The U.S. Championships Junior Day 2 Retroactive Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the day two junior session at the 2017 U.S. Championships, held in Anaheim, California. We missed this competition as it happened a week ago, but many people have asked us for commentary on this meet to help get to know the newer juniors, so here we are! The most recent updates will appear at the top, and you can refresh your browser every few minutes to see what’s happening.


1. Maile O’Keefe, Salcianu Elite, 114.450
2. Emma Malabuyo, Texas Dreams, 112.450
3. Kara Eaker, GAGE, 111.250
4. Adeline Kenlin, Iowa GymNest, 109.750
5. Leanne Wong, GAGE, 108.250
6. Audrey Davis, WOGA, 107.850
7. Jay Jay Marshall, TIGAR, 107.150
8. Sunisa Lee, Midwest, 107.100
9. Olivia Dunne, ENA Paramus, 106.750
10. Annie Beard, Texas Dreams, 105.900
11. Grace McCallum, Twin City Twisters, 105.500
12. Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s, 105.100
13. JaFree Scott, GAGE, 104.500
— Jordan Bowers, Solid Rock, 104.500
15. Lilly Lippeatt, Cincinnati, 103.250
16. Lauren Little, Everest, 102.700
17. Selena Harris, Gymcats, 102.300
18. Sienna Robinson, Browns, 102.000
19. Deiah-Marie Moody, WOGA, 101.700
— Olivia Hollingsworth, Stars Houston, 101.700
21. Ciena Alipio, West Valley, 101.450
22. Victoria Smirnov, Shooting Stars, 101.350
23. Sydney Barros, Texas Dreams, 100.750
24. Hannah Hagle, Texas East, 100.700
— Abigail Scanlon, Capital, 100.700
26. Kayla DiCello, Hill’s, 100.600
27. Love Birt, First State, 99.900
28. Addison Fatta, Prestige, 99.450
29. Madeleine Johnston, Hill’s, 77.550
30. Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite, 27.650

8:07 pm. WELL THAT’LL DO IT! So happy I got to watch this a week later. In case you didn’t know, Maile O’Keefe won by a full two points with a 114.450, a score that would’ve put her second in the senior division by an even bigger margin. Emma Malabuyo hit a 112.45 with a fall, and even with that fall, she would’ve been third in the senior division if scores were combined. Finally, my child Kara Eaker was third with a 111.250, Adeline Kenlin was fourth with a 109.750, my other child Leanne Wong was fifth with a 108.250, and Audrey Davis was sixth with a 107.850, with these six making the junior national team.

Thanks for going on this wild ride with me!

8:05 pm. Robinson UB: Okay so she bashed her face on the high bar in warmups when catching her release, was sobbing, had to go see the trainers, was cleared to finish up her meet…and so as the last one up with no one else going, the crowd is REALLY going nuts for her throughout this entire routine. She looks like she’s gonna cry before she starts. Toe on to blind change to big Jaeger, crazy applause, arched handstand before pak (flexed feet), toe shoot, great handstands, giant full to full-in and the crowd goes nuts. She’s like yayyy I didn’t bust my face! 12.6

8:01 pm. Beard FX: I love her tiny little ponytail, IT’S SO BOUNCY. Big Popa to start before her tucked full-in, chest down but good feet positioning. Open double tuck with a small bounce. Omg, this is freaking fabulous, I love it, and I’ve seen it before but I’m always like YAS. Switch ring to switch full. 1.5 to loooovely punch front. Double wolf turn. 2.5 with a little scoot forward. LOVE HER. 13.45

8:00 pm. McCallum UB: Hop change to Weiler half to stalder to Chow to Tkachev, excellent. Pak with leg separation, toe shoot, short handstand before her giant full, full-in stuck! 12.9

7:58 pm. Wong BB: Someone’s super dramatic music in the background. Switch leap to straddle jump, bhs loso loso is solid, full L turn, front aerial, side aerial, side somi, tiny bobble, the background music is no joke THE BEST music for this routine. Double full with a hop back. Lovely. 13.95

7:57 pm. Kenlin VT: DTY, gets good distance but not a ton of height, a little short on the landing with a hop forward. 14.25

