The NCAA Gym Skim | March 2


Lexi Graber

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Alabama 197.525, North Carolina 194.925 [Results]

After a slow start to the season, Bama continues to rise as one of the best and most consistent teams in the country. At Friday’s meet, Shea Mahoney opened the vault rotation with a beautiful, clean, and stuck Yurchenko full to kick off the meet on a high note. There is still room for improvement on vault, but we saw lots of clean work on bars, with Ari Guerra sticking her double layout, Mahoney sticking her full-in, and Kiana Winston capping off a great rotation with a gorgeous toe-on to Maloney, super clean Pak, and a slight slide back on her double layout.

The Crimson Tide put up six strong sets on beam, with my favorite work coming from Wynter Childers with her front toss to arabesque and side aerial to stuck tuck full dismount and from Lexi Graber, who had a solid flight series and front aerial to arabesque, and Nickie Guerrero anchored with a meet-high 9.925 for her always brilliant work. She did the same thing once again on floor, with her routine and Guerra’s opening routine both earning 9.925s, acting as an incredible set of bookends to finish the night on a high note.

UNC unfortunately began this meet counting several low scores on bars, and they ended it counting a fall on beam, so that was kind of a bummer, especially as they’re trying to hold on to a regionals spot this year and need all of the hit meets and high scores they can get, especially as they dropped out of the top 36 after this week. With Madison Nettles showing some mistakes in her opening bars set (her double layout actually looked like it was fully spotted and I’m wondering if that affected her score?), the rest of the team did a good job to bring them back on track, with Morgan Lane flirting with perfection as she posted a 9.825 despite missing a flight element thanks to her gorgeous work in her handstands and with her beautiful double layout, but Alexis Allen landed her double layout on her knees and Raine Gordon was short on handstands and on her dismount.

The team fought back on vault, where Allen showed a powerful Yurchenko layout half with a hop before Nettles and Khazia Hislop closed out the rotation with a 9.85 and 9.875, respectively. As Nettles dropped from the sky to stick her FTY cold I screamed “best of the meet!!!” but then Hislop’s was even better, looking huge, extended, gorgeous, and stuck, and yet it scored just a 9.875 to match two of Bama’s gymnasts who earned the same score when it was clearly the standout of this meet.

Floor is an incredible rotation for UNC, and here was no different, with everyone in the lineup going all-out to pick up a 49.4. Madison Hargrave opened with a 9.875 for her big and clean tumbling, followed up by a 9.875 for Mikayla Robinson, a 9.9 from Lane, a 9.85 from Nettles, who stuck her double tuck and showed an awesome whip to double full, and a 9.9 from Hislop in the anchor spot, who was just as effortlessly brilliant here as she was on vault, but sadly the team saw falls from the first two in the beam lineup, and while Hislop and Lane finished them off with a pair of 9.9s — Hislop had a beautiful flight series and double full dismount while Lane had a perfect press mount into her layout stepout to layout stepout series before sticking the dismount — they were unable to surpass a 195 total.

AA: Lexi Graber, Alabama, 39.500
VT: Ari Guerra & Shea Mahoney, Alabama, and Khazia Hislop, North Carolina, 9.875
UB: Shea Mahoney, Alabama, 9.925
BB: Nickie Guerrero, Alabama, 9.925
FX: Ari Guerra & Nickie Guerrero, Alabama, 9.925

Arkansas 197.275, Arizona 196.125 [Results]

I missed this meet unfortunately, but it was a huge result for the Razorbacks, who came back from a comparatively weak vault rotation to put up huge numbers on their other three events, with everyone contributing at a top level to reach their best team score in history. The always dependable Braie Speed led Arkansas on her two events, vault and bars, with her 9.95 on bars matching the school record, while freshman standout Sophia Carter put up a new school record on beam with her 9.975 before going on to hit a 9.9 on floor, a score matched by Jessica Yamzon while Sarah Shaffer earned a 9.925. Additionally, Amanda Wellick performed superbly on all four events, posting a 9.9 on both bars and beam on top of a 9.825 on vault and a 9.8 on floor.

Visiting Arizona fielded only five athletes on vault and floor, which limited them on both ends especially as they were forced to count weak routines from Madison Cindric and Christina Berg on the latter, but the team was rock-solid on bars and beam, with Berg posting a 9.925 on bars in the team’s opening rotation while Victoria Ortiz and Courtney Cowles went 9.925 on beam and Cindric put up a 9.95 to end the meet on a high note with a 49.525 on that event. Additionally, Cowles led the vault rotation with a 9.825 and Kennady Schneider led floor with a 9.825.

