The World Championships Qualification Live Blog – Subdivision 5

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision five of women’s qualifications at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them in the blog!


1. Mai Murakami, Japan, 55.933
2. Ragan Smith, United States, 55.932
3. Ellie Black, Canada, 55.766
4. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 55.299
5. Elena Eremina, Russia, 54.999
6. Morgan Hurd, United States, 54.832
7. Diana Varinska, Ukraine, 53.915
8. Nina Derwael, Belgium, 53.598
9. Aiko Sugihara, Japan, 53.265
10. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 53.132
11. Giulia Steingruber, Switzerland, 53.132
12. Tabea Alt, Germany, 53.032
13. Amy Tinkler, Great Britain, 52.831
14. Ana Perez, Spain, 52.732
15. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 52.631
16. Wang Yan, China, 52.432
17. Thais Fidelis, Brazil, 52.332
18. Elisabeth Seitz, Germany, 52.000
19. Lara Mori, Italy, 51.957
20. Georgia Godwin, Australia, 51.874
21. Rune Hermans, Belgium, 51.866
22. Filipa Martins, 51.565
23. Marine Boyer, 51.399
24. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 51.365

8:45 pm. Murto FX: Hit her first pass. Sat 1.5 to punch front. SAD, the rest of her day was solid.

Pardo BB: Stealing this from Spencer because I missed it. He made a weird sound so I looked over at what he was writing and he wrote that she split the beam on her side aerial bhs loso series. THANKS SPENCER! Wobble on a leap, full turn, hit the dismount, a 2.5.

8:41 pm. Leinonen FX: Great first pass. Hit 1.5 second pass. Hit routine in general. Yay! 12.033

Escobar BB: Hit what I saw of hers.

Ardila BB: UGH I missed this, this was one I wanted to see. 10.666 so maybe I didn’t want to see it, she was supposed to have a more difficult set than she ended up doing I think.

8:39 pm. Ferrera FX: Double double with a little bobble. Hit second pass. Third pass was something (front tuck? 1.5? I didn’t see) through to a double pike, big bobble and she kinda flies forward. Then she crashes her double tuck. Awwwww. Again, THESE GIRLS NEED EXPERIENCE. 12.5 ugh she would’ve made the final. 😦

Wong BB: Bhs back tuck. Hit the dismount. 9.833

Sugihara UB: Toe half muscled to straddle Jaeger, toe full to bail, toe on to stalder, full-in with a little bobble. 13.3

8:36 pm. Murakami UB: Toe on to Maloney to Gienger, piked Jaeger, straddle Jaeger, toe full to bail to toe shoot, full-in with a step. AAAAAMAAAAAZING DAY. 13.9

8:31 pm. Teramoto UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, inbar to stalder full a little messy to layout Gienger, blind change to straddle Jaeger, bail to Ray, full-in with a hop.

Osipova VT: Good FTY.

Liu BB: Hit her mount. Front handspring to front tuck. Switch to ring leap to Korbut, nice. Full turn. Split leap to side aerial. Front aerial, wobble, missed connection to ring jump, wobble, to bhs. Switch ring, wobble. Ugh if this doesn’t make finals I’ll cry forever. Step back on the dismount, only a double full. 13.233, she’s in 7th PHEW

Carey FX: Double double is good. Great full-twisting double layout, especially the landing. Front double full. Tucked full-in with a bounce back. 14.1

Varinska VT: Hit her FTY and has a 13.716, currently 6th all-around!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:28 pm. Smith FX: Double layout with a bounce. Triple full, a little leg form. Switch ring, tour jete full. Double arabian stuck before going up into the stag. Switch full. Hit double wolf turn. Great double pike to finish. Curtseyed to the crowd when she finished then high-fived Jade. 14.433!!! First now. I thought Murakami was better though.

Luo BB: Split leap to ring leap to bhs. Hit layout series and full turn. Front aerial to jump to Onodi, OFF. UGH. Double pike, chest down. 12.466

Kysselef VT: Second vault is a great Yurchenko 1.5 which is almost stuck!

Lee UB: Hit routine and she’s super duper smiley.

Hribar VT: FTY, hit. 13.333

8:24 pm. Wang BB: Punch front mount with a little bobble but it doesn’t bother her. Punch front with a step. Switch ring. Big bobble on flight series but she stays on. Great control on her turn. Switch half with a step back. Fell on something after that but I missed it. 11.266

Hurd FX: Screaming already. It’s cruel to put her at the same time as Wang Yan. Trying to watch both. Double double with a bounce back. Piked full-in, bounce back. Front double full to her KNEE NOOOOOOO. It’s okay, mistakes are what prelims are for. Double pike low with a step. She and everyone else who had an error in quals will come back and murder it in finals. You don’t want to be LSU. 12.533

Fidelis VT: Hit an FTY.

