The World Championships Qualification Live Blog – Subdivision 4

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision four of women’s qualifications at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them in the blog!

5:58 pm. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos moved into second all-around!! Tabea Alt moves to seventh, Elisabeth Seitz to 11th, Lara Mori 12th, Marine Boyer 16th, and Zsofia Kovacs a shocking 21st.

5:56 pm. Brett FX: Double tuck with a couple of steps back. 2.5 basically stuck but one of her feet is weirdly turned in and she moves it to fix it. 1.5 to stag is super wild but she pulls it back. Good double full, just loose knees. 11.733

5:54 pm. Kovacs UB: Stalder to toe full right on the bar to Maloney to pak, nice. Short handstand before van Leeuwen, leg sep. Toe half to piked Jaeger, muscled through the toe half. Stuck double tuck dismount. Well, she finally hit something. 13.766

5:53 pm. Lai BB: I missed this completely. 9.3

Al-Salty UB: Did like 45 giants before her blind change to piked Jaeger, Pak with leg sep, clear hip half, toe shoot, double pike with a hop forward.

McGregor FX: Piked full-in, good! Small hop. LOVE her breathy choreo in the middle, it’s so freaking cool and weird. And a good way to get your breath. Double pike with a hop back. Solid double tuck! 11.8

5:50 pm. Devillard VT: Went for a Rudi, completely got lost in the air, form was amazingly terrible, and she only got it around a full twist, not the 1.5. Crashed it. 13.133. Still going for the DTY, messy with a step back. 14.333, average 13.733 so she’ll miss the final

Adlerteg UB: Layout Jaeger, missed Church. Maloney to Bhardwaj was good, shaposh to clear hip full to Tkachev, crashed double layout. 😦 12.266

Matthewson FX: Hit first pass then double pike with a hop, hit last two passes as well, looked like a good routine. 11.866

5:46 pm. Fang BB: Switch leap, a little low. Bhs back tuck with a wobble. 8.933

Boyer VT: Solid FTY.

Carofiglio UB: Toe full, super low hanstands, Maloney to pak, very messy. Van Leeuwen, legs completely apart. Stalder full, only gets it halfway, toe-on to Tkachev, fall. Hop change to double front, sat. 11.066

Schäfer FX: Hit opening pass. Frnt double full with a step. Double pike low with a step. Good ring leaps.

De Jesus Dos Santos VT: DTY, not bad! Just a little low, and then she hops back. 14.5

5:42 pm. Lo BB: Off on bhs layout. Big switch side, big wobble but holds it. Full turn, front aerial to her crotch, falls. Hit jump series. Hit the dismount.

Alt FX: Stuck tucked full-in. Front tuck through to double tuck, hop back, leg flies up. Double pike with a hop. 12.933

Mori UB: Toe full to Ricna, low but okay. Stalder full to Ray, also okay but not great. Bail to toe shoot, stalder half to endo half msucled, double layout with a hop. 13.466

Yankova VT: Yurchenko layout with a step.

5:38 pm. Xoulogi BB: Front aerial to ring jump, bhs layout with a stumble and a fall. 😦 Switch leap to ring leap, wobble, Korbut, side aerial, hit jump series then side split half with a wobble, side somi, this routine has so much in it! Stuck gainer layout.

Seitz FX: Double tuck with a hop. Double pike with a small hop. Split full to stag full. Double full with a small bounce in place. Switch ring to switch half. Love the last little fun turn at the end. She had fun with this.

Georgieva VT: Yurchenko back tuck, her knee is heavily braced and she’s walking off gingerly.

Berardinelli UB: Ray, pak, Maloney to super low Tkachev. Last time she was in Montreal was when she missed her Tkachev at Gymnix in 2015 and her coach caught her mid-fall and it went viral. Bail to toe on to toe shoot, archy handstand. Forward swing is a little messy, hits double pike dismount. Not bad.

