International Gymnix Challenge Session III Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the third session of the Challenge competition at the 2018 International Gymnix! We’re live in Montreal once again to bring you updates, photos, and more from the meet.

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes to get the most recent updates, which will appear on the top.

3:21 pm. St-Pierre BB- Candle mount, legs are a little messy.  Switch half, bhs, not connected. Side split jump half. Bhs loso is solid, full turn, fell on her side aerial. 😦 AND THEN STUCK THE DOUBLE TUCK COLD.

Faure FX- Double tuck, solid landing, maybe a little low. Triple spin, nice. A couple of steps out of her 1.5 to punch front. Hit the last pass.

3:18 pm. Leon BB- Big switch half. Side somi with a wobble and a fall, wobbled on something else after that, hit her bhs loso, good front full dismount.

Marques FX- Double arabian, stumble OOB, front aerial, 2.5 with a step forward to control it. Double full, basically stuck, chest down slightly.

3:16 pm. Holman UB- Endo half to stalder to toe on to toe shoot, nice slow and pretty handstand before her giant full (ankle sep), double tuck clean with a step back. Good work.

3:13 pm. Ewing UB- I didn’t see all of this but did see her pause and rest her hips on the low bar after her transition.

Dowling BB- Candle mount, nice double wolf turn, bhs loso…supposed to go into another loso but she ends up being short and having to turn it into a bhs, and then falls. UGH NOOOOOOO. Front aerial into a jump. Side aerial. Good landing on the dismount.

Cozzi FX- 1.5 to punch front. BACK SPIN! YAS. Get it. Double pike is a bit short. Clean double full with a little bounce.

3:09 pm. Sofia Diaz BB- Lots of dancey stuff right at the beginning. Bhs loso off to the side, just drops off. Switch to sissone, side split jump half is okay, full turn, chest down but holds it, side aerial, drops off on that one too. Split jump. Hit the dismount, layout full, after a long prep.

3:02 pm. Alecia BB- Punch front tuck with a step, switch leap to sissone, nice amplitude, she had a 90,000 minute wait. Back tuck is nice, weird, then she fell. Looked good before that. I guess she kind of stepped back out of it and that shifted her weight. Side aerial to Korbut, completely misses the beam on that one and falls. Off again on the sideways split jump half. 😦 Punch front is nice. Full turn. Side straddle jump half. Double full to finish, low landing, some ankle stuff in the air. Low key bummer routine after a super long wait.

2:59 pm. Vézina BB- Bhs loso is nice, switch leap to ring leap a little weird with the legs, side split jump half, a little short, full turn, front aerial, split ring jump that kinda looked Yang Bo-ish? Side aerial to bhs to 1.5, nice!

Boura FX- Hit her opening pass. Switch half. Double tuck, just a tad low, chest a little forward with a step. Good control and extension on her leaps after that. Double spin. 2.5 with a step. Great work!

2:57 pm. Petit FX- Double tuck with a bounce back. Nice switch full. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Front lay front full with a little bobble. Ring leap. Hit the last pass.

Juk UB- Toe full, messy legs, to Tkachev, a little low but not bad. Toe half with leg sep to front giant to double front low but stands it up.

2:52 pm. Morin VT- Good FTY, step back.

Johnson UB- FRONT TOE HALF, NICE! Toe on to stalder to toe shoot, clear hip, hit the dismount.

Stella Diaz BB- Bhs loso gets some nice air but she falls, sadly. Had some other rough moments in there as well.

Monat FX- Ugh, crashed the double pike to open. Good double pike. Front tuck through to…double full it looked like? Legs were a little wonky, and it was quite short.

Priels VT- Yurchenko layout with a couple of steps back.

Topham UB- Clear hip to toe on to toe shoot, giant full to blind change to front giant half, double tuck with a step and a smile.

2:46 pm. Marques BB- Front aerial with a wobble, illusion turn with a wobble, switch leap with lovely extension into a gorgeous side aerial, solid bhs loso, ugh I’m mad at those early wobbles because the rest of this is nice, full L turn, clean side somi with a great landing, sissone to wolf jump, double full with a step back.