AA: Amanda Wellick, Arkansas, 39.425
VT: Braie Speed, Arkansas, 9.875
UB: Braie Speed, Arkansas, 9.950
BB: Sophia Carter, Arkansas, 9.975
FX: Sarah Shaffer, Arkansas, 9.925

Missouri 196.925, Florida 196.700 [Results]

In the shocker to end all shockers, Mizzou not only counted 20-for-20 hit routines on Friday night, but they also beat Florida by more than two tenths while doing it, a major upset for the program. Opening with a solid vault rotation that saw a pair of 9.875s from Madeleine Huber and Kennedi Harris, the Tigers continued to show good work on bars, with a bunch of 9.8-range scores though Shauna Miller was able to stand out ahead of her teammates to post a 9.925. On beam, the team got past a fall from Belle Gottula to reach a solid overall score, with Brooke Kelly and Morgan Porter adding 9.85s to lead the team, and they finished with their strongest work on floor, seeing a trio of 9.9s from Mary Nicholson, Aspen Tucker, and Harris, though I don’t think any of these were super accurate, as pretty much everyone gave up far more in noticeable deductions than they had taken from their scores.

Crack scoring aside, I’m glad Mizzou got the win. Though capable of a 197.5+ here, Florida gave it away on floor, counting a fall after both Rachel Gowey and Jazmyn Foberg missed punch fronts. While they’re more than capable of winning with a fall, I like that the team with the solid work throughout was able to get the win. Floor falls aside, Florida saw tons of excellent work, with Alex McMurtry a standout, winning three individual titles for her gorgeous stuck FTY, flawless bars set, and excellent precision on beam. Also great here was Alicia Boren, who had her typically solid bars, big Yurchenko 1½ with a better landing than usual, big tumbling on floor, and a confident set on beam, while Grace McLaughlin has stepped into her role on floor with ease, earning a 9.9. After losing Kennedy Baker to an Achilles injury and with Rachel Slocum out sick this week, the team showed that they’re still more than capable of being one of the best in the country even with lots of lineup shifts and some fluke misses on floor.

AA: Alicia Boren, Florida, 39.500
VT: Alex McMurtry, Florida, 9.925
UB: Alex McMurtry, Florida, 9.950
BB: Alex McMurtry, Florida, 9.950
FX: Alyssa Baumann & Alicia Boren, Florida, 9.925

California 196.925, Central Michigan 193.525 [Results]

After a huge upset against Utah the previous week, Cal continued its fight toward postseason with four excellent rotations against visiting CMU. With Toni-Ann Williams taking the reins to lead the team on three events, posting a pair of 9.925s on vault and bars to win the all-around with a 39.55, it was great to see the Bears not fully reliant on her, with Nina Schank tying her on bars with a 9.925 of her own for her lovely work, while Sofie Seilnacht came back from a fall on bars to put up great sets on beam and floor, Kyana George was steady and strong across the board with four 9.8-range scores, and Arianna Robinson was powerful and clean on vault and floor.

CMU was a little rough around the edges here, putting up their lowest score of the season after counting low scores on all four events. It wasn’t necessarily that they were falling constantly or having disastrous routines, but tons of mistakes added up, and it unfortunately led to a disastrous total. The team was without Denelle Pedrick, who reportedly had to go home for a funeral, and while she isn’t necessarily the glue holding the team together, without her they seemed to struggle a bit more than usual. With everything that went wrong, we did see some good individual work, including from Miranda Wieczorek on beam, Kennedy Johnson on vault and bars, and Katy Clements on vault, beam, and floor, with her beam score of 9.9 the team’s highest on any event.