7:54 pm. Dunne FX: Double L turn to double pirouette, nice. Big stuck double layout! Piked full-in, chest a little low but again, she sticks it. Double wolf turn gets a tiny bit wobbly, front tuck through to double tuck, UGH WHY, skids it forward, but just like with her double pike on beam, she instantly jerks her hands up and back so she doesn’t touch the floor and she’s able to pull herself up. That would suck if she jerked her hands back but then kept falling forward to land on her face but if she’s THAT good and quick at pulling back her her “uh oh I’m too far forward” cover-up to stop falls, I’d say it’s probably not an issue. Lovely switch ring to switch half. Stuck double pike. UGHHH I’m so mad that this would’ve been an incredible routine without that third pass. 13.0

7:53 pm. O’Keefe VT: DTY, huge and lovely, big bounce back though. 14.7

7:49 pm. Little FX: Double arabian with a step to the side. I can’t get over how amazing this leo looks on her. Triple full is a little short. Switch leap to switch full. 2.5 to stag is also a little underrotated but the stag helps cover that up. Tour jeté half, split jump full. Double tuck a little short with a step forward. 12.2

7:47 pm. Scott BB: Standing arabian, super high, wobble on the landing. Bhs loso with a bobble that she fights to control. Scorpion hold before her full Y turn, standing front tuck, switch side, sissone to wolf jump, side aerial, double tuck with a little bounce. 13.25

7:45 pm. Barros FX: Double pike with a little bounce. Double L turn. 2.5 with a big lunge forward. Switch ring position is awkward in the air, into a solid tour jeté half. Front tuck through to double full with a big hop back. Split full. Stuck double tuck. 12.8

7:43 pm. Marshall BB: Onodi, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, bhs bhs layout a little messy and piked, big bobble with her leg up. Full turn, huge side straddle half, side split half also has great amplitude. Punch front with a wobble, split ring jump with a wobble. Double tuck with a big step back. 13.5

7:41 pm. Malabuyo FX: Double layout is great. Front double full to front tuck to stag, a little off-line. Switch ring to tour jeté full. Tucked full-in with a bounce. A tiny bit shaky at the end of her double wolf turn. A little short on her switch half. Double pike with a small bounce, good chest position! 13.8

7:40 pm. Lippeatt VT: FTY, a little piked, hop back. 13.1

7:39 pm. Lee UB: Nabieva to pak, leg separation, Maloney (leg sep) to Gienger (leg sep), stalder half to layout Jaeger which is actually pretty piked, toe full is crooked and has a pause, full-in dismount with a hop. 13.9

7:38 pm. Davis VT: DTY, huuuge leg separation on her blog, practically a V. Cleans it up as she twists though, and she basically sticks. 14.5

7:36 pm. Eaker BB: Omg omg omg omg omg I CAN’T WAIT. Switch leap mount, full Y turn, split leap to side somi, GAH YES. Front aerial to split ring jump, perfect side aerial loso loso, some super Swan Lake kind of choreo where she bends over her legs in a swam position, switch ring, switch to HUGE switch side, MY CHIIIILD. A regal arm wave, and a basically stuck 2.5, SHE IS A GODDESS. 15.15

7:35 pm. THREE ROTATIONS ARE DONE! Going into the fourth and final now.

7:33 pm. Dunne BB: She’s so underrated. Full turn, bhs loso loso is solid, just a little slide back. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Side aerial with a slight hip check. Switch to switch half, switch ring, split ring jump, side split half doesn’t get a ton of amplitude and prob got some heavy E deductions, double pike, UGH NO, super short and she stumbles it forward but like, kind of pulls her arms up so she doesn’t have to touch the mat. 13.4

7:31 pm. O’Keefe FX: Double arabian to stag is excellent. Big tour jeté half, 1.5 through to 2.5 into her arabesque, double wolf turn, stuck double tuck but her chest is down. Switch ring to switch half. Double pike with a little bounce back. 14.05

7:30 pm. Marshall UB: Maloney to pak, such an aggressive swing, toe full is a mess and finishes basically horizontal, toe on to Ray, blind change to big straddle Jaeger, position isn’t great and she’s pretty close to the bar, big Tkachev between the bars, full-in with messy legs and a step. 12.2

