The NCAA Gym Skim | January 14

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The daily NCAA gymnastics update featuring the must-know moments and top stats from every meet all in one place.

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UCLA 197.200, Utah 196.975, Washington 195.725, Stanford 195.350 [Results]

Where do I even begin for this awesome Pac 12 quad held on neutral ground on a podium in…Reno, Nevada for some reason? If you want quick hits, we live blogged this one, which UCLA won by a few tenths over rival Utah, who was #CHEATED!!!111!!!! on beam because no one hit connections and how DARE the judges not credit them for not doing what they were supposed to do?! (Note, it was the fans complaining about this, not even the team…the team is cool in my book.)

UCLA actually felt a little off to me, especially at the beginning, where they gave up a lot from small mistakes that added up on beam. No routines here felt like “OMG YES” to me, though Kyla Ross got the closest with a floaty flight series and a side aerial to stuck layout full dismount, earning a 9.825…weirdly the same score as Peng Peng Lee, who had two major breaks in her set. Floor and vault were outstanding though, because UCLA is apparently a DI floor and vault team now?! There were no weak links in either lineup, aside from your usual early season “not fighting for landings,” with Ross again a standout on both while Felicia Hano and Pauline Tratz knocked it out of the park on floor, and all of the Yurchenko 1½ issues from week one were magically gone, Hano and Pua Hall both doing their jobs. The team wrapped up the meet on bars, overcoming a fall from Katelyn Ohashi on her Tkachev thanks to everyone else hitting, including your typically gorgeous sets from Ross and Lee.

MyKayla Skinner competed for Utah last night like it was the Olympics, winning the all-around and nearly sweeping the event titles. She put up what I think was her best DTY vault landing in her collegiate career for a 9.95, while also looking fantastic on bars for a 9.95 and nailing her double double, 1½ through to double full, and tucked full-in on floor for a 9.975, her only ‘mistakes’ coming with two small adjustments on beam. MaKenna Merrell-Giles was also strong, hitting her piked full-in, 1½ to front layout to front pike, and Rudi to straddle jump on floor for a 9.95 and hopping her Yurchenko 1½ forward for a 9.9, though overall, like UCLA, the team gave up a lot on beam. I really enjoyed Missy Reinstadtler’s routine, though, until she came up short on her gainer full dismount, and Kari Lee had a great set, aside from a wobble out of her flight series.

I was impressed with Washington from start to finish. Evanni Roberson continues to be a standout for the team, opening with a huge, clean, and stuck FTY for a 9.875 before contributing solid routines on her remaining events, and senior Hailey Burleson continued to bring in big scores for the team, overcoming an early handstand mistake on bars to follow through with a gorgeous Jaeger, bail, and giant full to stuck double tuck, and showing excellent work on floor. Zoey Schaefer had a great night on beam and floor, Madison Copiak was beautiful on bars, getting a 9.9 for her piked Jaeger to overshoot and stuck full-in, and she also did fab work on beam, and Maya Washington anchored floor with a solid set for a 9.875.

Stanford actually started out with an excellent meet, and seemed almost capable of challenging the top two teams, but with only five in the bars lineup, the team was forced to count several low scores, including a fall, on that event. As always, Elizabeth Price was a queen, coming within half a tenth of the all-around title with her “perfect 9.95” for her heavenly FTY, a 9.9 for her gorgeous bars, a 9.85 for one of the best beam sets of her life to take the title, and a 9.95 on floor for her super lovely double layout, front tuck through to double tuck, and killer double pike. The second coming of Ebee, Kyla Bryant continues to be a savior for the team, with a big FTY, lovely bars set, aggressive work on beam, and a huge double layout, front tuck through to double pike, and super open double tuck on floor. While no one else was as tight as these two last night, a shoutout goes to Lauren Navarro for her steady work and fluid, lovely beam, and Kaylee Cole also seemed to have improved her work on both beam and floor, hitting solid sets for the team on both in addition to hitting her FTY.

AA: MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 39.700
VT: MyKayla Skinner, Utah, & Elizabeth Price, Stanford, 9.950
UB: MyKayla Skinner, Utah, & Kyla Ross, UCLA, 9.950
BB: Elizabeth Price, Stanford, 9.850
FX: MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 9.975

Denver 196.800, Air Force 191.750 [Results]

Denver won this meet in an incredible fashion, topping visiting Air Force by five points after killing it each rotation, despite counting a fall on bars and being able to only put up five on floor after losing Emily Glynn to an injury in warmups. Freshman Mia Sundstrom was one of those falls, missing her bail after an otherwise lovely routine, but I loved seeing her come back from that mistake to have a gorgeous beam set before winning floor with a 9.95 that included a huge double tuck, front layout to front full, and lovely jumps. Standout Maddie Karr also fell on bars, missing her Gienger, but like Sundstrom, she brought it on her remaining events, nearly sticking her 1½ on vault, showing a confident beam set for a 9.9, and opening floor with a huge double pike and excellent double full to finish with a 9.925.