AA: Toni-Ann Williams, Cal, 39.550
VT: Toni-Ann Williams, Cal, 9.925
UB: Toni-Ann Williams & Nina Schank, Cal, 9.925
BB: Sofie Seilnacht, Cal, 9.925
FX: Toni-Ann Williams, Kyana George, Sofie Seilnacht, & Arianna Robinson, Cal, 9.825

Kentucky 196.850, Ohio State 195.725 [Results]

This was another excellent meet for Kentucky, which fought past a fall on beam to put up a third-best season score while taking all individual titles against Ohio State. Mollie Korth and Alex Hyland were outstanding here, finishing neck and neck as all-arounders as Korth led the team on vault with a near-stuck Yurchenko 1½ and then on bars, where her piked Jaeger was great and she nailed her full-twisting double layout with a tiny hop, and Hyland was the best on beam, showing tremendous confidence with her front aerial, flight series, and dismount series for a 9.925. Both Korth and Hyland put up 9.875s on floor as well, where Sidney Dukes also had a strong set after putting up a 9.925 to match Hyland on beam, sticking her 1½ to finish, and Cori Rechenmacher also added solid sets on beam and floor, just bobbling a bit on on her gainer pike dismount after an effortless routine, and then finishing on floor with a front tuck through to double tuck and big double pike.

Aside from the occasional weak routine here and there, Ohio State also performed well, though they were unable to crack a 49 on any event. On bars, some landing steps held them back, but they had a couple of standout moments, including a nice Jaeger to overshoot from Alexis Mattern and a lovely Maloney to Pak and van Leeuwen from Jenna Swartzentruber. Mattern also performed a stuck handspring front pike half, which I thought should’ve been given a bit more love from the judges, while Janelle McClelland led the rotation with a 9.825 for a Yurchenko layout half stuck on her toes, and she also put up the team’s best floor set, nailing her double pike, 1½ to front layout, and solid double tuck for a 9.825 as well. On beam, Swartzentruber had the most epic fight ever after wobbling on her flight series, though she did end up eventually grabbing the beam, and they had to count her 9.5 after Kaitlyn Hofland fell in the anchor position, though Amanda Huang was gorgeous in her set, especially with her switch leap to Korbut, and Jamie Stone led the rotation with a 9.9 after nailing a 1½ dismount.

AA: Mollie Korth, Kentucky, 39.475
VT: Mollie Korth, Kentucky, 9.875
UB: Mollie Korth, Kentucky, 9.925
BB: Sidney Dukes & Alex Hyland, Kentucky, 9.925
FX: Alex Hyland & Mollie Korth, Kentucky, 9.875

Boise State 196.725, Sacramento State 193.450 [Results]

The Broncos celebrated Senior Night in style with big scores and excellent routines across the spectrum to end the night in a big way on floor. Beginning on vault, the team had some steps that limited their overall scoring potential, and once they’re better able to control landings they’ll absolutely be able to pull in some huge scores because otherwise they’re looking clean and polished. All-around champ Shani Remme hit a big clean FTY early in the lineup to post a 9.825, and Sarah Means closed out the rotation with a huge Yurchenko 1½ with a step back with a 9.875 to lead the team there.

On bars, Means missed her Tkachev, opening the rotation with a 9.2 and putting the rest of the squad on alert, though they had no problems and wrapped up the rotation with a 49.3, matching their highest score of the season thanks to especially great work from senior Ann Stockwell, who caught a Gienger and Pak before sticking her full-in, and from Courtney McGregor, whose toe-on to Maloney to bail and full-in were lovely and brought in a 9.9. On beam, Remme showed off a solid flight series, front aerial, and 1½ with a small hop for a 9.85 while Means came back from her bars fall to post a 9.875 with great acro, leaps, and a good landing on her gainer full, and on floor, Stockwell showed off a front double full to earn a 9.9 and Remme brought that up a notch to post a 9.925 for her front double full, solid double pike and whip half to front full.

Additionally, seniors Abby Webb, Mary Frances Bir, and Sandra Collantes also all competed well on their night, each putting up great routines on floor while also contributing on another event or two apiece. Collantes went up last with her fan-favorite “Mambo #5” routine, and though she stepped back and out-of-bounds on her big tucked full-in to open, she finished great, performing a switch ring to switch half, 1½ to front layout, and big double pike.

Sacramento wasn’t really competition for Boise State, which won by a healthy three points after the visiting team struggled, counting misses on bars and vault, though there were some great individual moments and the team as a whole finished with an excellent beam rotation. The Soliwodas were a huge strength on bars, with Caitlin performing a Maloney to Pak and stuck double layout while Courtney hit a Tkachev and bail to toe shoot to both bring in 9.825s. These two were again the strongest on vault, both performing FTYs with Courtney bringing in a 9.7 and Caitlin adding a 9.75. The normally consistent Annie Juarez, who fell on bars and sat her vault, came back to anchor floor with an excellent routine, showing a front double full, 1½ to front pike, and Rudi to Shushunova to lead the rotation with a 9.825, and on beam, specialist Kendra Braida opened the rotation with exactly the set they needed to crush this rotation, which ended with anchor Courtney Soliwoda bringing in a 9.875 for her gorgeous routine, showing a solid flight series, switch leap to sheep jump, and stuck gainer full.

