The Elevate the Stage Reno Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the collegiate competition at the Elevate the Stage meet in Reno, Nevada!

Refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top.

7:11 pm. Final Standings

UCLA 197.200
Utah 196.975
Washington 195.725
Stanford 195.350

7:09 pm. Loved this AA battle. Skinner came out on top with a 39.7, Price second with a 39.65, and Ross third with a 39.55! All of your last quad faves are getting it done.

7:07 pm. Flam, Stanford, BB: bhs with bent knees into layout, full turn, good punch front, hit the dismount. Exhibition I think.

7:03 pm. Riley, UW, FX: Double pike bounced back. Front layout to front full, nice!

Bryant, Stanford, BB: Solid bhs loso. Punch front tuck, college stick on the double tuck dismount but really great work!

7:01 pm. Burleson, UW, FX: Double pike a bit low with buckled knees. Lovely 1.5 through to double full. 2.5, landing a bit back but good set.

Navarro, Stanford, BB: Love the split mount. Solid bhs loso. Switch leap is nice. Hit the dismount.

6:57 pm. Ross, UCLA, UB: Maloney to bail, arches over a bit, to toe shoot, great handstand before the giants into the double layout stuck with her chest forward.

Washington, UW, FX: Hit opening pass, I think a double tuck, I just saw the landing. Nice straddle jump series. Front layout to front full is good, right into choreo. Double pike into a lunge.

Price, Stanford, BB: Front aerial, bhs layout is solid, full turn, great jump series, stuck double pike CASUAL.

Lee, UCLA, UB: Good handstand before big Ray, weird knee bend on the catch, excellent Bhardwaj, toe on to van Leeuwen is great, lovely double layout with a great landing.

6:55 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, UB: Toe on to bail, Tkachev goes WAAAAY over, no prayers of catching it. Double layout rotates too slow, first flip gets around floatily, but not enough time to get the second one around and she’s a bit short.

Roberson, UW, FX: I missed the first pass but I think she had a little jump out of it. Hit middle pass. Short on the double pike to finish.

Skinner, Utah, VT: DTY, DAMN, her best ever in NCAA I think in terms of the landing.

I missed the Stanford beam set after Cole.

6:53 pm. Cole, Stanford, BB: Nice bhs loos. Good leap series. Front aerial to beat jump. Stuck double full. Not bad!!

Tessen, Utah, VT: Yurchenko 1.5 a little seated but feet don’t move.

Meraz, UCLA, UB: Ray I think to overshoot. Double layout with a hop back.

Merrell, Utah, VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a hop forward.

6:52 pm. Dennis, UCLA, UB: Maloney to bail to toe shoot, a little close on the catch. I miss her Tkachevs. Nice double layout, just a slide n the landing.

Roy, UW, FX: Solid double pike to start. Front full to front lay is powerful. Double tuck nice and high.

Lewis, Utah, VT: I missed who, but good FTY.

6:49 pm. Schaefer, UW, FX: Nice double pike to start. Great 1.5 to front layout to stag ring jump. Solid double tuck.

Honest, UCLA, UB: Nice Tkachev, straddleback, stuck low full-in with feet apart,

Reinstadtler, Utah, VT: I missed this and who it was.

Fitzgerald, Stanford, BB: Full turn, hitch kick to front aerial, ooh I kind of missed what happened, maybe a straddle side or something but she looked like she landed it and then fell backwards off the beam. Front aerial to back tuck. Hit the dismount.

Lee, Utah, VT: Clean FTY, great landing.

6:48 pm. Standings…

UCLA 147.825
Utah 147.550
Washington 146.70
Stanford 146.325

6:43 pm. Some scores…

Utah 147.550
Washington 146.500

Skinner got a 9.975 on floor and Price got a 9.9 on bars. The two are half a tenth apart in the all-around race with Ross not that far behind them.

6:37 pm. Skinner, Utah, FX: Double double, excellent. 1.5 through to double full, step back but great. Solid tucked full-in. Fantastic.

Burleson, UW, BB: Front aerial with a big wobble but saves it. Front aerial with another wobble the second time but keeps it going into the back handspring. Side aerial with a wobble but good save into the switch leap. Straddle jump to straddle 1/4, full turn, side aerial to layout full.

6:35 pm. Merrell, Utah, FX: Piked full-in a little low with a deep lunge back. 1.5 to front layout to front pike. Rudi to straddle jump to finish. Good routine.

