The NCAA Gym Skim | January 28


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Arizona State 196.800, California 194.850 [Results]

Another week, another killer ASU meet with smashed records all over the place and the team’s top score since 2006. #CASUAL Freshman Cairo Leonard-Baker continues to be a phenomenal human, looking close to perfect on every single event with bars her top earning — her Ray, bail to piked toe shoot, and high stuck full-in were brilliant — but my favorites remain her beam and floor, the latter a superb anchor routine that will absolutely get a 10 before this season is over. I continue to be obsessed with Justine Callis’ leadoff beam set, as well as with Ashley Szafranski’s always gorgeous beam and beautiful lines on bars (she caught her Pak a bit close this week and had a step on the double layout but was otherwise lovely), and vault looked tighter than ever. Really, everyone had a great day, so trying to bring in someone I haven’t really talked about before, Jessica Ginn was fantastic on vault and floor, taking a step back on her FTY and looking excellent on her front tuck through to huge double tuck as well as a solid double pike to finish.

Cal got off to a rough start on bars, counting a fall after Kyana George had a large form break on her bail and had to hop off, and then Alma Kuc had the most gorgeous routine ever with a Maloney to Pak and beautiful front giant work, but she just came off a tad bit early and landed her full-out to her knees. Things picked up with excellent rotations on vault and floor, with Toni-Ann Williams — who tied Leonard-Baker in the all-around with a 39.575 — nearly getting a 10 thanks to her huge stuck opening double layout, but on beam the team had three falls, two of which weirdly came on front aerials, and the meet was beyond saving at that point despite Alicia Gallarzo and Williams finishing the rotation with clean sets. Nina Schank also gets a shoutout for her gorgeous bars going 9.9 (she had a great Jaeger to overshoot and stuck a double layout) and Sylvie Seilnacht stuck her FTY cold for a 9.9 there.

AA: Cairo Leonard-Baker, ASU, & Toni-Ann Williams, Cal, 39.575
VT: Sylvie Seilnacht, Cal, 9.900
UB: Cairo Leonard-Baker, ASU, 9.950
BB: Toni-Ann Williams, Cal, 9.900
FX: Toni-Ann Williams, Cal, 9.975

George Washington 196.175, New Hampshire 195.925 [Results]

GWU had a great road win at UNH on Sunday afternoon, counting no falls and putting up gorgeous work on beam to best the host team by just over a tenth in this super close EAGL matchup. Cami Drouin-Allaire actually struggled a bit here, missing her piked Jaeger and stumbling on her flight series, but she stuck her FTY and the rest of the squad had her back on the other events, with Jillian Winstanley a standout, putting up a 9.8 on bars for her huge Gienger, front giant half to bail, and stuck full-out before going on to hit her Yurchenko 1½ with a hop and nail everything on floor and then beam, wrapping up the rotation with a 9.9. I was also impressed with Liz Pfeiler on her three events, which included a 9.9 for her own awesome beam that included a solid flight series, switch to gainer layout to beat jump, and a stuck cartwheel to gainer full, and Alex Zois crushed it on beam and floor, and I also loved her leadoff bars, where her straddleback was a bit short, but she had a huge Tkachev and stuck her double layout cold.

UNH got off to a good start, but unfortunately had a few falls throughout the day that forced them to count lower scores pretty much everywhere but beam. Lauren Diggan had a fab day, hopping on her Yurchenko 1½ and nailing her floor set in addition to being one of four gymnasts to put up a 9.875 on bars, where the team was on fire after two early rotation misses, with Riley Freehling, Makenzie Kerouac, and Danielle Mulligan also part of that excellent rotation (I loved Diggan’s hop full to Gienger, and think it’s so cool that Mulligan does an L grip front swing into her Jaeger). Freehling was also excellent on beam, but Casey Lauter as always was the one to own that event, with a beautiful front aerial to split jump, solid triple series, and stuck gainer full, and Lia Breeden gets a shoutout for her fantastic leadoff floor set that included a double pike, 1½ to front layout, and high stuck double tuck to finish.

AA: Jillian Winstanley, GWU, 39.450
VT: Cami Drouin-Allaire & Jillian Winstanley, GWU, 9.875
UB: Riley Freehling, Lauren Diggan, Makenzie Kerouac, & Danielle Mulligan, UNH, 9.875
BB: Liz Pfeiler & Jillian Winstanley, GWU, 9.900
FX: Lauren Diggan, UNH, 9.900

Western Michigan 195.675, Bowling Green 194.825 [Results]

WMU had a great day with no falls to get a nearly one-point win over visiting BGSU, cementing their day with a great rotation on floor. Rachael Underwood was a star for the program, putting up the team’s top scores on vault, beam, and floor, while Kelsey Hood was excellent on bars and floor, Stacie Harrison nailed her bars set, and all-around Morgan Spence contributed especially strong scores on beam and floor.

BGSU fought past a fall in the opening rotation to count no major mistakes into the team total, though they did have a few weak spots here and there to keep them from challenging the hosts. Jovannah East had an outstanding day, leading the team on vault and floor while also putting up a solid beam set, India McPeak was excellent on beam as was Lexi Augistine, who also knocked it out of the park on floor, and specialist Alexandra Fochler brought in the team’s biggest score on bars, putting up a 9.825 to win the title.