2:41 pm. Dowling UB- Stalder to blind change to straddle jaeger, toe full with some leg sep to Pak, nice, Maloney to bail to toe shoot, good, just some ankle sep on the bail, full-in with a little hop. What a great day for her so far!!

Cozzi BB- Back tuck, full turn with a wobble, front aerial with a little jolt before she falls. Ugh. Side somi with a little wobble, Sissone to wolf jump, double pike stumbled and sat. Nooooo.

Leon UB- Toe on to Pak with some leg sep, toe half, toe shoot, blind change to front giant half with some leg sep, giant full, double tuck with a hop.

2:38 pm. Juk VT- FTY, low with a step back.

Sofia Diaz UB- Pinged off on straddle Jaeger. Had to hold herself on the low bar for a second before her toe shoot, also pauses after that. Giant full with some leg issues, layout dismount with a little hop.

Boura BB- Hit her mount, from the sound of it, it was acro. Front aerial to switch leap, split jump to wolf jump, neither reaches full extension or height, bhs loso is solid, wobbled on something after that. Clean double full with a hop.

Ewing VT- Yurchenko layout with a hop.

2:34 pm. Alecia UB- Okay, I missed almost all of this routine because NO JOKE a muffin literally just fell on me from the crowd above me????????????? I’m screaming, the coaches next to me were like “did a muffin just fall on you?” Anyway, during the muffin drama, I missed everything except the dismount, which was good, and from the sound of the crowd, it was a hit routine!

2:29 pm. Priels FX- 2.5 with a couple of steps forward. Clean double spin. High double tuck with some little steps. Good front full.

Vezina UB- Nice Ray, but she caught it FULLY on her wrists, and then her next handstand is a bit weird and she has to hop off. I’m surprised she held on after that catch!!! Clear hip to toe…full, or it was supposed to be, but she comes off halfway through after a big leg break in the middle. Oh, toe half to Ezhova, that’s what she was attempting! Well, she got it this time. Clear hip hecht back to high, giant full, and then her crazy clear hip to immediate back tuck dismount, which I love.

Petit BB- Switch ring, back leg a bit low. Super solid bhs bhs loso. Nice split jump to Korbut, double full with a little bounce. Lovely routine.

2:26 pm. Topham VT- Yurchenko back tuck with a step.

Stella Diaz UB- Bail, clear hip to toe on to toe shoot, nice, blind change to front giant half, giant full is a bit messy, double tuck with a hop back.

Morin FX- Loooove this routine. 1.5 to front full, good. Double pike with a step. 2.5 with a step but controls it and keeps it inbounds.

Monat BB- Side aerial loso, steps back out of it and then falls. Ugh.

2:23 pm. Holman VT- Something with a tuck full, step out of it.

St-Pierre UB- Huuuuuuuuge Ray but can’t catch the bar. Too bad, that wasgorgeous. Catches it the second try, clear hip to toe on to toe half to front giant half to bail to toe shoot, gaint full is a bit messy, hit the dismount with a step.

Faure BB- Bhs loso, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, foot slips down the side of the beam and she whacks her hip, just a layout dismount with a hop back.

Menezes-Thibault FX- Front tuck through to double tuck. Switch to tour jeté half. Sat her 2.5.

Johnson VT- I missed this, god I hate that vault is so fast.

2:15 pm. Boura UB- I missed almost all of this but I saw lots of clean handstands and a super clean stuck double tuck!

Juk FX- Front tuck through to 2.5 with a step. Double tuck with a stumble.

Morin BB- Side aerial, chest down. Came off on something but I didn’t see what. Full turn, ooh, I think she did a side somi to split jump half which is what I requested yesterday!!!! Hit the dismount.

Cozzi UB- Stalder to toe shoot, toe on to blind change to front giant half, double layout really far forward on her toes and she kind of launches forward onto her hands, oof.

Dowling VT- Hit her FTY.

2:12 pm. Vézina VT- Yurchenko back tuck, good.

Petit UB- Fell on a release, don’t worry, her coach already had her in his hands. Pak, double pike, small hop.

Topham FX- Fun West Side Story routine. Opening pass is a little short. Good double tuck to finish.

Garcia BB- Bhs loso, some feet stuff, but good landing. Chest way down on side somi but she stands it up. Layout dismount with a step.