Roberson, UW, BB: Switch to straddle 1/4, solid bhs loso, gainer full with a hop.

6:33 pm. Price, Stanford, UB: Maloney to clear hip to Church to bail to Ray, YASSSS. Double layout with a tiny hop, looked like she maybe pinged off a tad bit early but no problem getting it around.

Soloski, Utah, FX: Big double layout to start, rotating back a little as she lands so she has to step back to accommodate. Hit middle pass, very nice. Good 1.5 to front layout. Solid.

Copiak, UW, BB: Full turn, lovely flight series, switch half to beat jump, side aerial, 1.5 with a step. Good!

6:29 pm. Hano, UCLA, VT: Hit, good landing!

Reinstadtler, Utah, FX: God I can’t see anyone’s face on this event…is this Reinstadtler maybe? Gonna go with that. Double tuck with a big jump back. Hit middle pass. Double pike is good.

Bryant, Stanford, UB: Toe on to Tkachev is nice, huge double layout almost stuck!

Goings, UW, BB: Standing back loso is lovely. side aerial to layout full with a step.

Kramer, UCLA, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, you can tell she doesn’t want to sit it and kind of purposely leans forward. Much better.

6:27 pm. Flam, Stanford, UB: Toe on shy of handstand and she kind of just flies off. Back up for full-twisting double layout with a hop.

Roberts, Utah, FX: I missed the beginning of this and can’t see who it is. Missed all of it actually but think it was good from the little glimpses I had.

Ross, UCLA, VT: Nice clean FTY! Nice! Great landing.

Washington, UW, BB: Nice bhs loso, beat jump, solid dismount, good routine.

Tratz, UCLA, VT: Clean and flared FTY with a small step.

6:26 pm. Schaefer, UW, BB: Good beginning from what I saw. Oh, I missed it all except the dismount, a stuck 1.5 but I think she had a good set.

Hall, UCLA, VT: Actually a really nice 1.5 for her! Small hop, so excited when she lands.

6:24 pm. Lawson, Stanford, UB: Maloney to pak to toe shoot, toe full gets a little stuck in the middle, but she gets it around and pulls into the double tuck. Not bad.

Lewis, Utah, FX: Solid double pike. Hit middle pass. Skids double tuck and flies forward but holds on.

Meraz, UCLA, VT: Clean FTY, good landing.

Dennis, UCLA, VT: FTY with a huge hop back

Navarro, Stanford, UB: Good beginning, hit the full-in dismount a little low.

6:22 pm. Current standings!

UCLA 98.425
Stanford 98.250
Utah 98.100
Washington 98.000

DAYUMMMM this is a close one.

6:20 pm. Ebee got a perfect 9.95 on vault!!! Stanford with a 49.075 there.

6:15 pm. After rotation two is almost done, I got rotation one scores! Utah 49.3, Stanford 49.175, UCLA 49.025, Washington 49.0.

Burch, Utah, BB: I think this is Burch? I don’t recognize her. Full turn, bhs loso with loose knees, this might be an exhibition. Switch to straddle 1/4, 1.5 stuck with her feet apart. Good job!

6:13 pm. I just checked Stanford’s twitter so I could get their bars lineup and they posted their vault rotation order AFTER vault ended which like…#JustStanfordThings

Lee, Utah, BB: Wobbled out of her bhs loso but did a good job to get it back, beat jump to side aerial is good, switch to straddle 1/4, nice double full! just slides her heels together.

6:10 pm. Madison Copiak got a 9.9 on bars! Good for her. I think there’s an exhibition on floor…I turned that feed off because I thought they were done.

Skinner, Utah, BB: Super solid bhs loso, good extension for her, little adjustment on the side aerial, wobble out of full L turn, switch to straddle to back tuck is great. Double tuck with a baby step.

6:06 pm. Tratz, UCLA, FX: Tucked full-in with a lunge back, maybe OOB? I couldn’t tell from this angle. Love her crazy person choreo and expression. If she comes back to elite I want her to do this. Take Miss Val with you. German floor is a weird mixed bag of insanity. Hit middle pass. Solid double tuck, looked stuck.

Reinstadtler, Utah, BB: Front aerial to split jump, lovely bhs loso, switch to straddle 1/4, full turn, Y scale, lovely, she’s so prettyyyy and elegant. Cartwheel to gainer full, a bit underrotated and she has to hop forward.