Freshman Lynnzee Brown was solid on all four of her events, giving up only a few small mistakes, like steps out of her 1½ on vault and a short final pass on floor, but she showed a huge double layout on floor and her front aerial to front toss beam series was great, though she missed the connection into the back handspring. Other standouts included Diana Chesnok with a 9.925 on bars for her excellent Tkachev and a stuck full-twisting double layout, Kaitlyn Schou with a 9.95 on beam thanks to her gorgeous front aerial to bhs loso series and stuck gainer full, and Nikole Addison on floor with a huge double layout, 1½ to front layout, and huge double pike for a 9.925.

Air Force had a fantastic meet on all events but beam, where they unfortunately ended the meet counting three falls, including Riley Hill being unable to finish her set after falling twice and possibly injuring her ankle. The event saw two strong routines, though, one from all-arounder Tyler Davis, who hit her front handspring to front aerial series and double full dismount with a hop for a 9.7 after nailing her piked full-in on floor for a 9.85, and the other from specialist Emily Luers, who was gorgeous on the event with a one-armed front handspring to Shushunova and stuck gainer full for a 9.75. I also loved watching Anna Salamone on bars, who hit a giant full to Gienger, lovely Pak, and stuck full-in for a 9.825.

AA: Lynnzee Brown, Denver, 39.250
VT: Maddie Karr, Denver, 9.900
UB: Diana Chesnok, Denver, 9.925
BB: Kaitlyn Schou, Denver, 9.950
FX: Mia Sundstrom, Denver, 9.950

Arizona State 196.475, West Virginia 195.875 [Results]

Wow wow wow. What else can I say about ASU?! The Sun Devils were on fire this weekend, getting a major road win against WVU with the best program score since 2007, a score that was 11th highest in the nation during week two of collegiate competition, lifting them to 11th place in the country and 3rd in the Pac 12 in this week’s standings. This team kills me with how much stronger and more consistent they’ve gotten on vault and bars, and to top it off, they have some of the most gorgeous skills and unique series on beam. I can’t get enough of them and they’re absolutely my favorite program this year. When teams struggle and fight as much as this program did, there’s nothing better than watching them finally rise to their potential, and that’s what’s happening for them right now. It’s incredible to witness and is such an awesome story.

ASU made it through with no falls, putting up scores of 49 or higher on all four events to reach a 196.475. Freshman Cairo Leonard-Baker led the team with huge scores on all four events, including a 9.925 for her effortless bars set that included a big Ray and stuck full-in, and an anchor floor set with a huge double tuck and double pike. LSU transfer Kaitlyn Szafranski stepped it up with a pair of 9.8s on vault and floor while her sister Ashley was gorgeous as always on bars and phenomenal on beam, putting up one of her best sets that included a front aerial to Korbut, side aerial, illusion turn, Rulfova, and stuck gainer full for a 9.9. Additionally, Nichelle Christopherson was the rock the team needed as an anchor on bars and beam and leadoff on floor, Katelyn Lentz had a gorgeous beam set that earned a 9.875, Anne Kuhm showed lovely work on bars and an excellent floor set, and Morgan Wilson hit a huge, clean FTY to bring in the team high on vault. But seriously every member of this team came together for what was collectively the best meet I’ve ever seen from them, so additional shoutouts to Justine Callis, Jessica Ginn, Morgan Hart, and Graycee Rushton for everything they did as well.

West Virginia also came in strong here, pretty much matching the visiting team in the first three rotations, but they lost that momentum from a fab beam performance going into floor, where they had to count a couple of weak scores after the normally solid Jordan Gillette crashed her last pass. Gillette had excellent work on bars and beam, though, Zaakira Muhammad was awesome from start to finish with a huge FTY, stuck double layout on bars, super cool back pike to back pike series on beam, and solid tumbling on floor, Kirah Koshinski hit her 1½ with a tiny hop and had an excellent leadoff beam set, though finished her final pass on floor a bit short, and freshman McKenna Linnen showed huge potential with a solid beam set and a gorgeous performance on floor.

