The World Championships Qualification Live Blog – Subdivision 3

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision one of women’s qualifications at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them in the blog!

3:52 pm. Ellie Black holds the lead in the all-around, followed by Elena Eremina, Nina Derwael, Angelina Melnikova, Giulia Steingruber, Amy Tinkler, Ana Perez, and Brooklyn Moors.

Maria Paseka leads vault followed by Giulia Steingruber and Shallon Olsen, bars is Elena Eremina, Anastasia Iliankova, and Nina Derwael, beam is Ellie Black, Elena Eremina, and Ana Perez, and floor is Claudia Fragapane, Brooklyn Moors, and Ellie Black.

3:18 pm. Ponor BB: Whole arena to herself just like God intended. Loso mount to her hands and she falls. OF COURSE. Bhs loso loso is great. Leap into her Kochetkova goes well. Front aerial to ring jump with a wobble. Switch ring with a big wobble but a huge fight and she holds it. Onodi to split jump with a wobble. Omelianchik, holds it well. Wolf jump to sissone. Double pike with a step. WELP. 12.166, 11th place!!!! LOL

3:14 pm. Crisan BB: Switch leap mount right into a switch half to Korbut, nice. Full turn. Bhs bhs layout, wobble and hands down…and THEN she fell like, onto the beam. Bless her heart. Side aerial. Side somi. Split leap to split jump, double tuck stumbled back and sat. 11.233

3:09 pm. Nekrasova FX: Piked full-in with a step OOB. Double arabian with a hop forward. Double tuck with a bounce. Hit 2.5 to finish. She and Inshina are high fiving. They’re like we’re not the worst!!! They both look very happy. 12.166

Holasova VT: Yurchenko layout, step back, but very nice! 12.766

Vostruchovaite BB: Off on punch front. Switch to switch half to back tuck. Front aerial with a wobble. Fell again after that but hit the dismount. 8.733

3:05 pm. Inshina FX: Just realized she’s in one of Russia’s old leos LOL. She’s like YAS I saved it. Double arabian cowboyed with a step. 1.5 to front full. Double pike to finish. Good for her! 12.2

Steingruber BB: Hit punch front mount, punch front with a wobble, big wobble on something after that. Another punch front. I couldn’t tell which one was tucked and which was piked. Switch to side somi, good. Hit the eponymous dismount. Not great but not the worst we’ve seen. 11.933

Wevers UB: Giant full right on the bar, blind change to straddle Jaeger, clean double layout. I missed the beginning but what I saw was lovely! 13.8

Mokosova VT: Tsuk pike with a hop for her second vault.

3:04 pm. Almeida FX: Big double layout to open! Yay! Punch front layout to front full. Double tuck with a hop. 12.466

Mader UB: Toe full to Maloney to bail to toe shoot, nice toe point. Blind change to piked Jaeger, fall. UGH. Got back up and hit the dismount.

Käslin BB: Switch ring, nice. SUPER solid bhs bhs loso. Switch leap. Very nice Kochetkova. Ring leap, back leg a little low. Full Y turn with a deep landing and wobble. Split leap to Onodi, YAS. Front aerial to split jump (low) to wolf jump. Side aerial. A few small issues but girl is killing it on many elements. Over time though. Double full with a step. Very nice. 11.733

Mokosova VT: Clean FTY with a hop. 13.533

3:00 pm. Mata FX: BROSSSSSSS. Well her music. It’s not her. Double pike. Front tuck through to something at the end that I couldn’t see. 11.966

Studer BB: Side somi. Bhs loso with a wobble. Full Y turn. Switch half, big amplitude but flexed feet and a wobble. Roundoff double full with a step. 9.9

Männersdorfer UB: Didn’t see almost any of this, think she maybe had a fall though. 9.8

Søderstrøm VT: Yurchenko layout with a big hop back. 12.466

2:53 pm. Nekrasova BB: Switch to wolf jump, bhs loso with a little bobble, punch front, side somi, wobbled on a jump after that, then a big wobble on a leap, double tuck with a step. 11.766