5:31 pm. De Jesus Dos Santos FX: Full-twisting double layout OOB but nice. Tucked full-in, nice, and good landing. Hit third pass. Double tuck, a tiny bit short, step back. 13.233

5:30 pm. Fang UB: Blind change to pikked Jaeger, nice! Short handstand before messy pak, toe shoot, giant full (messy), hit the dismount. 11.3

McGregor BB: Fell on punch front, NOOOOO. 😦 Nailed flight series. Switch to switch half, Korbut is a little crooked. Split leap to side aerial. Double tuck stumbled back and sat. 😦 9.466

Boyer FX: 900 hour wait for some reason. 2.5 to front full, super low but doesn’t quite sit it. Memmel to illusion, gets a little stuck in the illusion but pulls it around (and keeps her leg straight. Double pike, super low, steps forward out of it. 12.1

5:22 pm. Devai VT: She has an injury and it shows. DTY is a mess. 😦 13.9. Second vault is the Lopez, not as messy as the DTY but a little short, chest down and a step. Averages 13.833

Chuang UB: Caught big Jaeger, bail to toe shoot, double tuck with a hop. 11.3

Matthewson BB: Hit bhs loso, switch to wolf jump, switch half a little short, side split jump half with a wobble but holds on, front aerial, front full with a hop.

5:19 pm. Kovacs VT: Crashed Yurchenko 1.5. Wtf. 12.733

Afrati UB: Maloney to clear hip to Ricna is great! Pak, van Leeuwen, both good. Blind change to front giant half, she swings so aggressively it looks like she’s gonna pull the whole bars set down with her. Hit the dismount. 12.9

Seitz BB: Punch front, off on layout series. Guy next to me from Germany screamed “AH, SCHEIßE!” Wobbled on something after that but stayed on. Side aerial, gainer pike dismount. 11.2

Chuikina FX: Double full a little short. Sat her last pass.

5:14 pm. Carofiglio VT: First is the Yurchenko 1.5, loose knees, short, hop back. 13.75, crashed her second vault but I didn’t see what it was, 13.041 average

Plyta UB: Toe full, a little messy, Maloney to Deltchev, YAS. Tkachev to Gienger, YAS. Piked Jaeger, OUR GIRL IS DOING IT. Bail to toe shoot, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Short handstand, bent knees on a giant before the dismount, double tuck a little low.

Alt BB: I missed the beginning! Front aerial to straddle jump. A little wobble on a jump after that. Split leap to side somi is lovely. Double tuck with a step. 13.533, NOW SHE IS IN FIRST!!!!!! And Schäfer second!!!

Yankova FX: Crashed first pass. 11.033

5:12 pm. Berardinelli VT: FTY, floaty, not super clean with loose legs, hop back. 13.325

Georgieva FX: Double tuck with a step back. Decent Memmel turn. Good double full. 12.0

Yilmaz UB: Messy toe full but gets through it. Off on her Jaeger. Crashed double tuck. 10.733

Schäfer BB: Switch leap mount, leap to full Y turn, bhs lsoo is solid, good switch ring though ring shape isn’t quite there. Lovely Schäfer, crowd loved it. Front aerial to split jump to stag ring jump. Killing it! Adjustment after side aerial. Gainer layout with a tiny bounce. YASSSSS. 13.433, currently FIRST!!!!!!!

Mori VT: FTY, messy, bounce in place.

5:09 pm. Brett BB: Hit loso mount, switch leap, off on straight jump full, hit a jump with a twist after that. Side aerial, split jump to sissone, full turn, double full with a hop. 10.4

Lai UB: Caught pak at her hips. Hit the rest.

Al-Salty VT: Yurchenko layout, hop back.

5:05 pm. Charpy FX: Double front, launches forward, and punches out of it onto her back. Damn that looked scary af. Double tuck with a bounce back. Front full to stag, lacking control in the connection. Shuffles Memmel around. Double pike stuck. 11.4

4:59 pm. Boyer BB: Lovely double wolf turn. Roundoff layout, stumble and a fall. GOD FREAAAKING DAMMIT. Right as she re-mounted, the music in the arena was like “I screwed up, I know.” Switch to switch half is lovely, great amplitude. Full L turn to full pirouette. Front aerial to split jump to tuck jump half. Side aerial, misses connection to split leap to side somi. Double pike. HEARTBROKEN.

4:57 pm. Duisek BB: Phillips mount, LOOOOOVE. So nice and it got applause so YAY Kazakhstan. You can see it on her profile from 2015 worlds. WORTH IT. Grabbed the beam on her flight series. Side aerial, full attitude turn, grabs the beam. She’s trying so hard to do beautiful and unique gymnastics but is just a little too nervous today. Front aerial, bobble, lovely back walkover with a half twist as she sits into the beam, then a double full with crossed ankles and a hop. 9.866

Kovacs FX: Popa in the corner before her first pass. Double layout, excellent, small hop. Tucked full-in, nice. 2.5 lands too far back, gets no punch out and she crashes her front tuck out of it. Low double tuck.