AA: Shani Remme, Boise State, 39.450
VT: Sarah Means, Boise State, 9.875
UB: Courtney McGregor, Boise State, 9.900
BB: Sarah Means, Boise State, and Courtney Soliwoda, Sacramento State, 9.875
FX: Shani Remme, Boise State, 9.925

Nebraska 196.700, Stanford 195.925, Illinois 195.900, Georgia 195.825 [Results]

At this week’s Elevate the Stage meet in Augusta, the clear standout program was Nebraska, winning the title by nearly a point over the other three teams, all of which finished within a tenth of one another.

The Huskers aren’t a super flashy team, but they also make pretty much no major mistakes on a consistent basis, which is how they were able to easily win this one. This was a super tight meet in terms of vault scoring, and yet this didn’t seem to apply to Nebraska and for good reason, as they were all super solid, especially in the latter half with a pair of 9.875s from Taylor Houchin and Megan Schweihofer while Sienna Crouse brought in a 9.85 in the anchor position. On bars and beam, the team didn’t count anything lower than a 9.825, with Houchin leading bars with a 9.9 while Grace Williams brought in a 9.875 after nailing her triple series and sticking her dismount on beam, and though floor was probably the weakest of the day, Crouse was able to help them out with a 9.85 after some equally solid work from Williams and Sierra Hassel before her.

Thanks to Elizabeth Price, Stanford gets to claim second place here, though without Price it’s clear they would’ve been much worse off. Price, who won the all-around, vault, and bars titles, and led her team on every event, and by over a tenth in some places. She took a step on her DTY, earning a 9.9 there, and her bars went 9.95 for a fantastic routine that included a flawless Maloney to clear hip to Church to bail to Ray and a stuck double layout. On beam, there were only minor errors in her routine, which got a 9.9 after she stuck her double pike, and on floor she showed a huge double layout, front tuck through to stuck double tuck, and a double pike to finish. Price aside, there wasn’t anyone who was like, “standout good,” though I’m impressed with the continued improvement from Rachael Flam, and beam for the most part continues to be a great event for this team.

Illinois saw one of its strongest meets of the season here, with Rae Balthazor looking especially good, bringing in a 9.9 on bars before also showing great work on beam and floor. Bridget Hodan was also excellent on her three events, anchoring the beam rotation with a 9.875, Jordyn Givens and Lindsay Dwyer were solid on bars, and though Nicole Biondi wasn’t at full strength on vault, her other events went well, with three 9.8s early in the rotations on bars, beam, and floor.

Still with only five in the vault lineup, Georgia was forced to count a fall from Sydney Snead on her Yurchenko 1½, but the team was otherwise great, if perhaps a tad over-scored compared to other teams here (I can’t say I was mad about Sabrina Vega getting a 9.975 to win the title on floor…but compared to Price’s routine, it was…cracky). I do like that this team has made beam a strength, with two gorgeous routines from Snead and Rachel Dickson followed up by Vega’s anchor work, and Dickson was excellent on bars, with a lovely Ray and bail before a stuck double layout for a 9.9. Vault fall aside, this was a decent meet, though they’ll need to be putting up more of a fight if they want to sneak into the nationals picture.

AA: Elizabeth Price, Stanford, 39.650
VT: Elizabeth Price, Stanford, 9.900
UB: Elizabeth Price, Stanford, 9.950
BB: Sydney Snead, Georgia, 9.925
FX: Sabrina Vega, Georgia, 9.975

UC Davis 196.350, Air Force 194.050 [Results]

The Aggies posted the third-best score in school history on Friday night while freshman Kelley Hebert set school and conference records with her winning 39.525 all-around score against Air Force. Hebert saw her scores build throughout the meet from a pair of 9.85s on vault and bars to a 9.875 on beam and then a 9.95 on floor to tie the school record. Also looking great here was all-arounder Kyla Kessler, solid on all four events, while Alexis Brown was lovely on beam, Yasmine Yektaparast was a strong contributor on beam and floor, and specialist Kara Jones put up a strong floor set as well.

