O’Keefe 28.500
2. Emma Malabuyo 28.450
3. Kara Eaker 28.350
4. Adeline Kenlin 27.350
— Olivia Dunne 27.350
6. Madeleine Johnston 27.050
7. Annie Beard 26.850
8. Audrey Davis 26.850

5:10 pm. Lee UB- Maloney to Gienger, stalder half to layout Jaeger (a little piked), muscled last handstand, full-in. Must have fallen at the beginning after her Nabieva to pak because it showed her mounting for the Maloney…so their replay wasn’t actually a full replay, just a replay without the fall.

5:07 pm. Beard FX- Popa, tucked full-in with a hop, double tuck, 2.5 to punch front, got a little stuck in her wolf turn and kind of had to scootch it around, 2.5 is good.

Eaker 14.85 BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:02 pm. Kenlin VT- DTY, a little low and not as powerful as some of the others but not bad.

Eaker BB- Full Y turn, split leap to side somi, front aerial to ring jump like it’s NOTHING, SHE’S SO FREAKING GOOD. Side aerial loso loso is INSANE. I’m dying. Omg her little finger wave thing in her low beam choreo. Switch ring, back foot could be a little better. Switch to switch side. 2.5 with a hop.

Malabuyo 14.25 FX, Kenlin 13.95 VT

5:00 pm. Malabuyo FX- Beauuuuutiful double layout! front double full to punch front tuck to stag. Excellent tucked full-in! Oh gosh she is fab. Triple wolf turn. Nearly stuck double pike. She’s perf.

Davis VT 14.0

4:56 pm. Sydney Barros had a crazy huge stumble off the floor mat in her routine! It’s the mid-rotation break now so I’m hoping my hotel wifi will let me catch up a bit lol. It was getting mad before! I loved Jordyn Wieber literally quoting this site word for word, though.

4:50 pm. Little FX- Double arabian, 1.5 through to triple, 2.5 tried to go into a jump but totally didn’t. Hit last pass. Jordyn just 1000000% quoted word for word from my junior guide about her LOL.

Marshall BB- I missed all of this in detail because my blog wouldn’t refresh…but everything I saw was good, just little things here and there. Double tuck stumbled back a bit.

4:49 pm. Scott BB- Standing arabian and then a Y turn! Yas. Hit some stuff after that which I missed. Good amplitude on her jump series, wobble on her side aerial but a great fight, stuck the double tuck cooooold.

Dunne FX 13.65! McCallum UB 11.7

4:48 pm. McCallum UB- I missed the beginning but she fell on her Tkachev, which had super weird rotation. Pak with leg sep, toe shoot, short handstand before giant full, and hit her full with a hop.

4:46 pm. Dunne FX- Beautiful double L turn to double pirouette. Nice big double layout! Piked full-in landed right on the line. Front tuck through to double tuck with a tiny little bobble, switch ring to switch half, good double pike with a hop back.

Lippeatt 13.1 VT, Moody 13.5 VT

4:44 pm. O’Keefe VT- DTY looked a little weird and slow…legs could be a bit tighter, too. 14.6 seems high in comparison to McCallum?

DiCello UB- Toe full is a little bit late, archy handstand before Maloney to pak, stalder to clear hip to Ray, toe half to piked Jaeger, super bent arms as she goes to catch and she falls. Full-out with a hop.

Wong 13.25 BB, Birt 12.6 FX, Robinson 12.75 UB

4:41 pm. Wong BB- Switch to straddle jump, bhs loso loso, superb. Full L turn to full pirouette, nice. Front aerial to split jump. Side aerial, side somi, double full, good work.

4:38 pm. Leading After Rotation 1

1. Grace McCallum 14.600
2. Madeleine Johnston 14.550
3. Anya Pilgrim 14.200
— Emma Malabuyo 14.200
5. Maile O’Keefe 13.900
6. Olivia Dunne 13.700
7. Kara Eaker 13.500
— Annie Beard 13.500

Only a 12.55 for Audrey Davis on floor.

4:35 pm. Malabuyo BB- Double wolf turn, bhs loso loso is solid, punch front tuck to straddle jump to split jump, with the last jump maybe a little short but it could just be this angle. Huge arabian with a step forward. Side straddle half, front aerial to ring jump, she is killing it. Switch ring is sooo short though, oof. Looked tentative in the skill and on the landing. Double pike is solid.

Lippeatt 13.15 FX, Scott 12.75 UB

4:34 pm. Alipio UB- Toe on to Maloney to bail to stalder to toe shoot, arched over a handstand on the high bar but held onto it, blind change to lovely piked Jaeger, double tuck a little deep but solid.

4:32 pm. Lippeatt FX- Piked full-in with a small step, 1.5 through to double tuck with her chest a bit down, switch ring to tour jete half, 1.5 to front tuck basically looks like a MAG side pass omg, she literally used like 15 feet maybe. Big switch half before her last pass. Double pike is solid.

Pilgrim VT 14.2

4:30 pm. Marshall UB- Maloney to pak, a little wonky in her body position, toe full is late, with ankle separation, toe on to toe shoot, good Jaeger, huge Tkachev right after it, a little piked in her giants before her full-in dismount with a step. Some iffy form moments that’ll get hacked to death but overall a solid effort.