7:26 pm. Little BB: OMG she looks like she is made out of sparkles, this leo looks IN. CRED. I. BILE. on her. Side split half, one of the nicer ones, punch front tuck with a step, full turn, bhs loso is solid, front aerial, side aerial, switch to switch half, legs on both are awkward, split jump to straddle jump is much better. 2.5 with a lunge forward. 12.45

7:24 pm. Scott UB: Toe full a little late, short handstand before Komova II to pak, huuuge air on the pak! Toe shoot, toe half to straddle Jaeger, double layout with a tiny hop. 13.05

McCallum VT: DTY with a step back. Nice in the air. 14.55

7:21 pm. Lippeatt FX: Piked full-in, a little short with a hop back. She’s such a great little performer. 1.5 through to double tuck stuck right at the line. Nice switch ring to tour jeté half, 2.5 to front tuck, a little shaky, so fast in her turns, switch half, OMG this choreo and her performance of it. SASS MONSTER. Double pike with a little bounce. 13.35

7:19 pm. Beard BB: Hit her wolf turn, punch front tuck is solid, bhs loso with slightly bent knees, cute little choreo, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, side straddle half with a big bobble and not a ton of amplitude, switch leap, side aerial, 2.5 with a bounce. 13.7

7:17 pm. Davis FX: Piked full-in is great, solid landing. Double tuck with a bounce back. Switch ring, back leg isn’t great, to tour jeté half, good. 1.5 to front layout, not bad, just simple. Double L turn runs right into a hitch kick before her switch full, love that she made that whole thing into a combo! A worthless combo but still a cool one to watch. 2.5, not the best leg form, hop. 13.0

7:15 pm. Malabuyo BB: Ugh I already know she’s gonna fall but part of me is like CAN YOU HIT IT ANYWAY??? I don’t know where she fell so that’ll be a surprise. Double wolf turn is solid, bhs loso loso with a HUGE break, bends her chest down to save it. Punch front to straddle jump to split jump, little bobble on the arabian, literally landed it on one foot. Side straddle half, front aerial to split ring jump, switch ring, back leg isn’t the greatest. Double pike, stumbled back and sat, UGHHHH. Seriously right before the dismount I was like omg does she not fall?! Did we make that up?! UGH. 13.05

7:14 pm. Alipio UB: Stalder full to toe on to Maloney to bail to stalder to toe shoot, nice! Great handstand before her blind change to piked Jaeger, stuck double tuck. 12.95

7:11 pm. Bowers BB: Fell on her wolf turn to start off the routine, didn’t come off the beam though. Solid bhs loso, I love all of the juniors who wore black like badasses, punch front to split jump to stag jump, front aerial into a leap series, switch ring, double tuck, chest down but doesn’t really hop or anything. 12.45

7:10 pm. Eaker UB: Toe full a tiny bit late, short handstand before Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen with slight ankle separation, toe half to big straddle Jaeger, seriously don’t know how she caught that, she was SO far away, super straight double layout with a small bounce. 13.2

7:07 pm. Kenlin FX: Double L turn, Podkopayeva with a little bounce in place, YES. Front double full to punch front to stag. Some cute choreo in there. Tour jeté half. Love her choreo that gets her low to the floor, lots of unique moments. 1.5 to front full with a hop. Switch ring to ring leap. Double tuck with a big bounce back. 13.35

7:06 pm. Lee VT: FTY, big and clean with a step back. 13.55

7:05 pm. Robinson VT: FTY, almost no block, she’s so wee, but still gets it around, piked a little with a hop. 13.05

7:04 pm. Wong UB: Maloney to pak, toe shoot, goes for toe full I think but bends her legs in the middle and has a major break, omg, she’s fighting through this LOL, she does literally 500 pirouettes to get her rhythm back. Finally dismounts with a double layout, low with a step. 11.1

7:03 pm. THAT’S ROTATION TWO! Who’s leading?! We have no way of knowing who is going to win!!! IT WILL BE A SURPRISE FOR SURE.