Jirikova FX: Punch double front with a stumble forward. Nice! Double pike with a bounce in place. Front tuck through to 1.5, SAT, ugh, the tuck got SO much height but then she didn’t set well enough for the next element. 11.1

2:50 pm. Cenkova FX: Hit double pike, stumble back on double tuck, and hit last pass. 11.566

2:48 pm. Sandoval BB: Switch to wolf jump, front aerial, big check after hitting, side aerial is good, hit her layout series but it’s a little piked. Came off on something after that. 9.533

Vostruchovaite UB: Toe shoot, muscles handstand before giant full, front giant to double front hit! YAY! I love her. 10.5

2:47 pm. Mokosova FX: Hit the beginning, front full to finish. Good routine. 12.1.

2:45 pm. Mata BB: Switch half, punch front stuck cold, some wobbles elsewhere and put her hand down on a tour jete half. 10.366

Männersdorfer VT: Hit well.

Steingruber UB: Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen, toe full with leg sep to close Gienger, looks a little rushed overall but not bad. Double front with a step back. 12.833

Mader VT: Clean, almost stuck FTY, Just a little low. 13.466

2:44 pm. Käslin UB: Off on her release at the start. Stalder to bail to toe on to Ray, double pike with a hop. 11.933

Skregelid FX: Hit what I saw at the beginning. Switch ring with a low back leg into the corner for her last pass, a front full with a step. 12.066

Mejias VT: Hit the second one, I didn’t see what though. GOD vault is so far away I HATE IT.

2:42 pm. Almeida BB: Hit the mount series. Big wobble on front aerial. Full turn. 9.9

Volleman VT: Hit the Lopez, not bad!

2:39 pm. Berg FX: Double tuck with a step back OOB. 2.5 with a step forward OOB. Front layout with a hop forward OOB. 10.8

Studer UB: Clear hip on the high bar, lost rhythm after and hopped off. Caught her release. Double pike dismount. 11.066

2:34 pm. Holasova FX: Hope she hits this, poor baby, I feel so bad about beam. Clean double arabian with a bit of a stumble forward. Double pike with a little bounce back. Hit the last two passes well. Good job! 12.4

Inshina BB: Off on her loso mount. Wobbly kind of everywhere. Double tuck with a step. 10.433

Volleman VT: DTY, great actually!!

Crisan UB: Maloney to clear hip to Tkachev to pak, NICE. I just said NICE about Romanian bars. Stalder half to Ray. Stalder full with leg sep, double layout with a step. GOD she is so promising. 12.6

2:31 pm. Jirikova BB: Hands down on her punch front. Bhs loso, wobbled on a jump after that. Lots of little wobbles everywhere tbh. Wobble on front aerial. Front layout dismount. Nervous routine.

2:27 pm. Mokosova BB: Switch leap, bhs loso with a step, split leap to front aerial to sheep jump, small step. L turn, drops her leg in the last second, into a full pirouette, side aerial into a jump, side somi, off on something after that. Bhs to tuck 1.5 with a small hop. SO CLOSE. 10.6

2:25 pm. Mader FX: Good double pike, hop forward on front layout. Double full with a bounce. Ankles slightly crossed. A very nice routine from her, this is where she generally struggles. 12.1, 7.9 E is among the higher E scores

2:24 pm. Berg BB: Hit jump series at the beginning. LOVELY bhs loso. She is SO GOOD on beam if she wants to be. Switch to split leap to split jump. YAAAAAS. So pretty. Onodi, side somi with a wobble, SOLVEIG IS HITTING!!!!!!!!!! I’m literally crying. Full turn, Front aerial with a bobble. Side aerial with a little adjustment. Hop back on the dismount. Awwwwww. YAY. I’m proud of her. 11.133, I’M FIGHTING THIS.