AA: Cairo Leonard-Baker, ASU, 39.475
VT: Kirah Koshinski, WVU, 9.900
UB: Cairo Leonard-Baker, ASU, 9.925
BB: Ashley Szafranski, ASU, 9.900
FX: Cairo Leonard-Baker, ASU, 9.900

George Washington 195.325, Ball State 191.775, Cornell 190.550, Penn 190.375 [Results]

GWU fought back from some bars mishaps early in this meet to easily win their quad meet this afternoon. The senior all-around dream team of Cami Drouin-Allaire and Jillian Winstanley killed it, bringing in big numbers on all four events to help the team to the win, and their senior classmates — Alex Zois, Liz Pfeiler, Madeline Seibold, Sara Mermelstein, and Brooke Bray — each got to participate and contribute strong results to the team. I seriously can’t imagine this team without this class, which came in four seasons ago and really changed the program, so it’s great that they’re all getting out there and representing this season and I hope they all stay healthy and give it one final push for nationals.

Ball State counted three falls on floor and one on beam, but looked strong on vault and floor, with Kaitlyn Menzione bringing in top scores on both while Jillian Hacker was a standout on bars and both Vicky Garcia and Baylee Bell had solid sets on beam. Cornell also struggled with bars falls, but the rest of their meet went well, with Amy Shen leading vault, Kelsy Kurfirst leading bars, Kaitlin Green leading beam, and Maddison Smith performing well on beam and floor, and while Penn had an overall solid meet on the majority of its events, for some reason the team could not get through their vault rotation, leaving them unable to overtake Cornell; individual standouts included Kyra Levi on bars, Caroline Moore on beam, and Alex Hartke on floor.

AA: Jillian Winstanley, GWU, 39.425
VT: Cami Drouin-Allaire, GWU, 9.925
UB: Alex Zois & Jillian Winstanley, GWU, 9.825
BB: Jillian Winstanley, GWU, 9.900
FX: Cami Drouin-Allaire, GWU, 9.875

Kent State 195.050, Centenary 178.875 [Results]

Senior Rachel Stypinski did a fantastic job leading Kent State to a solid opener yesterday, putting up gorgeous sets on bars, beam, and floor to win the all-around with a 39.375. Brooke Timko was also a standout on bars, while Sarah McCarty and freshman Abby Fletcher were solid on vault and floor, Dara Williams contributed nicely on vault and bars, and Ali Marrero was great on bars and beam. I was excited for the debut of freshman Nasha Manitkul-Davis, who competes elite for Thailand, and while she struggled on beam, she had a solid vault and showed lots of potential on floor, counting scores on both events for the team.

Poor Centenary, fielding only five gymnasts on bars and beam, ended up counting multiple falls between the two, finishing about ten points short of what they’re capable of reaching as a team. At this meet, the DIII program returned only four of last season’s eight heavy hitters expected to continue, with senior Ashley White the most notable loss. According to a blog by White, the team had a practice meet last weekend that saw great depth on all four events, but it seems there have been lots of injuries in general so perhaps they’re just not wanting to rush things this early on. Either way, it was a rough competition, though some standouts included Cami Bea Austin with big scores on all events but bars, Aspen Hattley and Kendall Arasmith on all but beam, and Navia Jordan on floor.

AA: Rachel Stypinski, Kent State, 39.375
VT: Dara Williams, Kent State, 9.775
UB: Rachel Stypinski, Kent State, 9.900
BB: Rachel Stypinski, Kent State, 9.875
FX: Rachel Stypinski, Kent State, 9.900

Towson 194.725, Temple 191.575, William & Mary 190.475 [Results]

Making good improvements in the week between their first and second meets of the season, Towson had a big three-point win at home this week, led by all-arounders Tyra McKellar and Mary Elle Arduino, who put up some of the team’s strongest marks on all four events, McKellar showing her strongest work on bars and floor while Arduino was a beam queen with a 9.9 to win the title. Floor overall was an excellent rotation for the host team, which counted all scores at 9.8 or better to reach a total of 49.175 thanks to hits from leadoff Cortni Baker, Lauren Cahalan, Katie McGrady, and Melissa Temkov.

After a huge season opener last weekend, Temple struggled at Towson, counting several falls on beam despite an otherwise solid meet. Jordyn Oster and Breahna Wiczkowski both got their jobs done there, though, and other individual standouts at this meet included Jaylene Everett and Tori Edwards with big numbers on vault and floor while Yasmin Eubanks was excellent on bars, and despite the loss to Towson, they still got the win over William & Mary, which counted falls or large mistakes on every event but vault. For W&M, standouts included Mary Graceyn Gordon on vault, Taylor White on bars, Katie Waldman on beam, and both Waldman and Aaliyah Kerr on floor, who earned scores of 9.8 and 9.825, respectively.