Air Force had some struggles throughout that made them unable to contend here, though their work on bars and floor was mostly solid. Anna Salamone was excellent on vault and bars, Analise Howard was a standout on bars and beam, specialist Emily Luers put up a lovely beam set, and Tyler Davis showed strong work on beam and floor.

AA: Kelley Hebert, UC Davis, 39.525
VT: Kelley Hebert, UC Davis, and Anna Salamone, Air Force, 9.850
UB: Kelley Hebert & Gabby Landess, UC Davis, 9.850
BB: Alexis Brown, UC Davis, 9.900
FX: Kelley Hebert, UC Davis, 9.950

George Washington 196.300, Towson 196.250, Rutgers 193.825 [Results]

Though they weren’t in tip-top shape on bars or beam at this meet, GWU still managed to take down the host team Towson with Cami Drouin-Allaire putting up a killer performance on all four events, including the debut of her DTY on vault…and it was excellent! Drouin-Allaire, one of a million seniors on this team, brought the upgrade as her ‘dream’ skill, and on top of earning a 9.9 there, she also led the team on beam and floor, with her floor earning a 9.925. Jillian Winstanley also picked up a 9.925 — on vault for her — while leading the team on bars, Alex Zois was excellent on beam and floor, bringing a pair of 9.875s, Liz Pfeiler contributed a pair of 9.85s on bars and beam, and specialist Madeline Seibold posted a 9.85 on floor.

This was Towson’s best meet in three years, with pretty much everyone contributing at a high level. Tyra McKellar won bars with a 9.925 for her awesome set here, while also helping the team out on vault and beam, Cortni Baker was outstanding on vault, bars, and floor, though her scores were just shy of matching GWU on each event, Gabriella Yarussi brought in big scores on vault, beam, and floor, specialist Tess Zientik was a standout on bars, and Mary Elle Arduino showed lovely work on bars and beam.

Rutgers struggled with detrimental mistakes everywhere but floor, leaving them unable to surpass a 194, though floor was excellent from start to finish, including a 9.85 from Belle Huang and a 9.875 from Jenna Rizkalla. Makenzey Shank was fierce there as well, bringing in a 9.825 on top of big scores to lead the team on bars and beam, and vault saw a trio of 9.75s from Huang, Michelle Amoresano, and Toni Williams.

AA: Cami Drouin-Allaire, George Washington, 39.525
VT: Jillian Winstanley, George Washington, 9.925
UB: Tyra McKellar, Towson, 9.925
BB: Cami Drouin-Allaire & Alex Zois, George Washington, 9.875
FX: Cami Drouin-Allaire, George Washington, 9.925

BYU 196.200, Utah State 196.100 [Results]

This was an exciting meet right down to the wire as BYU was able to crank out a solid beam rotation to hold back USU fighting to the finish with fantastic work on floor. Leading throughout the meet, BYU didn’t get quite the routines they’d hoped for on beam, and so it was a nail-biter waiting for the final USU routine to finish up, but the Cougars walked away victorious, getting the win by a tenth at this conference match-up on the road.

Opening on bars, BYU looked lovely, counting a 9.85 from the always dependable Shannon Evans while Brittni Hawes put up a 9.925 for her flawless set. Avery Bennett led the team on vault with a 9.85 for her Yurchenko full-on back tuck, pushing the team just ahead of a 49, but then there were a few super minor issues on floor that kept them from reaching the 49, though Natasha Marsh anchored with solid work, especially on her double pike and 1½ to front layout, for a 9.825. On beam, Briana Pearson opened the rotation with a beat jump out of her flight series, a switch leap to stag ring jump, and a stuck 1½ dismount for a 9.825, while Marsh put up a 9.9 with her front toss to back handspring and stuck gainer full to win the title, followed by a 9.875 from Abby Boden, who hit the same flight series well, while also nailing her 1½. Unfortunately, Jill van Mierlo fell on her side aerial in the anchor position, which is so rare to see from her, but the team was able to count on a weak final routine from the Aggies on floor to secure the win.