2:21 pm. Männersdorfer FX: Double tuck with a little stumble forward. Switch to tour jete half with good control. 1.5 to front tuck with a step to the side. I love how she randomly has bagpipes in the middle of her “Fight Song” music. And a drum solo. Stuck layout full to finish. Nice job. 11.966

2:18 pm. Skregelid BB: What I saw was hit, just short on some of her leaps. 9.533

Vostruchovaite VT: Crashed it 😦 Oh, that was the first, hit the second.

Sandoval UB: Nice pak, Maloney to bail to toe shoot, giant full to Gienger, great! blind change to front giant half, clear hip, full-in with a step! Yay! 12.9

2:17 pm. Mejias FX: 2.5 to front full, stuck! Excellent. I guess she just scratched beam and not the entire meet. Obvs. Double arabian with a little stumble forward, looked like her toes went OOB but I didn’t see the flag. Front double full. Whip to double tuck, great landing. Good for her!! 12.566

2:16 pm. Mata UB: Nice Ray! Rest looked good from what I could see. 11.7

Steingruber VT: DTY, chest slightly down but a great anding. DAMNNNNNNNNNNN. I figured this was a throwaway worlds for her since she wasn’t planning on being at full strength until Euros next year but damn. 14.4, average 14.75, second behind Paseka.

2:14 pm. Steingruber VT: Literally a freaking GORGEOUS Rudi?!?!?! What the hell? She’s been back for literally one second and she looks amazing. 15.1!!!!!!!!!

2:12 pm. Studer VT: FTY, hit.

Holasova BB: Loso mount into loso but she misses the beam completely. 😦 😦 😦 UGH. Back on for bhs bhs layout with a little bobble. Lovely switch leap, misses connection to split leap to straddle jump. Wobbled on a skill after that. Off again on her turn. 😦 UGH. She is so good. Just needs a little more time back competing so she can get that experience. Hit the double tuck dismount. 10.333

Nekrasova UB: Solid routine, 11.933

Thorsdottir FX: Triple full to punch front tuck is good. I love that she uses ACTUAL Nutcracker choreo in this. Double tuck chest a littlle low. 2.5 stumbled fully OOB. 13.033

Käslin VT: Lovely FTY. 13.533

2:11 pm. Inshina UB: Caught piked Jaeger and pak, but then paused for a rest on the high bar before doing her double tuck dismount. 11.666

2:09 pm. Volleman FX: Hit her triple spin into a double spin excelently!! Whip to tucked full-in, hands down!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Double full is good. Love that there’s someone saying “ouch” in her music basically. 11.566

Cenkova BB: Bhs loso with a wobble and a fall. Front aerial to split jump to wolf jump. 1.5 to front tuck. Switch to full Y turn.  Big wobble on her side aerial. Hit her dismount. 10.5

Crisan VT: Good FTY! 13.6

2:05 pm. I’m already annoyed with the millions of people who, if Ragan ends up winning, will never shut up for 1000 years how Larisa “would have won” if she didn’t get injured. #CrystalBall #YouCanSeeTheFuture!!!!111!11

Can we just be humans who feel bad for Larisa’s super terrible freaking injury while also not putting down others??????

2:03 pm. Mader BB: Full L turn, bhs loso with bent legs, switch to sissone, front aerial with a wobble, side aerial, adjustment, side somi with a wobble, gainer layout dismount. Well, she hit!

2:01 pm. Sanne Wevers is doing an inquiry OF COURSE! She’s like I’ve calculated my D score 45 times already and YOU ARE ALL WRONG.

1:58 pm. Männersdorfer BB: Fell at the beginning, I think on her flight series. Good back tuck. Just a layout full dismount. 10.633

No Paula Mejias on beam… 😦 Guessing she scratched.

1:57 pm. Vostruchovaite FX: Really clean double arabian but does it to her hands and knees. 😦 Double pike with a bounce back. Switch to tour jete half, not quite at 180. Hit her double tuck final pass. 10.0, the second “perfect 10” of the meet!

Sanne Wevers only got a 5.0 D score!!!!! 12.733 total, has her in 5th right now with the overall low beam scores. But damn, she went for a 6.5, so that’s intense. I mean, she wasn’t at her best and missed a lot, but damn.