Kim UB: Caught her release.Fell on something later on.

Kysselef VT: Handspring front tuck full, good. 13.4


8:16 pm. Miyakawa VT: Handspring Rudi, actually great! Landing is fab. 14.9! Also hit the DTY, maybe a little short. 14.133, average 14.516

Iarmolenko FX: 2.5, tries to punch out but she misses her punch, smartly does a handspring instead, nice timing. Hit the rest. 11.1

Leinonen BB: Front aerial, ring jump, bobble, bhs loso is good, hit the dismount. 11.6

Escobar UB: Saw her hit a release but then she arched over on her bail. Back on for clear hip and full-in dismount, close to the bar with a step.

8:13 pm. Ferrera BB: Front aerial to punch front to split jump, YAS. GET IT. Bhs layout with a bobble. Switch to switch half. Wobble on full turn. Double pike with a step. Good! 11.733

Osipova FX: SUPER open piked full-in. Tucked full-in low with a step. Front through to double tuck, stuck. double pike, stuck. Again. UKRAINE. 12.2

Chusovitina VT: Tsuk 1.5, messy with a hop but no one cares because SHE’S CHUSO. 14.349 average so she could make the finaaaaaal!!!!!

Pardo UB: I missed this. 10.9

8:10 pm. Hribar FX: 2.5 with a step. Double tuck.

Smith BB: Bhs layout, stumble and fall!! Punch front with a hop forward. Front aerial, double pike with a hop. Poor kid. 12.9

Chusovitina VT: Handspring front layout full, messy with a hop forward.

8:08 pm. Fan UB: Komova II to pak to Chow to Gienger, YES. Inbar half to her one-armed pirouettes, into her half-in double back from L grip, stumbled forward. Not great tbh? Will still make the final though I think. We’ll see. Oh yeah. 15.0! I forgot how difficult her routine is, and she didn’t even do the full difficulty.

8:06 pm. Kim VT: I missed her second vault.

Luo UB: Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen, front giants, caught release, finished with strong double layout dismount. 14.566

Hurd BB: PERF standing full, so HIGH with her chest. Side aerial to switch leap to split leap. Bhs loso, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, effortless. Perfect punch front. Full turn a little squatted when she finishes, but she always does that. Big wobble on switch ring, which is a tentative skill for her in general, but she holds it, full-in with a hop back. 13.5 I THINK OUR GIRL JUST MADE HERSELF A BEAM FINAL.

Kysselef FX: Big double tuck. Hit second pass.

Sung VT: I missed both of her vaults THERE’S TOO MUCH HAPPENING

8:00 pm. Lee VT: FTY, nice, step back. 13.3

Wang UB: Caught her piked Jaeger a little close. Big Ray dismount.

Locklear BB: Triple wolf turn is like butter. HER BEST tbh. Bhs loso with bent knees. Tour jete half is great. Punch front is lovely. Side somi. Then falls on a SIDE AERIAL UGHHHH. Switch to switch half, dismounts with a double tuck with a step. Too bad about that fall, otherwise one of her best sets.

Fidelis FX: 1.5 through to double arabian is perf. Hit her second pass and third pass. Solid double pike to finish.

Kim VT: FTY with a slight hop.

7:56 pm. Murto BB: NICE split jump full. Side aerial to side aerial with a bobble. I like this kid! She literally came out of nowhere. Side somi, nice jump series, switch leap, 1.5 dismount. Good job! 10.5

Varinska FX: 1.5 through to triple full, good. Just messy legs. Double tuck cowboyed and she flew OOB. Front tuck through to double full, good. 12.6

Sugihara VT: Yurchenko 1.5, nice!

Ardila UB: Hit routine, she’s thrilled, finished with a double layout. 11.466

7:52 pm. Miyakawa FX: Here we gooooo! Front FULL to double front AMAZINGGGG but steps OOB. GOD I love that pass, she is a CRAZY PERSON. Full-twisting double layout, a tad short with a step forward. Switch to tour jete half. Double double, a little short with her feet apart. Double layout NOOOOOOOO, really low and she takes two large steps out of it. UGHHHHHHHH.