7:01 pm. Lippeatt BB: Side split half, full turn, bhs loso loso with some feet issues but not bad, solid, front aerial, wobble, missed connection to switch side to straddle jump, a little short on her amplitude with both. Split jump full. Side aerial to switch leap to split jump, that was nice! Double pike, chest down and a step back. 13.1

6:59 pm. Marshall VT: Big DTY, mostly clean, not the greatest we’ve seen though. 14.5

Barros UB: Late on her toe full, Maloney to stalder to pak, flexed feet. Archy handstand before van Leeuwen, some leg separation. Toe half to piked Jaeger, flexed feet and then she bends her knees on the catch, may have actually hit her feet on the bar? Double pike with a hop back. 11.35

6:55 pm. Davis BB: Jordyn just said “she comes from WOGA where they breed their top athletes” JORDYN NO I DON’T THINK YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE SAYING. Are they horses? Suuuuuper slooooow double wolf turn. Switch ring with the jaaankiest back leg and flexed foot. Bhs loso is solid, side aerial, Onodi with a wobble, misses connection to split jump, floppy legs. Switch to switch half, not  lot of amplitude. I don’t know how her leaps lack extension when her lines on bars are great?! Front aerial to split ring jump, again, legs are a MESS, on both of those. 2.5 with a hop sideways. 13.3

6:53 pm. The Twin City Twisters coach was like, stink eyeing Sunisa SO HARD as she came off the floor LOL. Probably just a case of RBF (I also have that) but it looked like she was so mad at her. Bless.

Malabuyo UB: Short handstand before inbar half to Endo half to Chow to pak (leg sep), Chow half (leg sep), stalder full to low Tkachev, short full-in with a lunge forward. 13.85

6:50 pm. Did they just show like, part of the Japanese national team in the stands? Maybe they’re like, training at Emma Otsu’s gym or something and visiting?

Eaker VT: FTY, clean, beautiful, hop on the landing. 13.7

Lee FX: Double L turn, double double, chest is a little short but her feet are planted. Double layout, knees are super bent on the landing. Memmel is a little wonky as she rotates it. Switch ring to tour jeté half. 1.5 to front full with a little hop back. Triple wolf turn, not terrible, double wolf turn, blah. Double tuck, chest down, hop back. 13.15

6:48 pm. Beard UB: Bail to toe on to clear hip to stalder to toe shoot, blind change to front giant, full-out stuck. Just some leg form issues throughout that, but not bad! 11.65

6:46 pm. Robinson FX: Ooooh, love love love, let’s do thissss. Double pike with a little bounce forward. Love her little hop full pirouette into a cartwheel, so cute. Switch to switch half, Memmel turn is a little shaky, double tuck with a bounce back. Love the little nod of her chin on one of her bits of arm choreo. 2.5 to punch front, good. Double full with a hop back. 12.75

6:44 pm. Kenlin BB: Another routine I’ve been waaaaiting to watch! I’ve been so patient this week. Side aerial loso with a little bit of weirdness in her leg form, maybe a little flexed feet? Switch to switch half to back tuck is solid and fluid, side split half, not bad, front aerial to split jump to sissone, bhs bhs layout is so solid, full L turn, double pike with two big steps back to control it. 14.55

6:41 pm. DiCello FX: Big double pike with a good landing. 1.5 through to 2.5 with a little bobble. Switch ring to tour jeté. Front full with a hop forward. Triple wolf turn with a slightly bent knee, and then she does a double wolf turn after that, getting in those high level dance skills I guess. Split full. Double tuck with a bounce. 13.0

6:40 pm. O’Keefe BB: Side aerial loso loso, yesss, got that full series! No problems. Switch ring with a straight back leg, switch half with flexed feet into a split ring jump, again, the back leg isn’t there. Solid bhs bhs layout. Full pirouette, front aerial to split jump to sissone, double pike, chest a bit low with a bounce. 14.45

6:38 pm. McCallum FX: Feeling this Greek music. Tucked full-in with a big step back. Front layout to front double full, little pause going up into the stag. Single wolf turn. Switch ring to tour jeté half, triple full with suuuper messy legs. Switch full. Double tuck with a little bounce. 13.1


Dunne UB: Nice handstand before toe full to Tkachev to pak, just some leg separation. Maloney to Gienger with leg separation, toe half arches a bit into her straddle Jaeger, full-in with a step back. 12.9

6:34 pm. Scott VT: Big clean FTY but she’s a little short and has to take a huge hop back, with her chest forward as well. 13.35