AA: Tyra McKellar, Towson, 39.150
 Tyra McKellar, Towson, 9.800
UB: Tyra McKellar, Towson, 9.825
BB: Mary Elle Arduino, Towson, 9.900
FX: Lauren Cahalan, Towson, 9.875

Western Michigan 193.425, Illinois-Chicago 192.975 [Results]

Despite counting two falls on beam, host team Western Michigan edged out the visiting team by nearly half a point thanks to solid work elsewhere, including a strong finish on floor. Rachael Underwood had an excellent day, anchoring beam with a 9.8 and topping the floor rotation with a 9.85, and we also saw great work on bars from Stacie Harrison and it was a mostly solid day from Kelsey Hood, who came back from a beam fall to get a 9.8 on floor.

This was actually a great meet for UIC, which came up a bit short in the final rotation on beam, but otherwise looked solid for them, with Mikailla Northern killing it as the anchor for all four events, her best being bars with a 9.825. Other strong performances came from Toni Alicke and Serena Baker on bars, while Kayla Baddeley was a top contributor on vault and floor.

AA: Rachael Underwood, WMU, 39.150
VT: Rachael Underwood, WMU, & Kayla Baddeley, UIC, 9.775
UB: Stacie Harrison, WMU, 9.850
BB: Rachael Underwood, WMU, 9.800
FX: Rachael Underwood, WMU, 9.850

Alaska 190.975, Cortland 183.200 [Results]

Alaska came in on Sunday with a two-point improvement in the team score compared to Friday’s season opener, pacing to hit above a 190 despite counting falls on bars and floor in fields that saw only five gymnasts apiece. Beam was an excellent event for the team, though, getting over an early lineup fall to finish strong, including a 9.7 from Kaylin Mancari. Isabelle Fox, who led the all-around with a 38.725, was great on all four events, getting a 9.625 or better on each to finish with a 9.775 to win floor, and Mackenzie Miller unfortunately fell on beam, but otherwise contributed well to the team as the vault leadoff, also putting up a 9.825 on bars and a 9.65 on floor. Additionally, Hope Nelson brought in a 9.725 on bars, and Michaela Phillips brought in a 9.7 on floor to boost the team.

Centenary was weak on bars and floor as well, but the DIII program also had an upswing after Friday’s competition, so always good to have that as a high note. Bars could’ve been better in a perfect world, but fielding only five athletes on vault, they were able to put up solid scores thanks to anchor routines from Emma Schulz and Rachel Filipski. Schulz was also excellent on floor with a 9.7, while Arianna Turso added a 9.35, and the team finished strong on beam, Schulz again leading the team with a 9.75 to win the title, while Genna Orlik brought in a 9.525 early in the rotation.

AA: Isabelle Fox, Alaska, 38.725
VT: Rachel Filipski, Cortland, 9.675
UB: Mackenzie Miller, Alaska, 9.825
BB: Emma Schulz, Cortland, 9.75
FX: Isabelle Fox, Alaska, 9.775

Brown 188.400, Rhode Island 174.550 [Results]

At this Rhode Island dual meet, DI Brown had a commanding win over DIII Rhode Island College, counting a fall on bars and melting down on beam, but showing promising work, especially on bars. Aside from the bars falls, they looked great, finishing with a 9.85 from Emma Hansen, who also hit her routines on beam and floor with her 9.6 on beam the highest after falls from just about everyone else. Julia Green hit floor for a 9.8, and she was also the top contributor on vault with a 9.55, and both Kate Nelson and Anya Olson also had solid sets yesterday.

RIC is without powerhouse all-arounder and top contributor Allie DiBiase, who sadly broke her foot this week after looking strong at the intrasquad. Without her, the team was short an athlete on vault and floor, and they relied heavily on Miranda Murphy, a hard-working junior who hit all four events to reach career highs in the all-around and on beam. Also impressive was Kyndel Yett with a solid vault and fantastic work on floor, where her 9.575 was the team’s top score in six years, and Grace Davis was excellent on beam and floor.