4:51 pm. Fang VT: Hit, looked like maybe a tsuk back pike.

Chuikina BB: Hit jump series, front toss, came off on something after that. Bhs loso with bent legs, split leap to side aerial, wobble after full Y turn. She’s been showing lots of great flexibility elements in her dance. Split leap to ring jump. Hit the dismount. 8.933

Mori FX: Double layout with a bounce and her chest down. 2.5 to front layout, short and her leg flies up on the landing. Just leaining way too far back. Tucked full-in, messy with a bounce. Hit the last pass with her ankles fully twisted, bounce on the landing. 13.5

4:48 pm. Carofiglio FX: Front layout to double front with a hop, nice. DOWELL 🙂 Clean but a hop forward. Double tuck, bounces back and lands on her hands. UGH. Hit the last pass. 12.0

Afrati VT: Second vault is an FTY, looked stuck from here, maybe a bounce.

4:46 pm. Afrati VT: Couldn’t really see it but it looked hit. 13.166

Seitz UB: Maloney to Ricna, hop change to piked Jaeger, Downie to pak, YAS. van Leeuwen, slight ankle sep, toe full to full-in with a small step. YAYYYY. 14.7

Georgieva BB: Bhs loso with bent knees and a big wobble but she holds it. Hit the dismount.

4:44 pm. Lo VT:  Short FTY with a step OOB.

Alt UB: Toe full to Maloney to pak, super clean van LEewuen to Zuchold half, got it, UGH, then rested her hips on the bars. Chow half, but she lost her rhythm before that and can’t do it, tucks her knees and can’t grasp the high bar. WHY GOD WHY. Gets it the second time, stalder to piked Jaeger, then stalder tuck front half with a hop back. UGH that fall.

Yankova BB: Bhs loso with bent knees. Side aerial. Hit double full with a step. 11.4

Ferrari FX: “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana. Floor music issue it seems like? Double double, chest down and a step forward. Double layout is great. Basically stuck tucked full-in. Front full with a step. Really nice aside from the first pass being a tad short, and then a couple of leaps not being there. 13.6

4:38 pm. Chuang VT: Handspring front tuck, really pretty and stuck!! THAT WAS SO NICE!!! 13.1, 9.1 E! UGH AND THEN SHE CRASHED HER FTY SECOND VAULT. 😦 It was pretty but too low.

De Jesus Dos Santos BB: Punch front mount with a step. Punch front pike to split jump. Tick tock to bhs layout is SOLID. Omg she’s killing today. Switch to sissone, aerial is hit, wobbled on a leap after that, double tuck with a hop. Fabulous.

Al-Salty FX: Double pike with a hop back, hit her pass after that. Double full with a small hop. 11.733

Bui UB: Piked Jaeger to Bhardwaj, yay. Maloney to Bhardwaj, huge applause and it was great, van Leeuwen, Gienger, full-out with a step. 14.233! One of her better scores this year!

4:35 pm. Charpy BB: Hit mount and nice bhs loso. Wobbly double wolf turn. Wobble on front aerial, double pike with a hop. Some bobbles but that was really nice for her! 12.666

Tömböl FX: Double pike with a stumble back, 2.5 with a step forward OOB, hit her last pass with a step forward. 10.933

McGregor UB: Toe full, Maloney to bail to toe shoot, toe half to front giant half to Gienger, nice, full-in with a small step. Good work.

4:28 pm. Mori BB: Flew off on bhs mount. Bhs loso loso is solid though so that was a shame. Side somi with a check. Side split jump half, big switch half to wolf jump to split jump, side aerial, solid. Damn she looks good so I’m especially pissed about the mount. I’m sure she is too. Full Y turn. Switch ring, not a ring shape and she wobbles. 2.5 with a hop. Really could’ve been great tbh. 11.666

4:26 pm. Berardinelli BB: Full turn, bhs loso is messy but hit, switch leap to her crotch, wraps her legs around the beam. Gets back up and ring leaps. Switch ring and I use that term loosely because it was not even close to a ring shape and her split was maybe 150 degrees. 2.5 with a hop. 11.066