Alecia VT- Tsuk tuck full with a step.

2:07 pm. Johnson FX- Double pike, hop back. Double tuck, skidded, hands down. 2.5, low, steps one leg over the other to hold it.

2:04 pm. Holman FX- I missed this. I think it was a hit routine?

Menezes-Thibault BB- Punch front tuck, wobble but holds it. Side somi with some windmill arms. Came off on something near the end. Double full with some leg form and a little hop.

Monat UB- Big Jaeger, giant full, stalder, bail to Ray, hit the dismount.

Stella Muniz VT- Yurchenko…layout? Pike? Tuck? Who knows anymore. A couple of steps back.

2:03 pm. Faure UB- Blind change to front giant to piked Jaeger, also sper spotted. Toe-on to bail, spotted as well, then her coach thankfully jumps off the podium. toe shot, toe full, double layout I think is what’s attempted but it ends up being piked and she puts her hands down, just came off a little early.

St-Pierre VT- Handspring front pike I think, her knees were a little soft.

1:58 pm. Leon VT- FTY, good.

Marques UB- Toe full to Gienger, some leg sep and super spotted, caughtanother release after that, I can barely see because her coach is all over her, he has touched her at least 300 times??? Straddle Jaeger, she’s also spotted. Literally four times that he’s fully held onto her during a skill. I’m so confused??? Hit the dismount.

Priels BB- Off on punch front mount. Side aerial to side aerial, nice. Switch to switch side, full turn, side somi, front layout full with a hop.

Ewing FX- Hit the opening. Double full is clean with a hop back. Double pike a little low with a step.

1:53 pm. Alicea FX- 2.5 to punch front, legs get a little wild. Double tuck, hands down. Double full is good. Cute choreo ending.

Topham BB- Front aerial to split jump, slow connection. Solid bhs bhs loso. Good leap series. Stag ring jump with a flexed back foot, clean and solid side aerial, double full gets a little wild on the landing, almost overrotates, but good work.

1:51 pm. Boura VT- Yurchenko layout, way piked with a couple of steps back.

1:49 pm. Monat VT- Yurchenko layout, clean.

Johnson BB- Bhs loso with a bent back leg, front aerial to split jump to tuck jump half, wobbled on a side split jump. Side aerial. Wobble on full turn, but hit jumps right after. Dismounts with a double full with a small hop.

Vezina FX- Double pike with a little bounce. Front lay front full. Hit the last pass. Good routine!

Petit VT- Yurchenko layout with a step.

1:48 pm. Literally everyone is scratching bars in the second half of this rotation which is cool.

1:44 pm. St-Pierre FX- Tucked full-in with a bounce back. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Solid double tuck. Nice double pike!

Holman BB- She looks so nervous before going up. Back handspring mount is good. Front aerial with a little check. Side aerial is good. Big switch half. Side split half, a little shy. Solid bhs loso. She’s doing very very well! Double full with a tiny bounce. Good girl.

1:41 pm. Leon FX- Double tuck, good landing. Front lay front pike, solid, hit the last pass.

Ewing BB- Full turn, bhs loso loso with some bent legs but overall solid, front aerial with a wobble, side somi, switch to switch half, a little short and then she wobbles out of it, but saves it again. Side aerial is short but she can’t save this one, fall. 😦 Just a layout dismount, small hop.

1:38 pm. Cozzi VT- Yurchenko layout with a hop.

Morin UB- I missed the very beginning but caught it from the toe shoot, piked Jaeger, double tuck with a slight step.

Juk BB- Love this beam so much. Onodi, some wonky feet on her bhs loso, Omelianchik, front aerial with a little wobble. Front lay full dismount is low but she stands it up.

Marques VT- FTY, good.

Dowling FX- Small hop on 2.5 to front tuck, good double pike, almost stuck. Nailed the last pass. Great job for her!!! Looks super excited.

Priels UB- Maloney to bail (leg sep) to toe shoot, giant full to blind change to straddle Jaeger, good, hit the double pike. Another solid set.

Faure VT- Handspring front pike. Not bad!

1:36 pm. The third and final session of the Challenge division is happening now! Back in a sec with updates!

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