6:04 pm. Stover, Utah, BB: Looooong wait for her. Like, multiple routines happened on bars during her wait. Front aerial to bhs, full turn, front toss, switch to straddle, gainer full with a good landing.

Hano, UCLA, FX: Big double layout with a solid landing. Front full to front half to…she kind of bailed out of a stag jump mid-air I think? And did the running man in the air a little bit LOL. Like that can’t be a skill. Bless. Solid double pike.

6:02 pm. Burleson, UW, UB: Arches over handstand before straddle Jaeger but gets back in the groove. Bail, giant full to double tuck stuck. LOVELYYYY. Just that first handstand mistake but otherwise so good.

6:00 pm. Dennis, UCLA, FX: Double arabian is a little low. Middle pass, 1.5 through to double tuck I think, I missed the first bit, but it was good. Double tuck stuck cold to finish.

Flam, Stanford, VT: Handspring front pike with a huge lunge forward.

Copiak, UW, UB: I think this is Copiak so I’m gonna run with it. Piked Jaeger to overshoot, stuck full-in, VERY nice!!

5:57 pm. Washington, UW, UB: Huge Gienger, I’m so sorry I’m not getting these names but it’s too blurry for me to see anything. Hit routine.

Bryant, Stanford, VT: Huuuge FTY but with an equally huge bounce back.

Merrell, Utah, BB: Switch to split jump. This might be Merrell? #CantSee Good acro series, front aerial to beat jump, full turn,

Ohashi, UCLA, FX: Double layout a little buckled in the landing. Hit her middle pass well. Double tuck to finsih.

Goings, UW, UB: Good straddle Jaeger, straddle back a tad bit over but she gets it back under control, full-in low with a hop.

Price, Stanford, VT: Beautiful lovely stuck FTY.

5:54 pm. McNatt, Utah, BB: Front aerial to bhs, a little weak. Nice full Y turn, very controlled. Standing back loso with bent knees. Lots of good flexibility displays from her though. Very unique choreo and construction. Hit the dismount.

Ross, UCLA, FX: Double tuck, good. Hit middle pass. Double pike to finish, chest down. Not bad!

Cole, Stanford, VT: FTY with a bounce back

Roberson, UW, UB: Piked Jaeger to overshot, double layout with a step back

Navarro, Stanford, VT: Clean FTY with a step back.

5:52 pm. Kramer, UCLA, FX: 2.5 to front tuck, good. Hit the second pass. Big Rudi to straddle jump.

Lawson, Stanford, VT: FTY, some leg sep coming out of her block but good landing.

Nelson, UW, UB: huge straddle Jaeger, hit the dismount. Didn’t see who it was though.

5:48 pm. The bars feed appears to be down so apologies to Washington fans if I don’t see anything from them…and apologies to Stanford and UCLA fans if it’s not fixed by their rotations. 🙂

5:47 pm. Stanford: Cole 9.825, Lawson 9.8, Navarro 9.8, Flam 9.7, Bryant 9.8



Can you tell this is my biggest pet peeve in life?

5:46 pm. UCLA: Nguyen 9.825, Dennis 9.75, Glenn 9.75, Ross 9.825, Ohashi 9.8, Lee 9.825 = 49.025

5:45 pm. Price, Stanford, FX: Huge and lovely double layout. Front tuck through to double tuck, great. Great amplitude on her jump series. Finishes with a killer double pike. Fantastic.

Hano, UCLA, BB: Exhibition routine. Switch ring to beat jump, solid bhs loso. Full turn, wobble on her side aerial, stuck 1.5 on her toes. Nice!! Good that they have other options and depth.

5:44 pm. I’m gonna try to fill in some names for those routines below where I didn’t see who was actually competing, just FYI!

5:43 pm. Lee, UCLA, BB: Lovely Homma flairs, bhs layout with a wobble and her leg up, but she saves it unlike in warmups. lovely double spin to beat jump, tries to be a hero and bring that right into a split jump or sissone but it’s too rushed and she wobbles the landing. Side aerial layout full stuck, just a slight knee bend.

5:42 pm. Bryant, Stanford, FX: Huge double layout, excellent! Front tuck through to double pike, fantastic. GOD she’s good. Nails super open double tuck into a lunge. Bless her.

I’ve seen no scores so far. When will people learn that Meet Scores Online is THE worst platform for NCAA???? It’s individual only, no team scores, AND IT NEVER WORKS.