Smirnov BB: Yet another one of my children!!! Full turn, bhs loso loso  is solid, she’s so adorable, switch leap to switch half has a big pause between the two, also a pause into the back pike. Side aerial, Onodi to split jump to sissone, lovely. Front aerial with a bobble into the split ring jump, which wasn’t really a ring at all. Switch ring is also a little messy. Stuck double full. 13.4


6:31 pm. Lee BB: Good double wolf turn, front aerial to split jump isn’t really clean, wobble, misses connection to straddle jump. Bhs bhs layout with legs apart and a little bobble. Switch to switch half to back tuck is excellent. Side aerial, switch ring, double tuck with a hop back. 13.7

6:30 pm. Robinson BB: Love her opening choreo stuff. Bhs bhs layout is solid, landed with feet apart. Full Y turn barely needs an adjustment, switch leap to sissone to wolf jump, back tuck, front aerial to split ring jump, punch front tuck is SOLID. 2.5 landed a little sideways with a hop even further to the side. 12.75

6:29 pm. Hollingsworth UB: Piked Jaeger, pak with slight leg separation, short handstand before her toe on to van Leeuwen (split legs), good handstand before giants into her full-out with a step back. 12.4

6:26 pm. Eaker FX: MY OTHER CHILD. She literally is 2009 Kyla Ross. Double pike with a small bounce back. Front layout to front double full with a little bounce forward. I love this music. Good Memmel turn. Triple full landed literally in first position, though her ankles get a little sloppy in the air. Switch ring to tour jeté half, lovely. Switch 3/4. Perfect stuck double full to finish. GOD. 13.7

6:24 pm. Kenlin UB: Inbr to stalder full to Ricna, nice, short handstand before inbar full to pak, van Leeuwen, toe half to front giant to double front half out! Hop back but she gets the control to stop it from being worse. 13.55

6:21 pm. Harris FX: Who run the world? GIRLS! music. But like a weird version. Double pike, bounce back. Switch ring to tour jeté full, take off for the second of those looked a little weird, like she started the rotation before her legs were ready to go. 2.5 to punch front tuck to stag is great. 1.5 through to double full with her chest down and a hop back. Oh this must be like a drumline kind of version of this song. Memmel turn, lets go a little early, double tuck with a bounce back. Music turns into a weird Spanish-y kind of song after the drumming. 12.35

6:19 pm. Perea UB: So excited for this, I only saw her day one routine where she fell. I’ve been saving this one. This leo is so bizarre though…she looks like she has a Hello Kitty bow as a belt. I do like that color pink though. Inbar full to Komova II to Ricna to pak to Chow half, legs are a LITTLE messier on everything than I’m used to seeing with her? Inbar half to piked Jaeger, super quick double layout with a hop back. Great routine even with the little errors. 14.55

6:15 pm. Wong FX: MY CHILD. Omg her hair is so glittery. Beautiful double arabian to a stag leap, nice Popa, omg beautiful triple full, switch 3/4 to straddle jump, she’s so freaking gorgeous, double tuck with a little bounce back, switch ring to tour jeté half, double L turn to full pirouette, she’s so freaking balletic in her leaps, double full opens up perfectly. She’s fabulous. 13.7

Beard VT: DTY, pretty clean and tons of power! Just a little low on the landing. 14.3

6:11 pm. O’Keefe UB: Chow to pak is lovely, nice slow handstand before Komova II to Ricna, amazing. Blind change to piked Jaeger, toe on to stalder full, and a double arabian dismount with a great landing. She’s gotten SO much better on this event! 14.05

6:09 pm. Scanlon FX: Ooh, double layout, weird legs and a bounce back but her arms were totally open. Good leaps, front full with a hop forward, double tuck with a wild bounce back. double wolf turn, Popa, double pike with a super squatted landing and puts her hands down. 12.0

6:07 pm. McCallum BB: I’m so sad that she doesn’t do her under the beam mount from level 10. Amazing back flexibility in her low beam choreo though. Nice clean full wolf turn, straddle jump full, solid side aerial loso, punch front tuck with a bobble, front aerial, sissone to switch half with super flexed feet and her hips are facing sideways when she lands it, which is basically an unwinnable fight, so she falls. Stuck double tuck dismount. 12.55