4:21 pm. Duisek UB: Blind change to front giant, gets stuck and hops off. Back on for the same thing, OH, and then she does an Ono!!!!! (or Healy or Ling, I can’t see hands/shoulders from here, it was a one-armed front giant) to Jaeger, AMBITIOUS AF but she falls. Messy bail to toe shoot, nice handstand before clear hip half to front giant to double front with a step back. 9.233

4:20 pm. Yankova UB: Piked Jaeger, bent her knees, took a rest on the high bar after, then lost her rhythm and had to keep restarting her swing several times before finally hopping off. Back on for messy bail (legs are everywhere) to toe shoot, giant full is nice, high double tuck with a bounce back. 9.5

Long wait for Ferrari’s score.

4:17 pm. Georgieva UB: Hit routine. SUPER easy but actually nice. 9.033

Ferrari BB: Ful L turn to full pirouette, wobble. Bhs bhs tuck full, wobble, but held it! I was leery about her in the beam final but think after this whole competition she could def make it. Hit switch half, split leap to ring leap, split leap to front aerial with a wobble, messy switch ring with a wobble, ring jump with a wobble, basically stuck double pike. I had a camera blocking me so I couldn’t see for sure but it looked about as stuck as ever. Not great but better than so much else. But the latter half was REALLY not cute. 12.266

Xoulogi FX: Stuck double pike, also stuck double tuck! Front full with a step.

4:15 pm. Kovacs BB: Switch leap mount, split leap to front aerial, wobble, bhs loso with a stumble back and a fall. Switch to switch half to straddle jump, side somi, hit the dismount. 11.533

Fang FX: I missed her first pass. Hit double pike with a bounce back. Looked like she hit the rest. 10.866

De Jesus Dos Santos UB: Komova II to clear hip to Galeante to pak, beautiful!! Super clean van Leeuwen, inbar half to front giant full right on the bar, full-twisting double layout, that was FREAKINGGGG GORGEOUUSSSSSS.

4:12 pm. THIS WIFI SUCKS. I’m just writing in a word doc and pasting when I get internet that works.

McGregor VT: Piked Lopez for her second vault! Not bad.

Lai FX: Hit first pass then double tuck. Front full to finish is clean.

Al-Salty BB: Wobble on turn at the beginning. Switch ring with a bobble. Wobble on bhs loso. Front aerial to jump series. Side split jump half. 10.8

Seitz VT: FTY, clean and big with a hop back. Nice! 13.6

Charpy UB: Van Leeuwen (or Chow half, I couldn’t see the angle but it looked like a stalder at second look), toe half to front giant to pikd Jaeger close to the bar, huge straddle Jaeger, misses. Pak, short handstand before van Leeuwen, double layout with a step.

Alt VT: DTY, a little loose, with a hop. Not her best. 14.2

4:03 pm. Tömböl BB: Switch leap to split jump, side aerial with a wobble, hit some other stuff after that but looks like she keeps trying to repeat a series from a front handspring. Yeah, front handspring to side aerial, but she falls on the aerial. Hit the dismount.

Boyer UB: Toe full to Maloney topkak to toe shoot, blind change to piked Jaeger, full-in with a hop.

Lo FX: Double pike to start, almost stuck. Switch leap to tour jete half. Split jump full into the corner before her second pass, a 1.5 with a hop. Double full to finish. Surprisingly great!

McGregor VT: FTY, NCAA solid. Tiniest hop. 13.233

4:02 pm. In this subdivision, we get New Zealand and Germany starting on vault, France, Bulgaria, and Kazakhstan starting on bars, Hungary and Italy starting on beam, and Chinese Taipei, Turkey, and Greece starting on floor!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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85 thoughts on “The World Championships Qualification Live Blog – Subdivision 4

  1. Not sure what the point is of USAG streaming all but one of the subdivisions. Boo!

    I was just thinking that it would be great if Zsofia Kovacs could seize the opportunity created by all the messiness and injuries so far and kill it with her typically great execution. Then I refresh and find she fell.



    • I think it may be because this is one of the divisions without a clear competitor for the US girls, they don’t really think we will be missing out on much. Not that that is an excuse, but thats how USA gymnastics thinks.


      • That’s exactly it. Subdivision 5 is literally labeled “US Women Qualification” for the live feed, completely ignoring China, Japan and Thais Fidelis.