7:50 pm. Iarmolenko BB: loso mount, side aerial loso with a step, tour jete half is short, lands it sideways with her chest down, full L turn, did something acro into a scale with her hands on the beam, I love those both aesthetically and as an “I’m gonna do this just in case I put my hands down after this skill” cover up. Double full basically stuck. UKRAINEEEEEEE!!! 12.1

7:48 pm. Sung FX: Double pike with a hop. Double full with a hop. 11.4

7:46 pm. Hribar BB: Here for her hitting.Switch to split leap to split jump. Bhs back tuck stuck, adjustment when she hits. Ring leap, wobble, side aerial, full turn with a wobble, front aerial, fell on something after that, UGH. I always look down at my screen just as someone is falling. 1.5 with a step. 10.133

Wong VT: Sat it but I didn’t see what it was. 11.066

7:44 pm. Vidiaux UB: Stalder full, gets it halfway around and her legs come completely apart causing her hands to slip and she hops off. Back on for stalder half to Endo half to bail. If only the Cuban girls got more competitive experience, this girl could be so freaking good. Full-in with a hop. 10.8

Lee FX: Stuck her 1.5. I didn’t see the beginning. But she’s the greatest human alive. 12.1

7:42 pm. Locklear UB: Toe full a little muscled to Chow to pak to Maloney to bail to Ray, good. Toe half to huge Jaeger, full-in stuck. Nothing that wows me but just about what you’d expect from her. 14.566 puts her sixth in the standings currently.

Fidelis BB: Big wobble on arabian series. Off on her second flight series but I couldn’t see what. Good punch front. Excellent dismount. 11.766 with a 6.0 D, highest D of the meet?

7:40 pm. Wang VT: Tsuk double, good!! 14.4 Second vault is the Rudi, looked close to the table from my view but not bad! 14.7, average 14.55

Kim FX: Double tuck OOB. 1.5 to front full is a little crooked. Double pike low but hit.

7:38 pm. Ardila VT: Second vault is a tsuk full, twists SO late, but still gets it around and lands it.

Smith UB: Great first handstand before inbar to inbar full (late) to inbar half to straddle Jaeger, uh oh, has to take an extra kip cast before her Downie, looks like she lost her rhythm. Caught her Ricna to pak though! Ray to high, great handstand before stuck full-in. Aside from that one extra swing that was excellent for her. 14.133

7:37 pm. Sugihara FX: Triple full to stag, casual, front double full to punch front is great, 2.5 to punch front, and a STUCK DOUBLE TUCK. This rotation is SO GOOD YO. 13.433

Hurd UB: I’m screaming internally. Inbar full to Tkachev, Ricna to pak, YAS. Ray, inbar to inbar half to front giant half, stalder full, muscles it around into her full-in dismount. 14.333!

Ardila VT: Hit her first vault with a 13.933, I missed it though

7:33 pm. Osipova BB: Bhs mount, good bhs loso, switch to tour jete half, NICE. Ukraine!!! Side somi. Double tuck with a step. She fell earlier on something but is otherwise SO promising. WE’RE WITNESSING THE REBIRTH OF UKRAINE RIGHT NOW. 10.833

Pardo VT: Second vault, ugh, sat handspring front tuck.

Murto UB: Jaeger, pak, hit the dismount. Hit routine!

7:27 pm. Varinska BB: Hit her mount! Also a good flight series, switch ring, double spin, front aerial, side somi, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM DIANA?!?!?! This is her best! Side aerial is perfect. Almost stuck double full. THAT WAS FANTASTIC. 13.033, she’s in eighth right now!! Won’t make the final prob but that’s amazing for her!!!

Murakami FX: Stuck her double double cold. Double layout with a little bounce back. YOU’RE ALL I WANT IN THE WORLD. 2.5 to barani, great!!! Double L to full pirouette. Double pike with a little bounce back, got SO much applause. SUPERSTAR. 14.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leinonen UB: Bail to clear hip to toe shoot, hit the rest including a double tuck dismount. 11.866

Pardo VT: Ooh, nice tsuk full!

7:25 pm. Vidiaux VT: Second vault is a Rudi, which she crashed. UGH.

7:23 pm. Vidiaux VT: Tsuk double, really rough form and she stumbles it forward. 13.833.

Sung BB: I think she fell early on. 1.5 with a hop forward.