Utah State started off strong on vault, seeing a 9.875 from Mikaela Meyer and a 9.9 from Faith Leary, and while bars had a couple of weak spots, they didn’t count any super low scores, and Jazmyn Estrella was able to put up a 9.875 to lead them there. Beam went well, but while the team was hoping to count all 9.8s or higher there, a big wobble from McKinley Pavicic on her double spin meant they had to count a 9.75, with Autumn deHarde’s 9.85 the highest, and then deHarde was hoping to carry the team on floor as well with her typically great anchor set, but her score was uncharacteristically low despite a mostly solid routine, and she was unable to push the team past their rivals, though we did see some standout work on this event from Leary with a Rudi and huge double tuck for a 9.85 and from Madison Ward, who had a huge tucked full-in, 1½ to front layout, and double pike, earning a 9.875.

AA: Shannon Evans, BYU, 39.000
VT: Faith Leary, Utah State, 9.900
UB: Brittni Hawes, BYU, 9.925
BB: Natasha Marsh, BYU, 9.900
FX: Madison Ward, Utah State, 9.875

NC State 196.075, New Hampshire 195.650 [Results]

Chelsea Knight reigned supreme at this meet as NC State hosted EAGL rival UNH, squashing them by four tenths to add another win to their record. Knight, who anchors everything, had exemplary performances across the board, nailing vault for a 9.875, catching a floaty Tkachev and sticking her dismount on bars for the same score, earning a 9.925 for a beam set that included a solid flight series, switch leap to straddle side, and gainer full dismount, and then tallying a 9.85 on floor, where she had a big double pike and stuck her Rudi cold.

Knight aside, NC State had a great meet, though there were definitely some areas to clean up, especially with landings on vault. Caitlyn Fillard showed great work in that regard, though, getting a 9.775 for her FTY before going on to contribute big scores on her other events as well, while Lauren Kent hit her Maloney and stuck her double layout on bars, Drew Grantham was tidy on beam, and Mackenzie Itcush put up an awesome opening set on floor to match Knight for the title.

UNH also looked good throughout the meet, and seemed like they might get the upset until floor, where they struggled a bit. Beginning on bars, the team fought back from a fall thanks to a pair of 9.85s from Lauren Diggan and Mackenzie Kerouac, with Diggan sticking her double layout while Kerouac had a lovely Pak, and Danielle Mulligan tied Knight for the title with a 9.875, showing a piked Gienger to overshoot and stuck full-in, giving UNH a slight lead after the first rotation. They maintained that lead after vault, which saw lots of steps and hops, but Nicole O’Leary had an excellent landing on her handspring front pike to top the team with a 9.825.

The team lost the lead after floor, where two gymnasts went out-of-bounds, including Danielle Doolin, who opened her anchor set with a huge tucked full-in stuck cold, but then after landing her 1½ to punch front, she kind of stumbled it around and ended up out-of-bounds, taking them from a potential 9.8+ to just a 9.525, which they had to count. Diggan also stuck her full-in, and Mulligan had the cleanest routine overall, but the team could only put up a 48.6 there and they were unable to save it despite a great performance on beam, where Courtney Bondanza earned a 9.875 after sticking her gainer full and Mulligan put up a 9.9 to lead the team once again, showing especially great work on her leaps.

AA: Chelsea Knight, NC State, 39.525
VT: Chelsea Knight, NC State, 9.875
UB: Chelsea Knight, NC State, and Danielle Mulligan, New Hampshire, 9.875
BB: Chelsea Knight, NC State, 9.925
FX: Chelsea Knight & Mackenzie Itcush, NC State, 9.850

Iowa 195.500, S.E. Missouri 192.750 [Results]

In their first of two meets this weekend, Iowa easily got the win over S.E. Missouri, though still had to deal with a couple of weak points throughout the meet. As with some of the lower-scoring teams on this night, vault landings were problematic, with big hops from most of the lineup, though Lanie Snyder was pretty controlled on her FTY early in the rotation and Maria Ortiz was great, topping the team with a 9.8. On bars, things started out nicely, but a fall from Emma Hartzler on her straddle back in the five-spot meant Charlotte Sullivan had to deliver as the anchor, and deliver she did, getting a 9.9 to win the title after showing a clean Tkachev, toe-on to bail, and giant full to clean double tuck.