AA: Morgan Spence, WMU, 39.075
VT: Jovannah East, BGSU, 9.875
UB: Alexandra Fochler, BGSU, & Stacie Harrison, WMU, 9.825
BB: Morgan Spence & Rachael Underwood, WMU, & India McPeak, BGSU, 9.825
FX: Rachael Underwood, WMU, & Jovannah East, BGSU, 9.875

Central Michigan 195.650, Northern Illinois 194.950 [Results]

CMU continues to look solid this season, remaining undefeated and continuing to dominate the MAC with great work across the board at Sunday’s road meet. Denelle Pedrick nailed her DTY on vault for a 9.925 and also looked killer on floor, but unfortunately had a fall on bars that limited her in the all-around. The team was able to fight around that, though, with everyone else hitting on this event, which Gianna Plaksa led with her excellent work while Katy Clements was phenomenal on beam and floor.

This was a mostly solid meet for NIU, which got off to a weak start on vault, but fought to put up strong scores on the remaining events to finish with a knockout floor rotation which saw a pair of 9.825s from Amanda Bartemio and Allison Richardson as well as a 9.85 from Katherine Prentice, who also won bars with a 9.9, and Ashley Potts was incredible in the all-around, winning beam with a 9.9 in addition to contributing strong scores on vault and bars.

AA: Ashley Potts, NIU, 39.350
VT: Denelle Pedrick, CMU, 9.925
UB: Katherine Prentice, NIU, 9.900
BB: Ashley Potts, NIU, & Katy Clements, CMU, 9.900
FX: Katy Clements, CMU, 9.900

Ball State 195.600, Kent State 193.600 [Results]

I’ve seen Ball State many times over the years and have always been like “yeah, they’re good when they hit” but this year I was absolutely wowed by the beauty in many of their routines, with beam especially gorgeous on top of tons of spectacular routines on floor. Vault got off to a great start, with a pair of stuck FTYs from Maddie MacDonald and Bri Slonim, and though the team unfortunately had to count a low score on bars due to some form breaks and extra swings, they finished strong with a lovely set from all-around champ Kaitlyn Menzione, who hit her Gienger to overshoot and took a small step on her double layout. Nearly everyone was solid on beam, with my favorite routines coming from Rachel Benoit (her bhs to one-armed bhs to layout stepout was excellent and she stuck a double tuck!), and floor was a lights-out event for BSU, which saw a pair of 9.875s from Menzione and Tia Kiaku, while Sydney Finke won the title with a 9.9, helping the team to a 49.325 total.

Kent State unfortunately had to count a few falls in their performance, first on bars, then on vault, and again on beam. I was surprised to see standout Rachel Stypinski sit her bars dismount and then also fall on beam, though she made up for it by adding a 9.875 to the floor total thanks to her double pike and excellent 2½ to front layout, and other highlight routines came from Brooke Timko on bars, Ali Marrero on beam making up for her two bars falls with a 9.825 for a solid set, and Abby Fletcher with a 9.85 on floor thanks to a huge double layout, making up for her fall on beam in the next rotation. Not the best Kent State has to offer, certainly, but everyone has a rough day and this was theirs.

AA: Kaitlyn Menzione, BSU, 39.150
VT: Bri Slonim, BSU, 9.875
UB: Jackie Duffy, BSU, & Brooke Timko, KSU, 9.825
BB: Ali Marrero, KSU, 9.825
FX: Sydney Finke, BSU, 9.900

Temple 193.225, Cornell 191.600, S.E. Missouri 189.325, Ithaca 188.075 [Results]

Temple took down the competition as its quad meet on Sunday afternoon, getting over a fall on beam and some weak vault scores to finish hot on floor, where Sahara Gipson brought in a 9.8 followed by Tori Edwards with a 9.85. Gipson also led the team on vault, while Daisy Todd was great on bars and Breahna Wizkowski was excellent on beam, allowing the team to come out ahead of Cornell, which struggled on vault and bars. All-arounder Amy Shen led Big Red on both of these events, with a 9.8 on bars for her beautiful routine, while Isabel Herczeg led the team on beam and Madison Smith was the strongest on floor.

SEMO had to count multiple falls throughout its performance, though Alexis Brawner was incredible, putting up a 9.8 on vault, a 9.75 on bars, and a 9.875 on floor, keeping the team afloat ahead of DIII Ithaca. In addition to Brawner, we also saw strong work from Michael Sanders on beam while McKinzie Jones and Lindsey Bates helped the team on floor. For Ithaca, which saw vault and bars as its weak spots, leading routines included the always awesome Carolyn Nichols on vault with a 9.55, Elyse Ryden on bars with a 9.475, Paige Landes with a fantastic 9.8 on beam, and Victoria Gery with a 9.75 on floor.

AA: Amy Shen, Cornell, 38.550
VT: Alexis Brawner, SEMO, 9.800
UB: Amy Shen, Cornell, 9.800
BB: Isabel Herczeg, Cornell, 9.850
FX: Alexis Brawner, SEMO, 9.875

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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One thought on “The NCAA Gym Skim | January 28

  1. I’m SO PROUD of this ASU team! I knew this would be a better season for them, but comfortably making it into the 196s more often than now was not what I was expecting! They are on fire and I can’t wait to see where they will go.

    Go Devs!

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