7:20 pm. Lee BB: I looooove her, she is adorable. Front aerial, bhs loso, switch leap to wolf jump, side somi with a bobble, split leap, bobbles before connecting to the side aerial so that won’t get credit, 2.5 with a small hop, she has improved SO MUCH since last year!!! And she celebrated as she came off the podium. 12.066

Carey VT: Amanar for her first vault. Actually really nice in the air, big leap forward out of it. 15.066. Tsuk double for her second vault, HUGE, hop back. 14.633, average of 14.849 to currently sit in second.

7:18 pm. Smith VT: DTY, hop back, form is about as it always is, but a good landing. 14.466

Hribar UB: Toe half to front giant to straddle Jaeger, bail to toe shoot, giant full, she looks like an NCAA gymnast. Double pike with a small step. Good work! She’s a first-year senior who got thrown into the worlds situation at the last second when Teja Belak withdrew. 12.6, she got an 8.3 E!!! GOOD FOR HER!!! ❤

7:17 pm. Kim BB: Wobble on bhs loso and on another skill after that, check on full L turn, sheep jump, Onodi to split jump, double full a little short with a step. 11.433


Fidelis UB: Toe full, a little late, Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen, caught her release which I missed because of Morgan but I saw her hands grab it lol, full-out with a hop. 13.2

7:15 pm. Wang FX: Sassing it up before her first pass. Double double, step OOB. She’s so weeeee. 1.5 through to triple to punch front, gets wild and she loses her air awareness, bouncing OOB. 2.5 to barani, STUCK. YAY. Double full. 13.366

Leinonen VT: Got a 0 for vault one, UGH, that screws her for all-around. 😦  Second vault is a tsuk pike. 12.333 for the second one, 6.166 average.

Osipova UB: Toe on to Komova II to pak, low Tkachev, then lost her rhythm and came off. Toe-on to double tuck. 10.5

Sugihara BB: Perf layout mount!!!!! Hit leap series, bhs loso with a wobble, wobble on a ring leap, split jump to wolf jump, only a single Y turn so maybe saving the double for AA. 12.466

7:11 pm. Murakami BB: Switch leap mount. Punch front pike with a step. Bhs loso. Switch ring. Front arial to straddle jump to split jump. Double pike with a hop. YAY! 13.2

Leinonen VT: Sat her first vault.

Varinska UB: Maloney to pak, huge Tkachev to Jaeger, YAY. Giant full to full-in stuck! Such a quick, efficient routine.

7:09 pm. Ardila FX: Piked full-in, hit. Tucked full-in with a step. Front tuck through to double full, big slide back and her leg pops up but she doesn’t fall. 12.233

Murto VT: Tsuk back pike with a hop.

7:08 pm. Escobar FX: Double tuck with a hop back. She almost fell backwards out of bounds while prepping to run into her second pass LOL oh lord. Bless. 2.5 to punch front. Double full with a hop back. 12.066

Teramoto BB: Solid on her double spin. She looks soooo tiny. Bhs bhs loso is solid. Split leap to switch leap with a bobble. Side somi. Switch half. Onodi with a little bobble. You’re doing amazing sweetie. Jump series to a side aerial. Triple full with a hop. Very nice. 13.333

Radivilova UB: Off one second into her routine on a toe-on on the low bar. Maloney to pak, toe on to van Leeuwen, a little messy, blind change to front giant full is nice, to Jaeger, good work. Double front.

7:02 pm. In the fifth and FINAL subdivision, we’ll see Finland, the United States, and Cuba on vault, Ukraine, Brazil, and Slovenia on bars, Japan and South Korea on beam, and Colombia and China on floor.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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171 thoughts on “The World Championships Qualification Live Blog – Subdivision 5

  1. Morgan cannot really have a perfect competition. If she hits beam, she’ll gonna fail on floor LOL

    Mai Murakami for AA champ please!


    • She was playing it safe. No front pike mount, dismonting with a double full… Smart, because she would fell if she did her 6.7 beam.


        • Tingting has an ankle injury, hence the lack of mount and dismount downgrade. Plus we already know the lights are really messing things up for gymnasts doing ring elements, so all things considered this wasn’t too bad. I’m just glad she didn’t fall and is safely into the finals.

          I’m pretty sure Sanne left out a CR.


        • Sanne did not have a ‘backwards’ acro skill on the beam. One of the 4 requirements is a forwards and backwards skill on the beam excluding mount or dismount. Normally she has a flick on the beam. Yesterday she didn’t. Also her acro connection is suspect….did she stop between her two free cartwheels? To go from 6.5-5.0 in D score means there were more than just connection bonuses missing.