On beam, Sydney Hogan had a big wobble on her flight series early in the rotation, but she somehow managed to hold on and she finished strong with a side aerial to stuck full dismount. Sullivan brought the team back with a clean flight series and little slide back on her double full, and Nikki Youd was excellent, winning the title with a 9.875, but a fall from Nicole Chow on her side aerial at the end of the rotation meant they had to count Hogan’s score. Floor was the strongest for the team overall, and though Sullivan sadly sat her double tuck, we got a pair of 9.925s from the final two up, with Melissa Zurawski nailing her double pike, front full to front layout, and solid Rudi, while Snyder stole the show, anchoring with her awesome classic rock routine while crushing her tumbling lines, including her front through to double tuck, front layout to front full, and solid double pike to finish.

This was actually my first time getting to see SEMO in a long time and I have to say, while they have their struggles with form and things like that, they have so many great standout moments as well, especially on beam where nearly everyone brings big skills to the table. Opening on bars, the team fought past a fall from Alana Fischer, who landed her double layout literally on her face, to count only hit routines, with Alexis Brawner’s set the standout, including a Jaeger to overshoot and giant full to stuck double tuck for a 9.7.

Some lower-valued vaults with hops held the team back on vault, but Gabrielle Adams had a lovely FTY, and Brawner hit an excellent Yurchenko layout half with a small step, earning a 9.75. Floor was an excellent rotation for this team, seeing a 9.75 from Mackenzie Slee (and I loved that both she and her 2014 worlds teammate Charlotte Sullivan of Iowa got to compete against each other!), a 9.775 from McKinzie Jones (who showed a great front double full, 1½ to front pike, and solid Rudi), and a 9.875 from Brawner, who again was the standout, anchoring with a big double pike, front full to front layout, and double tuck stuck cold.

Fischer came back from her hard bars fall to open beam with an absolutely gorgeous set, showing a little check on her flight series, but performing a beautiful double turn before sticking her dismount for a 9.75 to lead the team. Though there were some wobbles and falls in this rotation to hold them back overall, I loved the double wolf turn and punch front to back handspring from Slee, who posted a 9.7, the lovely front aerial to beat jump and stuck gainer full from Megan Dennis, who went 9.65, and the fluid and confident work from Jones, who posted a 9.775.

AA: Charlotte Sullivan, Iowa, 38.600
VT: Maria Ortiz, Iowa, 9.800
UB: Charlotte Sullivan, Iowa, 9.900
BB: Nikki Youd, Iowa, 9.875
FX: Lanie Snyder & Melissa Zurawski, Iowa, 9.925

Maryland 195.050, Yale 192.900, Pennsylvania 192.175 [Results]

Thanks to a fantastic performance from freshman Audrey Barber, Maryland was able to put up a two-point win over Ivy League teams Yale and Penn, both of which looked a bit weaker than we’ve seen in recent weeks. Barber struggled a little on beam, which was rough for the team overall, but she was otherwise outstanding, leading the team (and the meet!) on vault, bars, and floor. We also saw strong work from Shynelle Agaran on bars and beam, getting the title on the latter, as well as from Morgan Bixler on vault, Evelyn Nee on bars, and Kirsten Peterman across the board, with bars her standout set.

Yale struggled on beam here, where even its strongest gymnasts ended up looking a bit wobbly, though both Jacey Baldovino and Jade Buford contributed some of the team’s strongest results elsewhere. Emma Firmstone stepped up with an excellent beam set and great work on floor, Jessica Wang was gorgeous as always on bars, and Rebecca Chong was solid on vault, putting up a 9.8 there, which matches the team’s top score on that event this season.

Penn was actually comparatively strong on beam, in addition to also putting up mostly strong sets on floor, though bars saw a couple of large mistakes that held them back overall. Kyra Levi had an incredible day, leading the team on all three of her events with a 9.825 on bars, a 9.675 on beam, and a 9.75 on floor. Darcy Matsuda was also great on beam and floor, specialists Caroline Mitsch and Alex Kothe were great on bars, and Ally Podsednik led the team on vault with a 9.725.

AA: Audrey Barber, Maryland, 39.275
VT: Audrey Barber, Maryland, 9.825
UB: Audrey Barber, Maryland, 9.900
BB: Shynelle Agaran, Maryland, and Emma Firmstone, Yale, 9.700
FX: Audrey Barber, Maryland, 9.875

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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4 thoughts on “The NCAA Gym Skim | March 2

  1. Is anyone else bored of the amount lf updates of ncaa? Is like amert every day, i lost the track who and where and what and when, myckayla maroney is not impressed;-))


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