4:28 pm. McCallum VT- Really nice DTY!

Scott UB- Maloney to pak, toe shoot, toe half to Jaeger, double layout a little low with a step forward.

Pilgrim VT- DTY with a step back, legs are a little wild at the very end but it’s very powerful.

O’Keefe 13.9 FX, McCallum 14.6

4:22 pm. Dunne BB- Lovely mount, full turn, god her leo is gorgeous. Bhs loso loso with a big bobble but a good fight. Front aerial to jump series, side aerial, switch to switch half with a tiny bobble. Switch ring, ring jump, sideways jump half, double pike is great.

O’Keefe FX- Double arabian to stag, nice. Right in the corner. 1.5 through to 2.5 with a little stumble forward that she turns into an arabesque. Double tuck with a hop back. Switch ring to switch half. Double pike, small bounce back. Great work.

Dunne BB 13.7

4:19 pm. Moody FX- Whip whip to 2.5 with a little step forward. Solid double pike. 1.5 to front layout. Double full with a bounce in place but not bad.

Birt BB 13.4! YAS.

4:17 pm. Birt BB- Wolf turn. Front aerial into a jump into a back pike, nice. Great bhs loso loso. Side aerial. Good jump series. Switch ring, back foot is a little flexed and she has a little bobble. Double pike is GREAT.

Beard BB 13.5! DiCello VT 13.25, Wong UB 12.95

4:15 pm. Kenlin FX- Podkopayeva! YAS. Front double full to punch front to stag, 1.5 to front full with a small hop, double tuck with a little bounce back and her chest slightly down. Pretty solid!

Robinson VT 13.1, Hollingsworth FX 12.8, Harris UB 12.7

4:13 pm. Harris UB- Giant full to low Tkachev, arched over handstand before bail to toe on to toe shoot, blind change to Markelov! Yas. Double tuck with a small step back.

Eaker UB 13.5, Lee VT 13.3, Bowers BB 11.15

4:12 pm. Lee VT- She told me at classics she had a double, so let’s see if she does it here! Nope, just the full, clean with a step back

Johnston VT 14.55

4:10 pm. Eaker UB- Toe full, Maloney to pak, very clean but maybe a little close on the pak, clean van Leeuwen, toe half to Jaeger, nice, super straight double layout! Very nice routine.

4:06 pm. I’m going to stick to the main stream but then jump to uploaded videos when I see stuff with particularly good scores.

Sunisa Lee and Grace McCallum start on vault, GAGE and Jay Jay are on bars, Texas Dreams is on beam with Olivia Dunne, and Adeline Kenlin, Gabby Perea, Maile O’Keefe, and Audrey Davis are on floor (though I’m pretty sure Gabby will only compete bars today…and maybe beam?)

4:02 pm. March-in now! Anyway, sorry about not getting a preview up, but I had a hellacious travel day yesterday and zero time to do it. I then spent all morning at the amazing Dynamo Gymnastics in Cambridge, Ontario, which is just the best facility with the most hilarious and amazing coach and team dynamic. I can’t wait to give y’all the footage and everything we’re doing.

Preview aside, I think it’s pretty obvious that this meet will be between Emma Malabuyo and Maile O’Keefe. And I hope both hit and have amazing days so it can be a super close podium!

3:58 pm. Only a few minutes to go! Hoping everything works for me stream-wise… *prayer hands*

Article by Lauren Hopkins


25 thoughts on “The U.S. Championships Junior Day 1 Live Blog

  1. Markelov! That’s what that release was for Harris!

    (It’s things like this that make me appreciate these live blogs because I suck at identifying skills sometimes.)


  2. Hmmm. I just realized Madelyn Williams isn’t on the roster. I know Shilese Jones was injured, but not sure what happened to Madelyn


      • Exactly. They are both exeptional athletes and far arhead skill and difficulty wise of their competition but Malabuyo had not a single mistake or hop too much unlike O’Keefe. I’d dislike to see gifts make the decision about the win because between them it’s so so close.


        • Could not agree more. Both are incredibly talented and it’s always going to be close between them, but it’s clear who had the better day today.


    • I found Maile to be gifted on vault but not so much on the others events. People seems to forget that the D-score also count and Maile upgraded her routines a lot this year (beam and bars the most). It totally plays in the difference between the two and that’s probably why she’s in first place (for only 0,15…).

      Anyway, none of these two gymnasts say that they want to win the championships on ITW (but they say they will be happy with it, of course ^^). They clearly want to be on the national team and make worlds next year.
      People get mad at Maile, I saw quite a few bad comments about her. I feel bad for Emma and Maile, they’re friends since TOPs…The grown up adult need to chill out a little bit.


  3. Random question here: I know I recognize Jordan Bowers’s floor music from another routine and it’s driving me CRAZY– anyone know who it was?


  4. Kara Eaker surprised me today. She has not been my radar on the juniors because it has always been Emma, Maile or Gabby people talked about. But fell in love with Kara’s floor and beam. So much room for improvement too.


  5. This Malabuyo-Okeef showdown for *junior national champion* is shaping up to be the hottest aa competition of the year. TWO athletes at the 57 level, hitting world class routines, neck in neck. Mark my words, this is more exciting and a higher level than the race for the Worlds AA title will be.


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