        • LSU at the super six, were close to perfect, finally beating Oklahoma in the *semi finals* So hyped, so excited. Then in the finals, day 2 when it counted, steps steps steps, issues, barely beat out Florida for the silver.


      • I’m not counting her as a champion. I know that Ragan will beat her in AA final. I’m just happy with her result in the qualifications.


        • How do you *know* that Ragan will beat her in AA final? Everyone could replicate what they did tonight. Or everyone could crash and burn. Or everyone could improve. You don’t know what will happen, that’s the actual fun in watching. The top 5 are separated by less than a point, it’s anyone’s game. And Ragan has yet to have a perfect international competition, so I’m not placing bets that she has one in the finals.


        • I think if Ragan and Morgan hit they will take the 2 spots, in whatever order not sure. Im actually hoping Ellie can grab the bronze. Hometown, retiring after the competition… I think it would be awesome. Mai will be around for awhile.


        • I just said that because she had an unusual mistake and the americans usually always hit when it counts (AA).


        • LULAROW – I mean if Ragan hits, Mai cannot get close to her. Mai had a great competition, no big errors, no falls, pretty much close to as good as she can get and beat her by .001… Ragan fell. If Ragan goes 4 for 4…. If Morgan goes for 4 for… these are the ones vying for the top spots… Mai and Ellie for bronze if they hit 4 for 4. But as we know with errors, and competitions who knows. All I know is rather the US girls make mistakes in qualifying and kill it when it COUNTS.


        • Her Beam was fair, aside from the fall it wasn’t too bad, just one or two adjustments but no leg flailing wobbles like a lot of the other competitors had. Her floor was fair, but not in comparison to some of the other girls. Mai did a better routine, Brooklyn had overall better execution through the leaps and her tumbling was pretty clean as well.


      • Smith had the highest D score on floor, clean execution and great landings so it’s not really surprising she’s in the lead. I think part of what gets Smith good E scores, on both beam and floor, is that she’s very smart with the skills she does. She doesn’t do a lot of things that may or may not get credit. Her bonus doesn’t overwhelmingly rely on getting connections on beam or getting turns around on floor. Slow connections, incomplete turns, turns and leaps with unsatisfactory body shape- this is where gymnasts are getting hit and Smith just doesn’t do a lot of those skills, thus giving the judges less options to deduct.


  2. too bad larisa wasn’t in the mix. this would have been a very interesting competition. the first one where us didn’t qualify first since 2010?


  3. Can someone explain to me why Ragan got a 12.900 with a fall on BB and Melnikova with a hit routine (without huge mistakes) only a 12.600? Does she have so many build in deductions and Ragan has none or what can possibly be the reason of that huge scoring difference?
    I get the difficulty score, but 7.2 for a fall vs 7.3 for a hit? Did I miss something?


    • I’d be interested to see a breakdown of that as well. Melnikova had a greater number of errors (completely mangled the wolf turn, wobbled after; wobble on Y turn; wobble on leap; leg form on leap; check on 2 ft. layout; lock-kneed bounce on landing) whereas Smith had the fall, small check on front somi, small hop on landing. I can see how Melnikova’s errors added up (particularly on the wolf) but I think she probably also got hit with new beam deductions I’m not clear on yet. Would be nice to see them charted out. Worth noting that Nina Derwael competed in the same session as Melnikova and also scored 7.2+ execution on beam with a fall. So there’s clearly something Derwael and Smith did correctly that the judges were looking for. I just don’t know what it is.


      • Hmmm. Now I also wonder what it might be… It’s really a pity that there are no open protocols like in Figure Skating for example. I think it would help a lot to prevent weird scoring situations.


  4. Just one question: Isn’t there a rule which says elements only get named after gymnasts if their value is at least D? I’m asking because everyone is talking about Tabea Alt’s skills on bars getting named, but their only rated C. So I’m a bit confused.


  5. I wouldn’t be fixated on the scoring in the later rounds , so much as were the conditions worse for the earlier subs . It is quite obvious the men had problems to contend with so I figured they’d maybe felt they could not change it for the girls . But then so many disappointments they did in fact soften/ redirect tge lighting then .

    Oh Canada.


    • They didn’t soften the lighting. It’s still really bad. I say this as a person with eyes who has to stare directly at 9 lights for the entire meet. Same view as high bar spotting.


      • Thanks . I was hoping some sort of improvements were made . I never understand if there is a problem why these things cannot be fixed . Perhaps they will give the whole stadium tinted goggles for finals .


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