5:40 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, BB: Lovely press mount. Full turn, front aerial with a slow connection into the back handspring. Little bobble after the switch ring into the beat jump but good cover. Bhs loso to layout full with a little bounce in place on the landing.

5:38 pm. Skinner, Utah, UB: Maloney (leg sep) to bail which is nice. Great handstand before toe on to full-in stuck.

5:36 pm. Ross, UCLA, BB: floaty bhs loso, just a slide back when she hits, check after front aerial, good jumps, side aerial to stuck layout full.

Tessen, Utah, UB: Big Jaeger, bail, full turn, short handstand before full-in, a bit seated with a large step back, just didn’t get the rotation.

Flam, Stanford, FX: Double arabian, knees buckled on the landing but she doesn’t sit so that’s good. Front through to double pike super low with a big stumble forward but no hands down. Last pass is a double pike which is good.

5:32 pm. Reinstadtler, Utah, UB: I can’t tell who this is. Toe half + Jaeger, full-in chest down and a hop.

Roberson, UW, VT: Big, clean, STUCK FTY!! NICEEEEE.

Glenn, UCLA, BB: Bhs loso is solid. Switch leap to split jump, tiny bobble after front aerial to split jump. Good routine.

Navarro, Stanford, FX: Good double pike to start, just some leg separation. Chest a little down on the double tuck.

Lee, Utah, UB: Blind change to front giant half, double tuck stuck.

Hoffa, UW, VT: Missed who this is too. Can we get names somewhere? Am I missing them? FTY, a little loose, big step back.

5:30 pm. Merrell, Utah, UB: Toe on half to Jaeger, clean, hit the rest.

Roy, UW, VT: Hit

Lawson, Stanford, FX: 1.5 through to double tuck, chest low, but otherwise good. Solid double pike.

Dennis, UCLA, BB: Triple wolf turn with a little wobble, bhs, dances back, then does bhs loso so guessing the first bhs was a mistake. Great amplitude on switch to switch half. Stuck 1.5 dismount, just knee form.

Burleson, UW, VT: Clean FTY with a step back.

5:27 pm. Copiak, UW, VT: FTY, not bad. Good start.

Nguyen, UCLA, BB: Good turn, front aerial to loso is solid and fluid. Switch to split jump. Hit front dismount, full maybe, I didn’t see.

Cole, Stanford, FX: 2.5 to punch front tuck, nice. Nice straddle. Love her Britney mix. Punch Rudi. Hit the last pass.

Lewis, Utah, UB: I didn’t see who she was or most of this routine but great double layout to finish

Riley, UW, VT: I missed this

5:26 pm. Touch warmups are done! Here we gooooo!

5:24 pm. Nothing super notable in warmups, just your typical…warmup tomfoolery. Some stuck bars dismounts and good tumbling and beam work. Peng just off on her acro series but she’ll without a doubt fix that for the meet.

5:21 pm. Washington will start on vault, Utah on bars, UCLA on beam, and Stanford on floor. Warmups JUST starting now!!

5:19 pm. Touch warmup starting ANY SECOND. I don’t have commentary on but apparently Sam Peszek is doing it, which is an upgrade for Flo.

5:17 pm. National anthem now. There’s like no one in the stands, at least where they’re showing on camera. I guess it’s hard when every fanbase is nowhere near where the meet’s happening? People in Reno are like


5:15 pm. Washington walking out now, the final team to go through intros. We’re getting there!!

5:12 pm. During the walk-out we’re getting really good instructions from whoever’s producing this. HOT MIC, HOT MIC, HOT MIC.

5:09 pm. I think I should be able to blog ALL teams!!!! At this point it’s more an issue of my laptop screen cramming them all in, not getting booted out of different browser windows, but I’m gonna make it happen.

Walk-out happening now. You know, instead of a half hour before the meet start time. Guessing this won’t actually get started until closer to 5:30 ET.

5:08 pm. Soooo excited for this meet and all of the Elevate the Stage meets this season! Podiums are for cool kids, right?

I’m going to try to tackle every team, but I think it’s hard because I might not be able to have multiple browser windows open on Flo. I’ll give it a try, though. UCLA and Utah are gonna have to be my focus, but I’ll get as much as I can from Stanford and Washington.

By the way, if you’re getting annoying video ads every time you refresh, you might want to read these on mobile. I don’t have any control over the ads aside from choosing to have ads in general on my site — they used to be way less intrusive, so blame wordpress for them being super duper obnoxious over the past couple of months. I’ve been trying to get them to fix it.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


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