AA: Miranda Murphy, RIC, 36.300
VT: Julia Green, Brown, 9.550
UB: Emma Hansen, Brown, 9.850
BB: Emma Hansen, Brown, 9.600
FX: Julia Green, Brown, 9.800

Whitewater 186.850, Hamline 185.175 [Results]

The defending DIII champs had a solid road win against Hamline yesterday, despite a rough beam rotation that saw them end up a bit weaker than they usually finish. UWW looked strong on vault, though, and put up mostly great scores on bars. Lisa O’Donnell continues to be a savior for the team, winning the all-around and putting up a 9.65 on bars and a 9.725 on floor. She was also the one to turn around the beam rotation, going up fifth after the first four missed sets to hit her routine for a 9.55 to win the title. Kate Mierow also hit beam in the anchor spot, and was the top contributor on bars, and Lewa Evans stood out as the strongest vaulter who also put up an excellent leadoff routine on floor.

Hamline’s struggles also came on beam, but they actually had really nice performances on vault and bars, and finished their day with an excellent floor rotation that came close to rivaling UWW’s. Sydney Tribbet anchored vault with the team high of 9.45 before also leading the team with a 9.7 on floor, specialist Alyssa Huch did great work on bars, and floor saw back-to-back great routines from Caitlin Cooper and Darby Slater.

AA: Lisa O’Donnell, UWW, 38.300
VT: Lewa Evans, UWW, 9.500
UB: Lisa O’Donnell, UWW, 9.650
BB: Lisa O’Donnell, UWW, 9.550
FX: Lisa O’Donnell, UWW, 9.725

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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9 thoughts on “The NCAA Gym Skim | January 14

  1. After competing 2 events last weekend, Noelle Harada (Towson) is currently injured. Estimated recovery time is 6-8 weeks, so she may be able to return for the tail end of the season.


  2. I’m so excited about the return of Evanni Roberson to competition for Washington! Her vault and floor are *heart eye emojis* and I think she’s got potential to be a real force in the all-around, as she grows and gets more experience. Plus, she is much needed for that team with all their injuries!

    Also, I was so excited about Stanford during that meet… and then they hit bars and everything fell apart. But they’re doing so much better than last year, it feels like? I could be imagining things to rewrite a pleasing narrative in my head, of course.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s not even the team, it’s mostly the fans!!! Their Twitter and Facebook comments are unbearable with people who don’t know a thing about gymnastics being like “DEMAND A REVIEW OF THESE SCORES!!!!!!!” when like…literally no one hit a series all night.


      • I was one of the Utah fans at the meet and while I can’t speak for all the fans that were there, only for myself and what I heard from our large fan section, but it seems like most of us were mostly concerned with the discrepancy between the judges scores on each routine. One judge would flash a 9.9 and the other judge had a 9.5. On the next routine it would be switched. The discrepancy between their two scores was so large. Also, the scores were flashed on those tiny flash card things that the judges held up and were super hard to see.

        Because the meet was moving so fast and all 4 teams were competing at once, I don’t think many of the Utah fans watched what was going on with beam and UCLA during the first rotation (we could barely even see our own scores on bars being flashed). There was no running tally of scores, no large scoreboard to see what other gymnasts were scoring, etc. When Utah got to beam for the 2nd rotation, and the scores were all over the place. it was crazy, but again, we had no idea if it was the same for UCLA. The only way we were able to find out individual scores, was to go to other teams twitter pages, websites, etc. We only knew our own gymnasts scores by going to our own school’s live scoring feed of our gymnasts.

        While I don’t know what was posted on facebook/twitter by Utah fans about being “cheated”, I will say that the fans that were there, and there were a lot of them, weren’t saying that after the meet, or in the arena during the meet. Our fans were concerned with the scoring discrepancies and what each judge saw differently. I didn’t hear anyone say we were cheated. After seeing the scores for all the teams (after the meet was over), beam was definitely scored very tightly for all teams, and the judges were definitely not in sync with each other.

        All in all it was a great meet, and we got to see some great gymnastics by 4 great teams on podium! Hopefully, they will work out something out with scoring, as far as some sort of scoreboard that shows totals, etc.


  3. Riley Hill (Airforce) cut her foot during her beam routine but the crowd cheered her mightily as she limped out of the arena and her teammates cleaned up the bloodied beam. Airforce had some trouble on that event but their bars were stellar and Davis’ floor routine made me believe in unicorns again.

    Lynnzee Brown actually competed with the flu and still landed on top with some excellent routines. I’m losing my mind waiting for next weekend when Lynnzee is all better, Mia hits everything, Maddie’s feet turn into glue, and ALL WHILE FACING ANOTHER RANKED TEAM!! (Boise #8)


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