6:03 pm. Scott FX: I love this routine so much. GAGE FTW. Popa right on the opening beat of the song. Tucked full-in is stuck cold. Love so many of her choreo moments. Split jump is random. Memmel turn with a little stumble. STUCK HER DOUBLE ARABIAN OMGGGG SO FREAKING AMAZING, that landing!!!!! UGH NOOO but then she bounces her double tuck and puts her hands down!!! WHY GOD WHY. It looked like she was like “I wanna stick this too!” but was too far forward to make it happen. Sometimes it’s just better to take the bounce back. Ring leap to tour jeté full doesn’t make it all the way around, and a low double pike to finish. 12.45

6:02 pm. Pilgrim BB: Speaking of Anya, here she is. Switch to split jump, OOOOH, I love her pretty leg hold before her punch front tuck, which has a step forward, gainer bhs loso loso, a little bit tentative and awkward on that series, and she falls. Front aerial, and her huge Patterson dismount with a hop. 11.95

6:00 pm. Dunne VT: WOW, beautiful FTY, nice and flared, and looked stuck! She’s so gorgeous, I can’t get over it. 13.7

I want Anya Pilgrim to wear this leo because it’s basically a pilgrim leo.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 6.01.13 PM.png

5:58 pm. Marshall FX: This leo is so 2010 and you can see her 10-pack through the fabric. Double layout full-out with a bounce back, huuuuge! Double L turn to full pirouette, I love when a full pirouette looks like a baby skill after a bigger turn before it. Dos Santos is amazing. Switch ring to tour jeté full. 1.5 to triple full, the triple is a little short and she hops. Nice switch full to split jump. Tucked full-in with her chest down but her feet are solid. 13.6

5:56 pm. Lippeatt UB: Ray with flexed feet, nice handstands, toe full to pak is a little wonky, stalder to inbar to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, full-out a little short with a hop. I love when the babies need to get their front skills in and just do the most basic front giant. 12.75

5:55 pm. Malabuyo VT: Huuuge and gorgeous DTY! Basically stuck. 14.7

Alipio FX: Didn’t see the beginning, caught up at the 1.5 to front full with a hop, good control on her double L turn, random front aerial, split leap to switch half, 2.5 with a little step to the side. Pretty clean from what I saw. 12.0

5:52 pm. Davis UB: I wanna know who these new WOGA coaches are. There’s a 9 million hour scoring issue because apparently the equipment isn’t working or whatever? Annoying. Here we go. Her bun is really pretty. Toe on to toe full to Maloney is really clean, right down into a pak as well. Toe shoot, stalder to blind change to big piked Jaeger, god her lines are gorgeous! Good double front with a bounce in place. 13.5

5:50 pm. So I’m glad there was some interest in me doing it, because I wanted to watch this meet, but once I already know what happened, it’s hard for me to go back and rewatch it just for fun? Like, I probably would’ve put it on while cleaning my apartment or something, so I’m glad this is forcing me to pay more attention, and thanks for joining me! 🙂

Article by Lauren Hopkins


8 thoughts on “The U.S. Championships Junior Day 2 Retroactive Live Blog

  1. I’ve never heard about Kara Eaker and Leanne Wong before, and I found them SO incredible ! Kara’s beam was insane and Leanne’s DTY the best I have ever seen. For me, these two girls outshined all the others, except the incredible Malabuyo and O’Keefe (but I knew they are incredible).


  2. Will they be adding more members to the junior national team as the year goes on, or is that it? I was so sad Olivia Dunne didn’t make it.


    • They can add some at camp, and will have to for 2018 competitions since Leanne Wong is the only 1 of the 7 who will NOT turn Senior next year. She’s a 2003 baby and the rest are all 2002


  3. AHHH I love Livvy dunne too! I swear she grew like a foot from Jesolo (ok maybe like 3 inches) so I have a feeling that by next spring all here skills are gonna look amazingggg once she refines them with her newfound “height”. and hopefully a DTY cause we know how hard it will be for her is she doesn’t have it as a senior.


  4. Thanks for the entertaining and insightful live blog, as always! Do you know if McCallum’s level 10 mount is in the COP? I looked it up on YouTube and it is so cool!


    • I don’t think it is! She could still get it evaluated and rated by the US judges like any new skill but I don’t know if there might be some kind of ban against under the beam mounts or something? A shame if there is, it’s so creative and fun!


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