1:56 pm. Sanne’s score is only taking 14 years to come up.

1:53 pm. Steingruber FX: A little off on her oepning leap, but nailed the full-twisting double layout with a small hop. Double layout is great. Front tuck through to double tuck with a bounce back, she’s a little short and her leg flies back but she doesn’t touch the OOB so that’s good, at least not that I saw. Double pike stuck cold! That was great aside from the third pass. 13.266

Sandoval VT: Hit both of hers. Think first was a tsuk full but I didn’t see the second.

1:50 pm. Käslin FX: 2.5 to front tuck with a little bounce forward. Memmel turn stopped right on the beat which was cool. Double tuck is practically stuck. Switch ring through to tour jete half, nice. Omg her middle choreo section is super cool. Ring leap. Double full with a step back OOB. 12.233

Mokosova UB: Toe half to straddle Jaeger, Pak to stalder to Maloney to bail to toe full to Ray, NICE!!! YAY! Double pike stuck. One of her best!!! 12.9

Mata VT: Second vault was a NICE FTY! Average 13.449

Thorsdottir submitted an inquiry and it was rejected.

1:49 pm. Søderstrøm UB: Stumbled forward her dismount, that was all I saw. 10.5

Mata VT: Handspring front tuck half with a hop back.

1:47 pm. Skregelid UB: Shaposh to bail to toe full, toe shoot, really nice for her but then stumbled the dismount forward and somersaulted out of it.

Studer FX: Double pike with a hop. Good double tuck, messy double full. 11.8

S. Wevers BB: Hit mount, wobble after her first jump, 2.5 L turn, bent her knee on the last half, that’s the one she’s trying to get named. Side aerial to side aerial to straight jump full, front aerial to split jump, hit double turn to split leap, probably something before that I missed, Steingruber dismount with a hop. 12.733

Almeida VT: Hit, 13.2

1:44 pm. Nekrasova VT: I missed the second one but the first was a lovely Yurchenko 1.5! Went above 14 I think. Average 13.904

1:42 pm. Ponor FX: Went for the double layout full-in! Messy as f and pretty short, hit with chest down and a lunge forward. Whip whip to double tuck is good though. Practically stuck. Front tuck through to double pike with a lunge. How does she always look so out of shape in training and then she comes out and looks comparitively great in the meet? Her 2.5 is really awful though. 13.266

Jirikova UB: Stalder to giant full, Jaeger with bent legs, bail to clear hip to toe on to toe shoot, blind change to double front sat NOOOOOO THAT WAS SO GOOD UNTIL THAT POINT.

1:40 pm. Holasova UB: Off on her Ricna. 😦  Bail with slight leg sep to toe shoot, great double layout dismount. 11.133

Thorsdottir BB: Side aerial to Korbut is lovely, front aerial, misses connection after that, ring jump, little bobble. Full L turn to split leap to full Y turn to full pirouette, GORGEOUS, just tiny little adjustments. Stumbled forward on her underrotaed 2.5. 12.833

1:37 pm. L. Wevers BB: I missed the beginning because of the Iordache drama. Everything looked good. Full L turn with a big wobble, double spin, fell on something after that. Hit the dismount. 11.166

Cenkova UB: Caught her pak. Stalder to toe full, hit the rest. 12.266

Inshina VT: Hit

Crisan FX: Whip half through to double tuck, good. Great landing on tucked full-in. Front through to double full, good. Double pike with a step back. Good for her for having a great set after seeing Iordache go down. 12.8

1:36 pm. So we started off with Larisa Iordache injuring her knee on NOTHING, getting carried off the podium in tears and taken out in a wheelchair. WHAT. THE. EFF.

1:33 pm. Oh. My. God. I hope someone got the Netherlands walk out on video because it was hilariously epic. They are literally the Beauxbatons of Harry Potter.

1:32 pm. In this subdivision we’ll get Azerbaijan and Mexico on vault, Czech Republic, Norway, and Slovakia on bars, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, and Austria on beam, and Romania, Switzerland, and Lithuania on floor.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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