        • Yep! I love Team USA, and I understand the main focal point when it comes to a US stream, but they won’t show anything but the US. At least they don’t make up drama like NBC.


        • From the page where they list all the stream links, USAG says they will be trying to show CHN and JPN as well as USA, Plus, they’ve been trying to splitscreen multiple gymnasts when they can/minimize the “standing around” shots/etc.

          The issue is the webcast team is literally 4 people. It’s not a full legit TV channel team, so I can understand why they may not be able to show everyone.


        • They’re better than NBC at least. I’m dreading the finals when NBC makes it seem like USA has this locked up.


        • That is why I don’t intend to watch NBC. I think I’ll just watch the live streams of everything. I can’t stand Al and Tim. It’s so much nicer to just stream the content in peace.


        • I like the broadcasters, I even like Andrea Joyce as a human being, but NBC as a company makes it so dramatic.


  2. Yeah, I’m just a fan, no expert, & I know the rules changed after RIO, but it still seems that they are taking beam deductions to a whole new level here. If so, it will hurt the all-arounders who are best on beam….


  3. Vault is one element so naturally it’ll get the least deductions. But UB judges have been so lax and BB judges are being strict, which I would be fine with but so far anyone without a strong bars set is lower in the AA than someone who had a similar performance on beam. If judges are going to be strict they have to stay strict through the end of quals or there’s going to be a lot of controversy over who made finals and why.


  4. Ashton Locklear has to average at least 9.0 in Execution to reach bars finals right? So many good bar workers this year but beam is super mehh


        • I could be wrong, I read so much crap on the internet that it might not be true. With the field that she’s in right now, doing the hardest difficulty that she’s done all year, a 5.5, she would need to have an 8.75 E score. That would put her in last and she would probably get knocked out. So yeah, she would probably need about a 9 in execution, but the scores on UB have been high during quals. Ashton also has great execution, but her difficulty is what will get her. It could happen but maybe not, we will have to see.


      • 9.5 E? That is almost impossible to do. I just checked and highest bar E score is 8.866 by Illiankova so if Ashton got the same E score with just 5.5 DV, she’ll only have 14.366 and that puts her nowhere near top 8


        • She would be in last, as of right now for finals if she got that score. She would be the eighth competitor. Now by the time the last subdivision was over she would probably be knocked out.


        • Ellie got 8.500. Sanne 8.700. Melnikova 8.666. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if Ashton scores something like 9.4.


        • Ashton is one of the best bar workers in the world. 9.5, might be a little out of reach, but I dont think 9 is to far off.


  5. I’m pretty confused about this quad rules. What has been changed to result in such low beam scores? On the other hand I feel they’re being generous with vault scores. FIG started uploading some routines, including both Paseka’s vault and I have to say I’m a bit surprised with the execution scores (no hate intended here).


    • I couldn’t believe Schaefer’s score when I saw it. Not because she’s not talented, but because of the scores earlier on this event. I’m afraid they will go easy on the US then it won’t be a fair fight.


      • Why to be afraid about the US scores? Since it’s just to qualify, they are really looking better than everyone but China on Beam…


        • I don’t know, I just don’t want to hear that the US got better scores ect. Like when people will say, if Reagan wins she didn’t really win because of Larisa


        • They said the same thing in OG last year. But just think, the quals is just to separate the bests from the rest. AA: Biles and Raisman deserved to be in the finals, no matter how much they scored in the Quals. UB: Gabby and Kocian definetly had two of the best bars. Beam: Biles and Lauren, right. Floor: Biles and Raisman, it couldn’t be more right. The US really were the best there, so why you will complain about their scores when it is just to select the athletes for the finals? Fan out of the Bars final, but what Gabby’s scores has to do with her score when Gabby shouldv’e scored higher anyway?


        • I understand but we have qualifications for a reason. The best should go, depending on how they compete that day, not how they have competed in the past/


        • That’s what I said lol. If the top 8 is really going into the finals, the judges did their job. Buteveryone is so obsessed with scores these days.


      • I have not seen her routine unfortunately so I cannot judge if she did it well. But so far the beam judges are very strict and I don’t see it changing. I’ll be more worried about the bars judges because they’ve been pretty relax so Ashton can still qualify with a magic E score LOL


  6. Melanie is killing it today! UB-BB-FX and now VT. She is the new queen of France (who cares about a revolution that happened more than 200 years ago).


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